Day 21 & Conclusion

Day 20

Okay so I sort of forgot to put up a day 20 so I’ll recap it briefly for you.  It was raining, my kitchen sink was clogged, I rented an electric snake to unclog but couldn’t get plug off drain pipe in front yard.  Older brother helped and we got the sink unclogged but lost the bit at the end of the snake and so I had to buy it, but in the long run, sink is now flowing.  Bought pizza since that was his food of choice for helping me.  So I ate pizza for lunch and pizza for dinner along with some cheese bread sticks.  So didn’t even try to eat paleo and then after I showered and cleaned the tub I took a long hot bath to try relax after subjecting myself to stinky stuff.  Didn’t follow the plan and didn’t care.


Day 21

So I got up and had 2 cups of coffee and cleaned up.  They while getting some sunshine I decided that the grass was too high so instead of pulling out the BBQ grill and then pulling out the lawn mower to mow a small section of the lawn, I got out my push reel mower.  You know the type of mower that has no engine and runs on people power.  Well I know a lot of the growth were weeds so I didn’t know how well I could mow the lawn with all of the weeds which are resistant to being cut by anything but a power mower.  It took a while but I was successful and cut what were 3-4 inches too high to being just right and then I spotted a few other sections in the yard.  Yep you guessed it, I ended up mowing almost the entire yard.  Now I wish that I would have gotten out the lawn mower because let me tell you that my arms were aching by the time I finished mowing the yard because you would be amazed at how much pushing for quick bursts of speed I did so that it would cut the grass/weeds.


So I though again about bring out my gas grill but I was sweaty and needed to wash my hair but just then the wind started up.  Anyone who cooks outside know lots of wind not such a good thing when cooking outside.  Besides that I forgot to pull out the steaks the night before so no steaks and I really didn’t want to cook hot dogs which were the other meat in the house.


The day before I ran out of fizzy water and I had started washing clothes when I realized that I was out of soap.  Well I found one of my wash tablets (you know what people are going to now days, the soap powder in a type of plastic that dissolves in the washing machine.  So I threw a load of clothes in and left for the store.  Went to the wrong grocery store because they didn’t carry the size of laundry soap I wanted but I got 2 creamers since I use more fixing flat whites, some breakfast sausage and some bread.  Yes I said bread so get over it.  I was trying to find Texas Toast which as only you older people will remember was like a regular loaf of bread only it was sliced thicker, about two slices put together.


I looked in the frozen food aisles because that seems to be the only place you can find Texas Toast, only what they had there was not Texas Toast.  It was a loaf of French bread sliced thick and all of them were coated with their synthetic butter and garlic or with cheeses that were sprinkled on and no cheese comes in powdered form which is what were in the packages.  So I turned away from that and went to try and find something resembling bread loaf but the best I could find was a loaf of French bread.  So I bought some and will cut it into bigger slices, but it ain’t Texas Toast.  So I picked up 2 creamers, sausages and a potato, I though I had pulled out my steaks yesterday, so I got a potato and was going to slice it and make au gratin.


Unfortunately I didn’t pull out the steaks nor did I have any other meat besides hot dogs available.  So I took the sausage and cut it in half and cooked the meat and made Whataburger sausage balls.  Now you mix Pioneer flour mix and cheese and jalapeno but since jalapenos and my stomach don’t go so well together I passed on the jalapenos.  I think my no longer being able to eat spicy or hot spicy foods is stemming from my holding my stress and problems in while I was married and I think I might have given myself a slight ulcer.  I say this because I used to love eating stuffed jalapenos and very spicy chili but can’t handle it now.  However, as I mixed together the cheese, flour mix and sausage together, they did not stick together at all so I threw in a little bit of heavy whipping cream and very little water and it stuck together alright and I realized I might have added too much moisture.


Twenty minutes later I had something closer to sausage/cheese biscuits so that is what I had for dinner with sparkling water that I also picked up earlier that day.


