Day 100

Okay so here I am at day 100 and I’m wondering what in the hell I have been doing for all of this time…oh wait, I know what I’ve been doing…eating poorly.

Yeah, I’ve got no one to blame but myself for not being on top of things and I know that I should have already achieved my goal by day 100 but I kept on falling backwards and finding one reason or another for me not to eat the correct way.

I had given myself 148 days to lose 30 pounds, a simple 30 pounds and thought, hey this will be easy, no problem.  Unfortunately I kept on putting things off and figuring that I could lose it without any problem but now I’m beginning to wonder if I’m stupid or lazy…wait, I’ve been both.

So I stepped on the scale this morning knowing that I would be in trouble today and I was right.  So far as of this morning I’ve lost a whole 3 pounds…three pounds, how disgusting.

Lately I’ve been realizing that I’ve been waiting too long to get serious about things, even when I had the 5 pound loss but what did I do, I did/ate whatever I wanted and let things slide.  Now that the rush is on I’ve been trying to contain my desire for sweets but keep on trying to find something that works.

I’m beginning to see that I’m about to get desperate and as I get desperate I’ve started doing some checking on the latest and greatest or at least the latest diet way to me.  I noticed something printed in the newspaper and decided why not look into it, maybe they would be offering some new way to lose weight other than the usual stuff which is calories in and calories out.

I was looking at it and went to the web site and was intrigued by the Nutrimost Fat Loss System and was listening to the testimonials and as typical, I was impressed by what most of them were saying.  So hell yes I was curious about what was happening and that was when the waters became very murky.  They continued with the song and dance talking about how great the system was and then they did something that got my attention, they said it doesn’t cost much compared to the cost of your health.  TRAP !!!!

Now they were talking about how they are giving you a discount and tell you to fill out a form and for $26 they can set you up for a consultation and that it normally costs $99.  But wait…there’s more!  Yes in deed when you go in for your consultation you will get a chance to put your hand on their special device which will measure things within your body based on the electrical stimulus that are sent through this device, it will measure the toxicity levels and all sorts of other things and then they will take that information and come up with a diet that is tailored for your weight loss, but they don’t call it a weight loss they call it a health improvement.  They then show a woman cooking a steak and having a couple of slices of tomato and how she takes some drops (I thought they said with no medication, guess taking drops doesn’t count as medicine) and it kills the appetite and in 30 days men can lose up to 40 pounds and in women they can lose up to 40 pounds in about 40 days and best of all you will keep it off.

Then I did some investigation of my own and learned that you have to buy all of these supplements before they tell you the results which basically comes down to eating 500-700 calories a day…calories in and calories out.  Many people are against this because the brain needs more than 500 calories to keep on function at high-capacity.  However, I will say there was something positive that I picked up from this diet system which was to drink alkaline water and that it would help detoxify my system and not leave me feeling quite as thirsty.

I did some research on the internet and learned from several reputable sites that drinking alkaline water can be healthy for your.  It can help flush some of the toxins out of the system but there are as always problems if you drink too much.  It appears that it can help some so I’m trying that to help settle my stomach but I’ve only just begun drinking it.  I’ve tried two different brands, one being chemically enhanced water and the other well sorry to disappoint, it too is artificially enhanced but I will say that the last one taste better.

So I’m going to drink it for a couple of days to try and get my body a little bit more balanced, if that is even possible, and then focus eating better…oh wait, I’m doing that for the last couple of days.

So this is going to be an interesting weekend, I’m hoping that I don’t have to rent a car to go out for my trike ride but if I can’t get my brother’s truck then I just might do that but then again I just might rent a vehicle anyway because I’m not sure if my other vehicle will be out of the shop.

I have a 94 Ford Escort and just had the slave valve replaced on my manual transmission about 3 years ago and started experiencing the same problem of the gears locking up and even when I pressed on the clutch…no let me correct that, when I stood on the clutch it still would not disengage the gear that the vehicle was in, which made it extremely difficult when I can to a stop light because I would have the clutch in, stomping on the brake pedal and then would have to pull the parking brake so I could slow my forward movement to 1 inch every 15 seconds.  Yeah, really a bad situation.  I called the shop and said I’m looking at over $200 in labor to look at the vehicle and seeing that I was still paying off a few loans and notes I had racked up while out of work, I didn’t have the money to spare.  So my Escort sat for 3 years and things started going bad, such as gas, battery died and I was already spending money on getting my 93 truck repaired.  Why the truck, because it was my baby truck and needed help.  Finally came across someone at work who said it sounded like an air bubble was stuck in the transmission fluid and as the engine got hotter, the bubble would go to the top and block any other fluid from flowing through the system.  I learned that too late.  My car had been sitting for just over 2 years so dead battery, bad gas and it needed more things done to it so it had to wait another year.

Escort is in shop getting fixed and I’m on pins and needles because so far the cost is around $1,000 for repair but that was a week ago when they said they were still testing my vehicle.  So why not get a new car or truck?    On my best dealings let’s say that I had a $300/month vehicle payment, that would mean that in 4 months I would have paid more than my repair bill but still would not own the vehicle for several years, 4 or 5 depending on how expensive of a car I wanted.  So my two babies will have to do for now.  My truck will need repair so that is why I can’t take it on long trips and I need it close by should it break down and driving over 300 miles away from home really puts me at risk.

So car worries aren’t helping me much but it is something to work through.  This is putting a little bit more stress on me and probably why I’ve still got a sweet tooth.

