Big Change In Plan & Weight Loss

As the title suggests, I’ve had a major change in plan but despite that change or maybe because of it I’ve lost about 25 pounds.  Now please keep in mind this is ABSOLUTELY not the way to lose weight but since I’m trying to look for the silver lining this is just about all I could come up with.

So back in April. while I was shampooing my hair/showering and getting ready for my evening shift at work I felt a vise grip my heart and I couldn’t catch my breath.  A few moments later I felt my legs about to give out and I managed to sit on the side of the tub and tried calling out for help.  I then lost all feelings in my legs.  My 89-year-old mother came in but she couldn’t pick me up or help me because I was too heavy for her to help without hurting herself.

I called into work and let them know I believed I had suffered a heart attack yet I didn’t have any of the symptoms except for the vise grip on my heart which had since dissipated and eventually feeling returned to my legs.  Knowing if I called an ambulance, I didn’t know if I would be conscious so believe it or not, once the feeling returned to my legs, I put on my clothes and drove myself to a nearby clinic where I knew they would transport me to my desired hospital.

So at the receptionist’s desk I told her that I think I had a heart attack and I couldn’t catch my breath and also I had very high blood pressure.  She handed me a clipboard and told me to sit down and try to relax as I filled out the clipboard.  My mother had come along for the ride and just in case of me passing out while driving, I told her to steer the truck off the road and call 911.  Any way I stood at the window and said I don’t think she understood me, I said I think I had a heart attack and can’t catch my breath and I have very high blood pressure.  A nurse overheard and she said she would be out in a moment and she was telling the truth, a moment later she opened the side door to bring me into the examination room area and before I knew what was happening I was sitting in a wheel chair and taken to a room.  They hooked me up to an EKG machine and seconds later they told someone to call for an ambulance because I needed to be transported immediately.

All I remember after they said that was throwing up a couple of times and then the ambulance guys came in and lifted me onto the gurney and wheeled me out.  I next woke up I was in the ambulance and recognized the overpass and knew we weren’t too far away from the hospital.  I woke up again and they were bringing me out of the ambulance and I said I wish I would have kept my sunglasses on and my mom said they were in my purse.

Apparently my next conscious effort was the next day not long after I woke up from surgery that morning.  I apparently was very bad and struggled with people because they had to secure my arms and legs to the bed because I kept saying to use my arms to start a catheter but they had to go through my neck because I blew out all the other veins.

Turns out I had a 2″ tear in my aortic vein (aortic aneurysm) out of my heart and they had to find a vein to graph it to the torn vein.  Weird huh.  Leave it up to me to do something weird.  Then the blood was pooling around my heart and that was causing the pain in my heart.  Less than 1 out of 3 people who go in for the operation even come off the table alive.  Most people die especially how late they took me into surgery.  They had to drop my temperature to bring down my raging blood pressure.  I had one of the best surgeons and he said he was confident I would survive because I was a fighter, my fighting and them having to tie me down.

As I said when I woke up they were telling me to sit up and I argued with them, telling them I was sitting up but really I was laying down.  When I did sit up my blood pressure hit the roof, so they told me to lay down and stay still.  The next few days were spent not only on recovery but figuring out which BP meds worked best with me.  A week and a day later I got out of the hospital which was good I really needed something more than a wipe cloth bath.

So now you’re probably wondering about the weight loss, well when I went in I wasn’t allowed to eat until after the surgery.  I drank orange juice and had jello.  Believe it or not that was very yummy.  The next day I was asking for more jello and orange juice which they managed to dig up for me.  By this time I had not realized that my brothers had switched who was watching over me.  My brother who was trying to renew his VISA to South Africa had been in Washington D.C. but few back to Ft. Worth and then drove down to take over and help my mother since she doesn’t drive.

For about 3-4 days when I was in the hospital I had trouble even trying to eat and it would have normally been okay for my family to help me but my brother would leave and take my mother with him saying he knew I would soon fall asleep because I did it one time.  Well finally on about the 4th day I broke down crying and begged my mother to cut up my food.  My brother stayed out of the room and luckily my mother heard my plea and stayed to cut up my food.  Then as I tried to eat, my hand was still shaking so bad she had to talk me into using the spoon to eat my rice and chicken.  Finally with more than just water in my stomach I felt stronger the next day and could handle my eating spoon better.  However, it was very hard on me to eat.  It took a lot of energy to cut my meal which my mother now made sure she stayed for and a lot of energy to feed myself as well as energy to just chew my food.

