Potato Diet Experiment

Okay so just in case you just found this site by accident, let me catch you up on things.  I’m an old fart pretty set in her ways but I have been known to change my ideas and ways.

For example, when I was younger, I was thin and considerably healthy.  It wasn’t until my mid 30’s that I realized I was putting on weight but it didn’t stop there, the weight continued to pile on my poor little body.  I say little because I’m only 5’3″ and even when I was thin, I was at least 10 pounds over what those so called charts claimed I should weight.  Most of my weight was muscle weight and I had the large thighs to prove it and the sturdy shoulders.  So as I said time caught up with me as did my very poor eating habits and soon I was 20, then 40, 50, 75 and now I’m 90 pounds heavier than my expected weight which is actually going to be 15 pounds more than the dumb ol’ chart says I should weight.  So now that I’ve confused you about all of those numbers, let me tell you that my best weight for when I was jogging like a mad woman (5 miles a day 6 days out of the week, no matter what the weather) and ate whatever I could because at that time I only had $12 a week for groceries.  Now granted that was back in the late 80’s but it was still hard to make ends meet.  Years later I moved to a different area and found that I wasn’t able to maintain my jogging schedule or lifestyle.  I made a bit more money but for some reason I just couldn’t get it together.

Let’s jump ahead to the turn of the century and my weight had skyrocketed to 222 pounds.  Yes I was a tubby round ball but at the time my BP was good and I was still rather limber and could do lots of things so unfortunately I didn’t monitor my weight any more.  Just after the turn of the century I lost 22 pounds in 17 days while on vacation in Europe.  How did I do that?  Lots and lots of walking.  On average we walked anywhere from 5-10 miles a day and of course at that time I fashioned myself a decent picture taker (not good enough to call myself a photographer) so I lugged around my heavy camera and lenses.  If you’re wondering what I ate, let’s just say I ate whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted and didn’t worry about drinking sodas or liquor.  The weight stayed off me for about 2 years and then it quickly came back.

After 2005 I’ve never weighed any less than 212 pounds and I would yo-yo back and forth all of the time for the next 11 years.  I would try one diet and it would work okay but then I would break down and mess up for a couple of days and either ignore going back on the diet or else I would get very discouraged when I would return to the diet and soon after I would forget about eating properly.  There were so many things that I liked but it was taking a toll on my body and still is…only for the moment.

I’ve all sorts of diets and had moderate success, the most successful one to date was the Primal Blueprint diet but it only seemed to work really well on the first attempt.

Doing Primal, I had come back from a Sci-Fi convention and found that I was out of breath during the convention and on the trip back I was miserable because I had sinus problems.  It quickly escalated into a sinus infection and of course my blood press was through the roof.  Despite all this I went on the PB diet and I really couldn’t have picked a worse time, sinus infection, high BP and just all around feeling like Crap!  I didn’t last the 21 days as he suggests, I was only able to last maybe 15 days and struggled to get back aligned again but it never happened and I lost about 11-12 pounds.

Since that time it has been a constant struggle for me to get rigidly back on the PB diet and since then I’ve tried to do it again but I just can’t seem to get my mind and body to cooperate so this is why I’ve yo-yo dieted on the PB plan.  I’ve tried the one day diet but that left me feeling hungry all of the time and on so many diets they say to eat certain foods.  The only problem is that some of the foods I don’t like the way they taste and other foods do not work well with my digestive system.  So I quickly get tired of having the same limited vegetables and there have been a few times that I’ve wished I could eat something other than a steak but that was all that I had prepared in advance.  Most other diets are pretty expensive, asking you to purchase things like a juicer (yes tried juicing diets), buy a better blender than I have that chops and hacks up vegetables to liquid and now I have a garage full of items that I really don’t use half the time.  I know I need to have a garage sale but some of those items I still use on occasion, plus knowing me I’ll find some way to use them once I’ve sold them.