Oh, wait a minute, I made a chocolate cake in a mug following the Paleo guidelines but it tasted horrible.  It was dry even with whipped cream on it.  I decided to try another spoonful after lunch with some ice cream on the side but the cake resembled something of a rock, probably because it was rock hard.  The only good thing is that it is low on the net carb count which is good but what isn’t good is the lack moisture in the cake.

I later learned that coconut flour absorbs the moisture in whatever it is used so that is why my mug chocolate cake came out a total disaster.  So I will be changing a few things around, such as cutting down on coconut flour for a couple of reasons.  It was a very dry cake and maybe by cutting back on the coconut flour it will be a touch moister but # 2 reason is because I’m not a big fan of coconut.  As of this date the only coconut that I like is in coconut macaroons, the way I make them.  I’ll be experimenting with things, such as adding cacao butter and tweaking things here and there to satisfy my sweet tooth, but maybe just getting my car back from the shop will help curb my sweet craving.

Let me wrap this up, I’ve been a lazy person and not really focused on my weight loss.  I’ve loss 3 pounds from my start weight although I had also gained 4 pounds more than my start weight.  Now I’ve got to start getting serious if I want my espresso maker with all the bells and whistles (PID) system attached.  I already have a great coffee grinder which I’m still trying to get the grind right but with such a cheap espresso machine it really makes it hard to get things just right.

One last thing which has been bugging the heck out of me has been my inability to sleep.  I would be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep and it usually was interrupted sleep so that didn’t help any either.  Then when I went for my massage the guy puts a slightly weighted silk scarf across my eyes to block out the light and it helps to calm me down.  Hey get your filthy mind out of the gutter, I’m serious, he is a good therapist and has helped me get past my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery so I believe in him.  So I usually have to have a towel on my pillow, yes I drool from time to time, so I would use the towel for just in case.  Then I folded the towel a couple of times and put it over my eyes to get me to relax and shut out the bright light my neighbor has on the side of the house that shines in my window to make relax.  I’ve even been able to sleep on my back for the last few nights which is great for me.

Any way, by drinking the alkaline water I’ve started drinking more water and you know that does…it flushes the body system and hydrates you.  So here is to a hydrated me and a me getting more sleep and stressing out less.  I’m now in a tight race with myself because I want that espresso machine.  But the better thing would be that I’m in better shape and health at the end of these 48 days.


Sweet Tooth Catastrophe

Just when I thought it was safe to return to sensible eating…duhn, da duhn……along came a birthday party.  I thought it was all covered in my family gathering back in June but I was wrong….wrong, wrong, wrong….WRONG!  Okay so I could have tried a little bit harder at the birthday party and it was bad that I had the bread on the hamburger and a piece of cake with ice cream but other than that I haven’t been too far off.  Okay I’ll be honest, I’ve been fudging a little bit.

I noticed that lately I’ve had a terrible craving for sweet things, not just cake but all sorts of things.  I read a recipe for paleo white chocolate fudge and it sounded wonderful except for one thing…coconut.  I’m one of those weird people who really doesn’t like coconut.  Well let me take that back, I like coconut macaroons especially since I found a great recipe but of course it has lots of bad things in it like sweetened condensed milk and since I like them slightly crunch, I’ve made them that way and that meant adding flour and stuff like that.  Now where was I…..oh yeah paleo white chocolate fudge.

So, at the time I didn’t realize that cacao butter and cocoa butter were the same, or at least that is what the guy at told me when I inquired.  So any way, I thought it was different and since the recipe called for cacao butter, virgin coconut oil and coconut butter, I thought hey, I’ll just substitute butter for the coconut butter and avocado oil for the coconut oil, but then it called for maple syrup to be a part of the mix and I thought I would try agave nectar instead…..WRONG!  The mixture separated so after the 5 hours required for chilling the fudge the separation was evident and the bottom was the nectar which of course did not harden up.  Then I scraped off the nectar and remelted the mixture and made sure that I whisked it really well and then decided that I would take only a small amount and mix it with the maple syrup only after I heated the syrup as it recommended and yes it did reduce some as suggested.  But then the more I looked at it as I poured it into the cups I noticed that it seemed to be separating again, so since I had more, I put the extra aside and decided that I would then mix in cocoa powder and it had a bitter taste since the powder was of course unsweetened, so I added some liquid Stevia and whisked it all real good and put it in muffin cups and put it in the fridge.  I took the last bit of the butter/cacao/oil mix and then just added Stevia and whisked it together and poured it into cups and again put it to rest with all of the others I was experimenting on.

Did you hear that ticking noise, well it was the ticking of the clock to disappointment.  My attempt at making the fudge was a disaster in all three of the different methods.  The only thing I could think of was the fact that I really don’t like coconut so I substituted butter since it said that could be used in lieu of coconut butter.  Maybe in other things but not in this mixture, I think it was the butter and the amount or lack of fat in the product that kept causing the layers of fudge to separate.  But then again I couldn’t quite call it fudge because it never really became fudge.  The closest attempt was the chocolate one and that was horrible because all of the cocoa powder settled to the bottom of the cup.

I’ve written to the author of the recipe to see if she can make a suggestion because I don’t like coconut.

I know, how dumb is that, a person who is trying to go Primal/Paleo not like coconut?  Well it happens especially to this gal.  The only way I’ve been able to tolerate coconut oil is when it is refined and doesn’t have much of the coconut taste or smell.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like the smell of coconut I just don’t like the taste and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t handle the taste.