So this was how I lost weight and when I got out I was already 10 pounds lighter but I had lost my appetite and it didn’t take very much to fill me up and so I continued to lose weight and ended up losing 25 pounds.  This is not the way to lose weight but even now I’m struggling to keep my weight down and about to start another type of diet and exercise to keep my weight down and to even lose more weight.

My problem lies in the fact that this exercise plan really has me working out and it might not be so rough if I hadn’t had open heart surgery.

If you have high BP then please take your meds and don’t forget them like I did because you might not be as lucky as I was concerning the operation.


Change In Line Up

What can I say, I’m stuck on baseball sayings.  Yes I’m still on Plan 66 but there were some changes in the line up this weekend as well as for the next few days.  So let me go back and recap if you don’t mind…and even if you do mind you can’t stop me now cause I’ve already done it.

So with just 66 days to go before I do an early birthday celebration by going to Europe.  This time in Europe I’m doing more countries, last time I did Spain and Portugal although I only touched on a few cities, then I went to the Rock (Rock of Gibraltar), so technically I went to 3 countries.  This time I’m planning on going through 5 countries if things work out right.

On 2/22/18 I stepped on the scale and grabbed a hold of something to keep me from passing out.  My weight was 222.8 pounds.  That is about what I weighed when I last went to Europe and I decided something had to change, namely me and my weight.

Look, I know I should have started sooner but sometimes procrastinating can be useful and in this case it was very useful because it caused me to look back at what was happening to me as I diet.

I lost weight doing Primal Blueprint but it eventually came back, I lost weight doing potatoes and lost weight but it came back.  Well of course it came back, I was going back to my bad eating habits which benefited no one but retailers/fast food places.  I liked the rapid weight loss in potatoes but 2-3 other times I started it again only to see that after 1-2 days on the potatoes, I struck out and ended up falling off the potato bandwagon.  I just couldn’t repeat the success I had the first time and I couldn’t figure out why.  Okay so I still can’t figure out why I couldn’t make it so I decided to try Primal.

I began Plan 66 doing basic Primal Blueprints.  I had a quick 1 pound weight loss on the first day but then it slowed down to about 1/2 pound a day and a touch of weight gain.  I found the reason for my weight gain was that I was not drinking very much water and had a couple of diet sodas.  I was sticking with things and then something changed…..there was a change in the line up.

I knew that I wasn’t losing enough weight to keep me happy and satisfied to stick with this diet so I decided that I would look into the potato diet so see if I could just stay on it for a few days to increase my drop in weight and/or add a potato to decrease my appetite.  Then I came across a potato diet that was rather different from the Potato Hacking that I had done previously.

It was advertised to lose 5 kg or less in only 3 days.  Okay so my curiosity was up and I opened the link.  It was a very simple potato plan it just had me eating potatoes and yogurt.  What the hell was that all about, so I read it once, twice and then went on to another link.  This link also talked about dieting with potatoes only on this plan you could add butter/oil or things like that on only a portion of the potatoes.  Yet something kept me wondering about the 3 day plan so I returned to look at it again.

In the past I had bloated out when eating yogurt so I started looking at the different types of yogurts and fat content as well as no fat content.  So I looked up what some of the best yogurts were for losing weight and I decided to look at my local grocery chain but had to go to a higher end store to find a particular yogurt.

My cart had potatoes and several cups of yogurt and so I went up and checked out and then prepared for the next day when I would start my quick interruption of Primal.  Then a phone call sort of interrupted things but at least I started my p/y (potato/yogurt) diet that morning which consisted of a boiled potato and a glass (cup) of yogurt.

