P D E – Potato Restart

So when I last wrote, it was day 41 and I had lost a total of 25 pounds.  That was a wonderful day although there were so many things going crazy.  I had to prepare a few things for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner as well as try to figure out when and where to cook everything as well as get the meat for the meals.

Normally it is just me and my mother of Thanksgiving day and then I rush off to work but not this year.  This year because one of my brothers was going to South Africa to visit his daughters during the Christmas holidays, the girls are currently working and living in that part of the world.  Anyways, that brother decided that he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with us because they wouldn’t be here for Christmas so then the other brother who lives in another part of the state decided that he would join us for Thanksgiving dinner which is really a lunch.

The brother who is going to be out of country is a vegetarian and the only one of us who is that way so we have to fix several things just for him which of course my mother volunteered to cook.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make any cake balls until one of the nieces or nephews asked what flavors I was going to make.  Yikes!!!   This means I had to make some for the family and whatever is left over will go to the station for the crew to eat.

I officially fell off the potato wagon on Saturday the 19th which was day 42 of my Potato Diet Experiment.  So I started baking my cakes, chocolate cake and orange cake to make my cake balls.  The first was chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter frosting filling coated in chocolate coating shell and the last was orange cake with vanilla frosting center coated in vanilla coating shell.  The cake balls are basically easy to make but they are very time consuming to make.  Unfortunately not all of this can be done by touch and feel, I have to taste the mixture to make sure everything is at the right consistency.  Let’s just say that a few cake balls made it into my mouth and this was bad.

So I at least ate some potatoes during the weekend and week of Thanksgiving but not enough and we quickly ran out of room in the fridge to keep them so the potatoes were not prominent in my diet.  I did try to control some of the foods that I ate but obviously not enough of what I should have eaten.

Let’s just say that I ate what I wanted but tried to slightly control myself … that is until Thanksgiving.  I had pies, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, cranberry jelly, ham, turkey and probably some other but I’ve forgotten.  On Thanksgiving day when I ate with the family I tried to be good by not eating much but was starving at work especially since one of the country club chefs cooked seafood paella which I had to sample.  But I took some of everything else I had for lunch for dinner that night.

I had more of the same stuff on Friday and Friday night along with pizza, then Saturday I had the same stuff again for both lunch and dinner, as well as having the combo of food once more for lunch and dinner on Sunday.

There is one thing I can say about eating foods other than potatoes…I need to buy stock in Tums and Alka-Seltzer because I was swallowing those like they were going out of style.  I would be paying myself for using those products but I had no one to blame but myself.  It is hard for me to think because my thinking process went into a slump and I actually had a hard time focusing on things probably also because I was having problems sleeping.

Wrapping up my Thanksgiving experience is kind of easy, I ate wrong and ate too much of the wrong things and couldn’t get any decent sleep.

So here I am on Day 51 from my original start date getting back on the wagon of weight loss.  I stepped up on the scale and my weight was 201.3 pounds.  This means that I gained 6.3 pounds for the 9 days that I was off of the diet.  Yeah that is a lot of weight to gain but the reality is that normally I wouldn’t be eating half of what was being served.  Now I’m going to have to use my Food Saver and see about putting a lot of the left overs in those sealed bags so it will be handing for my brother and maybe for us to have again come out Christmas dinner time.  Which we are having early this year because that is when one brother can come into town.

There are so many times that I really, really miss living out of state from my family.  One of the reason is the fact that it is too hard for me to get off because the last few jobs I’ve had are jobs where I’m considered essential personnel and I must be at work no matter the weather or the holiday.  Hey, it’s not bad because I get paid like OT pay for working the holidays and I get to save the holiday for another time.

Maybe I can talk my mother into going to one of my brother’s place for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.  I miss not being able to skip it because of work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family and really enjoy our time together but everyone gathering at my place which is a very small house and you try putting 22 people in there and see how comfortable you are….not very.  Even my mother is tired of everyone coming by so she wants to volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner at one of the big free turkey dinner places next year.  That certainly will get us out of cooking and keep down the left overs.

But enough of that nonsense.  Today is Day 51 of the big PDE or Restart Day 1.