So this morning I finished making my Keto Diet Tortillas this morning, or more correctly I finished mixing the dough last night and separated them into their little bundles and threw them in the refrigerator as suggested.  I find that I can make them up in advance and then roll out a few at a time, which was what I did this morning.  So from the three bundles that I had, I ended up with five tortillas which are about 1.5 net carbs and something that I can work with.  Don’t worry I’m getting there, so just be patient with my story telling.  So I want chicken chorizo and know because it doesn’t have a lot of fat in it, it will stick to the pan and then the eggs will stick to the pan and we know what a pain that is to clean.  So I had accidentally picked up virgin coconut oil which had been solid but in my kitchen it quickly turned to liquid minutes after my bringing into my kitchen.  Hey it is not a central air/heat house, it was made in the early 50’s so window units rule.  Now back to the bad story, so I put the virgin unrefined coconut oil in the pan and start to cook the chorizo and then add the eggs and notice that the eggs are sticking some but not as much as expected.  The saddest thing is that I was smelling the coconut oil over the smell of the chorizo but I thought that was probably because I got the smell stuck in my nose and figured it was my imagination.  So I filled my diet tortillas with the chicken chorizo and eggs and added some shredded cheese and sat down and took a big bite of…..COCONUT.  The taste of coconut was overwhelming but I wasn’t going to let the relatively good breakfast go to waste.

About two hours later I was regretting my decision to have breakfast and despite my taking something for the upset stomach it was giving me, the feeling did not go away.  Two more hours later I had to take some more antacid tablets and about twenty minutes later things were okay.  I can’t believe how bad I was feeling from this and then I remembered that the last time I bought unrefined coconut oil I had to throw it out and just finished up the refined coconut oil.

So my lesson is learned, don’t cook/bake or use coconut oil if I want to avoid a tummy ache.  As the title suggests, my sweet-tooth is going into overdrive and wanting to be fed only every time I turn and look for some sweet Paleo/Primal friendly recipe what do I come across it asking for…..coconut oil or coconut butter.  Why can’t it be cacao butter, something that I have and it has a hint of chocolate to it which I love.  The fact of the matter is that I want chocolate.

Oh did I tell you about my break down on Thursday???  No, well let me tell you that it was a very rough day at work and I was just about to fall over the edge and explode because I was frustrated by the people on the phone who never listened to a thing I said and almost all of them chose to curse me out…of course I hung up when they started doing it, but that didn’t mean that I didn’t hear them say all sorts of rude things to me.  Alright, you with me now…frustrated almost beyond control.  I decide that I’m going to have some of the chocolate which one of the guys has been selling for the last month and it was my favorite kind, the one filled with caramel.  So I unwrap the candy bar and I see that the chocolate has oxidized which means that it is old but usually it does not affect the taste of the candy.

It must have been a mental thing seeing the white blotches on the chocolate because when I bit into it I could tell that something was off then I chomped on it and very quickly I could tell that it was just nasty.  Now I have chocolate and have worked with it before, even had it to where the moisture had gone out of it and it appears faded and looking too light but it never tasted as horrible as what I had just put in my mouth.  I grabbed the trashcan and spit out the piece in my mouth and threw the candy bar away.

Now one would think that this would cure my need for chocolate but it only increased it and so on Saturday when I went to the parties I had chocolate cake and ice cream.  Yeah it tasted good and I would later regret it but it almost made up for the horrible work week that I just had last week.  I said almost, give me a break.

So now I’m on the hunt for something sweet that will still keep me within Primal/Paleo acceptable range but things are not looking so good.  Oh and I think because I ate so many bananas as a kid, this is the reason I really don’t like the taste of bananas any longer.  It doesn’t make me sick but the smell is not very pleasing to me, which is also why I have to be careful about how I chose my sunblock lotion.

I have cacao butter now I just need to find some recipes where it is acceptable for me to substitute cacao butter because I want and right now I feel that I need chocolate taste.

My sweet-tooth is getting the best of me so I had better find something quick that is acceptable or else I’m going to fall really hard.  Maybe I should borrow some of my great niece’s pool toys to cushion my fall.  I’m walking a thin line and hope I can keep on walking this line until I get past my need, no make that my craving for something deliciously decadent chocolate dessert.

I’m hanging in there…barely.

Return To Sensible Eating

Finally I’m going back to sensible eating which means back to eating Primal.  I was encouraged by one of my co-workers while working at another station and she is eating low carb too.  Well I was doing great and then things started to get pressed for time because my family was having their reunion.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is great to see family and it is also great that they do most of the cooking, but usually it not the easiest thing to fit 20 people into a small two bedroom house which is sort of hard but keeping the place cool and trying to have a conversation is not always the easiest thing to do.

I survived but not my stomach.  They arrived on a Friday night and so we went out to eat and I couldn’t resist the shrimp po-boy but I only had about 5-7 french fries.  The bread was too much and if I had thought ahead, I would have trimmed off some of the bread but by the time I thought about it, it was too late and in my tummy.  The next day didn’t start off too bad but quickly went downhill.  Chicken fajitas, pulled pork fajitas, rice, guacamole, chips, queso, soda, birthday cake, ice cream, cake balls and oatmeal raisin cookies were all a part of the day/evening meal.

Of course I ate too much but at least I got out and walked around the block to ease the pressure in my tummy.  We then went to play miniature golf at a course we used to play with as kids with my father.  It was lots of fun and we were sweating so much while we were there and doing our best not to be eaten by the mosquitoes and again we were sweating.  Came back home where my nephew joined us after getting off of work and repairing a flat tire on his car and we grazed again over the whole selection listed above.