RECAP – Got up early thank you neighbor for running you gas-powered leaf blower to blow away some of the leafs that were on your sidewalk but you were to f**king lazy to use a broom to sweep away the 15 leaves that were on your sidewalk so you had to get out your leaf blower at 0800 hours on a Sunday morning and blow those few leafs off your sidewalk which is right by my bedroom window….you F**king Lazy Bum!

In case you can’t guess, I don’t really like that neighbor and there are other reasons but I digress.  Got up, showered, read part of paper and decided to go outside to enjoy sunshine and ended up mowing the back lawn with a push reel mower, giving myself a workout.  Cleaned up again and went to store and bought things for dinner only to learn I didn’t have any meat defrosted so I improvised and had sausage/cheese biscuits.  I really didn’t give a flip about eating primal because for some reason this time it is not working for me.


CHALLENGE RECAP –  Although I started this with good hopes, I was a tad bit disappointed when I only lost 2 pounds in the first week and from then one it was only tenths of a pound that I lost only to regain the weight.


In times past I would not exercise but I would still lose weight because diet accounts for almost 90 percent of losing weight but that didn’t matter this time.  No matter what I did, I did not lose the weight.  I had to struggle to remember to blog about it and then go onto the site and record it in vimify and I don’t know what else went wrong.


This was absolutely the worse experience that I’ve ever had doing the primal challenge.  BUT…yes that is a bit BUT almost as big as mine.  There I go digressing again.  Anyways, I’m taking a couple of days off from eating primal because #1 I think I’m over my sinus problem and #2 I’m finally get some taste back into my taste buds and want to taste all of the not so good for me things.


Besides although my mind set might have been okay, I found that I was terribly distracted but by what I’m not sure.  So in a few days I will be back to being primal and hopefully I will be more successful on it like I have on previous attempts.  So I’m not giving up, just taking a break and trying to get my head back into the game because I sure as heck don’t know where my head or my mind have been during this challenge.  So I’m not giving up and I hope that you won’t either in whatever you may be doing.


Day 19 of Challenge

Well now only 2 days left and I really haven’t lost any weight.  The saddest part of this is that this is the first time that I haven’t lost at least 10 pounds of being on the diet for 21 days, heck I’ve lost more in one week on previous attempts.  Heck I haven’t even lost 5 pounds and I was so dedicated by not having things I wasn’t suppose to eat and I was using all of the grass-fed beef and all of the good healthy things.  Hey, I even exercised more than I have in times past but the weight was reluctant to leave my body so to be honest it is very hard for me to stay doing this right now especially with all of the stress that I’m giving myself.


Still fussing about blood pressure, trying to arrange for some muscles to help me get the electric snake auger for the drainage pipes.  Last time I rented one I almost gave myself a hernia trying to get it out of the bed of my truck and luckily a neighbor came by when it was time to put it into the bed of the truck.  Those suckers are heavy and then I know I’m strong but couldn’t budge the drain pipe plug which stressed me out a little bit more.  I know, stop stressing, but that is damn hard to do.  I guess I’m just a little bit scared because the last time I used the snake it turned out that the clay pipe had broken and so we were without use of a toilet and shower for a couple of days.  I had work where I could do things but I really don’t want to go through the expense of having to do some major plumbing work… my bank account is just beginning to recover from the hit I took on getting new tires.


Oh yeah and as if I wasn’t stressing enough earlier, I start driving to work and there is a major accident on the highway and so I exited thinking I will take another street, only the people took the exit and were blocking all the other lanes of traffic because they were trying to go through the intersection and back onto the highway but the accident was right after the entrance ramp.  So thankfully I managed to get onto a side street and a drive that normally takes 20 minutes ended up taking 50 minutes.  Unfortunately I was late for work and nothing really messes you up when you’re late for work but thankfully someone filled in for me and that made me feel a little bit better.


So I finally remembered what I had forgotten to get at Wally World, bath soap and it can wait because tonight I will make one last ditch effort to use toxic whatever to try and open the drain.  The pollen count isn’t helping very much and I’m still waiting to hear when they are going to set me up for an appointment to do more blood testing.  I know just chill…well I’m trying…not really.  I need a drink, well not really I just need to go ride my trike and chill out but I can’t do that with having to work on the kitchen sink.


