Step Up

Well I’ve had two weeks off from boot camp and my knees are finally going down in the swelling.  Obviously I don’t heal quickly although I used to when I was a kid but now since I’ve hit the double nickel, healing takes a bit longer.

I had planned on using the boot camp along with diet to lose some weight but after I hurt myself I just kind of lost interest in doing anything but icing down my knees.  I know I’m such a quitter on some things but to tell you the truth my knee is just now coming down.

However, I hate being still.  So I started to think why not do stairs.  I don’t have to run stairs, just walking up them can help shape my legs and tighten some things that are sagging.  Besides have you really climbed stairs?  Well after a dozen or so steps you began to wonder, why am I doing this.  Well I thought slowly walking up stairs might help strengthen my knees because I would not be running stairs but it would also give me a cardio workout.

Here is another reason, when I was younger I was extremely out of shape and was having to go up through several different floors but trying to get onto the elevator was something else.  Well I decided to get on an elevator and go down into the basement in order to make it up to my desired floor.  That worked for a while but one time I got pushed out of the elevator by people exiting in the basement level and the elevator doors closed before I could get back in.   I tried to get into several other elevators but unfortunately they were all full.  So I spied some stairs and thought, hey I can walk up to the fourth floor, it’s not that far and then I can do my business on that floor and then catch an elevator to the second floor where I would be doing the majority of my business for the morning.

Ha, that was an eye-opening event.  I looked down at my clipboard and realized that I had to go up to the eighth floor to check in at one office.  So I made it up to the main floor and could feel my heart beating faster, then made it to the second floor and thought I was going to die.  I tried to catch an elevator at the second floor but no such luck so I went on and walked up two more flight of stairs to the fourth floor.  Oh my god I thought I was dying.  Okay one thing you should know, at the time I was still smoking 50 cigarettes a day so when I said I felt like I was dying that is what my lungs were telling me.

Well that was what made me realize that I was horribly out of shape and that started me to climbing stairs.  Now sure you can climb up maybe one flight of stairs but at the time I was wearing almost 3″ heels, dress slacks, dress shirt and make-up and just in case you forgot, yes I’m a female.  Anyway I decided that on the first floor I would start walking up the stairs and would walk up to the eighth floor and my lugs were burning, I was sweating off my make-up and was having a hard time not sweating like a pig and stinking like one.  Well it didn’t work very well because I was sweating quite a bit and was beginning to smell.  So I started carrying a hand towel so I could wash my face and rinse my wrists in cold water on the eighth floor and wiping the rest of me with the towel.

I struggled but managed to start climbing and would make it up to the eighth floor and could cool down in minutes and I only used to sweat when I started running up the stairs and doing that in heels wasn’t exactly easy but I had to dress for the position and make myself look presentable.

I felt sore for quite some time and then in a couple of weeks I noticed my clothes were looser and I wasn’t gasping for air as much as I used to and I also stopped smoking.  It was still hard and I still had some problems catching my breath but things were getting easier.

So I went in search of a football stadium so I could climb the stairs but they were all locked up by sunset and since unless I got up at 0700 hours and could get out at the stadiums by 0800 hours it would not work because even at 0800 hours the temperature was in the low 90’s and rapidly climbing to the triple degree temperatures and only cooling at night.  So now that was a dilemma for me but then I remembered that the headquarters had a six-story building and it required a security pass to get into the building.

Two nights ago I went to our HQ building after getting off at 2300 hours and it wasn’t until I got there did I realize that I had forgotten my workout clothes.  Well I didn’t let that deter me because I used to do stairs in dress clothes and I was only wearing my uniform.  After being shown two sets of stairs.  One was the evacuation fire escape stairs and stairs that normal people would use but they were curved stairs and you had to walk a short distance to get to the next set of stairs.  So I opted for the fire escape stairs because no one would see me lugging my fat body up the stairs.  Well there is another problem with the fire escape stairs, they are just that for fire escape so there is not a lot of air circulation in the stairwell but it isolates me.

On the first night I went up the stairs three times and my time on my third climb was 1:58 (one minute and fifty-eight seconds).  I thought wow, that wasn’t that bad.  So once I got home I right away started icing my knee to calm down my knees and everything seemed okay.

Went back last night and remembered my work out clothes.  After stretching I did 15 push-ups, then several more exercises with weights and wrapped it up with 15 more push-ups.  Then I did four sets of walking up from the first floor to the sixth floor of our HQ building.  I did make one big mistake, as I was warming up I pulled on my leg too hard and my knee sort of screamed at me.  So I’m icing and taking things easy and most of the time it feels okay but I need to keep track of what to do and what not to do.

So in a way I’m stepping up things by walking up stairs.  Now if I could just focus on my diet, hard to do in the heat so I will need to refocus my attention on my eating habits.