The next day was a repeat of the day before with the grazing only we didn’t have to go outside to cook the chicken like I did the day before.  Then the gang started leaving for their home cities and I still had to go outside and clean up the grill from the day before.  I think that I went through five changes of clothes because I was constantly having to go outside but at least with it being at my house I was able to change clothes.  I think two of my other brothers are going to bring a change of clothes the next time just in case.  Oh and last but not least, I had a root beer float and several more cookies before the end of the evening and felt like I was going to explode.

Unfortunately it was not Blue Bell ice cream for the float and so the cream content wasn’t as high and I have learned that I need a high fat/cream content for my lactose intolerant system not to try and kill me.  So bring on the bloating and feeling horrible…at least for a short time.  I had to take a laxative to help things move through the system.

When I got ready for bed last night I was 221.9, talk about my eyes popping out of their socket…yeah just like the cartoons.  I would have liked to have given myself another day of feasting but after stepping on the scale last night I decided that was the end of the reckless eating.

This morning I stepped on the scale after things worked through my system, if you know what I mean, and it showed my weight to be 216.7, which isn’t great but it is not in the 220’s.  So I started eating better again and although I was still a bit hungry earlier today, I think I’m doing okay for the moment.  Now comes the hard part, as the night wears on my appetite seems to get out of control so I will be trying hard tonight to keep it under control.

I thought I was doing good this afternoon when I had a salmon/Gorgonzola cheese patty thinking it was great and healthy but then I saw that it had 21 grams of carbs and only 2 grams of fiber.  Well if I was trying to do an extreme ketosis day today, I failed because extreme ketosis usually happens by keeping the carbs at 20 or below.  So what, I liked it and had some green beams with mushrooms to go along with it.  Then for dinner I had 2 Keto tortillas with chunks of chicken/lettuce and dressing, a salad and the left over green beans.  I know that I went over 20 carbs but stayed under 50 carbs…so far.

Maybe if I drink more water only in small amounts at a time it will fill up my tummy besides flushing out my system.  All I can do is try.

I took a look at my calendar and noticed that tomorrow will mark day 86 of 148 I gave myself to lose 30 pounds.  So I’ve got to focus and yes I know that losing more than 10 pounds a month isn’t good but when you’re as heavy/fat/fluffy as I am that is probably the only time I will lose more than 10 pounds a month.  I’ve got a lot to lose and a little over 60 days to lose it.  I know that I should have been more focused before and always came up with good excuses so guess I’m going to really pay the price by doing the big push and really watching things instead of doing it in a relaxed manner.

I did learn something this weekend, my niece is considering putting scratch-off winner on her resume because she seems to do pretty good, no she is not rich but she has good luck and usually comes out a few dollars ahead of what she spends.  So I thought maybe I’ll start walking to the store and buying a few tickets as an excuse to get myself out to exercise.

Oh and I did learn another thing…the Primal Wonder Bread isn’t really that wonderful.  I decided to do some carb counting and have even measured out the size of the dough and learned that it is 0.315g of carbs per ounce.  Normally you wouldn’t think too much about that but think about it.  I measured out a small amount, about the size of a golf ball and it was 41 grams so that means that each of those small little biscuits comes out to almost 13 grams of carbs.  That is a lot especially when I’m trying to keep my body in rapid weight loss mode.

So that nice recipe is not going to work with me…too bad.  But my Ketosis Diet Tortillas will just have to do for now as they only have 1.5 net carbs.

A little worried also because I put my car into the shop to have the fluids changed as the vehicle hasn’t been running for 3 years.  I went into shock when the garage called and said that cost would be $1,600 and started naming off the things I needed changed.  I told them I wasn’t buying a new car, and that the reason it is in there is partially their fault because they didn’t properly bleed the transmission fluid when they replaced the slave valve but one of the mechanics said I was wrong and that it would cost me $400 to fix the problem, which I didn’t have.  So now 3 years later the garage has whittled the bill down to starting at $1,000 to be repaired.

Oh please don’t tell me to just get a new car like my brothers.  I got news for you and them, that is not even the amount that I would pay out in monthly payments for a new car and I would still have to change the oil and do regular maintenance on the vehicle.  Yes I know maintenance would be less but the monthly drain on the wallet really hurts.

So in a way I wish I would have bought the espresso machine I wanted earlier this year when I was foolish and believed that I had the money to spend.  Now I’m sweating bullets to make sure I have enough money for DragonCon hotel/meals/autographs/pictures and of course souvenirs.  I may have to break down and beg the bank for a loan but I hate that idea since I’m currently debt free and I hate having to take out a loan.

Who knows, maybe my walking and buying lottery tickets will let me win lots of money so I can pay for my car repair and stuff at DragonCon…highly unlikely but you never know.

Time to wrap this up because I’ve got to finish reading a book I checked out of the library.  So until I blog again…..May you like what you see reflected in the mirror.

Stepping Forward

I’ve been kind of following along diet way of eat…..NOT and any weight I had loss was now back on my body.  However, I decided that at this moment I’m ready to get back on the weight loss wagon and am watching what I’m eating.

I’ve found some very good recipes listed in keto diets and so I’m taking some from one area and some from another area and making them fit my life style.  Normally I would have given up and I almost did after being on it for only 2 days, but then I actually turned away from temptation.

So Monday I stepped on the scale to start the new way of eating and saw that my weight was 217.4 lbs, which wasn’t too bad considering the last time I weighed myself was 5/24/15, not too long before I went to Dallas Comic Con.  I ate poorly and made very unwise choices but a part of the problem was the fact that it was raining.  Did I mention that it was raining?  Well let me tell you it was really raining.  I was very fortunate that one of my friends was unable to come to the con so she gave me her room which was in the Omni Hotel and it connected directly to the convention center which was where the convention was being held.  Why was this important?  I’ll tell you.