One thing that I’ve been very happy with is that up until this last week or so, I’ve been under 200 pounds.  It was a bit of relief in my mind.  I actually thought that maybe by this spring I might go to a nearby city and do a zip line ride and I could even do it sooner because most of the time they have a 200 pound limit in order to get on the ride.  I’m only 1.3 pounds away from that so even though I won’t be doing that any time soon, my goal is to get to 200 pounds.  Then I would love to be at 190 pounds by the end of the year.  I think that is a realistic goal but something I will need to focus on.

I also thought that I would consider doing some light walking around the neighborhood or maybe even get out my trike and ride in an area where there aren’t a lot of hills.  Now that part about finding a place to ride without a lot of hills will be a bit of a challenge because there are hills everywhere in my city which is normally not to much of a problem but I don’t want to start exerting too much energy because then that will throw off my losing weight.  So light walking or riding will be my goal.

So I’m back to eating potatoes only this time I’m adding salt and I noticed that when I started adding picante sauce to my meals, I started getting a lot of gas which I think is because of the picante sauce which has tomatoes, uncooked onions and peppers in them.  All three of those items all give me gas, so maybe I’ll just keep to my potatoes and a touch of salt.  I’ve got until the 17th of next month to lose as much as possible because when the family comes in I know I will have another set back so I want to be prepared.

I hope this is the great start to another successful weight loss time.


P D E – 25 Pounds Slimmer

Okay just as the title suggests, I finally hit a magic number in my books which is the loss of 25 pounds.  The last time I was able to lose this much weight was back in 1984 when I lost 30 pounds in 3 months which was about 90 days.  However, after only 41 days of dieting and having cheat meals or eating things I shouldn’t really eat while trying to lose weight, guess what, I lost 25 pounds.

The only way I lost the weight back in 1984 was by extreme exercising.  This was when I first started jogging and was doing HIIT jogging for 2 miles.  But that took me 3 months to lose that 30 pounds and I wasn’t eating very much because I was jogging at least 5-6 days a week.  However, there is one thing to also remember, I only needed to lose 30 pounds.  Yes I know this means that I only have 65 more pounds to lose and yes this is only a little of 1/4 of the way to go but I don’t care.

Sure I wanted to be able to brag that I had lost a whole lot of weight before Thanksgiving and actually I have lost a lot of weight, but I guess with so much more to go this is just a stepping stone for me to continue my dieting ways….after Thanksgiving.

Now to catch up with things.  When last I posted, it was day 38 but now it is time to pick up where I left off.  I saw a loss of 0.6 pounds and was happy about this because it mean that I only had 1.4 pounds to lose before Thanksgiving which was my set date to allow myself to cheat.

Wait…don’t believe that line.  I’ve been lightly cheating most of the time.  By cheating I don’t mean going out and eating a four course meal, I mean including a few things in my normal eating pattern.  There are two reasons why I’ve been doing this with the first being that I’ve been craving protein…a lot of protein and decided to include it in my diet.  Also by allowing myself to cheat a bit here and there, such as having a sausage link or a couple of slices of bacon or even a scrambled egg sandwich, it is introducing some more protein into my system.

It would be horrible for me to suddenly allow myself to pig out during Thanksgiving only to lose it from one end or the other.  I have actually been learning a few lessons as I’ve been allowing myself to cheat and one of the most important lessons that I’ve come away with is not to over eat.  My body pretty much limits me to what I can eat and lets me know in oh so unpleasant way that it will not allow this to happen.

But I digress.  So back to day 39 and my activity.  I did add a piece of bacon in while pouring picante sauce on my potatoes, like I said I found that I need a little bit more than just potatoes now and again.  I’m trying to keep the cheating times to my first meal which just happens to be close to noon time when most people eat lunch.  I seldom eat breakfast because I’m usually not very hungry so it works out okay for me.

Now onto day 40.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention that when I got home after work on day 39, I was really hungry but I hadn’t prepared any potatoes, figuring I would do that in the morning and I really didn’t want to nuke a whole potato and eat it, so I broke down and scrambled me a couple of eggs and made a sandwich.  Oh my god, it tasted so good and I was really craving the protein.  Now back to day 40.

So on day 40 imagine my shock when I notice that I had lost 0.6 pounds, even after I had that late night sandwich.  I was over the moon, this mean that between now and next Thursday I only had 0.8 pounds to lose to reach another of my personal minor goals.  I know I’m just pushing my luck but my body has been craving a bit more.  I’m still struggling to try and make myself drink more water because I know that water can break you out of a plateau and I’m just so afraid that this is what is going to happen to me.