MEALS:   Breakfast – coffee, 2 strips of bacon; Lunch – coffee, 2 strips of bacon; Dinner – salad, sparkling water.


Well I’m not sure if I’m through eating or not.  A part of me wants to eat but it is hard to do with the guys getting off work and they need me to do things so it interrupts my meal so because I want to snack late in the shift it would be nice and keep me from eating once I get home but I really have a hard enough time trying to eat my dinner so I don’t.  Be thankful I just erased my whinny shit or else you would probably run screaming from the computer screen.


I may just go home and have a drink which sounds more inviting each time I think about the headache that is trying to push the pea size brain out of my head.  I can truly say …. TGIF!!!!!  I just wish I didn’t have to do some plumbing work tomorrow morning.  Oh well the things we must do in order to keep a house working.


RECAP – I want an alcoholic drink!!!!  Got to try one more time to use toxic stuff to unclog the sink, take blood pressure meds to keep BP down, waiting to hear when blood work needs to be done, stressing about BP even more.  My brain hurts….stressing too much.

Day 18 of Challenge – Little Slip

Okay so I’m approaching the end of 21 days and although technically I’m on day 19 writing day 18’s blog, I am getting close to the end.  So what will I do.  Relax for a day and try not to do a belly flop like I did on day 17 but I plan to allow myself a little taste to see if I even want the other foods.  Hey, I’ve been sick and with the sinus drain that I’ve had my taste buds just haven’t been up to their usual capabilities so food just hasn’t tasted as good, not even my steaks.  I know, what a shame.


So on day 18 was pretty close to flawless but then I came home and realized how anxious I was getting waiting to hear back from the Marrow people.  Oh when I say get home, it is after I took my mother to the bus depot so she could catch a bus to visit my brother and see the guy dating her granddaughter.  Yes I know a plane would be faster but definitely not cheaper but her and planes don’t always do so good, it messes with her sinuses.  She usually has to double up on allergy meds several days in advance and then take something like Allegra the morning before a flight but she seems to actually enjoy a bus ride.  I would rather fly because I want as much time as possible to do things.  Too bad our state has not approved of the express train with its own tracks running to the three major cities, so she would take that but she prefers not to go by plane.  Oh well.


Now where was I….oh yeah dropped off my mother at the bus depot and was running late but she got her ticket well ahead of time and off I rushed to try and go to the hardware store to buy some stuff to unclog the kitchen sink.  Yeah the stupid sucker is backing up and I’m hoping that this works because I really don’t relish the idea of spending my Saturday snaking out the sewer line…ya know it just doesn’t motivate me for some reason….go figure!  I bought some stuff and got back and thankfully no call from the lady so I didn’t miss the call.  So I poured the stuff down the drain and waited 40 minutes instead of the suggested 10 because they said it was okay to wait longer.  Then poured hot water that I carried in a bucket to the sink and poured it down the sink and it looked like it was working only to see the sink start backing up.  So I waited for it to go down and repeated the procedure because it said that 2 applications might be necessary and since I used the recommended 1/2 bottle the first time I finished the bottle up on the second application.  Well what do you know, after waiting 30 minutes and pouring hot water down the drain…it still backed up.  Now for all of you who are thinking why doesn’t she just use baking soda and vinegar and do it the more natural way instead of pouring those terrible things down the sink.  Tried that too the first night it backed up and it too was a failure at clearing the lines.  So that means one thing, another trip to the store but after I get off tonight.


I grabbed another cup of coffee and some bacon which filled me for the moment and then I had to rush off to work but I packed a great lunch, cranberry/cheese hamburger patties (2) and some green beans and even took an avocado although it wasn’t completely ripe….drats on the avocado.