Just in case you were not aware of things, Texas has been getting hit with a lot of rain lately which has been good because Texas was in a drought but so much rain in such a short period of time kind of meant that there would be flooding.  Thankfully I arrived in time to beat out the rain and most of my friends got in before the rain fell.  We had dinner and then later that night we were all awaken by our cell phones going off for a weather emergency which was alerting us to severe thunderstorms and then we got another alert hours later, of course after we all had fallen back asleep that we were under a flash flood warning.  The next morning as I was walking down to get some coffee I saw the Trinity River which in the past has been very low, this time the trees along the banks of the river on had the top branches showing.  Then the next night we again had our phones go off alerting us to the weather warnings and in looking out the window again, the river was still just as high, apparently it had drained off pretty rapidly.  So why tell you about the weather, to show the frustration experienced because we could not get out and go to any other local restaurants, not that there are very many in downtown Dallas by the convention center, so my food selection was extremely limited.  I ate a lot of fries with almost everything and a small side salad was $13 which wasn’t much of a salad at all.  I missed having more salads and vegetables and all of the protein was nice but I actually missed my vegetables and I don’t mean any forms of potatoes.

So I came back and ate what I wanted and did what I wanted until I found my pants were fitting so tight on me by the evening hours that I felt the need to unbutton the top waistband button.  Yeah, talk about feeling embarrassed, believe me that is how I felt.

Then came Monday and on the spur of the moment I decided to just go for it and to start eating better.  So you saw my weight when I stepped on the scale and although it is less than I’ve weighed in recent past, for some reason the pants were tighter.  I discovered something called Keto Diet Tortillas, it is something that I make and although it has only 7.3 carbs, by the time you subtract the fiber, and believe me they have lots of fiber with whole psyllium husks, chia seeds (no not the same ones you put on chia pets), flaxseed meal along with low carb flours and it comes out to 1.5 grams of carbs per tortilla.  They have are the first diet tortillas that are very low in carbs and are actually kind of tasty.  They sort of remind me of a wheat tortilla but they have more fiber and get things moving if you know what I mean.  Now I have something else to eat and I fried a few of the tortillas a little longer and then I had crispy chips…really, really, crispy chips.  Next time I won’t fry them as long but they were still tasty.

Well Monday wasn’t too hard to take and unfortunately I got a little hot, didn’t have A/C turned down low enough and something was trying to resurface, if you know what I mean.  I spent the next couple of hours trying to get back to sleep and finally decided to sleep sitting up which worked.

I got up and then stepped up on the scale, yes I know that I’m not suppose to weigh myself every day and yes I know that I’m easily discouraged so doing this only makes me more susceptible to disappointment but I couldn’t stand it.  I had been mostly good but kind of blew things when I tried sucking on a peppermint to get the nasty taste out of my mouth but that didn’t work, nor did honey and finally had to resort to a sports drink.  So I stepped up on the scale and was surprised to see my weight was now 216.7, giving me a 0.7 pound weight loss.

I was happy to see this but didn’t want to get too excited because that is how I’m always jinxing myself and allowing myself to slip.  But I stuck to my guns and remained eating wisely and I ate the last of my keto tortilla chips with some guacamole again last night.

Thankfully I only struggled a little in the beginning to fall asleep but had a few wake up calls thanks to the water I’ve been drinking.  So I was sure because I really didn’t think I had enough water during the day so I was positive that I was going to gain weight so I reluctantly stepped up on the scale and I was WRONG!!!   My weight had gone down, it was not 215.5 which mean that I had lost weight, 1.2 pounds to be exact.

Now I was happy because I had been feeling only a touch hungry and thus why I had the chips and guacamole late at night.  Then the tortilla chips fiber hit after I had my morning coffee and I knew that there would be a weight gain and I just wanted to see what it would be, so I stepped on the scale, closed my eyes and there it was, 214.4.  I had lost even more weight.  I weighed in at 0900hrs the first time today and then weighed in again at 1130hrs which was when I got the 214.4 pound reading.

This means just since Monday I’ve lost 3 whole pounds.  That is incredible.  I know that this might just be because a slight increase in my drinking of water but I would like to think that the extra fiber I’m taking in is helping some.  I’m going to be making some of the Primal Girl’s Wonder bread and will then take my reading as to net carbs and see how that turns out.

Look, I know that it is bad to eat any type of bread but I love bread, I like taste and the feeling of biting into something other than a lettuce leaf to hold my tuna salad or my chicken salad.  So rather than upset myself I’ll just allow for these type of bread products to happen and focus on net carbs, which means increasing my fiber…yeah and no I don’t mean by taking Metamucil, I’d rather get it in my foods.

So I’m finally taking a step forward instead of backwards.  Here’s hoping I don’t falter in the next few days.


Oh I can also be proud of myself, there was cake and lots of food at a Lieutenant’s retirement party but I passed on the cake and all of the beans/rice/regular tortillas and chicken.  Then today a group grilled burgers and hot dogs for us and I could have probably had the hot dog or the burger without the bun but I figured I would leave it for the guys working in the field.  Besides I brought something else to eat and I will end up eating that.  Oh and I also passed right by the doughnuts brought in, from my favorite Doughnut shop, Shipley’s Doughnuts.

I have resisted them all and now to attack my salad and the other part of my dinner.  Hope to write to you next time about something positive again.

Slip Slide

Slip sliding away from my goal is what has happened.  I was losing weight for a couple of reasons, I was watching what I ate and I was able to get some form of exercise, even if it was only twice a week.  But thanks to the dramatic amount of rain and not watching what I was eating, I ended up gaining weight and wasn’t surprised this morning when I stepped on the scale I was sorry to see what I thought happened had happened.

