P D E – Day 22

This again is going to be a combination entry because I kind of fell behind due to the convention I attended.  It was a 3 day convention and I was disappointed all three days and yesterday I was working on composing a review of the con where I wouldn’t be rude but informative.

Okay so on day 21 I got on the scale and it showed I had gone back up in weight to 201.1.  Although it wasn’t bad I still had to think about my choices I ate the day before (day 20).  I had the scrambled egg sandwich and got home and made hash browns cooked lightly in oil, scrambled eggs and bacon and water.

The weight gain wasn’t too bad but it makes me wonder if anyone else has such an increase when they get off the potatoes and eat other foods or if my body is just weird.  I personally vote for weird.

So now it is Sunday and last day of the con and I start out eating potatoes and rush off to the con with my two bottles of water because I wasn’t planning on staying too long.  I just had a couple of panels I wanted to attend.  Oh well day ruined, late start but I will say this much about the guest, who was John Barrowman, he was the only bright moment in my day.  John was happy and full of energy as he came out and when they told him it was time to wrap it up, he objected.  He said was going to give his fans his full-time and he sent down one of his people to talk with the con people and guess who won?  John did, of course.  Everyone was cheering at the end of his panel and things were looking up.

Got in other line and was sad to learn the person I wanted to see wasn’t there.  Don’t know why, so I went to another panel that was starting at the same time so I go in the back door and guess what….No Guest!  I thought that I must have missed him only to have them say he was on his way.  His handler had forgotten to get him for the panel.  Sorry, I’m going to stop on that subject before I get upset again.  Anyway, got to see Mr. Peter Weller for a whole 15 minutes before they ended his panel while he was still speaking.  I’m stopping now again because ….  It was a waste of my money and the only good thing other than seeing Peter and John were the items that I bought from some of the vendors.

So now let me move on day 22 which is today, Monday.  I stepped up on the scale and no surprise, I had gained weight, my weight had gone up to 203.1 pounds.  I know exactly why he climbed so high.  I was upset and I didn’t feel like having potatoes again so I went out and got a Schlotzsky’s sandwich, chips and water.  Then I was really bad and had 2 scoops of ice cream with fudge sauce.

Did I regret what I ate…sort of.  I really liked the tastes while they were in my mouth and the sandwich was nice and warm in my belly but it was too much but still I had the ice cream which was good for the moment but then the moment was over and I felt ill.  Unfortunately I had to take a laxative to help flush everything out before I threw it up.  So this was the reason for my total weight gain for 2 days being off the diet to climb 3.4 pounds.

So I’m about to make coffee when they call me and tell me my truck is ready and they said they called Thursday but I never got the phone call, which was kind of odd but oh well.  So I walked my 1.25 miles to the bus stop and to the repair garage and got my truck.  It was nice to turn on the A/C in the truck and relax as I was driving and not worry about shifting.

Shifting is very important right now because my foot is killing me, don’t know if it is from having to press the clutch all the time as I was stuck in traffic on Saturday and on Sunday after the con.  I’m back in my work boots and I’m going to see how my foot feels tomorrow and if I’m still in pain I’m going to call my foot doctor and try to make an appointment.

Now here I am on Day 22 back to eating potatoes, okay put about or less than 1/16th of a teaspoon of salt on my lunch potato and mashed potato dinner.  I’m hoping it won’t be as hard to lose.

I’m still doing more searching on the Internet to find out how some of these people changed things from eating potatoes to regular eating when they had a cheat day or when they reached their goal.  I’m still very excited about my weight loss although I’ve gained a few pounds, I know it can come off and all I need to do is refocus my attention on potatoes.

Instead of regretting my cheat days and feeling like I’m in misery and having to get back on my potato diet, I’m going back to it knowing that it works for me and soon I will be under 200 pounds again.  I know I can do it because I did it just a few days ago.  I know that this diet, which is boring, works for me and that I can lose this weight and soon I’m going to help it along.

I know they say no exercise but I’m hoping to be able to do some very light cycling or walking.  I need to move my legs because once I get closer to my weight goal I will need to focus on decreasing my legs which means I will have to do HITT for my large thighs.  Okay now my thighs have always been a bit big because they are well-developed muscles but I learned by doing HITT for walking or for me via cycling, I think I can decrease my thighs in time for my next con in March.

March is only 5 months away and I’ve got to stay focused in order to lose the weight I want to lose.  I would love to be like Penn Jillette and lose 100 pounds in 84 days but he has been at it steadier than me and the goal might be a little bit harder for me but if he can lose that weight and he is a couple of years older than me, than maybe there is some hope for me.

I have a short term goal, lose the 3.4 pounds I gained and get back under 200 pounds.  My next true weight loss goal will be to get down to 190 pounds.  I’m confident I can do it because this is the easiest diet I’ve ever been on as well as the cheapest.  I’ve yet to feel tired or exhausted, sick or have sinus problem.  By increasing my water intake I find that my sinuses are quite so much of a problem and I can see a difference in my skin.

So I’m going to go for now and drink some more water while at work and then go home and think positive about today which has been crazy busy at work but guess that is what is making the time pass so quickly.


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