As I stated my plans were interrupted because my brother who had been down in South Africa for almost a year came back to the States and back to the state and was on his way to see us but he didn’t think he would be there in time for lunch so we should eat without him.  Wrong, things went faster than he expected and so we went out for lunch.  We went to one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants and I couldn’t resist, I had my cheese enchilada plate, then we came home and I had to get ready for work but I hadn’t boiled any potatoes for my diet.  I forgot that I was only supposed to have 2 yogurt cups for dinner but instead I had chicken fingers w/BBQ sauce and some yogurt.

The next day I was late getting up and had my breakfast of potato and yogurt and then for lunch I was to have 2 potatoes and managed to eat one potato but couldn’t eat the second one and before I had my yogurt my brother said we were going out to eat.  I could have refrained from ordering but I went ahead and ordered Tacos al Carbon which is basically two beef strip soft tacos in flour tortillas, lettuce, borracho beans, lettuce&tomato as well as rice.  I finished one taco, 2 spoonfuls of beans and most of my rice part of lettuce & tomato but saved my guacamole for take home.

The next morning my brother was already gone back to stateside home and I had breakfast which was tacos and guacamole.  Lunch wasn’t much better and dinner I made fettucine noodles with butter and seasonings.  Boy was I miserable.  It felt like a stone in my stomach and so I did something that I knew I shouldn’t do but I took a laxative.

So you’re wondering what is wrong with taking laxative, well let me tell you that it cleans out your gut of the good bacteria.  I spent part of the night sitting on the porcelain throne (if you know what I mean) but felt so much better when I got ready for bed.  Only problem was I couldn’t sleep and it was 5 in the morning before I was finally able to get to sleep.  Woke up at 11:30 this morning so at least I got some sleep.

As you can tell I definitely had a change up in my eating line up.  Well now comes the news you’ve been waiting for…what was the end result of making poor eating choices?  It seems that I’ve lost 5.1 pounds in 12 days.  Now that may not seem like much but after the horrible eating that I did three days in a row, I’m surprised that my weight isn’t over 225, but it isn’t.

When my brother came in, my weight was 219.7 pounds that morning, after bad eating the next day I had lost 0.6 pounds.  That is what I had been losing while on Primal.  The next day after trying to eat better on the p/y diet for almost half a day, I lost 1.3 pounds.  I know talk about a shock to the system!  So after bad eating on Sunday (Day 11) I lost 0.1 pound and that I’m sure is thanks to taking a laxative although in the past I would weight more than the day before.

Okay another change in my line up, is that for the next 3 days I’m going to try the p/y diet and see if that can’t help kick start my weight loss and then return to eating Primal.  Hey I miss my steak and meat and eating plain potatoes is BORING!!!  But we’ll see how things go when I do the p/y for 3 days.  I don’t want to abuse it so I’m looking for when I could next go back to something like this so I can keep fooling my body into dropping more weight.  I don’t want my scale to stagnate, I want it to move a pound or two each week.

The only other thing I can say is the fact that I haven’t gotten out and exercised either at the gym or gone riding.  Right now I’ll focus on trying to stay on track with p/y and I’ll see what happens from there.

Just in case you can’t tell, I’m happy about still being on the losing side of weight despite my sudden change in line up with my brother coming in from his stateside visit.  So I’m jumping up and down mentally and hoping these next 3 days won’t be too bad on me.

Plan 66 after a week

Okay so I just finished a week with Plan 66 and it is good and then not so good.  It was a good start with losing 1 pound on the first day but then only 0.5 pound then a 0.3 pound loss followed by a 0.5 gain, then a 0.5 pound loss.

This is a good start because in total for the first week of being Primal on Plan 66, I’ve lost 3.7 pounds.  Yes that is good but of course like everyone else, I want rapid weight loss and want to have my old body back.  BUZZZZ  Wrong thoughts like this are harmful.  This is going to be a big challenge for me because despite my best efforts there have been times when I’ve gone over 50 carbs per day but I haven’t exactly been strictly counting so I’m sure I’ve come close to 100 carbs.  I only exercised one time which was when I had the 1.7 pound loss.

I haven’t bothered to take my measurements although when I put on my work pants on Monday which was day 5, I found my pants were fitting kind of loose and it really surprised me.  It makes me wonder what the heck is happening with my body.  I know I’m slowly losing weight and I know this is what everyone wants but they also want fast results.  I should be happy with the 3.7 pounds loss so far but I’m not.