This morning the scale showed my weight to be 219.7 which was so much more than when I started, about 1.4 pounds more.  I wasn’t shocked because I was honest with myself and wasn’t caring how many carbs I consumed, I just ate what I wanted and that is the results.

However, I’m still going to  be trying to lose weight because I really want to win my bet with myself.  So you’re probably thinking, yeah sure you are not the way I’m currently going, well you’re right about that part.  I will never lose weight by ignoring how many carbs I eat because the proof is in he pudding, I gain weight by ignoring carbs.

So today I started watching my carbs and I’ve gone back to counting my carbs.  I sort of went a little off by having maybe 1/4 cup of ice cream but that is about the only big splurge that I had for the day.  So what do you say that I start counting things.


Breakfast:     Coffee w/cream and bacon strips  =   0.8 gm

Lunch:       Hamburger patty w/slice cheese/guacamole,1/4 cup ice cream  =  17 gm

Dinner:    Steak, baked potato, green beans w/mushrooms =  44 gm


Okay so my total was 61.8 grams of carbs for the day.  That means that I need to focus more tomorrow on how many carbs I consume and despite it raining I need to start doing some mild exercise even if it is walking on a treadmill because with the rain coming down it makes it hard to get out.  I would love to get more vitamin K from sunshine but we’ve had rain scheduled all week-long and that also means no chance for me to get out on my trike.

So my bike journey is being put off and I’ve got to do something in order to lose the weight before my end date.

Starting again is a great way to get back to a clear skin, yes at +50 years old I’m still break out which is quite embarrassing to show up with pimples and blackheads.  So by eating primal my skin clears up and the best thing of all is that I will probably stop having an upset stomach at night.  Yeah not eating primal tends to give me an upset stomach which also makes it difficult for me to sleep.

They say that if you follow the primal way by exercising it allows you to sleep well through the night but maybe because I haven’t been exercising while dieting I guess that is one of the reasons that I’m not sleeping very well.  Hell, I’m lucky if I get more than 5 hours of sleep and unfortunately it is beginning to show and I find myself struggling to stay awake at work.  So what does this mean, I’ve got to find something to tire me out but it can’t be exercising after work because that gets me wired and then I sleep in too much and that throws off my whole day.  So I’ve got to find something to challenge me besides my diet.

Well I slipped backwards and that is why I am trying to refocus on what I eat and counting the carbs.  I must stay below 100 carbs but below 50 carbs will help things come off just a little bit faster.

Well thanks for hanging in there with me and here’s hoping that things will get better.

25 To Go

Okay so it has taken a long time and probably the big 5 pound loss is probably due to the exercising that I did on Saturday but hey, I’ll take the pound loss any way I can get it.

The problem seems to be that my body needs some shaking up and no I don’t mean on those old machines that you used to put around your waist hoping that it would shake off those pounds…by the way for those of you who are too young to know about it, just trust me when I say it was a big waste of money but someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to shake it off.  Maybe the inventor got the idea from a hula-hoop, you know those things you used to move your hips around to keep the hoop moving.  Never mind!

Okay so let me tell you that things had not been going so great, I hadn’t fixed any food for myself which mean trying to throw things together for a meal and it just wasn’t working out last week but I did try to contain my bad eating habits.  Unfortunately bread was a part of my downfall.

Let’s move on to why I probably lost the weight since I wasn’t eating correctly.  Well that reason is rather simple.  I exercised and not just light exercised, I did it for about 11 hours straight.  I know what you’re thinking, am I insane for exercising for that long and who in the hell can work out that long.  Me, but there is a way to do it and have fun.

You want to know my secret?  Are you sure that you are ready for this big secret to be revealed?  Sure?  Okay here’s what I did.

I rode my ass off on my recumbent tricycle on Saturday.  I rode 88.64 miles in one day.  Unfortunately I kind of got a late start on things, I know I keep on making that mistake, and I was feeling so good that I decided why not keep on going.  Boy was that a dumb mistake.  I realized I had left my headlight safety gear at home but I was prepared for the ride in every other way, or so I thought.

I was making good time on the first leg of the ride, averaging 10.4 – 11.5 mph but that all quickly ended when I took an exterior loop to avoid a city.  I should have rode through the city, it was more downhill where the loop was mostly uphill…why…because it was the rise going around the city.  So then I had planned on riding a bit further out to a lake and stopping there before turning around and heading back.  Heck, I made great time.  I rode 42 miles in 4 hours and 2 minutes.  Not too shabby.

So after about 30 minutes of rest I got back on my trike and rode through the city I had bypassed to pick up a front headlight because it would be getting dark soon.  I had great help from a kid at Wallyworld but the kid liked to talk and was so concerned about getting my headlight and my new tail light that I just bought attached to the bike.  The headlight went on easily but not the tail light so I just hooked it to the back of my pannier bag, thanked the clerk for his help and rode off into the darkening sky.  I spent an unexpected hour in the store when I could have been out and on my way in 20 minutes, but I didn’t want to be mean to him.

Once it started getting dark I noticed that my speed began to slow down, mainly because I couldn’t see as well in the dark as I could in the light and the shadows kept throwing me off while riding.  Funny but I made better time on the way to the lake even with having to stop 5 times because I dropped my phone and ran over it with my trike, disconnect the bag from the front boom of my trike, adjust my music and twice stop to remove the wires from the debris on the roadway that had gotten tangled up with my gears and the second time in my wheels.  The trick was that it is so much easier to ride in the light of day than in the night.

