Overnight Diet Conclusion

Well I was on this for 28 days but I was not as strict with the diet as I should have been and that was mainly because I didn’t like the suggested menus because of the vegetables or it was not practical for me.  I did not do the Rev Up Exercises as suggested every time so that had something to do with the not so successful rate of the diet.

What I liked about the diet.

I actually liked smoothie day which was always the first day of the week of the diet.  I found one recipe for a blueberry smoothie, called Enchanted Blueberry smoothie which I continued to make and drink.  As a matter of fact this afternoon for lunch I had the smoothie and it was quite filling for a couple of hours.  So maybe having that type of smoothie all day long on one of the days is something I can use as I still continue to try and lose my weight.

So what did I do, today I ate horrible but at least I was relatively careful not to eat pizza which my Sergeant bought for us.  I have learned that it is the tomato sauce that most of the pizza places use that gets me sick and gives me an upset stomach along with bloating to the point of nausea.  So I guess if I want pizza, I will have to make my own which I might do but not right now.  The mere suggestion of pizza gets my stomach in a knot.

One thing I noticed that the day after the smoothie when I would eat, I found that I was gaining weight.  Remember when I mentioned that I was gaining tenths of a pound well I know that it was what distressed me most of all and that was when I started to freak out but it got me to thinking about how I could continue to lose weight and that was to substitute a protein shake/drink in lieu of one of my dinners and that worked for a while.

My biggest problem is the fact that I can sit down and relax eating breakfast and that is about the last time that I have to relax.  I have a major problem going to bed earlier than 2 in the morning and if I sleep 8 hours that means that I get up at 1000 hours so by the time I have breakfast it is close to lunch time so come lunch time I’ m not very hungry but I eat and usually it is something light.  So I end up skipping the snack that is supposed to be between breakfast and lunch.

When I do eat lunch I’m rushing around trying to get things ready for my dinner and get my uniform on as well as prep things for my workout at work.  I end up walking out the door of my house with my purse, my laptop carrier which lately has my regular laptop and my mini laptop so I can program things into it based on my regular laptop.  Then I have my lunch container and my workout bag and last but not least my whatever bag.

Ah the whatever bag, well that contains all sorts of things.  I carries my spiral note cards which contains assorted computer sign-ons and passwords, it has special athletic tape I can use to keep from hurting myself (wrist for CTS and/or any other part that hurts from workout), I have my portable hard drives, cough drops, Emergen-C for a pick me up, wet wipes for wipe down work station, small earphones, spare pens, 2 leatherman tools, emergency flashlight, spare allergy meds, etc.  You get the picture, it has everything I might need just in case.  Someone commented that it looks as if I’m moving out almost every day as I leave for work but they are items that I might need for work and after work when I workout.  So by the time I get all of those things organized before I make it out of the house for the day.

When I get to work things are very busy and usually don’t slow down until 1800 hours and sometimes not even until 2000 hours so often I have to stop in the middle of warming up dinner and answer phones, let people in the building or help the guys at work.  Then by the time I finish eating it is time to prep things for the afternoon shift who is getting off and that means once again I do not have time for a snack.  Then by the time I finished with the evening shift, then I have to start prepping for the midnight shift to come in and at around 1600 hours (yeah I know out of time sequence) I start getting ready for the 1700 hours shift.  So basically I’m eating bites of food in between things to do.  Oh yeah it would be great if I could say…”Hey time out, I’m on my break and so you just need to go away and allow me my 15 minute break” but that is not how things go.  I do not remember the last time that I took a 15 minute break.  You may also say but you’re typing this in but that only happens between help the guys as they get off their shift and answer phone calls.  The last time I had a 15 minute break away was sometime last month when I took a few minutes off to walk the back parking lot and I don’t get to do it too often because we are busy.  But that is what comes with the job and I’m okay with it a little, just wish once in a while I could eat my dinner in peace.

Whew….I’m tired of those excuses.  So poorly timed eating habits and not eating snacks except when I get home and by then I’m wound up tighter than a top and it takes a while to slow down.

