P D E – Day 6

As usual feeling quite anxious about stepping up on the scale this morning, still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I decided that today I was going to eat regular food and give myself a break from potatoes.  I’ve been thinking about it most of yesterday and figured I can handle it….I think!

I stepped up and found that I had lost 3 pounds for the day.  Oh my god, again.  This means that in the 5 days that I’ve been on this diet I’ve lost 13 pounds.  I’ve never been on a diet that gave me such quick and obvious results, at least obvious on the scale.  I still haven’t had the loose pants because I had to buy some pants a couple of weeks ago because the work uniform pants they gave us 5 years ago have worn kind of thin in the butt area and can reveal the color of underwear I’m wearing.  Not Cool!  So anyway I had to buy some new pants and I did but I bought them so they fit but even then they were new and I bought them with an inch of breathing room and so I can’t really tell if I’ve started losing the weight in obvious places or where the weight loss is coming from.

I remember that Penn said he started feeling bad on day 4 of his diet but he did a lot more exercising during his work than I do at my job.  He said he noticed a big change in his clothes and maybe it will just take me a bit longer to get there but I hope to be there one of these days.

It is official, I’m taking the day off and eating what I want.  Okay I’ll be honest, there is a voice inside me screaming not to do it but I think I need a break.

So I fix my iced coffee the way I usually drink it but it taste terrible.  So I change to hot coffee since I’ve been drinking that for the last few days and I decrease the sugar and flavored syrup and only 1 tablespoon of cream but I’m practically spitting it out as I’m drinking it.  I decided I would forgo the coffee today and just drink sodas for my caffeine.

To help settle my stomach and since I’m trying to eat something quick, I have a baked potato with butter and salt.  It was yummy.

Then for lunch/dinner, I order chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, green beans, fried mushrooms, buttermilk gravy and Texas toast.  Then I decided I wanted mac and cheese instead of green beans because all they do is open a can of green beans and warm them up, no seasoning or spices are added.  So I take only half of the portions so I can have some more for dinner.

Right after lunch I get sleeping and so I decided to try and grab an hour nap which felt really good.  Not long after that it was time for dinner and I had just mac and cheese, mushrooms, gravy, toast and chicken fried steak.  It wasn’t until I had finished my dinner that I remembered that I’m lactose intolerant and the buttermilk gravy will soon began playing havoc with my digestive system.  Why or why didn’t I take the lactate pills?

I was having some stomach cramps but thought I might survive, so I fixed myself a hurricane drink and only took about 3 sips of it before I had to toss it down the sink.  It was too sweet for me and I really didn’t want any alcohol right then, I only thought I wanted some.

About 2 hours later I’m doubling over with cramps as the gravy is now making its way through my digestive system.  I thought I would out smart it and take a laxative to cleanse the gravy out of my system.  WRONG!!

So a couple of hours later I still had stomach cramps and was spending too much time on my throne but even worse was it kept up late into the night.  Now I’m not sure if all of it was from the gravy and laxative, I think my guilt at eating my chicken friend steak may be weighing too heavy on my mind.  Either way it was a night spend in misery.  I’m so miserable right now and I know there is no way I will be anything but heavier in the morning.


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