Traffic was a pain because of dumb drivers (lots of dumb drivers in my city, you the kind that go 50 mph in the fast lane when the speed limit is 65) and it didn’t help that I was very anxious on hearing from the Marrow lady.  So off to work I went and lo and behold as I checked my email I found that I had something in my Marrow mailbox.  There were the forms that I had been expecting on Wednesday.  So I downloaded them and read them thoroughly to make sure that I understood everything and was ready for what they may ask of me.  Now the one thing that I’ve been concerned about is my blood pressure.  I had been forgetting to take it….yes I know it is not good but hey, I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached….seriously!!!!  Then because I’m worrying about my blood pressure that only drives up my blood pressure and it is just a vicious circle.


So filled out the papers, scanned them and sent them back to the lady which was good.  Then I sat there at work thinking about what I could do to keep my blood pressure down and of course that only got me more worked up.  I started distracting myself with things about what….coffee.  I know cutting down on my coffee can help reduce my blood pressure….but I usually only have 1 cup per day and on some days I have 3 but that is the maximum and usually on the third cup I leave half of it…so only 2 1/2 on some days.  There are so many things about making espresso on-line and one could become an expert without even making a cup in theory…okay so not even close but it might make you feel like an expert.


I made it through work with little to upset me except I found that I kept on bouncing my leg up and down signaling that I was worried about something….would I be accepted, could I get my blood pressure down, how long will it take for me to get it down, will the sink miraculously work when I got home, where are the dish pans located in the Walmart, what else did I have to pick up at Walmart…so you see that I seem to only be increasing my anxiety.  I need to go take a ride on Sernity, my trike…I could swear I hear it calling my name.


So thankfully no shootings on our side of town just the usual stuff but I think the warm weather is causing the rash of shootings lately.  Once work was over I drove to the Walmart found the dishpans, found some more drain stuff and then I could remember what else I was supposed to get (it was bath soap but I would remember it until my shower the next day…smart huh!).  I went around through the different aisles but still couldn’t remember so I looked at a few other things and got ideas of how to keep things from falling through the shelf in my bedroom (not a normal book shelf but something meant for the garage with slots through it) which I chose because it was cheaper and looked sturdier than the last expensive shelf that fell apart on me when I moved it.  Got more ideas and decided to head home since it was almost midnight.


Turning on the water I was excited to see it seemed to be working only after 40 seconds the water started backing up again.  But since I still had to wash some dishes I brought out the dishpans and started hauling buckets of hot water back and forth from the bathroom to the sink and filling the dishpans.  So that counts as lifting weights….right?  Well I did that yesterday and will probably have to do it again tomorrow.


MEALS:  Breakfast – coffee and bacon (0 carbs); Lunch – Coffee and bacon (0 carbs); Dinner – 2 cranberry/cheese hamburger patties covered with provolone cheese, green beans, avocado (40 carbs); Snack – ice cream (20 carbs).  So I went over just a bit but who cares, I needed that ice cream at the time.


RECAP – Stopped up sink …the end.  Okay, so stopped up sink, got papers and filled them out and sent them in now waiting for appointment for blood work to be done.  Stressed out about blood pressure, lifted buckets of hot water to wash dishes (oh and I have the same type of dishwasher we had grown up, me and my siblings only now I’m the dishwasher), then carried the dirty water and dumped down toilet.  Yes I will consider using the water for my grass the next time….maybe.


Okay time to start my blog for day 19 so I’m off to fix lunch and blog then in the middle of my thoughts rush off to work.

Day 17 of Challenge Is A Flop

Yeah you read it right, I did a big ol’ belly flop into the dark side of eating and failed miserably at eating primal.  I sort of started out okay.  I made some coffee but was out of my creamer so I had some of the flavor creamer that I got for my niece for Christmas, but boy that was a mistake.  The taste was horrible, it was a sweet that I really can’t see how I used to drink that stuff in my coffee.  So I threw out the cup of coffee and just took my mother grocery shopping and was in a touch of a hurry because I might be contacted by the lady from the Marrow Donor Program.


