154 Down The Drain

Okay just in case you couldn’t guess it, 154 were the number of days that I had left before I caught my flight to Europe to do an early 60th birthday celebration.  I got a message from my airline company announcing they were not leaving on that day but instead were changing the departure date to the next day.  Well that was not good for me.  I was stretching my schedule to try and enjoy the cities in Europe as much as possible for that one day delay meant that I would probably lose 2 days in Europe which would ruin so many plans.

Now I’ve got to find another airlines to fly me and I think I found one, only I would leave on a Monday and I would get 2 days extra.  This would get me to London on May 2nd which is the day after May Day.  Now when I was last in Europe, I didn’t have any idea about May Day and we had a lot of trouble trying to find a hotel.  I might be able to avoid this because I’m going to be trying to stay in hostels and Airbnb places and hopefully I can find some good places.

So then I found another flight cheaper than the original flight day and had a choice of Saturday or Monday departure.  The Saturday flight is $32 more than Monday but would give me 4 additional days.  Yes that sounds great but what shocked me was that I forgot that the airline was charging Euros and the USD is still kind of weak compared to the Euros.  However, it would give me more time and I think that definitely sounds much better but then again I will run into the problem of trying to make sure I have a place to stay for May Day.  I guess I’ll wait and see about my accommodations later.  Right now I have to figure out what I want to do concerning my flight.

Now I had started working out after Christmas after I got off of work.  I had a hard time because I only had enough energy to work out every other day and found that I was letting myself eat what I want, hoping some frackin’ miracle I would lose weight so I could be in good condition when I went to Europe but I haven’t lost any weight and can you believe it, I gained 2-3 pounds.  I know, I know….what in the world was I thinking.  Stress is causing too many problems.

Then stupid me saw advertisement on the television late at night about a diet pill and thought I could do this and continue with my exercise and maybe I could lose some weight.  Big problem.  I would have to increase the number of meals I ate as well as take the pill 30 minutes before I ate.  Well it went okay for the first week but the next week is about the time that I had to start taking my mother around and my eating habits as well as sleep habits were all thrown off.

So despite taking the weight pill and exercising, I found myself gaining more weight.  I just wasn’t exercising enough but when I did really push myself, I would have coughing fits because my sinuses were getting the best of me.  I’m struggling to keep my allergies in check and to keep the fluid from leaking down into my lungs.  Well that was a lost cause because I have some fluid already in my lungs and only vigorous activity and meds will bring it up and out.

Needless to say my plans are rapidly flowing down the drain.  I’m still trying to go to the gym but it is hard because I enjoy working out only I get kind of stimulated after working out and hard for me to go to sleep at night.  Yes I take hot or very warm showers only I’ve already scalded my neck under the shower from my so-called very warm showers.  I know, I know, not a smart thing to do but no one ever said I was smart.

Any way I would work out after work and then go shower and was then wide awake.  Only I had to stop for a couple of weeks because I was having to take my mother to doctor’s appointments or for surgery and the appointments were for early in the morning so I could go to work which was at 3p.m.  On top of all of this, the mountain cedar count has been extremely heavy and being out in the outside air only made it worse thus why I possibly have problems breathing and why I’ve had to stay in the gym to exercise.

So 154 and although I’m approaching 90 days, that just isn’t happening at this time.  I’ve still got to book a flight there and take more time off from work although be it only 1 additional day but now I’ve got to figure out logistics of when to leave and where to stay in Europe.

Oh and I’m still frustrated because I still can’t figure out how to transfer things from my tablet onto a USB drive.  I’m trying desperately not to let things get to me.  Maybe I’ll just buy a ‘My Cloud’ so I can send my pics from Europe directly into My Cloud and won’t have to worry about losing them.  That will be one way to relieve some stress from my mind.

Then I have to address the problem of my weight.  I’ve got to do something and do it quick.  I hate the idea of being trapped in the plane for over 9 hours  for my possible flight to London but that is just the way things are going to happen.  Now it would be nice if I had lost at least 25 pounds between now and May so I could fit in the airline seat a little bit better, than it would make me kind of happy.