I’ve done the exercise thing, jogging, riding my bike, working out at home and working out in a gym with very limited success.  I tend to enjoy riding by myself or working out by myself which isn’t always a good thing should something go wrong.  So thanks to CTS I can’t ride my bicycle any more because of the pressure it puts on my wrists as I hold onto my handlebars; I can’t jog besides being too fat, I have heel spurs; as for jogging, well this fat body can’t handle the stress and strain.

I even bought a very expensive recumbent trike, although it was one of the cheapest models and I love riding it and tend to ride out in the country on the open roads.  When I say open roads, I really mean open roads where the small towns are 25-50 miles apart and I ride from one town to the other and sometimes back to return to my car.  I got severely sunburned to the point of putting blisters on my face, so I dialed back when I could ride.  I bought a nice overhead shade for my trike but then thanks to health issues I didn’t have the energy to ride.  It started last year and image my stress as I’m 25 miles from the nearest town and where I parked my vehicle and I’ve hit the exercise wall.  The only thing I saw along the route were vultures, jack rabbits, snakes and baby quails, so in another words, I was out in the middle of nowhere.  I had to rest up and eat the rest of my snacks to try and get energy to make it back to town and most of the trip was uphill.  Thankfully I learned that I was extremely anemic and I’ve been working on fixing that issue.

About now you’re probably saying to yourself or mentally thinking so why in the hell is she tell me this.  I’ll explain, it is to show how many things I’ve tried to lose weight and some of my failures.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I plan to continue riding my recumbent trike from Texas to California and I still have over 200 miles to get out of Texas which I hope to complete one of these days but odds are it won’t be until next year if I can fit it between my plans.  I could always wish for someone to ride with me and then I would take the time off but I hate riding at someone else’s pace because it’s always faster than my touring speed which is not fast.

Now back to our original point of this blog.  As you can see I’ve had a whole bunch of failures at so many things I’ve tried to do but lack of willpower has been a part of the problem.  Sure I had willpower to stop smoking cold turkey but this is food, wonderful, tasty, lip smacking food I’m going to have give up.

So in my search I’m looking for a way to do body weight exercises in my public library computer site when I come across Penn Jillette talking about how he lost 100 pounds in 84 days.  Of course this caught my attention, so I did a check for it on Amazon and did a look inside and thought it might help.  So off to my local library to check out the book.  It was filled with some information but mostly it was Penn being himself and using language he usually uses and he talks about his turn at this potato diet which his friend got him on.  It looked simple enough but as I’m reading this, I don’t really see any clear definition of this diet except eating potatoes plain then corn followed by beans.

Of course this sent me back to the Internet to look up different peoples versions of being on the Potato Diet.  One guy only had potatoes, water and a beer once in a while and lost a lot of weight.  Another guy says peel the potatoes and to boil them and hold them in the fridge for when you get hungry, another place talks about recipes to use potatoes or they have you add things like salt, pepper and vinegar, recipes for potato soup and they add meat into it.  Another site has you only eating potatoes 3-5 days a week then going to regular eating then going back on the potato diet again at the beginning of the week.  Needless to say there was an onslaught of information and so I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to try and make my way through this mess.

One of the things I got from everyone’s input was that I could have water, black coffee and unsweetened tea.  I’ve tried the unsweetened tea and thought I was gagging, so it looks like coffee will have to be my means of putting caffeine into my diet for the time being.

So you’re probably wondering why, other than me wanting to finally lose weight, was I going to try this next crazy diet?  Well I’ve been having some major digestion issues so much that I was popping TUMS like they were candy and drinking Alka-Seltzer every night before going to bed which was not such a good thing.  I also had such an upset stomach that it was waking me up several times a night.

The final straw occurred on Sunday night as I lay reading my book by Penn, I was getting severe stomach cramps so much that I was lucky if I got more than two hours of sleep at a time.  I was miserable and it wasn’t so great because I didn’t even know if I would be able to make my massage appointment but thankfully I did make it to the appointment.

So taking all of the antacids, stomach cramps, feeling sick all the time after eating and having to go buy larger and larger size pants was almost becoming quite stressful.  Maybe now was the time to try something OUT THERE!

Let’s see how it goes.


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