Once back from the grocery store I checked the phone and there were no messages on the phone so I started getting lunch ready.  Well halfway through fixing my fish filets I got a call from the lady who said that she called but I wasn’t there and she wanted my cell phone, even though I told her that I did not want to provide it.  So she then went over a few things including my meds which I am taking to control my BP and she said that she thought it would be okay and she would send me some paperwork via email and I would need to fax or scan and send it back to her.  So all night long I looked and there wasn’t anything in my email except her asking for my cell.  I told her when she could contact me but that wasn’t until late that night.  She was going to send a consent and said that it would be good for any other inquiries but as I said earlier, I got nothing.  So now I’m wondering if I already was eliminated as a match.  I hope not.


So I was doing okay and typing away on a story that I’m working on and then we had a church group come by the station and they had all sorts of goodies.  This was my next fail…oh wait I forgot to mention my lunch which were 2 fish filets and tater tots…so that was fail # 1, oh wait I forgot to mention I had at least a half cup of the latest Blue Bell ice cream flavor.  Let’s just say that this day was such a flop it reminded me of a fish out of water flopping around trying to get back into the water.  So you got the stinky picture, right?


Oh yeah and about my weight I might as well get that mess over with.  So after a sip of my awful coffee and swearing that I wouldn’t ever do that again, I poured out the horrible thing out that ruined my coffee.  I decided that I needed to get cleaned up so I went into the bathroom and did my business, if you know what I mean and guess what, I got on the scale and it said that I had lost 0.7 pounds since yesterday.  What???!!!!   I could not believe it, I had lost weight but I figure that was just a lucky step but knowing me I would have gained double that the next day.


So off to do some grocery shopping and then I had the lady call me and ask me questions.  Then I took off for work and thankfully I was a few minutes early because the lady I was relieving was kind of frustrated but then everything calmed down when I got there and I think that I managed to defuse an irate man by telling him despite what he was telling me our computer system did not have that information but I gave him another department that could do a search by name and had more time to do it so I kind of defused the situation or passed it along to someone else, depending on how he was when he called that other department.


Okay so the church people came in and we had a tour.  They had some of the Brookside chocolate covered Acai & Blue berries as well as chocolate covered pomegranates and one of the guys convinced me to try one of each of the snack size.  Ya know, I had been doing pretty good up until that time.  So I had a snack size of each type and then a snack size bag of Ritz crackers, then some horrible tasting cheese nips shaped like minions…maybe it was the shape of minions that didn’t make them taste too good.  I brought coffee up there and had some coffee and then topped it all off with some tater tots that I had left over from lunch.


I won’t even begin to try and count the carbs that I consumed because I don’t think I could count that high.  So in other words….I did a big ol’ belly flop into a pool of carbs.  An interesting thing happened though about an hour after eating this stuff, I started feeling ill.  I had an upset stomach and kept feeling the urge as if I was going to throw up.  Now I don’t know if it was just the guilt of having eaten that stuff but personally I think it was because I haven’t eaten anything like what I had in such a long time that this was what upset my stomach and thus why I felt sick.


Not being able to handle it any longer when I reached home, I felt back on ol’ reliable…..Phillips Milk of Magnesia.  Yep the liquidator because that is what happens and would happen to me later that evening.


So as expected at about 1 in the morning it all hit and then it was throne time if you know what I mean.  Thankfully once my business was done so was I and I went to bed.



I don’t even want to think about how many carbs I ate and hopefully things will be better in the morning.


Oh yeah got a message from Marrow lady and she sent email asking again for a number and I gave her my schedule but sorry I don’t pass out my cell phone and I think that upset her.  Oh well, at least I gave her my schedule.


Moral of my day (words to myself)…..Knock that crap off because eating off of the Primal plan makes you sick….ya dummy!

Day 16 of Challenge

Wow, I know I had forgotten about writing, we were sort of busy on Tuesday at work which is lately where I’m typing this blog.  Yeah I know I shouldn’t do this work but that is life.  Any who, I’m trying to talk about things that happened on a Tuesday….hmmm, what do I remember?  Not much.