I need to find a healthy snack that I can eat that is light in calories/carbs/fat and gives me lot of the crunch factor which would allow me to chew and feel sated.

So I need to work up a dieting plan that will include a day of smoothies which I’ve come to enjoy and spinach.  I’ve found that spinach really does good things for me and keeps things flowing if you know what I mean.


Final conclusion:  There are good and bad points for me in this diet.  The hardest part is getting enough sleep and eating the recommended foods which are lots of vegetables I don’t like.  The exercises are pretty good and worthy of doing but for me I think I need to work out more or maybe do something like getting outside.

The thing I’m working towards now is figuring out what will work good for me.


I’ll be back with a new plan.


Day 28 Last Day Of Overnight

Okay that really isn’t very true because actually I did not strictly follow the Overnight Diet.  The main problem that I had was that it had a lot of food on there that don’t work well with me and I do not like.  Yeah I know I should eat my vegetables and I do but obviously not enough of them and I don’t like a lot of vegetables.  Then I ate some fruit but no where as much fruit as I should have eaten.

So I got up and was feeling horrible, I still had what felt like a bowling ball in the lower part of my abdomen so that meant one thing, I needed to get things moving.  The one thing that I have really come to like from this diet is the Blueberry smoothie, the one with spinach because after making it for breakfast, things are moving much better and the heavy weight is decreasing which exactly what I needed.

Breakfast – blueberry/spinach smoothie

Lunch – tuna salad sandwich

Dinner – cilantro cream sauce over chicken, black beans, rice

Okay well I got on the scale and I wasn’t shocked to see that my weight was 201.3, it has gone above the 200 pound mark which was expected considering the two days of eating recklessly.

So I think that it is time for me to try and wrap things up although I still have the evening to go but nothing big is going to happen.  One of my coworkers spoke to me last week during smoothie day and he asked me what I was drinking and we started going over some of the stuff in my smoothie and how it sort of cleans me out and also leaves me feeling relatively full and satisfied.  Then I mentioned to him although I eat regular during the week I found that I was gaining weight every day and found that the only way I was able to keep weight from coming back on and maybe encourage losing weight was to have a protein drink in lieu of one of my meals which is sort of weird to me.

Now it makes me think that maybe if I take something from one diet, namely smoothie day from this diet and maybe some of the exercise routines, maybe more focused eating protein/vegetables to include spinach like they have on primal eating along with hiking and bicycling and if I’m lucky and the lakes stop drying up around here, I might even do a bit of kayaking.

So for dinner I’ll probably have ham steak with pineapple slices, salad and a vegetable but not really sure.  I might just opt for getting tuna packets and mixing it up with mayo and having tuna salad, regular salad and what else I’m not sure.  But I might just have a protein drink later in the night in hopes of it cutting off my urge to eat at night.

Well is this the diet for me….NO!  I’ll tell you why just in case you haven’t guessed.

I don’t like the suggested menus and I really don’t like a lot of vegetables and fruits.

So I have fruit left over which I plan to eat and maybe I can take a little bit of everything around to get me back on track for losing weight.  Now my hair dresser had sent me stuff for an ultra shake which you are on for several days and she has been on it for 2 weeks and lost up to 25 pounds but it came back on.  I don’t really like the taste or flavor of flax seeds which is an important part in the so called smoothie but it is needed to fill you up.

I think that I need to find something that I can chew and munch on when I want to snack.  So I guess the point is I need to find good for me snack that I like.  I hardly had any time for snacks in this overnight diet so I’ve got to find the right formula for me.

Got to run for now and eat lunch before I get ready for work.  Don’t worry I’ll be back later with a possible solution for me and final weight.

Sorry but I forgot to update.

Day 27 of 28

Well I wish that I could tell you that it was a good day but it wasn’t.  I thought that I over the ordeal with my stomach or more specifically with my intestinal track and was feeling as if I had something heavy low in my abdomen.  Let me say that I have learned several lessons during this type of diet but I’ll talk about that in tomorrow’s wrap up.