I’m thinking about trying to do a week of potatoes or maybe just a few days to shake up my body and see how it reacts.  The only possible draw back to this is I really like exercising in the gym on the recumbent bike because it is helping build up my endurance for my recumbent trike riding in the streets.  Unfortunately because I don’t know how far I can ride, I’m hesitant to try and go out to any of my long distance riding routes.

<Left Field Time> I don’t mind getting passed up by faster bicycles (I sort of do but I’m not out for speed, yet) and considering it would take several of their light weight bicycles to equal to the weight of my trike, plus there is my added weight so I have given up worrying about people passing me.  I just don’t know if I have the stamina to go for the 30 mile ride that I’m used to doing.  Lately I’ve gotten used to just taking my time and now worrying about my time out but I’ve got to pick up my pace faster than 7-9 mph because if I’m ever going to finish my trek across the country then I need to strengthen my legs, my arms and especially my lungs. <Returning to main idea>

So why bring all of this up right now?  As I said before I’m seriously thinking about doing potatoes for a few days to help drop some rapid weight but then I should not exercise when on this diet.  Maybe I could get away with 1-2 times a week riding the recumbent?

I need to start doing planks and did them a few weeks ago and I felt the pull in my bas.  No I do not nor have I ever had firm abs and that is not what happened.  I could feel the muscles deep down trying to hold my abs taunt but now that I haven’t used those muscles my flabby tummy is sticking out and sagging really badly.

Perhaps I should continue with the plank exercise and maybe just doing my usual 30 minutes on the bike in the gym.  But maybe the following weekends will be nice enough for me to go riding and somewhere else other than the city streets or even the overcrowded city park trails where no one obeys the rules and it always leads me to having a horrible ride.  So maybe not the trails but some other paths.  Too bad I don’t wake up early enough to ride the trails before everyone else gets on the trails.  It is hard when you don’t get to bed until 3 in the morning.  Oh well I’ll keep you updated and let you know if I do the potato thing for a few days and then return to Primal.  I’ll keep you posted.

Plan 66 Off To Good Start

Well just as the title says, things are off to a good start.  Thankfully I managed to lose 1 pound.  Now that may not seem like much but let me tell you my resolve was dearly being tested yesterday which was what….my first day of Primal Plan 66.

I had almost forgotten that one of my co-workers had talked me into going with her to see Jeff Dunham.  So I said okay and already paid her for the ticket.  The only think is that I didn’t realize she wanted to do the rodeo which was the venue where Jeff was performing.  So I woke up and rushed around, picking up my truck which just had a new headliner and sun visors installed.

My busy day started with picking up my truck, then taking my mother grocery shopping and the next thing I knew it was starting to rain so I called my friend and asked her if she still wanted to go and she said yes.  Unfortunately she wanted to do the whole afternoon at the rodeo.  Amazingly I managed to survive the rodeo and the reason I say survive is because I have a slight reaction to some of the critters in the rodeo.  Thankfully we didn’t actually go until the evening but since we were sitting up in the nose bleed seats, thank goodness for Jumbotron which is a huge honkin’ screen which allowed us to see what was going on in the area.

So why is it important to mention rodeo, well it was because I was really struggling to stay low on the carb count.  My friend had quite an appetite and like most people when it comes to tasting it is a wonderful way to see what you like.  I was guilty of doing a taste test of 2 dips but it was what I could taste on a pretzel.  I only taste tested 2 dips but then we came across a wine slushy sample.  Of course I had to try it.  It was good and I bought 2 packages of the stuff you mix it with to make the slushy and also bought a wine slushy and when I give myself a cheat time I will make a wine slushy.

A short time later after spending money, I figured it was time to get something to eat because I last ate at 7:45 a.m. and it was not around 4:00 p.m.  So we went in search of food, I hesitated because my friend had just eaten 2 hours prior but she said she was hungry so we went in search of food.  Earlier in the afternoon it had been very cold, windy and lightly misting.  We went inside the exhibit hall in time because for the next two hours it rained.