I didn’t get a chance to walk at work nor at home, time was not my friend on Tuesday.


However, I got a call from the Marrow Donor Program and it seems that I was a possible match.  So I spoke on the phone with the very nice lady who was working through her recovery of bronchitis which I know is not a lot of fun to work through since I’ve done that in the past.  Any who I filled out a questionnaire and then the wait was on.


So I was pretty good in my eating but didn’t exercise and then the worse thing was that I got on the scale and found out that I had gained 0.2 pounds.  Okay definitely wasn’t a happy camper but then my focus was on something else shortly after the weigh-in because of the call.


So since Tuesday seems like a long time of go let me wrap up my food listing that I can remember.


MEALS:  Breakfast – coffee; Lunch – 2 hot dogs w/chili sauce and cheese; Dinner – Chili w/cheese on bowl of chopped cauliflower and cauliflower fried rice,  Snack – coffee.


So as you can see I stayed under 50 grams of carbs but I discovered something, my chili had still a touch too much paprika and maybe a touch too much chili powder but only a touch too much.  I also learned that I can not handle a lot of cauliflower at one time.  So the double rice serving (really cauliflower) did not sit well in my stomach.  Now in the future I know what I can and cannot eat a lot of at one time…namely chili and cauliflower.


Can remember what else I did that day,  hey I’m lucky I could even remember what I ate.



Day 15 of Challenge

Well today has been a flop in more ways than I care to count.  Nice to see the sunshine but hitting me in the eyes at 8 in the morning which is a bummer since I got to bed at 1 in the morning, so after about 20 minutes of figuring out how to hide from the sunshine I fell back asleep.  I know I keep on saying that I’m going to put up the window tinting and keep on forgetting to do it, so at least it isn’t the summer time when the sun is up and shinning at 7 in the morning.  So this is sort of a problem because interrupted sleep is not really what I’m after but no one to blame but me.

Once I’m finally up and moving about I step on the scale and discover that I did not lose 2 pounds like last week, they found their way back to me and so I’m exactly the same weight that I was when I started.  I know that the two slip ups that I had for eating during the week should not have done that so the only thing that I can figure is that my lack of exercise thanks to the 16,000-27,000 pollen count of Mountain Cedar has been messing with me.  Just as I think that I’ve gotten rid of my sinus problems, there comes mountain cedar back with a vengeance to attack my sinuses.  I’m beginning to think that this is happening on purpose, dumb trees.  I found that I had also not taken honey for the last few days so that definitely didn’t help.  So now I’m taking honey every day to try and keep control over the allergies.

So despite having allergies and not doubling up on my allergy meds, which I’m starting to do and hope it isn’t too late.  So after having scrambled eggs and spinach for breakfast I relaxed for a few minutes then decided to go out walking.  I’m pretty ticked at myself and for my inability to drop weight as I have in the past.  Usually in the first week of going primal I’ve lost almost 5 pounds but not this time, I’m back to where I started on this diet.

The reason that I have been doing this blog is to keep track of things so I can see if there is a pattern of what is happening and see if I can catch the pattern and do something to correct the problem.  I know that it says that you should get most of the carbs from vegetables and I’ve been focused on getting the carbs from the vegetables but I’m still not losing like I have in the past.  Also in the past I wasn’t exercising and even mentioned it back in October 2013, I remember that was when I had been sick then too with a sinus infection and went on the diet and was shocked as I read that I hadn’t been exercising and I was eating okay but didn’t have as many vegetables and I was losing weight.  In 21 days I had lost over 10 pounds which is really pretty good but right now I think I will be lucky if I even lose 5 pounds at the end of the 21 days.  I’m going to have to go back and take a better look at exactly what I was doing.  One thing for sure is that I know that I was sneaking in diet sodas and having the flavored sweetened waters but this time it is only water and tea and because of my allergies I started using honey in my tea to sweeten the tea.  Maybe that is the problem, sweetening with the honey but I think that is something that I’m going to have to live with because I’m sick and tired of having sinus problems.  I’ll have to see if my insurance will cover my going to one of those clinics that make up the sinus meds that you give yourself sublingually.  Who knows, I’m just thinking with my fingers for the moment.  Yes I think with my fingers by typing and then thinking about what I typed.