Not sure if my knees will need the night off or not, only time will tell.  So next time you have a choice, take the stairs even if it is only up one floor.  Your body will thank you for it once it calms down.


True Primal Days 2-4

Well I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth but I did get a little bit busy but it was good busy time and I just ran out of time to write about it.

So Monday was day 2 which was the rest/play day.  I took a walk for 2.5 miles and got a bit hungry after the walk but again I was on the go so all I had time to do once I did the walk was rush into the shower and wash my hair and out I went.

Day 3 was Tuesday and that was a busy day too, oh not so much as for exercise because I was to do WOW (Workout Of Week) and that really did taking up some time which I did after work.  Unfortunately I stayed up way too late as I was doing some research on camera gear for my convention type of camera.  It is not my professional grade but a point and shoot camera with zoom lens, something that is light so that along with my new mini laptop I will be traveling much lighter to the conventions.  Finally made it to bed at about 0400 hours on Day 4.

Day 4 started out with only about 6 hours of sleep but then I got up and got ready so I could go take my mother grocery shopping since she doesn’t drive.  I got home and dipped some cake balls for work.  I need room in the refrigerator so we can put more things in there.  So then I rushed around and managed to get to Sprouts (formerly called Sun Harvest) and picked up some cuties (oranges) and got a good deal on some steaks.

Which reminds me, I’ve found that Sprouts usually has some of the best selections of beef and if you watch the prices you can catch them on sale once in a while which was what I did.  Now just come on weekend and I can enjoy them.

This is going to be short because I’ve forgotten so much in the last 3 days.  I have been doing exercise in one form or another and thankfully I’m not sore from any of it which is a good sign.  The main object is to keep the exercising easy and remember it is not a task that you HAVE to do but I’m doing it to help strengthen my arms which are just pitiful.  They are so bad that I can’t even do one chin-up and I used to be able to do 50 of them…okay so I was much younger then and the 50 dropped down to 25 when I used to be in my prime but that was then and now.  Well one of the things that Mark also suggests is to just find something and hang from it, such as tree branch or just about anything but heck I can’t hang for more than just a few seconds and almost never make it to the count of 10.  So I’ve got a long way to go but I’m sure if I keep on working at it, one day I might be able to do a few chin-ups.

Because of CTS, I’m doing wall push-ups and there is a push-up bar in the workout room which makes it considerably easier on my wrist and it reminds me that I’ve got to keep on doing it if I want to get some form or shape back into my arms.

I have started to lose already but will be staying off the scale to avoid any disappointment.  I’ve got to remember that the exercise is supposed to encourage me and although I wasn’t feeling encouraged, by last night I was a bit sore at first but then I was feeling charged up and good about things.  So although tonight I’m resting and not exercising, I’m watching what I’m eating.

So most of the last few days I’ve only been eating tunafish and veggie frito chili pie minus the fritos, oh did I say tunafish…well yes tunafish (what can I say I’m on a kick and just loving that lately).  So a hamburger patty, broccoli, salad and avocados.  I had a few almonds and realized that the honey roasted were really just sugar coating on the almonds.  So guess if I want honey roasted almonds I will have to roast them myself with honey and then maybe I’ll add a little sea salt to them to offset the honey.  Wow, now I’m hungry.

At least tonight I will have the right things to eat should I get hungry once I get home.

So one of the other reasons that I’m taking the night off is because I just got in my new mini laptop, I call it a mini because it is lighter and not as large as the one I’m typing on and I need some time to get things set up, so please forgive me for being a little bit distracted.  I’m hoping to do much better tomorrow.


Right now time for me to go as I’ve got to get ready for my relief and I need to stock up a few things.

So good night and have a better tomorrow….I will!

Days 20 And 21 Are Do Overs

Well what can I say, first I’m plagued by extreme allergic reaction to having been in contact with a cat and then my brothers came into town.  Yes one of them lives in town and another works in town, but two of them live out of town and in other parts of the state so when they come into town it is always a time for family fun and a family gathering.  When we are together we have fun and we tend to eat all of the things not so healthy for us but seeing that we only get together once or twice a year, it is worth it for the short time to just enjoy life and what we do without feeling guilty.

So I was really wiped out by my cat allergies on day 18 and 19 and days 20 and 21 I gave up even trying because I was going to relax and enjoy my time with my family.

In light of just losing a dear friend to cancer, it has reminded us that we need to cherish all of our time together because we are not getting any younger and we all are family and one part of the family’s loss is a loss for the entire family.  So when my sister-in-law lost her mother our whole family mourned for her so seeing her this weekend lifted her spirits as well as our own and so anything we did was worth it.

