P D E – Day 10

So got some good rest but was feeling a bit anxious about my weigh-in, so let me just get it over with and tell you I lost 1.1 pounds.  I was a bit disappointed but then I had to mentally slap myself (if I would have done it in real life I would have probably hit myself too hard) and remind myself that it was a loss and that it can always be a big loss and to enjoy the fact it wasn’t a gain.  Keeping that in mind, I see that I’m only 9/10ths of a pound from getting back down to the weight I was last Saturday which was day 6 and my poorly chosen food selection day (cheat day).

Perhaps it would have been better if I had not taken a cheat day but I did and that is pounds on the body and time to get past it.  I’m still trying but I guess until I see the scale hit 207 or lower than I really won’t be excited.


Well last night’s experiment into making potato tortillas was interesting but since today was grocery shopping day I was able to return my russet potatoes that were still green on the inside and then pick up some other potatoes.  So I stepped up on the scale and little late but saw that the weight had not fluctuated so this was a good thing.

Back into the kitchen I went to try my hand at potato tortillas again only this time I would roll them out a bit thinner or at least I tried.  Turned out they stuck to everything which meant I needed to add more starch but time was now getting away from me…again.  So I made up some, nuked some potatoes and mashed a few others for my dinner tonight.

The tortillas still were a bit gummy on the inside but tasty but I’ve been kind of bad today and have used Kosher salt on a few things such as tortillas and when I mixed the hash browns into my mashed potatoes at work.  I got to pretend that the hash browns were really little pieces of cheese and it was a wonderful way to mix up the textures.  So this is something that I will probably do again.

On the way to work I ran by the grocery store and bought a ‘Reduce’ insulated mug and made a mad dash for work.  I cleaned out the mug and then filled my 32oz mug with cold water but since it had been in the car for a bit I figured it wouldn’t be that cold so I added some ice into my water.


To make it even worse, it hit when I was on the phone talking.  So what I’m saying is my mug keeps the water darn cold and the lid has closure spots for straw/sip openings so I can keep out annoying bugs we can’t seem to get rid of at work.  The ice is still there but I’m working it down with the constant open and close and refilling the mug.  I like my new mug.

Today is going so much better than my WUOWSOB (wake up on wrong side of bed) day yesterday and things are getting a little bit better.  Nah, it is much better today and I’m glad that I’m still losing weight.  I’m grasping for that silver lining and holding on with both hands.


If I’m lucky tomorrow when I step on the scale it will show me to be down to the weight I was last Saturday morning, I would hate to think I’ve slowed so much on losing weight.  Needless to say I don’t think I’m up for any cheat day any time soon.


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