Despite the night time temperatures warming up a bit, I’ve been able to sleep pretty well which is also one of the biggest benefits that I’ve felt since starting this diet.

Wow, sorry I had gotten off on a tangent but spared you from having to read my rantings.  So I’m sleeping so much better and maybe it is because my body is burning off some of the stored fat I’ve been carrying around for so long.  I’m going to have to see about buying some of my essential oils and try using a solution they suggest to tighten sagging skin but it is going to come at a cost.  Not all of the oils are cheap, most of them are a little expensive so I’m going to at least try them because as I continue to lose weight I don’t want a lot of baggy, saggy skin.  Hey, I’m on a good run with this diet of potatoes so I’m going to keep with it.

Well now here we are at day 41 and I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds.  It really is a big deal especially seeing how long it took me to lose these last 5 pounds.  I mean I went from losing 20 pounds in 19 days to it taking me 41 days to lose 25.

Maybe if I had stayed true and not added salt, picante sauce or allowed myself to have cheat days or cheat meals then I could have lost more weight in less time.  The thing is that although I’ve gained a few pounds between day 20 and 41 and lost some of it, most of the time I’ve been below 200 pounds.  This is really a milestone and a very happy thing for me.  I’m not worried about as much about my cheat days as I was when I took my first cheat day of eating because thankfully I’ve not gained 5 pounds in one day back from cheating.  I know that sounds weird, but just trust me when I say I’m still happy with my loss, no matter how long it took me to obtain the loss.

Oh, wait….I forgot to tell you something kind of important.  Last weekend, when I was taking a cheat day, I tried my Aero Press to make espresso and tried to use my hand mixer for whipping the cream but in case you didn’t remember, that didn’t work out so well.  On day 40 I got my milk frother in from Amazon.  See I lost the top to my last frother and so I haven’t been able to make my version of steamed milk.  So I got on Amazon and ordered a milk frother and got it on day 40.  Guess what, Yes you guessed it, I made some coffee and frothed the milk.  It was good but I used the regular amount of coffee in a small cup and so I didn’t use very much milk, I mean very much heavy whipping cream.  I thought that because the cream was old and a little past the due date, it might have caused my body to act like I had taken a laxative and that was probably why I didn’t gain so much weight from eating a Schlotzsky’s sandwich.

So on day 40 I made a second cup of coffee and had frothed cream in the second cup and things were okay, which means no laxative feeling.

Then on day 41 I decided to use my espresso Kona coffee beans and made a coffee, using the regular amount of water and beans only I put it in a latte cup.  Oh yeah and I warmed and frothed the heavy cream like I did yesterday.  Oh then I was very bad and decided that I wanted a sandwich so I made a sliced turkey sandwich, you know like the luncheon meat you buy in a package and put mayo on whole wheat bread, which I enjoyed with my special coffee.

MISTAKE!!  I don’t know if it was the large amount of espresso or the amount of frothed cream, personally I think it was a combo of the two that worked on a laxative on me.  Last time it wasn’t an issue but today it actually is an issue because I’m at work and today my work partner is filling in at another station.  I basically said too bad because when mother nature rings that bell you had better respond.  So I responded and am still doing it but at least I think most everything is already out of my system.

Oh and just in case you missed the hint, I had a light case of diarrhea which is not the easiest thing to deal with at work.

But onto something brighter, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m looking forward to having my baked potato tonight for dinner and drinking a lot of water.  I still want to lose some weight before Thanksgiving and so this is a quick effort to try and lose even more so I won’t freak out so much after Thanksgiving.

Things are looking better and brighter for my Thanksgiving holidays although we still have a lot of cooking/baking to do, but I’ll be doing them carrying less weight around.  Hope you weekend is good and I thank you for hanging tough with me through this mess.

P D E – Days 36-38

Well this will bring me up to today because this is day 38 of eating potatoes for me.  I will say this much, I’ve been cheating a little bit here and there but I felt like my body needed it.  For example, there has been some sausage in the meat drawer and I’ve been craving it so on Day 36 and today on Day 38 I had some of the sausage and it really, really tasted good.

