P D E – Day 11

Okay I know I’m a day late but at least I’m not a dollar short.  LOL!   Old joke, old mentally!  I got a little caught up in things yesterday and so I forgot to post what happened.  So I got ready to step up on the scale, I thought I would be at 207 or lower and be singing a happy tune.  That wasn’t the case.  I got on the scale and found my weight was only 207.4, which means I only lost 0.5 pounds.  Only half a pound!!  WTH!!!   Prior to this I had been losing almost a pound every day, so what gives.  And what the hell is this horrible film I keep feeling in my mouth even after I thoroughly brush my teeth?!!

To say I was a bit frustrated is an understatement.  But I need to step back and really think about this.  It only took one day to gain the weight probably because of my poor food choices so unfortunately it will take more to take it off.  Yet why I had a 5 pound weight loss after the first day is beyond my understanding and to be perfectly honest I don’t understand very much…I think?!!  Thought about banging my head into the wall with my frustration but then I thought about the headache I would have and then I would have to pay someone to repair the hole in the wall I had just created so I chose not to and to sit back and think about things.

One of the first things I thought about was the fact that I lost weight and didn’t gain any so I needed to be thankful for that small loss because any number in the “L” column (Weight Loss) is better than any number in the “G” column (Weight Gain).  So I lost 1/2 pound and it is better than gaining any and besides I’ve never seen this quick of a weight change except for when I was first on the Primal Blueprint.  But that was then and this is now, I’m still losing weight and that is what counts.

So now I have an inspiration or an idea of what I can do when I lose the weight but I’m afraid I’ll jinx it by saying it.  Oh what the heck, I’ll take a chance.  If I lose enough weight before March, this means that I might have enough time to make a cosplay outfit.  Sure I could make an outfit right now but the one I want to do would look so much better without all of the weight on me.  The one thing I like about most people at my Sci-Fi conventions I attend, they support you whether you have a super model body or a more shapely body; what seems to matter the most is you took the effort to cosplay.  I know when I used to go to DragonCon I was impressed with a lot of outfits but especially made an effort to try and take pictures of women who didn’t have super model bodies and did cosplay.  I’m impressed with someone no matter what the body shape who is willing to put themselves out there for display and support their fandom.

Okay so where was I…oh right here.  So I would like to cosplay but I would prefer to do it in a slimmer body.  I keep on thinking about Penn and how he lost his 100 pounds in 84 days and I think that was great and yes I would love to lose 100 pounds but I would be happy if I just lost 80 of those pounds.

Oh so guess what I ate for lunch, dinner and a snack….POTATOES!!  That is one thing I don’t have to worry about too much and so this diet is not only cheaper than any other diet I’ve tried, it is also the easiest because I just have to worry about making one item for my meals….POTATOES.

So I have a slight slime problem in my mouth going on and I look backed and realized that the days that I had the most weight loss were the ones in which I did not have any salt added to the potatoes and I realized that ever since day 7 I had started adding a very small amount of salt to my potatoes and that doesn’t help any in the first few weeks.  Then I thought carefully and remembered I had a big weight loss on the days in which I ate the purple new potatoes.  I’m not really sure what to call them but I bought them in a medley of small potatoes that I call new potatoes because they are small in size.  This means that they are on the eating menu for tonight’s dinner and we’ll see if anyone one or both of these changes will make a difference in the weight loss area.

It has been a weird day at work and carrying a bit more of a stress load than previously in the week but that is about norm for work.  As things get a bit closer to the weekend, the people get a little bit weirder and not in a good or funny way which only makes things a bit more interesting and keeps me more alert.

Time to wrap this puppy up and get out of here.

Thanks for hopefully chuckling along with me.

Oh late entry… I found that the slimy feeling I had in my mouth had finally faded at around midnight or shortly thereafter.  So my mouth feels so much better right now.


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