Now I don’t know how many of you have been to things like State Fairs, Rodeos, carnivals, etc., but the food is usually fried everything and wonderful tasting and terribly high in carbs.  But at that time I didn’t care and then I came across something called the Whole Hog, which was a sausage, pulled pork and bacon all on a 6″ hogie.  It was too tempting so I ordered one and asked my friend if she wanted to share some of my tater tots.

OMG the Whole Hog was awesome.  I put on a small amount of BBQ sauce since the pulled pork didn’t have any on it and then a touch of ranch dressing because they said the sauce was spicy.  Spicy and me are not good friends.  When I finally got my tater tots, they put chili and cheese on them because I had to wait too long.  We sat down on damp seats because it had been raining off and on the day before and it had rained just 30 minutes ago.  We were definitely cold as we sat there and ate, I only ate 1/4 of the tots.  I could not even finish the sandwich before I hit the wall, my tummy said I was happy and so I stopped or else my tummy would have made me regret it.

I grabbed a drink of water from a fountain, avoiding sodas and sweetened tea, and went back inside to wash our hands and thankfully the water was very warm.  It was a quick way to warm us up.

So we watched the rodeo, scratch that off my bucket list although it was never on my list, from the nose bleed section.  We were there before a vendor with beer and water finally came out way.  I paid $5 for a 20 oz bottle of water.  Yes it is highway robbery but when you’re thirsty it was worth it.

We were supposed to be done by 10:45 p.m. but Jeff went a little long as he introduced a new character and finally the show ended at 11:30 p.m.   Well since we got a ride to the rodeo, and my friend thought there was a quick in and out but I showed her no quick way in for her son to pull in and pull out of the area.  So we walked about 1/2 mile to my place of business where her son was waiting for her and I managed to reconnect with my phone.

It seems I left my phone in the car.  It was hell being without it…not really just a little bit odd.  It would have helped pass time while we waited for the show but I survived.  So we talked for a while with the overnight shift workers until traffic cleared up.  I was happy to be reunited with my phone and then I drove home.  I needed a caffeine shot before driving because I ended up walking about 4 miles at the rodeo and I was tired so slammed down a diet coke (yes I know I’m not supposed to have sodas) and went home.  I drank at least 32 oz of water and grabbed a strip of bacon and tried to stay awake.  I failed and crawled off to bed to try my new bamboo pillow.  I can’t say how I slept because exhaustion is a good way to insure I sleep soundly as well as the temperature being cold.

I was a very busy person yesterday and maybe that was why I lost 1 pound.  Hey it may not be much but it is a good start.

Primal Plan 66

That’s right, I’ve finally figured out what I’m going to do to try and at least lose some weight before my European vacation.  Okay it is not going to be anything like the Chevy Chase movie because I’m not that big of a dunce.  I’m smaller in size….LOL.

So you’re probably wondering just what the heck is Primal Plan 66.  Well starting tomorrow I will have 66 days until I leave for Europe.  Which means all the time I spent procrastinating is really hurting me now time wise and weight wise.  Starting tomorrow I will have 66 days to lose what I hope will be at least 15 pounds but my dream loss would be at least 20 pounds.  Now I’ve done it before in less time and I didn’t really have any incentive like I do now.

I’m planning on going to one of my Geek convention, more specifically it is Dallas FanExpo.  I would like to have to buy at least one pair of pants before the convention and maybe a shirt that will show a weight loss and then it will be time to kick it into high gear as at the end of April I will be leaving.

Ok, I’ll stop blathering on for a bit and tell you that I’ve decided to go Primal again.  Because initially I will be trying for some rapid weight loss, I plan to keep my carb count to no more than 50 carbs.  I really don’t think that I will be able to keep my Primal diet in tact when I go to the con because:  #1 I’ll be with my friends and one is a vegetarian so we have to be careful where we eat with her cause she gets very turned off by things such as sizzling steak or fajitas; #2 at least one of my geeky friends also enjoys a good Guinness beer and we always have a beer together; #3 my eating schedule will really be out of whack so I’m not sure when I will be eating or what has the smallest line of the eating establishments and finally #4 reason is because I will more than likely be on the go trying to get to an event, trying to get in line for photos or autographs or working the concourse with my camera trying to get some good photos.

