P D E – Day 30

Well I wish that I could say that things are going great but in fact they really aren’t going so great but that is to be expected considering what I’ve been doing…cheating on my PDE (Potato Diet Experiment).

So you understand I got on the scale today and saw that my weight was 198.5 pounds.  I lost 0.2 pounds from yesterday.  I know that I should be happy because this is once again I’m at a weight that is the lowest I’ve been in over a decade.  So you would think that would make me happy but unfortunately it does not.  I’m doing my best not to be disheartened because the weight loss has dramatically slowed down to a very slow trickle, I know it is still a loss but I got kind of spoiled losing at least a pound a day.

Trying right now to be positive which is yea, I’ve had a weight loss of 0.2 pounds.  So why am I having so many problems…let me think…ouch, it hurts to think.

In looking at what I’ve been eating, I noticed that I started adding things to my potatoes, salt and picante sauce and a couple of times I added Stevia in the Raw into my coffee and it took off the edge but I find I didn’t need it.  Oh crap…I think this has broken my desire to have all of the additives in my coffee that I loved so much.

So what did I add into my coffee before I started drinking it black, well I would add Stevia in the Raw (3 packets), sugar-free White Chocolate coffee syrup and heavy whipping cream.  I’m sure your screaming at all of the stuff I added to my coffee but to me at the time it tasted okay.  Yes I could still taste the coffee flavor and could tell the difference in the different types of coffee but I think having to drink my coffee black has sharpened my taste buds as far as the flavor of different coffee beans and how they are roasted.

I used to love my coffee with all of the above stuff but I remember on Day 6, I took the day off and put all of those additives in my coffee and almost gagged.  I found that I couldn’t handle them any longer and that is only after 4 days of drinking coffee black.  Perhaps one of these days I will be able to add cream back into my coffee.

Speaking of adding cream, the other day I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting new paper filters for my EZ cup when I spotted Peppermint Bark coffee, which had natural and artificial flavorings in it.  So I took a chance and brewed some in my coffee machine and because they must have used peppermint oil to flavor the beans, the oil left a slight film in my mouth.  So when it gets closer to Christmas I hope that I will be in good enough shape to risk having a touch of cream in my coffee because I think the cream will make the Peppermint Bark coffee taste much better.  So I’ll just have to wait until then to try the coffee again.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Jimmy Sue and Bobby Blue said…”Gee, what are we going to do now?”   Oops, sorry, my brain and fingers pulled a fast one on me.

So I got out and voted today and thankfully there were only a couple of people in the line ahead of me so there really wasn’t any waiting.  But I went out and vote and always vote especially on local elections and issues because that is where my vote counts the most.  Took the time to vote and then ran off to run errands.

I had been skimming through the library catalog to see if they had the Potato Hack book but they did not but then I came across the Bulletproof Diet but it wasn’t at the library where I voted so I had to drive down a ways down the road, wait 30 minutes for the library to open so I could get the book and see what it says.

Why did I want to get the book?  Well I am beginning to feel as if I’m stagnating at this weight loss and I want to get past the 21 pound mark and would love to reach 25 pound loss.  However, as you have seen in my posts, things have slowed to a snail’s pace as far as losing is going and so the Bulletproof Diet was stating that a person can lose up to 1 pound a day on the diet.  So of course this got my attention which was why I drove to the other library to read about the diet and checked out the cook book.

I started reading the diet book and stopped right at the forward.  The first thing this guy talks about is him starting out trying yak butter in his tea.  So then he said how he did his special process and came up with his special coffee which you mix with grass-fed butter, MCT oil and a few other items and then you have the bulletproof coffee and it burns fat and keeps you from being hungry for most of the morning.  But the most important part was that you had to make it with the bulletproof upgraded coffee.

Let’s just say that I put the question to the computer to ask what the difference is in the coffee beans and learned that he uses a Portland Roasting Company and you can buy the same size bag for $10 from them rather than his marked up price of $19 for a bag of his coffee.  Oh but then I priced the MCT oil he talks about and basically that is one very expensive cup of coffee.  He talks about his process doing something special to the coffee beans but it isn’t anything else that other coffee roasters or distributors don’t do too.

Then I took a quick look through his cook book, yes I know I haven’t even gotten past the forward on his book, just so I could see some of the dishes that he suggests eating while on this diet and guess what???  It is almost exactly like Primal Blueprint, which is eat more fat but they do reduce the amount of protein you intake.

The basic run down is it is a more expensive diet than my PDE and right now I’m saving for a new car and a new recumbent trike so the idea of spending a lot on a new diet isn’t exactly appealing to me at this time.

After thinking not so hard about what is going wrong, I realize that I’ve probably been using too much salt on my potatoes and too much picante sauce.  So I need to go back to just eating plain potatoes, but I was in a hurry this afternoon since I had spent too long reading parts of the book and prepping my lunch that I had to gobble something down for lunch.

I took russet potatoes and baked them but since I was doing a lot of potatoes and my microwave is going to probably die on me soon, it was uneven heating and I had to keep on nuking them which of course took more time than I had planned.

Scooping out the insides, I made mashed potatoes but added a touch too much water and tonight I’ll probably nuke a couple of small potatoes and lightly mash them up and mix them with the other mashed potatoes I’ve already made.  So since I scooped out the inside of the potatoes I put the skins in my airfryer and had potato skins that are really lovely and crunchy.  Because I was in a rush, I grabbed a couple of the torn up crunchy skins, scooped some of the mushy mashed potatoes in them and added some salt and ate them on the run while I got ready for work.

For my dinner I brought some of the boiled potatoes from the large batch of potatoes that I had made yesterday.  So I was saved but then I realized with me going to a different station, I wouldn’t have my Reduce insulated cup so I brought mine from home and had left my water jug at my home station.  Thankfully we have old large containers that we had bought tea in from the grocery stores, filled the empty containers with my filtered water and off I went to work.

I’m about to take my break and get something to eat because my tummy is rumbling.  I’m hoping that my poor taste buds haven’t gotten too adjusted to having salt.  I’m already missing having picante sauce on my potatoes but I’ve got to do something to kick my weight loss back into gear.

So once again at my lowest weight in a long time, but losing it really, really very slowly and trying not to let it disappoint me.  I want lots of weight loss fast.  Especially when my friend whom I turned onto the potato diet is rapidly losing weight but she is a bit heavier than me and she is in the first phase which was what I was in when I lost those 13 pounds right away.  But now that the water weight is loss things have dramatically slowed down.  I’ll end on a positive note, I’m below 200 pounds though not by much but I’m under 200 and that is a milestone but I sure would like for it to be more than 1.5 pounds less than 200 really soon.


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