So by the time I got back to where I had started, I had stopped several times because everyone kept on calling me or texting me trying to find out what was going on and where I was.  That is one of the disadvantages of not having a road crew with you, it is hard to stop and tell people to leave you alone because you’re struggling up a hill which is exactly where I was when they kept on calling.  So of course the calls just increased and finally I gave up and pulled over and told them I was find and that I just needed to finish making it up the hill.

Then I realized that the only big downhill I was to encounter was just before I made my turn to where I had parked my truck.  The majority of the trip back was a climb with only very slight downhills if they could even be called that.

So the secret to losing what I believed was 5 pounds in one day, exercise the hell out of yourself and then weigh yourself the next day.

Well I tried to eat after I finally finished my ride because I had already burned through the two Powerbar gel packs that I had at the half way point but I had a problem.  I stopped at Whataburger ( and got a meal because I knew that I would need the fries for the potassium and I wanted the diet soda.  Well don’t worry about that, because I had borrowed my brother’s truck which didn’t have cup holders so I pulled down the middle part of the front seat and opened it and put the drinks there.  I got a large diet drink and a shake.  I pulled out of the lot and onto the street when the top of the middle part started to close only to crash into my soda cup with the straw in it.  Turns out it forced the straw through the styrofoam and all of the drink emptied out of the cup into the middle seat compartment where my fries were as well as lots of papers belonging to my brother.  So I managed to eat my burger and had the shake drink only after I used the large amount of napkins to sop up the soda and wring it out the side window of the truck.  That took another twenty minutes thus delaying my arrival home which of course worried the local family members.

But Saturday night, no let me say Sunday morning, I really didn’t care what I ate as in worrying about protein or carbs.  I just wanted food and thankfully almost all Whataburgers are open 24 hours a day.

So ride hard and don’t eat, that was the secret to my weight loss.

It just reminded me that I like to ride my trike and maybe I should be doing a bit more of that to help me shed some of the weight.

Oh and by the way I took a short epsom soak for about twenty minutes and put on some Pan Away and the next morning I was feeling great.  Almost ready to ride another 50 or so miles.

Seeing that it helped me to lose weight and I really like it, I need to start riding more frequently although I really hate riding inside the city.  Oh well got to find some place else to ride.  Preferably before the heat of summer hits.

So 5 down and only 25 more to go.  Still trying to figure out how to make the body burn more efficiently for me without me having to think about it.  Why….because thinking hurts my brain!

So Happy Trails to me until I ride again…..

In The Slow Lane

So here I am, on day 15 of my personal bet and things are just as I stated above, I’m in the slow lane.  I’ve lost weight, gone back down to 215.7 pounds but that is all.  If I had really been focused on things I should have lost more weight since them, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been fudging a little bit on things that I eat and drink.

My main problem is me giving up the sodas.  Yes I know how bad and harmful they can be to the body and what gross things are used to make them, but I’m kind of addicted to it and when I got get enough coffee in me, I tend to grab a diet soda to get me over that lack of caffeine.  I’ve also had to be careful because I can feel that my blood pressure is up and I actually need to get my shiny over to see a doctor but I always come up with some excuse or the other to avoid going to the doctor.  So I’ve cut back on the coffee and even on the lattes because it is causing my stomach to object, thus why I’ve started leaning back towards diet sodas.  I’m working on eliminating them but one thing at a time.

However, I do have some good news.  I have just discovered Jicama tortillas and primal magic wonder dough.  So what are these, well I’m glad you didn’t ask but I’ll tell you any way, so too bad.  Jicama tortillas are actually just the Jicama fruit and it is sliced thin enough and ready to eat.  I’ve seen them in the produce area of my grocery store before but seeing that I was determined not to have any bread this week, I gave in and decided to try them.  As I mentioned before they are ready to eat when you buy them in the store, only they are quite moist and luckily very pliable, only I really didn’t want soggy tortillas so I decided that I would warm them up and put them on a griddle and started to heat them up.  They shrunk quite a bit but did not brown very well, so on the next one I put a little bit of butter on the griddle and it gave a nice slightly brown marks.  So I used those and put turkey and cheese on them and ate them like a double-decker quesadilla.  One thing that surprised me was how sweet they tasted when I threw them on the griddle but still a touch sad that they shrunk.  But it had a slight crunch to them which was pretty good for me.  So I had those a couple of times this last week and I loved grilling them so that they were slightly sweet.

The next thing that I tried was the primal magic wonder dough which was done by Primal Girl.  She is a big success story on Primal Blueprint besides being a really cool woman.  She came up with a recipe for dough for us to use.  I had tried some other paleo dough recipes and found them rather lacking in flavor, good texture and they upset the heck out of my stomach.  So as you could imagine, I was a bit skeptical of her dough especially since you have to purchase the recipe for it.  So I tried it one time and it was okay but a touch heavy.  Then I made a tripe recipe and put it in the frig instead of the freezer which she says will keep it for a couple of months but I kept it in the frig and didn’t properly seal the bag so when I was ready to do something with it for this weekend….boom…mold.  No one to blame but myself for not paying attention to my food but that was okay because I found that it was a touch too heavy, probably a combination of errors on my part.

I tried the recipe for the dough this weekend and since I was using it the primal way I could put cheese in it but I changed up the type of cheese that I put in the dough and I adjusted the type of flour suggested by reducing it and adding in a touch of baking powder which I had hoped would make it taste lighter and not as heavy.  Thankfully it worked out that way and I had lighter rolls.  They were a hit that my brother and mother who were visiting tried them and took some home with them.  Then I even baked a couple of pizza crusts using this wonder dough and was very pleased.  Turns out the surprise visit from family made them believe that maybe I wasn’t so far off base when it came to eating primal.  So now with some simple tweaking I think I have adjusted them just enough so that I can use them in the manner in which she suggested such as pizza dough, little rolls, but I haven’t tried to make hamburger buns.  I’ve got something else in mind in lieu of hamburger buns…thank you primal blueprint.