However, I will do my best to try and stay as close as possible to eating primal.  It shouldn’t be too much of a problem for breakfast but who knows what will happen for the rest of the day.  It is my biggest hope that by keeping my daily carb intake to 50 carbs that I should have a good enough result so those 4 days will not completely throw me off.

Just in case you were wondering why I decided to go Primal again, well allow me to tell you and even if you weren’t wondering I’ll tell you anyway because it is a reaffirming of my commitment to myself for weight loss.  Now where was I…..oh yeah I remember.  So why did I choose Primal.  Well I like meat, really like meat and I was wise enough weeks before to buy up some NY Strip steaks from Sprouts grocery store, they were very thick so after I cooked them, I cut them in half and then kind of filleted them, then put a slice of real butter on top of steaks and vacuum sealed them and threw them in the freezer.  Now I have my meats all ready for me to consume, whether it be at work or at home.  I also bought one of those microwave egg cookers and have an awesome breakfast crustless Quiche that I can cook which will have all of the things necessary to make a hearty breakfast.

I am hoping to make an adjustment also to the plan by maybe having a protein shake/smoothie and adding some Chia or Flax seeds to mix.  Just in case you were wondering why in the world would I do this, it is because I’ve found that when I normally consume a protein shake it is not very filling or satisfying so this is why I will be probably adding to the protein drink to fill me up.  I don’t know if I’ll use it as a snack or as a meal substitute, only time and that day’s carb count will determine if I add anything.

So initially I do the 50 carb count for 21 days what I would like to do is continue the 50 count for the 41 days until my convention; however, I know that I may not be able to hold out that long with a cheat meal or day, again only time will tell.  For the majority of the 66 days I plan to stay Primal so I can be in good shape for Europe.  If this year’s trip is anything like the trip I did in 2000 then I will hopefully lose weight while on vacation.  Yes I plan to enjoy the foods of the countries I will be visiting but last time I lost 20 or 22 pounds in 17 days.  I know quite incredible but I guess it had to do with all of that walking.

The weather hasn’t been cooperating so I’ll probably go ride the stationary bike at the work gym and do some light weight lifting for my arms so they will get some strength back into them.  I also noticed with doing the weight lifting my CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) isn’t hurting as much so another incentive to work out besides trying to lose weight.

So now it is time to set Plan 66 into motion.  I’m taking today off of the plan because it wasn’t until just a few hours ago I decided which plan I would use.

Some of the candidates had been Ideal Protein, which a friend had tried but you see the government paid for his plan and my employer would only pay for a month on Weight Watchers.  The Ideal Protein had me paying $350 for a consultation initial meeting, then another $300 for 2 months of supplements, and only enough food for 1 month.  Then I would have to do weekly check-ins with the nurse but the food would average $300 or more per month and that is with them only providing breakfast, snacks and lunch meals with you cooking your dinner meal.  I guess that was okay but when I started adding up things I realized this plan was damn expensive.  Oh and then there were 3 phases I had to go through and each of them still had me purchasing their food but I would also have to pay to enter the next phase.  What?!!  So I decided to pass on that plan.

Another candidate had been Shake 18 as well as Slim Fast.  With both of these plans they had me substituting my breakfast and lunch meal and then have a very limited calorie dinner, usually under 500 calories.  Oh yeah and I would have to also buy their snacks which were very low in calories and usually not the best tasting or there wouldn’t be enough to satisfy me as a snack.

What can I say, I usually am hungry when it comes to snacks.  So 3-4 very small cookies won’t usually do nor 10 chips.  So maybe eating a piece of bacon or have a fiber packed protein shake will do the trick.  I will soon find out.

Okay so now is a day to relax and organize my veggies and go back to my old carb count list that I’ve made up for what I will eat.  I almost wish that I would run out and go and grab a pizza because I love the pizza by where I work.  It is very tempting but not sure if I’ll just stick with what I brought for lunch or run out for one last splurge.

I would like to lose at least 20 pounds but will settle for 15 before I leave for Europe.  So the way I figure it, losing some weight is better than not losing any weight at all and being uncomfortable.

Wow, I just realized that I say ‘So’ a lot, sorry about that folks.  Okay I’m now getting psyched to start my Primal Plan 66.

