P D E – Day 20

Yes I know I skipped a day but it will be made up here.  Let’s start out by say day 19 was a very busy day.  It was the start of the convention and at first I thought it was me that was feeling funky but nope, it was the convention that wacked me out.  I met someone I work with and all he did was follow me around like a puppy dog which bugged the crap out of me.  I didn’t mind seeing some of the stuff with him but he didn’t give any input into what he wanted to see but then again there wasn’t much to see since the only panels were private panels where you had to pay extra money or the 100 seats filled up before I even got to the door.

You would think that I would have been in a good mood because I was one pound away from my short temporary goal.  Oh yeah so I stepped on the scale in the morning and my weight was 201.0 pounds.  I had hoped to be down to 200 pounds but that didn’t happen…yet.  I want to stay on it until I hit 200 and then give myself a break before jumping back on the diet wagon.

So basically although I was anxious because I was one pound away, the convention did nothing to brighten my spirits.  I liked seeing a few vendors who recognized me from other cons and of course they loved me taking out my card and buying things.  I got home and my feet were aching.  I had just gone out and bought new tennis shoes and special pads for my shoes and wore them all day at the con.  Unfortunately my feet were still sore so I used a peppermint scrub on them and reduced some of the inflammation and cooled the heat in my feet.


Day 20

I was extremely anxious.  If I just wouldn’t have given myself that cheat day then I would probably already be down to my short term goal weight but no, I had a cheat day and a partial cheat night and I have been paying the price.

Back to stepping on the scale, I took a deep breath and stepped up expecting to see no change.  SURPRISE!!!!   I was down to 199.7 pounds.  I had gotten below the 200 mark.  At first I thought that this was the lowest I had been since the 1990’s but then I remembered I had gotten to 190 around 2003 only to remember my scale was broken so when I bought a new scale it showed I was only 205.  So I made it on day 20.




For me this is the first time that I’ve ever been successful at losing this much weight.  I’ve never lost more than 15 pounds at the very most but quickly gained it back.  I know I’m going to gain some back when I take a break but for now I lost a whole 20.3 pounds in 19 days.  This is incredible.

So I went off to the con feeling happy about my loss so I decided to give myself something different.  I scrambled some eggs and made a bacon/egg sandwich.  Yes I know bad for eating bread but I wasn’t going to carry around a baggie of cold scrambled eggs.  I didn’t even have time to eat them at home, so I made the sandwich and rushed off to the con so I could get good parking.  I ate half of the sandwich when I got to my parking spot, trying to savor the taste and texture and saved the other half for later in the con if I got hungry.

I got hungry later and enjoyed my lunch and drank lots of water but that was when I got home.  I wasn’t about to pay $4 for a 17oz bottle of water which was what they were charging.  I wish I could have run across a street vendor who was selling them for $1 and I would have bought one then.  So I drank the two bottles of water I brought and went a little thirsty.

Did I say I was disappointed with the con on Friday…well I figured it being Saturday things would be better….WRONG!  Saturday was a horrible day, nothing was done on time, they cut short the panels which upset the guests and attendees, in short, they did a terrible job which was bringing me down from my earlier high about losing the weight.

So rather than dwell on an unhappy subject, I’m just going to leave on a high note.  I lost 20 pounds in 19 days of eating potatoes and not doing any exercising.  Oh how I love the spud.

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