I have way too much stress here at work and my night-time visits to the gym have to be kept short so I can go home and get some rest before I have to get up early to take my mother around.  I’m half tempted to take a few days off to jump-start my attempt to go back to Primal Blueprint but the idea of having to take days off when I’m using so many this year is kind of nerve-racking.  I might just have to do this to save my sanity.  I guess I’ll have to figure it out this weekend.

Maybe by that time I will have bought my airline ticket for my new departure date and I will have already started a diet Once Again.  Boy I wish I could go back in time and kick myself in the butt for allowing myself to gain so much weight.  If I knew back then what I know now I would be a slimmer and healthier person.


Well it didn’t hurt to ask.  Since one isn’t available I’ll just have to struggle forward but maybe I will take a few days off and try to get a jump-start on the beginning stages of a new diet.  One last note, on top of all of the stress I’ve been feeling lately, I’ve lost more feeling in my fingers from my Carpal Tunnel problem.  Right now life sucks but I will continue to struggle and maybe, just maybe I can figure out what the heck I’m doing.


New Plan

Okay so I started exercising every other day and I must admit that I’m actually feeling better but I noticed one thing, my weight has increased instead of decreasing.  At first I was riding a recumbent stationary exercise bike and that was good but then I started using a treadmill and was working my way up to walking 3.02 miles on the machine which is a course in Capetown.  I got on the scale again and was shocked to see that my weight had as I mentioned earlier had increased.  I was then 220.1 and it increased to 222.8 pounds.

Let’s just say that I’m officially freaked out.  I can feel that there is definitely more muscle tone in my legs and my masseur even noticed a slight bit more muscle tone and asked if I was riding my trike.  I mentioned what I was doing and he cautioned me about using the treadmill especially on inclines/declines because it could injure my shin.

The other day while I was working out, I finished my treadmill walk and then went to do a few exercises for my arms and shoulders since I already worked my legs.  I felt so good except when I got on the scale (late at night) and it said that my weight had jumped to 226.5 pounds.  Yikes!!!  I must be doing something wrong!

Yes I know that muscle weighs more than fat but I haven’t lost any of the fat and it is still just as hard to put on my clothes so I haven’t lost fat and only possible got a touch of more muscle tone.  Something has got to change.

I looked at my calendar and saw that as of last January 13th, I have only 110 days to go.  Yes my 154 was originally how many days I had until I left for my birthday celebration.  I started counting on that number because that was when I officially bought my airline tickets for transport to and from my vacation.  So you’re probably thinking, big deal so it’s another birthday who cares.  Which is my point exactly.

Who cares?!    I CARE!!!  Most of my life no big deal has been made for my birthday.  Growing up there were 3 birthdays in the same month and mine was one of them.  When I turned 40 my mother and sister-in-law showed up at my place of work with an over the hill turning 40 balloons.  I thought it was 50 when you were called over the hill but they did it when I turned 40.  I went to my brother’s house and we had dinner and birthday cake.  Yippy.  It was nice but I had always hoped when I was a kid or at least a young adult that I would be much further along with things in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but I guess I was hoping to have someone special to celebrate my years with other than my wonderful family.

When I turned 50, I had moved from one state to another state about 3 years prior and in the process of moving, I suffered an injury which left me with limited use of my hands and fingers which was a real drag because I made my living doing some form of data input which means I could not work which was a bummer since basically my skill level for work is nothing much more than data entry.  Any who, so there I was turning 50 and I had no job, no promise or hope for a job and my savings and my early withdraw from my retirement account was pretty much wiped out since I had been unemployed for 1 1/2 years.  Don’t worry I’m not crying over it, it is just life and I’ve gotten better since then.  So yippy for that.  So my mother took me out to a wine bar where they focused on Spanish wines which was great since I had taken her to Spain/Portugal/UK (Rock of Gibraltar) to celebrate her 72nd birthday.  So we had several nice wines we drank while we were celebrating and I had become partial to those wines.  My younger brother and his wife joined us and we all had wine and a ginormous piece of Death By Chocolate cake.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but it was so yummy and rich that after 6 forkfuls I had to stop.  My brother, his wife and my mom finished off the cake.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was a nice time but still I felt something was missing.  See I was lucky enough to be divorced by the time I turned 26 years old and I was usually taken out to dinner by some of my friends for the next few years when my birthday rolled around but it stopped shortly after that time when I moved to another part of the state for a job.