Okay so let me get busy and let you know that on Day 36, which was the day after I spent the night sitting on my throne, I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds, bringing my weight to 196.5.  Not happy about the gain but it could be worse.  Oh yeah I decided to try couscous and it tasted good but would have tasted better with butter.  Oh wait a minute, I put a touch of butter in it and then it really tasted good.

Day 37 was when most everything caught up with me.  Remember me saying I had sausage on day 36, well I had some and then I didn’t drink very much water, maybe 50 oz of water and then I ate really late because I was hungry.  Well I stepped up on the scale on Day 37 and my weight had climbed, I now weighted 197.7 pounds, which means that I gained 0.8 pounds.  When I look at it this way, it doesn’t seem like too much but the fact that it changed from 196 to 197, that is what really made me disappointed with what I had done.  I couldn’t help it, I had some couscous earlier in the day and only wished I had cooked it better, it tasted all starchy which will keep my from eating much more of it.

Now onto Day 38.  I had been doing very good, I ate late and only added a touch of picante sauce to my potatoes I ate late in the night but all it seemed to do was give me lots of gas.  I stepped up on the scale disappointed that my morning  weigh in because all I did was have a lot of gas in my system.  However, it was time to step up on the scale and I saw that I lost 0.7 pounds.  Yep, I got down to 197.0 pounds which really isn’t too bad.

Then it dawned on me, I had lost a total of 23 pounds which means that I’ve lost 1/4 of the total weight I would like to lose for my final goal.  That’s not too bad.  Of course it probably won’t help that I had the last sausage link earlier today nor the fact that I think I’m putting too much salt on my potatoes and not drinking nearly enough water, but I’m going to have to address this issue tomorrow.  Today I’m feeling kind of funky and not really ready to do too much except try to increase my water intake just a tad tonight.

I now have 1/4 of my goal accomplished but I have so much more to lose.  I hope that I can do this quickly but I guess the only way to lose it quickly would be cut out the salt and increase the water and stop having cheat days.  However, for me having the cheat days helps because when I see what happens on my cheat days, it inspires me to return to my potatoes so I can drop more weight.

I would love to come into work in a pair of pants that don’t have stretch in the waistband and I can tuck my shirt in without worrying about how much my big belly sticks out.  That is a long ways away but I hope to shorten the time by eating and drinking right.

I’ll catch you later and hopefully you can see by what I’ve accomplished so far, it is possible to lose the weight and how easy it is to return to dieting again with potatoes.  I think I need those cheat days to renew my spirit and encourage me to keep on losing.

Good Luck if you try this diet, I’m sure you’ll be successful.

P D E – Days 33-35

Wow, I took a good look and realized that I had fallen dramatically behind in my entries and there really is a good reason for this, I didn’t want to bore you to death with entries that really aren’t that interesting.

So I might as well get started by saying I stepped on the scale on day 33 and was sort of happy with the results, I lost 0.6 pounds.  Yes I know it isn’t a lot but at least it was a loss.

Honestly I wish that I could tell you exactly what I ate because the days all sort of run together.  There is one thing that is possibly slowing down my weight loss and that is the fact that I’ve added a touch of picante sauce to my potatoes to give them more flavor and I’ve been adding salt.  Yes I know, it isn’t the proper way but I’m doing my best to stay with my potatoes but having the salt is like a bonus for me.  I just need to drink more water.

I will say that I haven’t been drinking water like I had during the early part of this diet and perhaps that is the reason for the slow down in the weight loss.  I just don’t feel as thirsty but I need to remember to drink more but I’ll give you a hint, it is a work in progress and something I’m still striving to do correctly.

Now onto Day 34 which is a downer for me, I gained 0.2 pounds bringing my weight to 196.5.  Not a big gain but a gain still.

Now I’ve reached day 35 which is a Saturday and let me tell you this, I took the day off from dieting.  One of the reasons is that I got on the scale and I lost 0.2 pounds which means I was back down to 196.3 pounds which makes me happier.

So what did I eat on my cheat day, well I know that I had some potatoes but not a lot, but then I decided to splurge a bit and try out my new Aero Press coffee maker.  Well it may be a coffee maker but they also say that it can be used for making espresso which is what I tried only the problem is the heavy whipping cream was past the sell date.  I poured it into a glass and it looked and smelled okay but then I realized that I didn’t have my frother working any more, turns out I lost the top part that has the go button and encloses the batteries.  I used my hand wand mixer but I noticed that it started to smell like it was burning.  I’ll have to check that out later.