So as I stated I’m going to start Monday as do over days.  That will include the days I was wiped out by the cat allergic attacks and my family being in.  I’m hoping to achieve the goal of being under 200 pounds and to help myself reach that goal, I’m planning on doing more exercising and maybe I can do some of that tonight once things calm down at work.  So I’m determined to get back to doing what is good for my body despite the little detour this past week and I know that I will succeed so I guess I will start Monday and count that as day 18.  I just hope that I haven’t eaten too poorly the last few days to pack on the pounds.  Either way I am determined to lose the weight because I’ve already lost my mind which is evident by my letting myself get so obese.  So although I may be still crazy time for me to do the sane thing and get back on a routine to lose weight.

Sometimes it is when we stray that will make or break us in the world of dieting.  I’m not afraid to say that this is a hiccup and just excuse myself and get back to doing what I need to do to lose weight.  So don’t give up on me or on yourself if you’re trying to lose weight too.

So I’ll catch you tomorrow because right now work is getting busy and I need to focus on what pays my bills.  Be good to yourself and have a wonderful evening.  I know I will because I’m well enough to be back at work and working is definitely better than being out of a job.  Having been out of a job for 2 years really brings that back into focus.  So …. “I owe, I owe…it’s off to work I go…” (to be sung to Hi ho, hi ho Seven Dwarfs’ song).  However, technically since I’m debt free I don’t really owe but I want to go on vacation this year so I need money for fun times.  Find something good about the things you have to do and then they may not seem so bad.  I work to earn money for vacation.

Days 18 & 19 Plagued By Allergic Reaction

Well things were really going great really great, I had gone and done a walking workout of 2 miles at work but then it hit and hit me like a brick.

Normally I’m a very cautious persons especially since I know that there are several women where I work that have lots of cats and so I have reminded them on more than one occasion that I am highly allergic to cats.  Most everyone is tired of hearing me talking about it when they come around me after they have been petting one of the cats that hang around the outside of the building.  So the stage is set, but wait I need to tell you about what happened earlier.

Before the 4th of February I made a second order of GS cookies with one of the ladies at work and pay for it in advance, right after I made another order for one of the other workers and that too was paid for in advance.  I asked about the cookies to verify when they would come in about midway through the month and she double checked everything and told me when they would be in.  Well I suddenly noticed the building was flush with GS cookies so on Day 18 I went to her desk and asked her if she had the cookies I had ordered.  She asked what I ordered and I gave her the order and she said she could get me half of it but not the other half.  What?  I made the order, wrote it down on one of her forms right under an order that was also prepaid and that person already had their order delivered.  Then the lady said she might try to get a package of the cookies but she wasn’t sure.  I told her to forget it and then she said she would pay me back.  I’m not rich but that lady can barely afford the gas to drive to work so I told her to forget about it.  So she comes back to my desk an hour later asking me not to be mad at her.  I wasn’t mad at her and told her that but I was disappointed and once again I learned the lesson…”No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.”  So I’m out of money for the cookies and it would have been good to put them out when my brothers come into town this weekend.

Okay so I’m past that and go work out and turned on the fan to cool off when I returned to my desk.  Well then the same lady who I had placed the GS cookies order with came in to decorate her boss’s office for his birthday.  She brought her daughter and her daughter placed her hand out to shake and then hugged me.  I’m not usually one to hug a kid or shake a hand but I think I was caught slightly unaware and didn’t think much about it until later that night.  I had wiped my face with my hand and brushed my hair aside from my face with my hand, the same hand I used to shake hands and the side of my face that touched the girl’s jacket was first affected about 3 hours later.  I felt my nose feeling clogged and my face started to itch but I didn’t think too much about it at the time.  Bad decision.  So what makes me think that it was my contact with the daughter, I had just greeted her after my workout and I was feeling fine until that time and I really do seriously limit my contact with people who I know have cats.  So I don’t know if the lady has a cat or if she let her daughter pet the cat hanging out around the building.

The next day I noticed my face was swelling up a little bit so I went grocery shopping and my face was throbbing and itching when I got home.  I popped 2 Benadryl and took a nap but still my face was swollen.  So I called in to work because my whole face was now swelling up and it was hard for me to focus on things so I took 2 more Benadryl and tried to sleep but EDQ kept on texting me and waking me up.

So that was Day 18 (Wednesday) and thing just got worse on Day 19 but all of that had to wait because I had to get to the ceremony at the graveyard for my Uncle that died earlier.  I took a wrong turn and forgot that I had to cut through a parking lot to make the turn and so I drove way too far out of the way.  I managed to get there about 1 minute before they  gave him the military 21 gun salute and played taps.  My uncle was in the Navy at the end of WWII.  So being out in the cold actually made my face feel good but when I got in my truck I face really started to throb in pain and then I looked in the mirror and saw that the swelling had gotten worse.