So although I did not get up and do the Rev Up exercises, I did get outside and mow the lawn.  I was just initially planning on mowing the front yard only but then as I was moving the grass I noticed how horrible my backyard looked so I put more gas in the lawn mower and did the backyard.  Now I got lucky because the weather was working in my favor for once and I wasn’t sweating like a pig after just a few moments.  I had nice cloud cover and although it wasn’t cool, it wasn’t scorching hot like it usually is for weather this time of year.  So I mowed the lawn and just as I finished what looked like rain clouds came over and I took everything inside and relaxed for a few minutes before I had to start getting ready for work.

Although not regular exercises, I did get in some exercise and considering some of the terrain I went over, it got to be something of a workout.  Either way I got out and did something which I was rather happy about.

Breakfast – coffee, 2 strips of bacon

Lunch – avocado cheese burger on whole wheat bread

Dinner – egg salad, peanut butter/jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread, avocado and broccoli

Snacks – 2 chocolate truffles, 1 tbsp of peanut butter

Yeah I know I didn’t take in enough protein but I was focusing on trying to eat something that wouldn’t kill my stomach.  Originally I thought that I had a packet of tuna in my drawer at work but apparently I ate it and didn’t realize it but I was pretty sure that I had put some tuna there but oh well it wasn’t there so I did the best with the hard boiled egg that I had along with mayo/whole mustard and had the egg salad.  My avocado wasn’t as tasty as the one I had at lunch but it did okay.

So although I was full, I ate too late to take in a protein drink and that was why I was so hungry and had the snacks after work which was a really bad time to take them in.  So I’m winding down on this diet and can truly say that there are some problems for me in doing this diet.

Day 26 of 28

Well unfortunately I’m still experiencing problems in my belly although the pain of things moving along inside me has slightly diminished from the pain I was experiencing yesterday.  So I did some checking on IBS to see what could cause it and what to do about it.  Well several places talked about eating more protein and fat rich diets, wow imagine that!  So today I’m back to watching what I eat in hopes that the pain will subside very soon or at least by the end of the day.  Not going to be an enjoyable day at work with this problem.

Woke up after about 7 hours of sleep and it was not restful.  So I’m going to give serious thought of taking my income tax refund and getting a new mattress, maybe box springs at mattress, going from a full to a queen.  I have my king in my storage unit and right now if I put that in the room I’m staying there won’t be room for much else.  So time to start shopping especially since the USA magazine in the paper said that May is a good month to buy mattresses.  I used to consider the sleep by number beds but let’s face facts….I’m not rich and even buying the cheaper mattress only leads to more spending.  You have to buy the foam cushion so you don’t feel the frame as much because I’m large and my number is low so that puts me closer to the frame.  So nope….sleep by number is out of my price range.

So soon I will be mattress hopping in a nice way.  Get your minds out of the gutter, I’m looking to buy a bed not inviting male guests over…sheesh, give me a break.  So will be looking around and last time I bought a mattress and box springs it lasted me for well over 10 years so it will be a good investment.  Besides then maybe I can get a decent night’s sleep without waking up with a backache like I have been for the last few years.

Oh a worse note, all of the dust in my storage unit really stirred up things and are currently playing havoc on my allergies, I should have worn a dust mask.  I know should have, would have, could have doesn’t get it done.


Breakfast – 2 strips of bacon, coffee

Lunch – Turkey/Cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread

Dinner – 5 oz ham steak w/2 pineapple slices, brown rice, broccoli

Well what can I say except that I think that I’ve fallen extremely low on protein for the day and probably a little bit over when it came to carbs, but on the plus side I’m not suffering from IBS and things have finally settled down.


Oh my god my arms are killing me.  I did wall push-ups Tabata style which in case you forgot it means that 20 seconds fast as possible/10 seconds rest then you repeat the cycle for 4 minutes straight.  No I can’t do regular push-ups so I stick with wall push-ups and in true form.  I push off of the wall surface and my feet are  at least 28 inches away from the wall, that is more than the length of my arms.