What am I going to do?

Exactly what I’m wondering, what am I going to do?  So you’re asking what I’m talking about, well my trip to Europe.  I’ve got 67 days to go and I’m no closer to losing weight than I was before I even bought my tickets.

So I met a co-worker who had retired and he looked great.  He had lost according to him, 42 pounds and he had been on a weight loss program since Mid December and it was the middle of February when I saw him.  He talked about the plan and said how wonderful it was and then said I should check with my employer because they pay for us to participate in a weight plan if we are morbidly obese.  Thankfully I’m not morbidly just moderately obese.

I’ve lost weight and I’ve gained it plus a bit more back, so now I’m wondering what in the heck am I going to do.  I was trying Slimvance pills but ran into a problem because I couldn’t remember to take the pill 30 minutes before eating.  Now if it was take a pill after I ate then it might be better but odds are against me even remembering what to do after I eat.

Now it would be great if I could just take time off from work and do nothing but focus on my diet and exercise but since I’m sure like all of you, I don’t have the luxury of just focusing on dieting, life keeps on interrupting what I’m doing.  Not having to deal with life’s problems would also decrease my stress.  Yes I carry a lot of stress with me mainly from my jobs and it tends to stay with me especially since I don’t exercise after work.

I like exercising after work but since I get off at 11p.m. (2300hrs) and by the time I drive to my gym, change clothes and get ready for my workout which only consist of 30 minutes on stationary recumbent bike and maybe lifting a few weights for my upper arm strength, then after stretching (I’ve learned to really do a good stretching routine after working out) it is usually 12:30-12:45 a.m. then I have to drive home.  By the time I get home and relax and catch up on mail and other things then shower, it is usually 3 or 4 in the morning.  Very hard to decelerate and shut down for sleep so usually I’m still up at 5 or 6 in the morning.  Which means I sleep in and that isn’t the best thing to do because I have errands to run.

So what am I going to do because I want to be at least below 200 pounds before I leave for Europe.  I won’t even talk about the stress I’m having to worry about with making arrangements for my nightly stays, way too much stress to carry around with me.  Sometimes I really miss living by myself, the only thing I was responsible for besides paying my bills, was feeding and walking my dogs.  Unfortunately my dogs are gone I have a hard time explaining that I need some time away from the house and everyone.  I miss living by myself.

Okay done feeling sorry for myself.  Now it is time for me to get busy and think of what I’m going to do because as of tomorrow, it will be 67 days until I leave for UK and start my European vacation.  At least then I will get a chance to be by myself.  I only managed to do it by saying it was an early birthday gift for myself since I’m having to pay for it all.  But I think I will enjoy myself.  I only have a partial itinerary for what I want to do.

Okay so now since we’re here talking about my stumbling weight diary, maybe I should get serious about what I’m going to do to lose a little bit of weight.  I’m also hoping to lose weight like I did when I last went to Europe.  I lost 20 pounds in 17 days mainly because I did a lot of walking.

I plan to be back tomorrow blogging about what I will come up with tonight to get me down to my first goal weight in 67 days.  So pardon me for cutting this short but I’ve got some research to do and I hope to be back tomorrow.

154 Down The Drain

Okay just in case you couldn’t guess it, 154 were the number of days that I had left before I caught my flight to Europe to do an early 60th birthday celebration.  I got a message from my airline company announcing they were not leaving on that day but instead were changing the departure date to the next day.  Well that was not good for me.  I was stretching my schedule to try and enjoy the cities in Europe as much as possible for that one day delay meant that I would probably lose 2 days in Europe which would ruin so many plans.

Now I’ve got to find another airlines to fly me and I think I found one, only I would leave on a Monday and I would get 2 days extra.  This would get me to London on May 2nd which is the day after May Day.  Now when I was last in Europe, I didn’t have any idea about May Day and we had a lot of trouble trying to find a hotel.  I might be able to avoid this because I’m going to be trying to stay in hostels and Airbnb places and hopefully I can find some good places.

