P D E – Day 7

Well I can’t say that I’m distressed about what I saw on the scale this morning because I expected a gain of maybe 2-3 pounds but oh no, it was so much more.  I had a total of 5.5 pounds gain in weight.

So why so much weight gain when I only really finished, a baked potato, 1 chicken fried steak (eating only 1/2 at a time), fried mushrooms, mac and cheese and only a couple of forkfuls of mashed potatoes, two pieces of bacon (forgot to mention it yesterday) and a few sips of coffee with all of my previous additives.  There are a couple of reasons why I think this happened, now keep in mind despite what science and biology may say, my body sort of objects to anything and everything.

Remember my saying that I had extreme gas from the buttermilk gravy and how I forgot to take my lactose pills, well in case you didn’t remember, just take my word, I forgot to take them and being lactose intolerant and having that gravy…. well let’s just say it is NOT A BUENO SITUATION!  I can honestly say that I was in pain, I was having severe stomach cramps and that kept me up for most of the night.  Oh did I tell you what else I did to try and eliminate the stomach problem, brilliant me thought it would be okay to take a laxative so it would flush out all of the lactose in my digestive system.  So this is what…mistake #3?!!  You see each of my mistakes is building all on the first mistake of not taking my lactose pill…or was it having the buttermilk gravy?  Mistake #4 is not getting enough sleep because that is when my body goes into weight loss mode and as you know, if you don’t get enough sleep you really can have problems losing weight.

All of this also ruins the good bacteria that I had in my gut by taking the laxative and boy did I feel the end result all day long.  Yes I know I should not have continued to have cramping after taking the laxative but all day long I continued to have cramps and it didn’t settle down until late in the evening.

So what did all of this teach me?  Well it taught me that I need to choose better food selection when I chose to take a cheat day.  I know that I will need one down the road but it sure will make me thing twice about taking time off.

Being back on the diet reminded me of how much I miss seasoning on my potatoes and I broke down today and very lightly sprinkled Kosher salt on my potatoes and I couldn’t believe how great it tasted but that was all I will allow myself for the moment.  Time to return to our regularly scheduled eating of plain potatoes.

The day was very long and I was so glad when it finally ended because only at the end of the day was I able to get some relief from the stomach cramps and I think the laxative finally worked its way through my system.  An even better thing for me is how sleepy I feel but I’m going to stay up and type a bit on the computer to tire me out even more for a good night’s rest.

I do know this, I’ve got to do some better investigation into what I can eat when I have a cheat day.  Hopefully I won’t have a cheat day until the weekend of the 28th of October when I got to Alamo City Comic Con.  Hey, I’m realistic about this, knowing that I won’t be able to sit down and have a baked potato at this convention and odds are in favor of me not having a good amount of healthy or proper food.  More than likely I will have pizza because all of the sandwiches are bought out right away.  Oh well, I’m exhausted so it is time for me to head to bed.


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