Okay so I was frustrated with the weight gain so I went out for a walk and walked 1.4 miles and it was enjoyable walk, no sprinting or anything like that, just moving at a pace I was happy with and enjoying the sunshine.  When I got home I did some stuff on the computer and then got ready to shower and unplugged my headphones and that was when I noticed that I didn’t have the plug on my case for when I remove the headphone jack.  I checked my jacket but it wasn’t there, I checked my pants pockets since I had at one time placed my phone in my pants pocket then changed and nothing.  I looked all over the living room floor where I had changed locations of my phone but so far no plug.  I checked the case company to see if they sold the plug separately but no replacement plug seemed to be available.  so I wrote to the company and now I’m waiting to hear back from them.  I hope they can help me get a replacement or else I find the missing plug somewhere in my house.

So I go shower and take too long in the shower which really pushes me on time.  I was desperate for some coffee so I made a flat white coffee and had that with a sandwich, yes on bread.  I was upset that I have a had no weight loss but gain this week and I thought that maybe it was because I need just a touch more of carbs.  I’m probably wrong but that is my dumb frustrated thinking at this time.

As I’m typing this I found that my frustration was returning so I will try and get outside and walk the parking lot later and even brought some weights so that I can do a weighted walk and maybe end my walk with a plank or two.

I’m sure wishing that these crappy Mondays would stop, I really don’t need the Monday blues but it seems as if they are here in aces lately.  I’ve got a friend’s retirement lunch to go to tomorrow and all they serve is pizza.  Well I tend to get sick with pizza because of the tomato sauce on the pizza so I really don’t have to worry too much about what to eat because that is left is a salad.  We will see how things go and on the way back I’ll go pick up my bus pass from HQ so I will get free bus rides all of the time.

On this Saturday though is the memorial service for my co-workers husband so I guess I won’t be doing a bike ride that day.

When I was doing my Vimify questions it asked if there was anyone we could bring into the primal fold and I think I mentioned no, no one around me was interested in what I was doing.  However, if I started showing signs of dramatic weight loss and more muscle tone then I’m sure that I would have their interest, so maybe I need to go back and do some reading and figure out what I had done right in the beginning and start applying that input, yes I’m back on that subject again.  I know that I have it in me to lose weight but my dedication is beginning to wane so I’m treading water right now until I can see which direction to go.

Meals:  Breakfast – scrambled eggs w/spinach, coffee; Lunch – flat white coffee, turkey cheese sandwich; Dinner – primal chili over cauliflower (fine chopped cauliflower that sort of looks like rice) and some fried rice (cauliflower again chopped like rice, with peas/carrots/egg) with some soy sauce.  So in my mind I will think that it is rice and maybe that will make me feel better or at least that is the angle I’m going with.

RECAP:  Lost headphone plug so phone not water proof any more and no plug available to replace it, gained weight, had bread for sandwich (10 carbs per slice), took a walk and may do that again tonight.

I’ve got some reading to do so I’ll let this go for now, if I have anything new I’ll chime back in but don’t worry, I’m not giving up hope, just trying to figure out a new way to make this work better with me.


Well I went back and did some reading and I noticed that I had more salads and I had more drinks such as gatorade substitute and sweetened sparking water beverage.  One thing I also noticed was that I had a touch more fruit in the form of hamburger patty, I had added the dried cranberries which had been dried with sugar type product.  So more salads and more fruit as well as some yogurt.

Well this time as I’ve been doing the 21 day challenge, I found that my sinus infection was worse, yucky yellow in color and I did not get medication to last 10 days as I had in the past or at least see me through this episode.  I had been coughing so hard this time that several times I threw up thus why I couldn’t take some of my regular meds, I would throw them up.

