P D E – Day 12

Well right off the bat I got up and although it was a bit early, I stepped on the scale and went into shock because I had gained 1/10th of a pound.  However, it was 3 hours before my normal weigh-in time so since I had a bit of time, I went down for an hour nap.  So when I got up it was about 1 1/2 hour before my usual weigh-in time but since I have to go out and take my mother shopping I got up on the scale and was kind of happy because guess what…..I broke the barrier and dropped below my past previous lowest weight.  So did I confuse you with those words, well allow me to mix you up even further.  I lost 0.8 pounds which put me at 206.6.

Yeah the weight loss is great and I love the loss, of course I wish it was more but hey, I’m below 210 which was my weight last Friday.  See I guess it is all in how you look at it, I’m 3.4 pounds lighter than last week but the sad part of it is the fact that it took me a week to get this way.  But on the plus side, I’m still loosing.

Now about that slimy feeling on my teeth, as I said in day 11’s blog, I finally got rid of the slimy feeling in my teeth just after midnight and things were still feeling okay but I could feel some of it trying to come back.  I kind of did a bad thing last night, I chewed some sugar-free gum but of course you end of swallowing some of what you chew and maybe that threw me off.  I know it seems as if I’m grasping at straws and guess what….I am grasping at straws.  I guess in the long run all that matters is that I’m losing weight.

So now let me share a bit of other good news.  I took my BP today not because I figured it would be down, hey it goes down when I take my BP meds.  I’m running out and the Nurse practitioner wants to see me but since we can’t seem to see eye to eye then I don’t think I’ll be going in to see her.  I have some stronger medication and I still keep hoping that I’ll be a little like Penn who was able to reduce and get off his meds.  I plan to start spacing out my medication to see if it is the diet that is keep my BP down or if it is the diet and the meds.

Oh yeah, so what was my BP you asked?  It is 120/86, which isn’t bad and I know that it is always hard for my diastolic to go down but it is going down.  What I’m really jazzed about is my pulse rate.  You see I’m almost always in the high 90’s or low 100’s for a pulse and yes I think it is partially due to my BP but now it is considerably lower.  I remember Penn also said that his pulse rate started to decrease and I’m hoping that this is what is beginning to happen to me.

So my weight is down a bit and I would love to take a day off but I’m scared to death about what might happen.  I never would have imagined me gaining weight so quickly so it makes me wonder if all of those 13 pounds I lost previously was all water weight.  I mean I finally see a little bit of success of weight loss in my face but it is not very obvious and so far no one other than my mother has been able to see any changes.

There might be a reason no one has really noticed any changes and that is because of the close that I wear to work and at home.  My uniform is a bit baggy and I wear my shirt outside of my pants.  I just noticed that my lower stomach doesn’t seem to stick out as much as it does normally but that might just be in my mind.  I think if I actually loose enough for it to be noticeable I will have to get a different pair of pants and a small shirt and tuck my shirt inside my pants but unless I lose more of my belly, it isn’t going to happen any time soon.

Wow I went off on a tangent but thankfully don’t plan to subject you to it.  I wish I could say if it really was my pants getting smaller but they were men’s uniform pants and I can’t remember the day I tried them on if they fit just right or were slightly loose and since they have a stretch waistband it hard for me to tell.  My shirt is big normally but that is because I don’t want to draw anymore attention to how large I am but maybe soon I will be able to go and buy a shirt that will show my body is a bit firmer than when I started this diet.

So now I’m on my Friday and I needed to mention that my mother was shocked by the quick weight loss and she read Penn’s book ‘Presto’ where he talked about his weight loss and so she was inspired to try and join me on this journey.  She didn’t lose anything after the first day (yesterday) but today she lost 1/2 pound.  It wasn’t that thrilling for her but the maximum she wants to lose is 15 pounds which means that she isn’t that overweight but enough that she isn’t happy.  So I think it would be bad for me to break my diet when she is struggling with a small amount of weight loss…wait a minute, I’m struggling too, so perhaps taking a break would not be a good idea.

Besides I know that I’m going to be breaking it for the weekend starting the 27th because I’m going to another convention and the ability to be able to eat potatoes does not look good.  I would have to find a place that would let me use their microwave…in a convention center…I don’t think one is available for the general public.  So what does that mean, I’m at the mercy of the vendors and yes I will try to eat a bit healthy when possible.  I would like to go to the convention and be at least 200 pounds but anything below would be like icing on the cake.

Time for dinner and unless something else happens, odds are that this is my close out for the day.


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