Any who so I nuked the water and found the correct grind setting on my coffee grinder and then put in my espresso coffee beans.  I think I ground up too much but I wasn’t really sure how much because the instructions were for coffee and not espresso.  More research will be needed on how to make a better espresso.  So I whipped up the whipping cream as much as possible and it sort of turned out okay but not really.  I made the latte and added some Stevia to it because that sucker was quite strong but I could have sworn that something about it didn’t taste right but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

I then had a craving for a Schlotzsky’s sandwich so off I went and got a sandwich and some chips but I decided to have a soda to drink with it.  I figured it would be a lot and I would need some help burping thus why the soda.

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.  Yes I ate a medium size sandwich which only had the meat, lettuce and may in it.  I still have problems with tomatoes and I’m not keen on olives or onions.  It tasted so good going down and I had very little problem with eating it.

Okay so let me tell you that trouble hit just an hour or so later.  I was running to the bathroom and everything I had eaten was not staying with me.  Now I’m not sure if it was because I had too much in my stomach, if it was the whipped whipping cream that wasn’t quite right or if the coffee was too strong.  All I know is that I spent the next few hours sitting on my throne.  I was hungry later and was very bad and had some ice cream but that too passed all too quickly through my system.

This takes us up to Day 35 and what a way to celebrate, going off my diet and eating good food but losing it later.  I wonder what the scales will say to me in the morning.

P D E – Starting 2nd Month (Day 32)

Okay so as the title states, this is beginning of the second month of my Potato Diet Experiment and I must say that I’m off to a pretty good start.  I stepped up on the scale this morning and found that I had loss 1.1 pounds.  Hey that is pretty good considering in the past few days it has only been tenths of a pound, so yes I’m happy for this loss because now I can say that I’ve lost 23 pounds in 31 days.

But enough about last month, this is a new month and I can already see that it is going to be a problem.  So why do I believe it will be a problem, well Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and that means that I will have to help fix all of the dinner so all we have to do on that day is heat up things.

I’m hoping that my family gets there early enough so we can all sit down together and have a meal rather than me run out the door wishing them a good Thanksgiving on my way to work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy working the holidays and I get to use them at another time throughout the year or get paid for them at the end of the year.  Like today, I had about 33 hours of unused personal and holiday pay coming to me so that is a nice bonus but I need to build up my vacation hours because I keep on having a feeling that something is coming down the road and I will need to use almost all of my time.

Exactly what I might have to use those many hours for I’m not quite sure and since I haven’t been in trouble at work and losing any vacation time, I need to make sure the time is there just in case.  I wish I could figure out what or why I keep on having that feeling but I think I will be needing it in the next year.  I hope not because I want to be a vacation hour hoarder….LOL.  Sorry I think that just sounds funny.  Oh wait, losing my way again.

I think one of the reasons that I was able to lose that amount of weight was because of the amount of water that I took in yesterday.  I had close to 90 oz of water, but not quite there but it was a dramatic increase from what I had been drinking for the last week or so.  I’ve noticed that since I’ve been on this diet I don’t seem to be quite as thirsty but then again it could all be in my head, more than likely it is and that is why the slow down in weight loss.

Back on track, I’m trying to stay focused on the amount of water I’m drinking and I think that is going to make a difference.  I’ve read information on increasing your water intake when you get stuck at a particular weight and it can help you over the hump and put you back on track to losing.  So now I’m going to be doing this so I can get past this small hump and get my body back into the losing mode.

One think I didn’t realize was that I had been forgetting to take my BP medication, one because the pill that I should take the NP (Nurse Practitioner) will not renew the Rx unless I come in and see her and I really don’t think we have much to talk about.  I don’t trust her since I told her I was not going to have a certain test done and what does she doe, she signs me up for the test, so I paid $50 to see this specialist only to have me tell her that I’m not doing the test.

So I’m going to take the too powerful pill and hope that taking it every other day will bring my BP back under control.  It had been working for the first couple of weeks doing it that way but I tend to forget things and taking my meds is just one of the things I forget.  Please I know how important it is to take it but I just forget, so I’m going to try and remember to take it again on Saturday since I took the strong pill because I remember that being a little bit calmer during the first week and things didn’t bother me as much and maybe it was because of the medicine.

