P D E – Days 24 & 25

Yes, yes, yes, I know it is combo time and the only excuse for it is because …. wait, I’m thinking about a good excuse.  Okay the truth is I just forgot.  So now that I’m here, guess I had better get busy and start typing and letting you know what is happening with me.

So I woke up a little late but managed to step up on the scale, cringing because I know that I probably didn’t lose anything.  Letting go of a sigh, I stepped up on the scale.  I lost 2.4 pounds, so I’m at 200.4 pounds.  I hadn’t had a bit of weight loss like this since the first week I was on this diet.  But I didn’t have time to relax, I had to take my mother grocery shopping and get a few things for me.  I needed paper plates, allergy pills and some more napkins.  Kind of boring when the other items in the cart is a large bag of russet potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes.  But it is working so I’m okay with my cart.

My mother was so impressed with what has been happening to me that she decided that she was going to on it too.  Her weight loss has not been as dramatic but she only has 15 pounds to lose while I have 70.4 pounds to lose before I hit my final goal weight.  I think it is realistic especially considering how well things have been going lately for me.

On Thursday I went to my hair stylist who tried to get me on one of these shakes where you put all sorts of healthy shit in it to include some very expensive oil, either flax or Omega something or some other one that goes bad after about a month.  She lost 25 pounds in 3 months of being on the shake and she was very happy because it also decreased her inflammation.  I told her about this little gem of a diet plan that I’ve been doing and she kept telling me that potatoes only would cause more inflammation but I assured her that is not the case.

I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have followed the rules Penn talked about, Rule #1, You don’t talk about Potato Diet; Rule #2 you don’t talk about Potato Diet.

Well at the end of the appointment she seemed hesitant but said she would consider it.  I wasn’t asking her to commit, I was just telling her about my small amount of success.  So Saturday I had text her about my 20 pound weight loss and she was still talking about how I shouldn’t give myself a day off and to stay steady.

However, I do like Tim Steele’s idea of only doing it for a few days at a time.  I went almost 13 days without breaking it, only making the potato tortillas and when I saw that the potato starch wasn’t a good thing in my body.

She texted me on Day 24, telling me that she had gone on the diet on Monday and now by Wednesday she had lost 6 pounds already.  She is a believer in this and she noticed she didn’t have as much inflammation.

I still can’t believe how simple this diet has been and although it really hasn’t been real easy because let’s face it, eating potatoes all of the time is BORING!!  I’m half tempted to change like Penn did but he had a choice between beans, potatoes or corn on the cob.  Well at least when I eat potatoes I get some nutritional value from them and there is some nutritional value from beans but you get nothing from corn.  I mean when you next eat corn, take a look and see that it has not changed from when you chewed it and swallowed it.  If I change to anything, then I’m going to change to beans but I highly doubt it because I really don’t want to be farting all the time at work.  So I guess I’ll stick with potatoes.


Day 25

So I got up and stepped up on the scale and was extremely disappointed.  It showed me to be 200.6, meaning that I had gained 0.2 pounds.  It was a little early for me to be weighing-in so I started doing things about the house.  A little later I stepped up and got a very pleasant surprise, I lost 0.6 pounds, taking me down to 199.8 pounds.  I made it below 200 again which is what I’ve been hoping would happen and at least it didn’t take forever to lose it like it did last time I had a cheat day.

Yesterday when I was shopping with my mother she said she was going to take that night as a cheat night and told her that was okay especially if she felt like she wanted to do it but later she called me at work and said she was sticking to the diet and that she might take a meal off this weekend when I take a day off.  I didn’t really say anything on that day.  Today she asked me what day this weekend I was taking off and she would wait until them to take her cheat day too.

Seeing that I just got below 200, I told her I wasn’t sure if I was going to be taking a day off this weekend or not because I really don’t want to be hovering at 200 pound mark for very long especially with Thanksgiving coming.  I do not plan to be on this diet during that time, I plan to have turkey and dressing and all of the good stuff that I usually only eat once a year.  Only I will have them in very small amounts.

Thankfully I’m below 200, not by much but I’m below it and that is what counts.  The phone calls at work is giving me a headache so I think I’m going to make some coffee and drink a lot of water so it will help flush things.  So my happiness has been spoiled a bit by the wackos who call into my work phone and do their best to make my life a living hell today.  Right now I want to rip the phone out of the wall so it won’t ring any more…or at least until the phone people come by but since I’m an adult I’ll just be frustrated and count the minutes until I’m away from work.


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