So then I found another flight cheaper than the original flight day and had a choice of Saturday or Monday departure.  The Saturday flight is $32 more than Monday but would give me 4 additional days.  Yes that sounds great but what shocked me was that I forgot that the airline was charging Euros and the USD is still kind of weak compared to the Euros.  However, it would give me more time and I think that definitely sounds much better but then again I will run into the problem of trying to make sure I have a place to stay for May Day.  I guess I’ll wait and see about my accommodations later.  Right now I have to figure out what I want to do concerning my flight.

Now I had started working out after Christmas after I got off of work.  I had a hard time because I only had enough energy to work out every other day and found that I was letting myself eat what I want, hoping some frackin’ miracle I would lose weight so I could be in good condition when I went to Europe but I haven’t lost any weight and can you believe it, I gained 2-3 pounds.  I know, I know….what in the world was I thinking.  Stress is causing too many problems.

Then stupid me saw advertisement on the television late at night about a diet pill and thought I could do this and continue with my exercise and maybe I could lose some weight.  Big problem.  I would have to increase the number of meals I ate as well as take the pill 30 minutes before I ate.  Well it went okay for the first week but the next week is about the time that I had to start taking my mother around and my eating habits as well as sleep habits were all thrown off.

So despite taking the weight pill and exercising, I found myself gaining more weight.  I just wasn’t exercising enough but when I did really push myself, I would have coughing fits because my sinuses were getting the best of me.  I’m struggling to keep my allergies in check and to keep the fluid from leaking down into my lungs.  Well that was a lost cause because I have some fluid already in my lungs and only vigorous activity and meds will bring it up and out.

Needless to say my plans are rapidly flowing down the drain.  I’m still trying to go to the gym but it is hard because I enjoy working out only I get kind of stimulated after working out and hard for me to go to sleep at night.  Yes I take hot or very warm showers only I’ve already scalded my neck under the shower from my so-called very warm showers.  I know, I know, not a smart thing to do but no one ever said I was smart.

Any way I would work out after work and then go shower and was then wide awake.  Only I had to stop for a couple of weeks because I was having to take my mother to doctor’s appointments or for surgery and the appointments were for early in the morning so I could go to work which was at 3p.m.  On top of all of this, the mountain cedar count has been extremely heavy and being out in the outside air only made it worse thus why I possibly have problems breathing and why I’ve had to stay in the gym to exercise.

So 154 and although I’m approaching 90 days, that just isn’t happening at this time.  I’ve still got to book a flight there and take more time off from work although be it only 1 additional day but now I’ve got to figure out logistics of when to leave and where to stay in Europe.

Oh and I’m still frustrated because I still can’t figure out how to transfer things from my tablet onto a USB drive.  I’m trying desperately not to let things get to me.  Maybe I’ll just buy a ‘My Cloud’ so I can send my pics from Europe directly into My Cloud and won’t have to worry about losing them.  That will be one way to relieve some stress from my mind.

Then I have to address the problem of my weight.  I’ve got to do something and do it quick.  I hate the idea of being trapped in the plane for over 9 hours  for my possible flight to London but that is just the way things are going to happen.  Now it would be nice if I had lost at least 25 pounds between now and May so I could fit in the airline seat a little bit better, than it would make me kind of happy.

I have way too much stress here at work and my night-time visits to the gym have to be kept short so I can go home and get some rest before I have to get up early to take my mother around.  I’m half tempted to take a few days off to jump-start my attempt to go back to Primal Blueprint but the idea of having to take days off when I’m using so many this year is kind of nerve-racking.  I might just have to do this to save my sanity.  I guess I’ll have to figure it out this weekend.

Maybe by that time I will have bought my airline ticket for my new departure date and I will have already started a diet Once Again.  Boy I wish I could go back in time and kick myself in the butt for allowing myself to gain so much weight.  If I knew back then what I know now I would be a slimmer and healthier person.


Well it didn’t hurt to ask.  Since one isn’t available I’ll just have to struggle forward but maybe I will take a few days off and try to get a jump-start on the beginning stages of a new diet.  One last note, on top of all of the stress I’ve been feeling lately, I’ve lost more feeling in my fingers from my Carpal Tunnel problem.  Right now life sucks but I will continue to struggle and maybe, just maybe I can figure out what the heck I’m doing.