Hey what can I say, short arms and short lets as well as short body…hey everything is short with me only being 5’3″.

So my shoulders really feel the workout as do my upper arms.  So maybe there is something to this because it sure took me a little bit to catch my breath.  I’m going to keep on trying and see if that doesn’t help me develop some more muscle without knocking myself out.

I even brought in a packet of ‘Paper Shower’ which is supposed to be a wonderful product.  Hey I’m at work and as I get to doing more of the exercising at work I don’t always have time for a full shower so I use the paper shower.  Last Thursday I did it using alcohol/water mixture on a hand towel and then drying off with another hand towel.  With the paper shower, one side is moist and cleans you and the other part of the packet contains a small clean wipe cloth which can also be used to wipe away any profuse sweating before using the wet side.

Sure there are baby wipes but I really don’t enjoy smelling like a baby or like I just took a shower in baby soap so this Paper Shower is pretty cool because it doesn’t smell like baby products.  Yeah for that.  Didn’t really need the paper shower because I didn’t work up too much of a sweat which is good but I will start carrying it around with me and plan to take it on my conventions because standing in long hot lines just isn’t my thing.

So I ate relatively well but best of all my system has settled down and I’m feeling much better.

Day 25 of 28

What a disaster, I had taken a laxative the day before because I kept on feeling as if things were stuck if you know what I mean.  Well unfortunately for me things didn’t quite end on day 24 and I’ve had extreme bloating and pain in my intestine as the food I ate moved along.  I was miserable pretty much the entire day.

So let me quickly go over what I ate and we’ll see how bad off I was.

Breakfast – bacon, coffee

Lunch – bacon/guacamole cheese burger on whole wheat bread, 2 beers, 10 potato chips

Dinner – 3 crispy chicken strips, brown rice, peas and carrots

Well I ate dinner very late, as a matter of fact is was after 2100 hours (9 pm) when I ate and that is because I kind of lost track of time.

I went to the store to go buy some groceries, things I forgot to get during Wednesday’s grocery shopping and ended up looking at getting something to slim down my waistline, you know one of those wrap things that you wrap around you and only do ab exercises for 2 minutes and it keeps on working for several hours.  Well then I saw that they sold the lotion that is supposed to really do the action and I thought why not because I can wrap my tummy but then I decided that maybe I should do some more research before falling for another product.

So off I went to my storage unit, I was looking to find this brush that I had bought long ago that helps pick up pet hair especially around the baseboard of carpets.  No my dogs didn’t come back to life and I haven’t gotten another dog, although I would love one but my current living arrangements prohibit it, but I was looking for it for me.  I have long hair and it tends to fall onto the carpet and it is really a pain in the backside trying to pull the hair out of the rollers on the vacuum cleaner so I thought why not just go and get the special brush out of my storage unit.

One big problem….I couldn’t remember where I stored it.  So off I went to my storage unit to start digging through my storage unit which is a large unit, holding my two bedroom suites, my washer/dryer and some of my living room furniture as well as lawn equipment that I just hate the idea of getting rid of it and also I’m storing some of my younger brother’s electronic equipment.  Hey it is a fair exchange, he is storing a sofa that he has given me and considering I gave away my last sofa before moving to Colorado Springs, I guess I might need a place to sit.  But for now living in extremely cramped quarters and since I worked too damn hard to pay off and buy those items, I’m keeping them.

Yeah I know you might say with the cost of storing the stuff and what I could make I could buy the items at a later time.  But the truth of the matter is I know myself, I may put that money in the bank but eventually I would spend it and besides that I took a look at the washer and dryer and to replace what cost me almost $1000 when I originally bought it, well it now costs $1400 and odds are it isn’t going to get any cheaper.  Now trying to buy bedroom suite furniture that originally cost me $800 would cost me more than $3000 to currently replace it because it is solid oak furniture and a pain in the backside to lift.

