P D E – Day 16

Okay so I’m not in that big of a rush today and I apologize for yesterday’s post where I slammed 3 days all together.  I know it was kind of bad on my part but I was in a pinch and still in a pinch because I’m letting outside things influence me, but that is okay because at least I’m handling them and staying true to this diet.

I should have woken up early this morning and taken my car into the shop but I turned over and said I would do it later.  So I slept just a little longer and then drove my car to the shop to get it fixed.  Hopefully they will have it ready in a day or two.  The one thing that I did get when I took my car to the shop was the opportunity to do a bit of walking.  It is about 1/3 mile from the garage to the bus stop so I did the walk and learned one thing…I need new athletic shoes because all I can say about my walk this morning is….OUCH!  I felt a lot of things that I wouldn’t have if I had shoes that were better but considering I’ve had these shoes for at least 3 years, it is time to get new shoes.

I also had a brief 1/4 mile walk from the bus stop to my house which wasn’t too bad, now I can say I got a little bit of exercise today.  Needless to say I was a bit nervous when it was time to step up on the scale but was very happy when it told me I was 204.6.  Yes I know it is not much of a loss, only 0.6 pounds but it is a loss and that is a big W in the loss column that I like to see but then I realize that I was wearing heavier garments than I usually wear when I weigh myself and then mother nature rang her bell.  So once things were settled and I changed into my usual style weigh-in clothes, I stepped up and was even happier with the result.  The scale showed I weighed 203.9 pounds, meaning I lost 1.3 pounds.  This is awesome.

There is another reason it felt so good, it was because I learned my mother who was trying this diet with me had to get off the diet because she felt faint.  But this morning she told me she lost 0.5 pounds which is good because it meant that she still lost weight despite having to get off the diet for only one meal.

Here is something that I firmly disagree with Penn on when it comes to losing weight on the potato diet, if you are taking supplements and medications, keep on taking them.  My mother I learned has a tendency to be anemic and unfortunately I noticed that I have that same tendency too now that I’ve gotten older which is a bummer.  As a matter of fact it was because I was severely anemic this summer that I had to stop riding my trike for fun and enjoyment.  I would get winded and out of breath just riding under 5 miles.

For those who think that is a long distance, it really isn’t for me.  During the summer of 2015, the farthest distance that I rode for the whole summer in one day was 84 miles, the next amount was 63 miles and then I would regularly ride 50 miles or close to that each time I went out for a ride.  I was fearful my BP was up so high that I was ready to stroke out.  Well my BP was up high but easily controllable and after some routine blood work was done, this was when I found out I was anemic.  Now that I think about it, it is what kept me from giving blood last year at DragonCon and getting an awesome shirt.

So if you take supplements, keep on taking them unless told by a doctor not to take them.  I’m still taking my iron, probably not as much as my doctor would like but I take them.  Yes I told my mother she has to take them too because the last time she started taking them she felt so much better and wasn’t exhausted quite so easily.

Now back to my regular ranting.


I’ve been looking all over the Internet for different people who have lost lots of weight on the potato diet and so far the only person to say much has been Penn but there was nothing really definite about his diet.  I got very tired of reading F this and F that and reading too much garbage about his personal life that I stopped reading.  Oh it also didn’t help that he had a habit of jumping all around to different points in his life to include before, after, during and before his diet.  See if you were confused about how that sounded then you can understand my confusion about his book Presto.

Like I said before, this is my Potato Diet Experiment, thus why I only use P D E in the title and talk about my days.  However, in so many blogs where they post about the diet they talk about boiling the potatoes and peeling them but I leave the skins on because I once heard that is where you get more of the nutrients.  But boiled potatoes is not my favorite way to have the potatoes.  I usually end up nuking them in the microwave because I’m in a hurry and I’ll eat a potato or two once they have been nuked, just cut them up and enjoy them.  I also noticed that several people on their own potato hack like drinking room temperature water, well not me.  I prefer cold water and the colder the better, I guess I can’t taste it too much but I like the quenching it does for my thirst.

So many people say that they find that they don’t need to drink as much water as the diet goes along but since I prefer my potatoes warm to hot, I drink lots of water to wash them down with and to also fill me up.  I’m not a cold potato fan, sorry but I like and prefer my potatoes warm.  Now I’ll eat them roasted in my airfryer, boiled, nuked as well as mashed but cold….oh no.

Today has been a good day for me and if I’m lucky then maybe my car will be fixed tomorrow and I’ll get some more walking in.  Right now driving my truck but the A/C is out and in Texas that is a very bad thing because it is still quite warm.

Doing happy dance mentally for my weight loss and my new weight low that I haven’t been since the early 2000’s,  because I can’t dance don’t ask me…  Can’t hold a tune either but I can play the radio really good.  Okay I’m outta here for the day and hope you are having a good day.

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