So as you can see from the first paragraph, I’m off to a start but seem to be in the slow lane when it comes to losing weight.  That is okay because this week it is a loss and not a gain.

Today is my day to get off early at work but instead of going home early, I decided that I will go to the gym at HQ where I will do some weight lifting as well as go up and down the stairs, mostly up because that is a good exercise.  I don’t plan on running up the stairs, at least not right now, I will just walk up the stairs with my goal being to do the stair climb frequently and maybe soon I will not be breathing hard.  I know that I will be huffing and puffing by the time I reach the sixth floor.  Now I’ve done this before at HQ but when I did it then I climbed the stairs in the fire stairway and tonight I will be climbing the stairs that are in the main part of the building where there is air circulating.  The lack of circulating air wasn’t good for me and because they were a fire stairway it meant that the doors had to be closed for good reason.  Tonight I plan to lift some weights and climb some stairs with the extra time I will have from getting out early.  This is something that I need to regularly do so I will get the exercise that I need as well as hopefully energize me.

Oh yeah, I guess I should catch you up on what else happened besides talking about new discoveries I had this weekend.  So I’ve been avoiding eating bread except for this weekend when I made the wonder dough and had a pizza with it as well as rolls.  I didn’t get a chance to get out on my trike because they were talking about all of the big thunderstorms that would be coming our way, first they were saying it would happen on Thursday then Thursday night, then it was moved to Friday morning, then Friday night, then Saturday morning and then Saturday evening and finally they said it would just pass us by when Saturday evening rolled around.  We had a light rain Saturday night so I had to wait for it to dry up a bit before mowing the lawn.

Well I hadn’t realized just how humid it was outside until I started mowing the lawn.  I did the front with little problems but found that I was a bit winded.  I rested for a few minutes before starting on the back and found I was having to sit down every 20 minutes or so because I was breathing so hard and I could just tell that my blood pressure was up.  So what did this mean to me, it means that I need to start regularly exercising even if all I do is walk.  That is the reason why I realized that I’m in the slow lane and now I need to step it up, okay literal pun intended, so that I get back on track on losing the weight because I want my espresso machine and besides that I want to try and wear a costume for DragonCon this year.  I have two different ones in mind but none of them can happen unless I lose some of this weight.  So in a way I have two goals or should I say rewards waiting to happen for me if I lose the weight.

I’m feeling better about my plan and I hope that this is my renew my efforts to lose my weight.  Besides I’m tired of the seat belts fitting too tight when I’m not the driver of a vehicle.

So I just had my shocks replaced this week and my bank account said it is waving the white flag and asking me not to do any more heavy hits to it until next paycheck.  So when I had my shocks replaced I spoke with the guys about a problem that we noticed.  I will need to have more work done on the bushings, front control arm, steering column, etc, but it is not dire at this time as long as I do regular city driving.  Well that just sort of made me realize that I am at a point in my riding where I will need to be driving further and further out on my trike rides and it will be hard if I use my truck, so I’ve spoken with my brother and he is going to let me use his truck which is a V8 and a few years younger.  Besides he doesn’t have as much wear and tear on that truck as I do on mine so it will be nice to drive up those hills just to get to the point of where I need to ride and not crossing my fingers.  Sometimes I wonder why I got a V6 in my truck especially when I only had a 4 cylinder import truck the last time but then I remembered it was because I hated having to spend so much money on gasoline.  I was thankful for that V6 engine when gas prices got so high because it cost me a fortune to fill it up but now things a tad bit easier.  I still struggle getting up hills in my truck but I’m thankful every time I got to the gas pump.

Having to borrow a vehicle has made me do some serious thinking about getting a new vehicle.  I have a 1994 Ford Escort which I’m going to get all my fluids redone since it has been sitting for 3 years.  It was sitting because there was an air bubble in the transmission fluid and it was causing problems with my shifting, locking into gear when the engine got hot because the air bubble would trap it…. oh all that is important to know is that it made things difficult for me while trying to drive this vehicle.  Then I had other expenses on my truck so the truck came first and the poor Escort got left by the side but not for long..

Now I’m thinking about getting a new vehicle but one of the things that I will have to consider is my being able to pack my trike in the back of the vehicle so that means possibly an SUV type of vehicle or else one of the more modern station wagon type of vehicles.  I want to be able to take my trike with me where ever I go so I need to plan ahead on what I want to buy.  But that is a long time from now because I’m not rich and need to save my pennies for a new vehicle.  Maybe a new truck????

Okay enough ranting about vehicles that I can’t afford to get.  I’m looking forward to going to work out tonight, not a tough workout but I need to make sure that I get some iron pumped because I could not believe how hard it was for me to trip my bushes at my house.  So I’ve got to develop my arms so it won’t hurt so much the next time I have to trim the bush or push the lawnmower and maybe soon I can eventually start to do some pull-ups.  That is my goal but for now time to get some strength into my arms.

So on day 15 I’m on the slow track to losing weight but at least this week I’ve lost 2.4 pounds but it I count it from last week, it is a 2.6 pound loss.  Nah, I’m going to stick with the 2.4 pounds because that was my starting weight.  Just in case you can’t tell, I’m feeling a bit better about things and here’s hoping that I won’t let myself down.  Until next time…