Oh yeah now I remember why I went to my storage unit.  Well about 3 hours later I couldn’t find it and then suddenly I remembered that I had stored my wedding ring in a box and then spent another hour or so trying to find which box it was stored in.  Found the box only several other boxes had fallen and broken up and so I had to find other things such as crates in which to store the contents of the broken boxes in and that was a task.  I found my wedding ring and was shocked at the small size of the diamond.  Wow did I ever let my husband off easy by getting such a small diamond.  Even my mother had a larger diamond.  Then I did something really shocking…I tried on the ring and could not get it past my knuckle.  Wow talk about shock to the system.  I had the ring sized just right for my hand and was wearing it for a while for  decorative jewelry for a while after my divorce but now my fingers are so fat I can only put the ring on my pinkie finger.  Now that really shows that I’m fat because my fingers have even gained weight.  Then I remembered that the ring that my father gave me when I turned 16 (birthstone ring) is too big for my pinkie but too small for my ring finger.  I’ve got some weight to lose before I can wear any rings in the future.  No I’m not planning on wearing my wedding ring but I might keep the small diamond and the diamond chip.  Boy did I let my ex off easy when we bought the ring.

Ouch…I can feel things moving along in my system and it is still a bit painful.  I was reading that eating a diet high in protein and fats is much better than eating one with more carbs so good thing I’m focusing on consuming more protein.  I’m trying to remain relax but the pain is quite intense although not as bad as it was yesterday.  So maybe it is IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is what I’m experiencing now.  I can see it in my mind…my intestines are shaking their fist in frustration at me because of what I put down it in the last few days.  So if this isn’t encouragement for me to get back to eating healthier then I would be stupid not to do that.  I may be dumb…Okay so I’m pretty dumb at times but I know or better put I knew better and I guess I just wanted to get it out of my system.  Since the beginning of the year I’ve been doing the Primal thing and not really enjoying myself then I started this Overnight diet and really have struggled with it.

Yeah you heard me, I’ve struggled with this diet, as a matter of fact I seem to struggle on most diets.  The author suggests eating more dairy but in non-fat form or low fat form yet when eating primal they say eat the fat the body can handle it better than the product without the fat because of all of the chemical adjustments made.  So I still splurge and have heavy whipping cream in my coffee, it just gives it a richer flavor and believe it or not it does not bother my digestion although I’m lactose intolerant.

Well that was I believe my third day of destruction to my digestive tract and now it is time to get back on that horse and ride it to weight loss.

Day 23 and 24 of 28

Well when I stumble, I stumble really big.  So I had finished my day of smoothies on day 22 and guess what, I only lost 6/10 of a pound but a part of that might also be because I had a very small amount of wine at the end of the night.  I know I had mentioned how sore my knee was and it was getting worse as the hours ticked along.  So I took some ibuprofen and managed to get some sleep and on the morning of the 23 things were much better.

So I started out the morning of the day 23 with 1 egg scrambled in a corn tortilla.  But that was the last time that I ate healthy.  I was craving some pan pizza and had some for lunch and it upset my stomach a little bit but figured that I would eat better at work by maybe getting a salad and something light in protein but the guys brought in some pizza and didn’t get a chance to go out and get something healthier.

Menu on day 23:

Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled in corn tortilla

Lunch: pizza

Dinner: pizza

Bad snack: beer

Yep I broke down and had a couple of beers to help me burp up the massive indigestion that I was suffering.  I knew better and then I remembered by the time my indigestion was exploding in my stomach that it was the tomato sauce that they use on the pizza that does me in.  There is only one place with tomato sauce that doesn’t affect me quite as much and that is a major chain.  But I really need to cook my own pizza and use a white sauce and that is the only way that I can have pizza without suffering the massive indigestion that nothing seems to help.  My partner was great and gave me one of her prescription heartburn pill which along with a Sprite I managed to get my upset stomach under control which was also after the beer that I was hoping would make me burp.  Everything finally worked and I managed to get to sleep.


