Primal Plan 66

That’s right, I’ve finally figured out what I’m going to do to try and at least lose some weight before my European vacation.  Okay it is not going to be anything like the Chevy Chase movie because I’m not that big of a dunce.  I’m smaller in size….LOL.

So you’re probably wondering just what the heck is Primal Plan 66.  Well starting tomorrow I will have 66 days until I leave for Europe.  Which means all the time I spent procrastinating is really hurting me now time wise and weight wise.  Starting tomorrow I will have 66 days to lose what I hope will be at least 15 pounds but my dream loss would be at least 20 pounds.  Now I’ve done it before in less time and I didn’t really have any incentive like I do now.

I’m planning on going to one of my Geek convention, more specifically it is Dallas FanExpo.  I would like to have to buy at least one pair of pants before the convention and maybe a shirt that will show a weight loss and then it will be time to kick it into high gear as at the end of April I will be leaving.

Ok, I’ll stop blathering on for a bit and tell you that I’ve decided to go Primal again.  Because initially I will be trying for some rapid weight loss, I plan to keep my carb count to no more than 50 carbs.  I really don’t think that I will be able to keep my Primal diet in tact when I go to the con because:  #1 I’ll be with my friends and one is a vegetarian so we have to be careful where we eat with her cause she gets very turned off by things such as sizzling steak or fajitas; #2 at least one of my geeky friends also enjoys a good Guinness beer and we always have a beer together; #3 my eating schedule will really be out of whack so I’m not sure when I will be eating or what has the smallest line of the eating establishments and finally #4 reason is because I will more than likely be on the go trying to get to an event, trying to get in line for photos or autographs or working the concourse with my camera trying to get some good photos.

However, I will do my best to try and stay as close as possible to eating primal.  It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for breakfast but who knows what will happen for the rest of the day.  It is my biggest hope that by keeping my daily carb intake to 50 carbs that I should have a good enough result so those 4 days will not completely throw me off.

Just in case you were wondering why I decided to go Primal again, well allow me to tell you and even if you weren’t wondering I’ll tell you anyway because it is a reaffirming of my commitment to myself for weight loss.  Now where was I…..oh yeah I remember.  So why did I choose Primal.  Well I like meat, really like meat and I was wise enough weeks before to buy up some NY Strip steaks from Sprouts grocery store, they were very thick so after I cooked them, I cut them in half and then kind of filleted them, then put a slice of real butter on top of steaks and vacuum sealed them and threw them in the freezer.  Now I have my meats all ready for me to consume, whether it be at work or at home.  I also bought one of those microwave egg cookers and have an awesome breakfast crustless Quiche that I can cook which will have all of the things necessary to make a hearty breakfast.

I am hoping to make an adjustment also to the plan by maybe having a protein shake/smoothie and adding some Chia or Flax seeds to mix.  Just in case you were wondering why in the world would I do this, it is because I’ve found that when I normally consume a protein shake it is not very filling or satisfying so this is why I will be probably adding to the protein drink to fill me up.  I don’t know if I’ll use it as a snack or as a meal substitute, only time and that day’s carb count will determine if I add anything.

So initially I do the 50 carb count for 21 days what I would like to do is continue the 50 count for the 41 days until my convention; however, I know that I may not be able to hold out that long with a cheat meal or day, again only time will tell.  For the majority of the 66 days I plan to stay Primal so I can be in good shape for Europe.  If this year’s trip is anything like the trip I did in 2000 then I will hopefully lose weight while on vacation.  Yes I plan to enjoy the foods of the countries I will be visiting but last time I lost 20 or 22 pounds in 17 days.  I know quite incredible but I guess it had to do with all of that walking.

The weather hasn’t been cooperating so I’ll probably go ride the stationary bike at the work gym and do some light weight lifting for my arms so they will get some strength back into them.  I also noticed with doing the weight lifting my CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) isn’t hurting as much so another incentive to work out besides trying to lose weight.

So now it is time to set Plan 66 into motion.  I’m taking today off of the plan because it wasn’t until just a few hours ago I decided which plan I would use.

Some of the candidates had been Ideal Protein, which a friend had tried but you see the government paid for his plan and my employer would only pay for a month on Weight Watchers.  The Ideal Protein had me paying $350 for a consultation initial meeting, then another $300 for 2 months of supplements, and only enough food for 1 month.  Then I would have to do weekly check-ins with the nurse but the food would average $300 or more per month and that is with them only providing breakfast, snacks and lunch meals with you cooking your dinner meal.  I guess that was okay but when I started adding up things I realized this plan was damn expensive.  Oh and then there were 3 phases I had to go through and each of them still had me purchasing their food but I would also have to pay to enter the next phase.  What?!!  So I decided to pass on that plan.

Another candidate had been Shake 18 as well as Slim Fast.  With both of these plans they had me substituting my breakfast and lunch meal and then have a very limited calorie dinner, usually under 500 calories.  Oh yeah and I would have to also buy their snacks which were very low in calories and usually not the best tasting or there wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me as a snack.

What can I say, I usually am hungry when it comes to snacks.  So 3-4 very small cookies won’t usually do nor 10 chips.  So maybe eating a piece of bacon or have a fiber packed protein shake will do the trick.  I will soon find out.

Okay so now is a day to relax and organize my veggies and go back to my old carb count list that I’ve made up for what I will eat.  I almost wish that I would run out and go and grab a pizza because I love the pizza by where I work.  It is very tempting but not sure if I’ll just stick with what I brought for lunch or run out for one last splurge.

I would like to lose at least 20 pounds but will settle for 15 before I leave for Europe.  So the way I figure it, losing some weight is better than not losing any weight at all and being uncomfortable.

Wow, I just realized that I say ‘So’ a lot, sorry about that folks.  Okay I’m now getting psyched to start my Primal Plan 66.


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