I know I kept a more accurate count of what I had to eat and would post the carb count but I’m lazy this time.  The important thing is that I need to adjust how and what I’m eating because the last time I almost never exercised…sort of like this time, and I had more salads.  I have since learned that tomatoes and I do not get along so they are gone from my diet and I really haven’t had much in the way of fruit.  Another big thing is that I’ve had honey and the thing is that honey is pretty much pure sugar although it is a better form of sugar.  So perhaps since I love things really sweet, such as my tea, then perhaps I should just use Stevia and only take the teaspoon of honey for building up my immune system and not as a regular sweetener.

I did find a recipe for Paleo like gatorade and I will probably make that and use up those limes that have been hanging around in my frig.  This way I can keep some of it on hand although I’m not doing any heavy sweating exercises but it is a thirst quencher and perhaps that is what I need to help me satisfy my thirst.  With this information I will try to focus more on adding a few things and maybe that will help.  But I hate to count and probably still won’t count because it is a pain but maybe I’ll do a listing of the carb count, maybe a final or break it down per meal.  I don’t know, I’m still thinking on that stuff.

So this is the last week of the challenge and I hope to have better results rather than staying the same weight.

Day 14 of Challenge

Well this has been a nice day for me although I didn’t get out and ride my trike, too much water left over in the street.  So I felt well rested despite the sun shinning into my window and thus in my eyes, I got a chance to finish my 8 hours of sleep.


I had my usual breakfast of coffee and bacon, started reading the comics and then by chance I turned on the television and saw a special of 70th anniversary of Auschwitz which was the telling of her story of survival and then later this evening I watched Schindler’s List and I have to admit that I was struggling to keep my tears from rolling down my face.  I apologize if you do not believe that there was such a thing as the Holocaust or if you don’t want to hear about it, but I had quite a few friends that were Jewish and I guess I became sympathetic to the problems that their people underwent and it has always been a very emotional subject with me.  So my apologies if I upset you with this mention but hey this is me and what I feet.


Okay so I had a sandwich for lunch and some cauliflower fried rice and the went about sorting through some boxes of stuff and trying to fit it into my room.  Just in case you haven’t downsized before, it is hard to do when you go from two bedrooms to one bedrooms especially when you don’t have washer/dryer hookups to use and so most of that stuff is all in storage.  One of these days I’m going to find a place I can afford and bring in all of my stuff but I haven’t been able to go without a storage unit since 2001 when I first moved to Colorado and then back to my home state.


Okay so I made cauliflower fried rice but I didn’t make the same mistake that I made the last time, which was use unrefined coconut oil, this time I used refined coconut oil and so I did not have the heavy overdone taste of coconut oil when I cooked the friend rice.    I then started sorting through a box and in the long run I ended up finding several bags of loose change and when I finished putting it into a digital bank counter, it turns out that I had $40 in change, okay maybe a little bit more but hey who knew that I had so many bags of loose change hanging around my room.


Of course I watched Guardians of the Galaxy movie once again and loved it as I sorted through my stuff.  It is nice to be able to put some of my things back in place, it makes me feel better to have a few more of my things all around me especially in my bedroom.  So instead of exercising I was busy sorting through a large box of stuff and that is just what it was….stuff.


Then I took a look at the time and realized that it was getting late so I decided it was too late to pull out the grill since the sun was down already and I don’t like grilling by flood light.  So I took out a cast iron grill and cooked steaks, made more cauliflower fried rice and had some french cut green beans.  Well the steak was wonderful and very tasty but I did something stupid, the rice and green beans were a little cool so I nuked my plate and unfortunately that dried out a part of my steak but prior to that it was tasty and not as juicy but still tender.  So I’ve put things a little bit more together in my life and had a drink after dinner and even had ice cream which put me under 100 carbs but over 50 carbs.


Meals: Breakfast – coffee, bacon; Lunch – Cauliflower fried rice, sandwich; Dinner – Steak, cauliflower fried rice, green beans; After dinner drink = Limoncello w/mango juice, ice cream.