So here I was on Day 24 and feeling not so good from yesterday’s bad eating.  I made some bacon and had bacon for breakfast along with coffee and then made some crescent rolls but put white chocolate and milk chocolate chips in them.  I had 2 crescent rolls and was feeling okay and was hungry for lunch which was a very late lunch.  I then made a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and topped with guacamole and had 2 crescent rolls.

Yeah I know I did it again and had too many carbs.  Well that wasn’t all that was wrong with me, things weren’t flowing smoothly so I had to take something to get things inside moving along..you know, taking a laxative.  So here I sit hours later still feeling some of the effects from the laxative .

The only good thing that I did right on Day 23 was exercise and boy that just about killed me.  I did Tabata exercising on an exercise bicycle.

I’m sure many of you know about this because it isn’t new but if you’ve been like me it seems as if I’ve been oblivious to things like this form of exercising.  So just in case you are not familiar with it, it is intense exercising for only 4 minutes and the results stay with you all day.  Yeah that is what I thought but I can still feel it from yesterday.

I did Tabata on the exercising bicycle which mean 20 seconds intense pedaling then slow pedaling for 10 seconds and went right back into intense pedaling for 20 more seconds and slow for 10 seconds and did this cycle for 5 minutes, yeah I was so wrapped up in what I was doing that I lost track of how long I was doing it.  I will tell you this much, I was having problems catching my breath after it was over and really felt my little ol’ heart beating up a storm and although it was rough I felt good when I finally calmed down and my legs almost felt like rubber when I finished exercising.

The best thing is that my legs still feel a little tight from the intense exercising.  I don’t know if I be able to exercise tonight before going to bed because of my frequent bathroom visits and only time will tell.

So I’m still hoping for the ability to at least lose 4 more pounds before the 16th of this month but I would love to lose more.  So still keeping my goal in mind and hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day and I will be more focused on my eating habits and my exercise habits.

So at least I realized I stumbled big but I’m not going to let it discourage me because I know I can lose the weight because I’ve done it before and can do it again.

Day 22 of 28

All I can say is Wow!  I stepped on the scale knowing it would be rough and boy oh boy was I right.  I was at 200.3 pounds.  The cake and the other items apparently decided that they wanted to stick around a little bit longer in me.

So I woke up and was feeling very sore because of my bed and I was trying to be conservative on my A/C unit but that led to an uncomfortable night of sleep and it also messed up my knee.  I managed to pop it after I got up and did a little bit of stretching before doing some Rev Up exercises.  Yes I know that today is supposed to be a relax day but I want to encourage my weight loss.

I finished my exercises and I must have done something wrong because all of a sudden my right knee is killing me and I had to walk around at the grocery store leaning extremely heavily on the shopping basket.  I came home from the store and put an ice pack on my knee and took a nap.  I just didn’t want to wake up because my allergies were killing me but nothing much I can do about it now.  Then I got up barely in time to make my smoothies for work and so this is where I sit typing this in right with an ice pack on my knee to relieve some of the pain.

Okay so I have an unrealistic goal in mind…I leave to go to a geek convention on the 16th of this month and I would like to be at 190.  Hey it can happen if I work out every day and maybe a couple of days do a double workout of the fat burning or anaerobic exercises but I think today with the pain through my knee, I’m going to have to take the rest of the day off from exercising so I can exercise more in the following days.  For now….Ouch!  But on a more realistic side, I hope to lose at least 4 pounds by the 16th of this month.  So hopefully I’ll reach one of those goals.

Well I tried to have a peanut butter cup smoothie but I realized that I needed to add a banana so I did that and yuck.  I ended up tossing it down the drain, it tasted horrible because all I could taste was the banana.  So instead I put a cup of milk, a scoop of protein, a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and 1 1/2 tablespoon of chocolate syrup and shook it really good and had a great breakfast shake.



Breakfast – peanut butter cup smoothie

Lunch – Blueberry spinach smoothie

Dinner – Blueberry spinach smoothie

Snack – Blueberry spinach smoothie


So it is a smoothie day and I’m okay with that.  I just wish I would have had time to have a cup of coffee.

My headache is getting worse so time to pop some pills and go numb.