P D E – Day 5

So a bit of a restless night, again but then I realized I had been turning off my A/C unit and I can’t sleep very well if it is too warm in my bedroom so thus why the restless sleepless night, well okay also I’m nervous about this weigh-in because I’m waiting for the shoe to drop.

I almost start to cry when I step on the scale today but I hold myself together and move the scale around to make sure that the scale is on a level surface.

210.0      I have a 10 pounds weight loss

Oh my god, after only being on this diet for 4 days and I’ve lost 10 pounds, it is incredible and almost unbelievable.  I mean I’ve read where other people have lost 13 or more pounds after being on the diet for 5 days, but in 4 days of eating potatoes I’ve managed to lose 10 pounds.

To say I’m over the moon with happiness would be an understatement.  The last time I was down this low in my weight was in the early years of this century so now you can see why I’m almost broke out crying.

So it lifted my spirits and believe me I needed it at work because I deal with stupid people.  Having to explain things over and over and over again, having the scream at me and curse me out in English and in Spanish just makes my day brighter…..NOT!!  I really needed to feel good and so all I could do all day long was go back to the moment when I stepped up on the scale.

Then I kind of broke my rule and talked with one of my friends at the station I was covering for a sick co-worker and told her about the potato diet, telling her mainly about the 10 pound loss.  She seemed hesitant and so I told her to just experiment, I did it using a baked potato plain and found it wasn’t so bad and she said she would think about it.

Hey she is a friend so I didn’t push but gave her some sights and told her that there are no set rules for this diet and no limit to the amount of potatoes she could eat.  I don’t think that I’ve eaten more than a couple of pounds at day at the very best.  It doesn’t take much to fill me up which is a good thing and even better is that amount of water I’m drinking has dramatically increased.

Did I mention the 10 pound weight loss???   I lost 10 pounds

On a down side I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.


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