P D E – Day 4

Had a bit of a restless night last night and kept on waking up.  I think it was because I’ve been so obsessed with decided whether or not to continue on this diet to make it five days.   I’m a little bit early on the weigh-in but I’m kind of anxious and I see that I’ve lost 1.2 pounds.  Not a lot but it is still a loss and this is the one time to see that I’m still loosing, but wait, there’s activity in the throne room and it seems that there is a new value.

Okay sorry to be so gross, but it turns out that I lost 1.6 pounds, bring my grand total for 3 days of dieting to 7.8 pounds  Yes you saw that right, I’ve lost 7.8 pounds since I stepped up on the scale on Monday.  WTH….I’m successful finally at losing weight.

So I have my black coffee and set my glass of water up and preparing my lunch which is what else….a baked potato.  I now have enough potatoes cooked so I don’t have to cook any today which is a bonus for me and gives me more time to do some relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, I did tell you one of the best things about the diet is that you are not to exercise during the diet time.  Yeah, I know…no exercising.  There is a reason for this, by only eating potatoes, you’re causing your body to take what nutrients it can from the potatoes but then when it needs more guess what???   Why your body has been storing all this fat which the body can then convert which means what?  It is burning off your fat and if you start exercising then you will need more protein which means you will need to do something else like wake your body up and disrupt the wonderful fat burning that is going on internally.  SO NO EXERCISING!!

Yes it does get a little tiring only eating potatoes and having them plain but with the results showing a 7.8 pound loss in weight after just being on the diet for 3 days, it is encouragement for me to stay on this diet.  Which means that my weight of 212.8 is the least amount that I’ve weighed in about a year.  Sure I’ve been close at 213 but this is below the 13 mark and right now it is reason for me to celebrate.

I keep on waiting for the other shoe to drop and for me to see the weight gain but for now I’m happy as  I eat my plain baked potato.

Very uneventful day at work thank goodness so I could much on my potatoes in peace and relative quiet because things are never peaceful and quiet at work.


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