But then again things have gotten a lot more stressful at work especially with the holidays.  So besides my regular tasks I have to help people sign up for a Christmas assistance program and I would say my phone calls have doubled and I keep explaining things over and over again and then they come into my station and don’t have what they need and try begging and using stories but last time I allowed it, I got a lecture about sticking to the rules.  Sometimes I really hate my job around the winter holidays, because the Christmas assistance program.

Wow, I got stressed just talking about it so I had to push back from the desk and take a couple of deep breaths.  Come on BP meds, work good and work fast.

Getting back on topic of PDE, I realize that I ate my meals within a 6-7 hours and so I’m going to try and keep it the same today.  Now I will admit that I had a little bit of tummy rumble but instead of eating I drank more water and that worked kind of well.  I say kind of well because I woke up twice last night needed to use the facilities.  But hey if it works then I’m all for it.  But I made sure I really ate quite well when I did eat.  So now it is time for me to eat so I’ll wrap this up.  So Yay!! I lost 32 pounds in 31 days.

P D E – Day 31

Yippy, and Finally….it only took 30 days for me to finally lose a full 22 pounds.  Yeah I know it was only 0.5 pounds from yesterday but considering lately I’ve only been losing 0.2 or 0.3 pounds, I’ll take the 1/2 pound loss.

I’m hoping this won’t come back to slow me down but I added 1/2 tablespoon of picante sauce to my baked potato which I had for lunch.  Usually I need a little something extra but today I guess it was the 1/2 pound loss that made me decide that was enough for me.  Now I must admit that last night as I ate my dinner, I added some salt onto my mashed potatoes that were inside semi-crunch potato skins.  The skins were only semi-crunchy because they were not freshly cooked but left over from lunch but warming them up sure helped a lot.  I filled up also with boiled potatoes with some salt and drank water but not nearly enough water.

Today I went to the grocery store and actually bought baking potatoes and had one of those for lunch which helped filled me up since I was starving.  I’m hoping that I can dramatically increase my water intake and that will help me continue to lose weight.

I’m having a hard time trying to read more about the Bulletproof Diet because I learned that it really isn’t much different from Primal Blueprint.  I think I would rather stay with Primal once I finish my PDE, but that is a long way off….68 more pounds to be specific so I guess for now I’ll not worry about it.

I’m looking at the calendar and seeing that Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks so I need to concentrate on losing as much weight as possible because the truth is I’m going to be eating the normal Thanksgiving feast.  However, two years ago while I was dropping off my mother in his city so my sister-in-law and my mother could go to South Africa, my brother made a comment my possibly being diabetic because I was so fat and he asked me if I’ve ever tried to lose any weight because I was too fat.

Oh gee, did he think that I didn’t look in a mirror and see my weight?  I have yet to return to my brother’s house, it is my way of not wanting to listen to him giving unwanted or unsolicited advice.  I now try to limit my contact with my brother because I really don’t need to be lectured AGAIN about my weight because I wake up each morning wishing I could figure out the best means to lose the weight.  So here we go, he is coming over for Thanksgiving because they are going to South Africa for Christmas to be with their daughters, so once again the Thanksgiving responsibility has fallen into our lap, my mothers and mine.  Oh yippy, skippy, can you see how overjoyed I am.

There is one lucky thing though, I get to leave shortly after we eat our Thanksgiving lunch and yes we make it lunch time because I have to go to work.  Well I could call in and there are enough people working to work for me but they are all making plans to do things at their station with the people they work with, so I won’t ruin their time.  Besides, it will take me away from even more temptation.

However, like a fool I asked for the next day off but my other brothers will be there too so I will be limited my interactions.  Oh so since my other brothers will be in town, this means that we’re probably going to go out and have dinner somewhere else because we probably won’t be eating turkey two days in a row…or maybe we will.  Either way, I want to be able to wear some of my older clothes that can show that I have lost some weight.

Although 22 pounds is a good amount, I would love for it to be 25 or more which would be good but in order for that to happen I’m going to have to drink a lot more water and maybe try to limit the time in which I eat.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would like to yes show off my weight gain, but I really just want to feel better about myself and not cringe every time I look in a full length mirror.  Besides I would love the idea of being able to cosplay, not that I think I will be able to make the costume I desire in time but it would be nice to be able to do something like that.