I’m sure you’re saying is there a point to all of this!  Yes!!!

My point is that this year, 2018 I will be turning 60 years old.  I’ve come to terms with a great many things in my life.  I’ll never be slim like I was when I was 30 years old, I won’t be a famous photographer but at least I the majority of the photographs I take, I’ve been lucky enough to find another form of getting back to riding a pedal power vehicle on the road which is my recumbent trike.  Hey I figure all for trying to look at the bright side of a few things.

Since I haven’t won a big lottery, only a few scratch off tickets for only about $20 I think my dreams of winning big bucks and telling people what they can do with my job will just have to wait.  I work for a living and like most people in the world wish I earned more and could have everything I want but that isn’t going to happen.

Instead I’ve always had a dream of going to Europe, yes I know I’ve already been to a few countries, but I always wanted to go to Paris since I first took french classes in high school.  Then again that was so long ago I have forgotten most of what I learned.  So I saved up my pennies and pooled them together and found an awesome airline price to take me there and back again.

I’m still working on the other stuff in between such as transport to other countries and places to stay such as AirBnB and/or hostels but at least I have money saved up to handle this situation.

When the 23rd of January rolls around, I will have 100 days until I leave for my Europe vacation.  So I’ve got to get my butt in gear and get in better shape.  I have no illusions about being slim and trim but I do have a plan to at least be below 200 pounds and be able to walk several miles at one time without being totally out of breath.  One of my problems with being out of breath is because I had become anemic so much that I thought I was having a heart attack but since I had no other symptoms I went to the doctor and learned I was anemic.  However, I will be celebrating early because my birthday actually falls during the busy tourist time and I’d rather celebrate early and have fun as well as save money then go on my birthday.

I had to increase my iron dramatically and it has been over 2 years and although I stopped going to see that NP (not doctor) because of repeated tests she wanted me to take which was costing me way too much money, I decided to do other things to build up my blood.  Yes I stayed with increasing my iron and ate more iron rich foods and I think I’m getting a handle on things.  I have a bit more stamina and am not out of breath as easily but I still get out of breath but that is because I hadn’t exercised very much…not even on my recumbent trike.  (sad face)

About this time you’re probably wonder what was this subject supposed to be about?!  Bet you thought that I forgot…ha, fooled you I didn’t forget.  This is about my new plan.  But I guess I wanted you to understand why I’m coming up with this new plan.

I want to have lost at least 25 pounds before I leave for my 60th birthday European celebration.  I will be going by myself which some of my friends were afraid for me and my safety but I had to remind them that I’m not old or feeble-minded, I’m an active person and I want to get out and see a bit of the world.  Besides, since I haven’t found a sugar daddy to foot my bill, I might as well give myself the gift of travel in celebration of me turning 60.

So I’m having to instigate my new plan of increasing my exercising to at least 5 times a week instead of 3 times a week and I’m going to have to focus on what I’m eating.  Oh don’t worry my new plan still has me taking my vitamins and supplements to build up my blood for my health.  I also plan on doing very small amount of weight lifting workouts, nothing really big because first I want to focus on getting my walking feet/legs going and not running out of breath.

I say feet because when I tried to do a light jog in HIIT fashion, I sort of hurt my feet and they are as forgiving to me for hurting them.  So I’ll stick to other things like riding the stationary bike and lifting some weights all at a gym which I luckily I have access to a gym through work.  My only problem is that the only available time I have to work out is after I get off around midnight.  If it was just me at home then I would sleep in late but since I have neighbors who are up at 5 in the morning and their grand kids are screaming by 7 in the morning, I don’t usually get to sleep in.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.  Nothing up my sleeve.

Sorry the above was taken from an old cartoon character Bullwinkle.

Nothing up my sleeve but hard work for at least 30 minutes and I’m going to check into some additional supplements that are supposed to help loosen and break up my body fat but it will just probably get reattached if I don’t exercise it out of my body.  So new plan is take supplements, eat better and exercise more.

I really don’t want to called a typical American tourist by being so obese that I can’t walk several blocks without gasping for air and demand a taxi to travel everywhere.  I’ll keep you up to date with how things are going.