P D E – Day 9

So have you ever woke up and think, ‘Wow, I had a good sleep and this should be a wonderful day!’, well that is exactly what I thought.  I should have climbed back into bed and pulled the covers over my head because today has been one of those: WOKE UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED days.

In case you missed it yesterday, I got woken up at 4 in the morning by my friends text messaging each other and not realizing they were sending group text messages, then there were the two cat fights happening right outside my window and birds fighting and being very vocal about it.  Well I got up and realized, that I had 9 hours of sleep and thought it was going to be a great day.  Boy was I wrong.

I stepped up on the scale and was hoping to see another good day of weight loss…wrong.  Trying to look at the silver lining of things, it was a .5 pound weight loss.  That is the least amount of weight that I’ve lost on any day in which I’ve been on the potato experience.  It got me to thinking what could be wrong but then I remembered I had promised to pick my mother up and take her to her retirees luncheon since she doesn’t drive.  So I got ready very quickly and got her to her luncheon only to remember that we still haven’t gone shopping for a replacement phone since she either lost her old phone or it is still in hiding.  Once I got back home I stepped on the scale and felt a bit of relief because I lost 1.3 pounds.  Still not as good as last week and I still haven’t lost the amount of weight I had gained from my one cheat day.  Still trying to look for the silver lining and the only thing I can say is 209 is just under the 210 amount and like I mentioned on a previous post it has been a while since I’ve been under 210.

Trying not to be disappointed because any weight loss is good although I wish it would be more, I decided to try one of the potato hack recipes which calls for making hash browns and to cook them in a ceramic pan and of course without any oils.  Well they didn’t state if the hash browns were shredded or cubed and shredded are my favorite way to eat them but there was just one problem, I only have a small ceramic fry pan but I figured I was only cooking a small Yukon gold potato, it should be okay, right?  WRONG!

Just as I started cooking my early lunch, my mother called and said she was done with her luncheon, so I came home and went to turn on the stove again but by this time the shredded potatoes were sticking to the ceramic pan and they looked anything but appetizing.  I couldn’t even flip them because one small potato was too much for the small fry pan so to remedy this I’m going to be buying a larger ceramic fry pan after work tonight.

So one potato hit the trash this afternoon and I cut up some more potatoes (red and Yukon) and tossed them in the airfryer.  I was really starting to sweat which was a bummer because I had already showered and was going to have to take another shower, so I wasn’t really paying attention to things and had been thinking about hash browns so I ended up cutting up the potatoes to hash brown size which were too small for my usual lunch.

Not to be wasteful, I put those aside after cooking and chopped up a couple of more potatoes and tossed those in the airfryer.  I wasn’t wasteful when I tossed the shredded potatoes because they were stuck to my ceramic pan which I had to clean up.

Finished cutting the hash brown size cut potatoes and put them aside because they were too small but still edible.  Put larger cut potatoes in airfryer and cooked those and then I sat down to eat my baked potato which was my last russet potato.  Lucky me, it was barely warm so I had to wolf it down because it was getting time for me to take my second shower and get ready for work.

Of course on the way to work several people run stop lights and stop signs almost hitting me and putting me in a not great mood while driving.  Thankfully I made it to work but I noticed one thing.  For the last two days I’ve had a film like feeling on my tongue which has probably been the root of me not being in a great mood today.

Now that I think about things maybe I have figured out things.  I have the film because,… well I’m not sure about why I have it.  I’ve washed out my drinking glass but it is still there.  I didn’t lose very much weight because my appetite is down and so I haven’t been taking in enough potatoes for my body to work well thus increasing my grumpy mood.  Most importantly is the fact that I haven’t been drinking enough water.  I bring a gallon jug to work and I only had 3 cups of water from it yesterday and didn’t drink that much at home.  At least now I can do something about it such as wash my cut and drink a lot more water today and eat more potatoes.  Guess I need to refocus my efforts on my eating and drinking habits.

On a sad note, I think the weird sensation in my mouth is based probably on my bad breath which is unfortunately a result of this diet.  This is done at different time so if I said this already please forgive me.  I’ve lost 3.5 pounds of the 5.5 pound gain.  I also learned that eating dairy can throw things off and so next time I’ll be sure to do my best to avoid so much dairy.  I may still need a bit for my coffee…but maybe not.

Holy crap, I forgot to tell you about my big experiment last night after work.  First I had to run to the store and pick up more potatoes, some potato starch and a large ceramic fry pan.  I had gone to the potato hack blog and read a recipe for potato pizza and I thought I might try to do something like that so shopping I went and got busy when I got home.

I didn’t use vegetable broth as suggested, only used water and at first it seemed to be working but as it puffed up in the pan it seems that it wasn’t quite cooked through enough.  Wait, that doesn’t sound good because you use mashed potatoes and mix it with potato starch and then flatten it.  Well it still puffed a bit too much but they were tasty and reminded a bit of Naan, which I happen to really like.

On the blog they put a pizza sauce but tomatoes and me don’t mix very well so I had to have some sauce so I opened a bottle of Pace Picante sauce my brothers had left behind, of course it was the hot and I usually like mild.  Just touching the tip of the potato tortilla (for lack of better description) into the edge of the picante sauce and my mouth felt like it was on fire.

Now just because I live in Texas it doesn’t mean I like country western music, I wear cowboy attire, ride a horse to work or talk with an accent.  Okay on the last part, I used to not have an accent but once I moved to Colorado for some reason I developed a Texas accent and haven’t completely eliminated it. I also can’t handle hot flavors such as jalapenos, peppers and all sorts of other spicy hot things…but I digress.

I couldn’t handle the hot picante sauce (yes I’m a wimp) so I opened a ketchup pack from Whataburger and used the ketchup to keep my mouth from bursting into flames.  The ice water helped a bit too.

My take from this is roll out the tortillas flatter, and get milder picante sauce.

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