Now where was I…oh yeah, losing weight.

So maybe I’m getting back on track but I guess I won’t really know until I weigh in tomorrow.  I know I shouldn’t stress because it also puts on the pounds but my friend is losing weight fast and pretty soon she will leave me behind in the dust in the weight loss area and I was the one who encouraged her to try this.

Oh but wait, you remember how I said in one of my earlier posts about one of my friends texting me at 0400 hrs, well my massage therapist had asked what I was doing to lose weight and I told him about it but didn’t have enough facts so I suggested he read a book called Potato Hack so at 0700hrs he texted me, waking me up to tell me he read the book in one day.  I hate waking up before I have too and especially this morning because the rain kept on dripping on my window A/C unit and it was okay if it was a constant drip pattern but it would be erratic once in a while and would wake me up because they must have been big heavy drops.  So didn’t get much sleep and right now I think I could probably sleep at least 8 hours.

I’m going to have to learn not to leave my message alert on when I go to bed, maybe then I won’t risk being woken up too early.  So maybe now that I loss 1/2 pound in one day maybe I can lose another 1/2 or more.  Personally, I keep on trying and hoping for a bigger weight loss but I won’t know anything until tomorrow.  So it’s potato skins with mashed potatoes and boiled potatoes on the menu for tonight’s dinner.  Now doesn’t that sound yummy!!  It sounds yummy since that is all I had time to prepare and have to eat.  I’ll probably have some coffee when I get home.  I found that if I drink my black coffee, I can go to sleep shortly after where it used to weigh too heavily on my tummy when I used to add the ‘stuff’ in it, but plain black seems to be okay for now.  Shit, I’m getting used to black coffee….bummer.

P D E – Day 30

Well I wish that I could say that things are going great but in fact they really aren’t going so great but that is to be expected considering what I’ve been doing…cheating on my PDE (Potato Diet Experiment).

So you understand I got on the scale today and saw that my weight was 198.5 pounds.  I lost 0.2 pounds from yesterday.  I know that I should be happy because this is once again I’m at a weight that is the lowest I’ve been in over a decade.  So you would think that would make me happy but unfortunately it does not.  I’m doing my best not to be disheartened because the weight loss has dramatically slowed down to a very slow trickle, I know it is still a loss but I got kind of spoiled losing at least a pound a day.

Trying right now to be positive which is yea, I’ve had a weight loss of 0.2 pounds.  So why am I having so many problems…let me think…ouch, it hurts to think.

In looking at what I’ve been eating, I noticed that I started adding things to my potatoes, salt and picante sauce and a couple of times I added Stevia in the Raw into my coffee and it took off the edge but I find I didn’t need it.  Oh crap…I think this has broken my desire to have all of the additives in my coffee that I loved so much.

So what did I add into my coffee before I started drinking it black, well I would add Stevia in the Raw (3 packets), sugar-free White Chocolate coffee syrup and heavy whipping cream.  I’m sure your screaming at all of the stuff I added to my coffee but to me at the time it tasted okay.  Yes I could still taste the coffee flavor and could tell the difference in the different types of coffee but I think having to drink my coffee black has sharpened my taste buds as far as the flavor of different coffee beans and how they are roasted.

I used to love my coffee with all of the above stuff but I remember on Day 6, I took the day off and put all of those additives in my coffee and almost gagged.  I found that I couldn’t handle them any longer and that is only after 4 days of drinking coffee black.  Perhaps one of these days I will be able to add cream back into my coffee.

Speaking of adding cream, the other day I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting new paper filters for my EZ cup when I spotted Peppermint Bark coffee, which had natural and artificial flavorings in it.  So I took a chance and brewed some in my coffee machine and because they must have used peppermint oil to flavor the beans, the oil left a slight film in my mouth.  So when it gets closer to Christmas I hope that I will be in good enough shape to risk having a touch of cream in my coffee because I think the cream will make the Peppermint Bark coffee taste much better.  So I’ll just have to wait until then to try the coffee again.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Jimmy Sue and Bobby Blue said…”Gee, what are we going to do now?”   Oops, sorry, my brain and fingers pulled a fast one on me.

