P D E – Day 18

Yes I know, you’re wondering what the heck happened to day 17, well I’m just going to incorporate it into this day’s ranting.  Guess I should start out by saying I stepped on the scale and was a little sad but only a little.  I still lost weight, only it was 0.8 pounds, which isn’t much but it is a loss.  So today on day 18 I stepped up on the scale and the weight loss was even less, it was only 0.4 pounds lost.

So it appears that when I took my big cheat day back on day 6, it snapped my lucky losing streak and my weight loss has never been as good since that time.  If only I would have known, then I wouldn’t have taken that cheat day but it did show me something, it showed me that if I could have ever made bad choices for food, I made it on that day.

Today after getting color renewed in my hair, I tried my cold brew coffee and I had used espresso coffee like someone had suggested, but I should have ignored them and followed my own lead by using regular coffee.  It was really strong and since I’m still drinking my coffee black, it was rough on the system and I only ended up drinking 1/4 cup of it.  So I made my regular coffee but I was so busy trying to get things set up for my dinner at work that my coffee had grown cold.

Of course I could have nuked it to warm it up but I live in an old house and none of the wiring has been redone so microwave plus coffee maker plus my airfryer and my television are all on the same circuit which would have tripped the breaker and it takes forever to get things up and running so I just drank my cool cup of regular coffee.

Yesterday I decided to experiment and create some steak fries in my airfryer because it doesn’t use any oil.  It took a little bit longer to cook them and then I had a problem with some of the thicker fries not being fully cooked and since I cut them, I’m blaming me for cutting them too thick on some of the fries.

Now today, I got out my madoline slicer and put the french fries blades on and after I finally remembered how to use the device and so I made quick work of the two potatoes I had washed.  Had to put the waiting french fries in cold water while I cooked some of the fries in the airfryer.  So you’re probably wondering why in the heck was I doing this?

Yesterday we ate some of the thinner french fries that I airfried and they were crunchy,… of course they needed salt but I had them without salt.  So today once I cooked them, the fries came out much crunchier so I took a bag of french fries with me, made some boiled potatoes and made some mashed potatoes.  So I’m set for dinner tonight, day 18 because on day 17 I didn’t take much for dinner.

Big drum roll please…so I took my boiled potatoes and since they had been in the fridge here at work, I only warmed them so they were room temperature and I found that they are not too bad to eat and that I can eat room temp boiled potatoes.

Now you’re probably wondering why this is important enough for me to write about, it is because the odds are not in my favor to be 200 pounds by tomorrow morning, so after talking with my hair stylist, she convinced me that I should stick to my potatoes and to prepare the potatoes just before I leave for the convention and then carry them in my bag while at the convention so if I get hungry I can eat a potato rather than having bad pizza, horrible convention hot dogs/hamburgers, stale chip nachos or overpriced water and sodas.  Instead I plan on bringing a bag of boiled potatoes and carrying in a collapsible water bottle so it can be refilled as many times as possible at water fountain.

You know, today is a really crappy day at work because all I have had are whiners and people who heaven knows how they even reached adulthood because they are all acting like crying babies.  As of this writing I only have 3 1/2 hours until I get off and can escape to my convention the next day.  Come on 11pm, you can’t get her quick enough.

Well I’m out of here before I pull my hair out after talking with people who should not have been allowed to have children because they never matured into adulthood.  Hey I understanding being young at heart but when they seem to digress back to teenage years, then I give up.  Thank goodness it is my Friday and on the real Friday I’ll be at the Con.

So I’m gone and time to do a stroll in the station to try and relax.




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