So I got out and voted today and thankfully there were only a couple of people in the line ahead of me so there really wasn’t any waiting.  But I went out and vote and always vote especially on local elections and issues because that is where my vote counts the most.  Took the time to vote and then ran off to run errands.

I had been skimming through the library catalog to see if they had the Potato Hack book but they did not but then I came across the Bulletproof Diet but it wasn’t at the library where I voted so I had to drive down a ways down the road, wait 30 minutes for the library to open so I could get the book and see what it says.

Why did I want to get the book?  Well I am beginning to feel as if I’m stagnating at this weight loss and I want to get past the 21 pound mark and would love to reach 25 pound loss.  However, as you have seen in my posts, things have slowed to a snail’s pace as far as losing is going and so the Bulletproof Diet was stating that a person can lose up to 1 pound a day on the diet.  So of course this got my attention which was why I drove to the other library to read about the diet and checked out the cook book.

I started reading the diet book and stopped right at the forward.  The first thing this guy talks about is him starting out trying yak butter in his tea.  So then he said how he did his special process and came up with his special coffee which you mix with grass-fed butter, MCT oil and a few other items and then you have the bulletproof coffee and it burns fat and keeps you from being hungry for most of the morning.  But the most important part was that you had to make it with the bulletproof upgraded coffee.

Let’s just say that I put the question to the computer to ask what the difference is in the coffee beans and learned that he uses a Portland Roasting Company and you can buy the same size bag for $10 from them rather than his marked up price of $19 for a bag of his coffee.  Oh but then I priced the MCT oil he talks about and basically that is one very expensive cup of coffee.  He talks about his process doing something special to the coffee beans but it isn’t anything else that other coffee roasters or distributors don’t do too.

Then I took a quick look through his cook book, yes I know I haven’t even gotten past the forward on his book, just so I could see some of the dishes that he suggests eating while on this diet and guess what???  It is almost exactly like Primal Blueprint, which is eat more fat but they do reduce the amount of protein you intake.

The basic run down is it is a more expensive diet than my PDE and right now I’m saving for a new car and a new recumbent trike so the idea of spending a lot on a new diet isn’t exactly appealing to me at this time.

After thinking not so hard about what is going wrong, I realize that I’ve probably been using too much salt on my potatoes and too much picante sauce.  So I need to go back to just eating plain potatoes, but I was in a hurry this afternoon since I had spent too long reading parts of the book and prepping my lunch that I had to gobble something down for lunch.

I took russet potatoes and baked them but since I was doing a lot of potatoes and my microwave is going to probably die on me soon, it was uneven heating and I had to keep on nuking them which of course took more time than I had planned.

Scooping out the insides, I made mashed potatoes but added a touch too much water and tonight I’ll probably nuke a couple of small potatoes and lightly mash them up and mix them with the other mashed potatoes I’ve already made.  So since I scooped out the inside of the potatoes I put the skins in my airfryer and had potato skins that are really lovely and crunchy.  Because I was in a rush, I grabbed a couple of the torn up crunchy skins, scooped some of the mushy mashed potatoes in them and added some salt and ate them on the run while I got ready for work.

For my dinner I brought some of the boiled potatoes from the large batch of potatoes that I had made yesterday.  So I was saved but then I realized with me going to a different station, I wouldn’t have my Reduce insulated cup so I brought mine from home and had left my water jug at my home station.  Thankfully we have old large containers that we had bought tea in from the grocery stores, filled the empty containers with my filtered water and off I went to work.

I’m about to take my break and get something to eat because my tummy is rumbling.  I’m hoping that my poor taste buds haven’t gotten too adjusted to having salt.  I’m already missing having picante sauce on my potatoes but I’ve got to do something to kick my weight loss back into gear.

So once again at my lowest weight in a long time, but losing it really, really very slowly and trying not to let it disappoint me.  I want lots of weight loss fast.  Especially when my friend whom I turned onto the potato diet is rapidly losing weight but she is a bit heavier than me and she is in the first phase which was what I was in when I lost those 13 pounds right away.  But now that the water weight is loss things have dramatically slowed down.  I’ll end on a positive note, I’m below 200 pounds though not by much but I’m under 200 and that is a milestone but I sure would like for it to be more than 1.5 pounds less than 200 really soon.