Finally went to the doctor and got a steroid shot.  I think that was the beginning of my downfall and weight gain.  During one year I was having extremely allergy attacks to the point of having double vision, difficulty breathing and extreme swelling of hands and face.  I was getting steroid shots and taking all sorts of antibiotics and because that was happening so frequently I was told to eat heavy greasy meals to keep me from loosing my meals when taking all of my meds.  I ended up gaining 60 pounds in less than one year.  However that will not be the case this time or this year.

So I got the shot by the afternoon of Day 19 and was surprised that it didn’t make me go to sleep right away.  I had lunch and then finally took a nap which was once again interrupted by EDQ texting me but after a couple of hours of sleep I noticed that some of the swelling on the left side of my face but the right side is still swollen but at least the itching and the throbbing pain has decreased since I got the steroid shot.  I still need to go pick up the steroid pack to take but I might wait on that and see if the shot was enough to do what I need.  I have a headache still typical of an allergic reaction but that too will fade I’m sure.

Well in case you haven’t experienced dramatic allergic reaction just take my word that it is not fun.  So for two days I haven’t weighed myself and I haven’t exercised so I’m beginning to thing I will not make my goal of being less than 200 pounds.  Even though the exercising isn’t extreme it is enough to allow me to move and a moving body is better than a stationary one.

Without further adieu, let me list what I’ve eating over the last two days.

Day 18

BREAKFAST: skipped

LUNCH:  bacon cheeseburger and Fritos – 28 gm

SNACK:  1/2 cup of Blue Bell Ice Cream – 24 gm

DINNER:  slices of Chicken Cordon Bleu, hash browns – 26 gm

LATE NIGHT SNACK:  Spanish coffee – 8 gm


Day 19

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs, hash browns, coffee – 20 gm

LUNCH:  cheeseburger with avocado – 23 gm

SNACK:  1/2 cup Blue Bell Ice Cream – 24 gm

DINNER:  chicken breast strips in alfredo sauce, green beans with mushrooms – 12 gm


I’ve managed to stay under 100 grams of carbohydrates for up to 19 days so far even as my body is craving for something else while feeling miserable.

Well hopefully things will go better for me tomorrow which will occur in 2 minutes.  I’ve got to get to bed because I have to get up early so I can get my color touched up on my hair.

So at least I’m sticking to 21 days.

Extremely Frustrated With 5 Days To Go

Well if you’ve been keeping up with me and read my entry for yesterday you will know that I was horrible and got on the scale.  So seeing that I didn’t have that much to eat yesterday, not because I’m trying to starve myself but simply because I was quite busy at work and eating didn’t really cross my mind. Hmmm, maybe after seeing my weight this morning I shouldn’t have eaten at all.  Yes I got on the scale and it showed me to weigh 204.1 pounds.  So I only lost 5/10 of a pound.  How disgusting is that?  I’ll tell you…It is very disgusting.  Stupid me had to go and get so darn large and now I’m struggling to get it off.  I see other people around me and they easily drop weight with slightly adjusting what they eat.  I will not count calories, I hate living by counting things and counting carbs is bad enough but at least I like what I eat now.

So I lost half a pound and I’m really pissed.  I’m hoping to get on the treadmill today and do some walking while at work and then after work I’m going to have to stay and do a light workout probably using body weight exercises and maybe that will kick my body back into the losing stage.  I really am extremely frustrated and just want to scream bloody murder…”BLOODY MURDER!”   Damn I don’t feel any better.

I decided that in looking back on what I was eating, I was really eating good by having fried chicken and mashed potatoes and vegetables so I will have to focus on eating much better like week one and for the next few days I’m going to have to exercise a whole lot, like walking every day and start doing body weight exercises.  I continue to ask myself why I’m doing that and the only answer I can come up for me….I’m not talking about anyone else but for me….being fat sucks!  I hate the way the clothes fit on me, I hate feeling as if I can barely fit in a chair, I hate having to think whether or not my kayak can hold my weight (yes it can hold my weight but it does have a limit of 250 pounds).  I know I haven’t been kayaking this year so far but the water is still too cold and although we’ve had some warm days, not enough to warm up the water.  I have a cheap kayak and where I sit down are where two scupper holes are located, so needless to say my bottom always stays wet, not a great feeling so that is why I wear my swimsuit under my clothes.  I think this year since I’m going to Canada with a group and then to DragonCon that I can’t afford to buy the kayak that I want which will be about $800 or the one that I really want which would be $1,500.  But until I win a huge jackpot lottery I will have to struggle and save a whole hell of a lot.

Right now I’m toasting bread so that I can make chicken cordon bleu and other than the bread crumbs on the outside of the chicken, it is good and not going to knock me out of the ballpark on the carb count.  Yes I’m extremely disappointed with my weight and the stagnation puddle that I’ve hit but I’m determined to be under 200 ponds upon weigh in on Sunday which means I’ve really got to push it these last 5 days.

I started my push at work, I was getting frustrated because I keep on asking my group going to Vancouver where they want to stay but still I haven’t gotten a reply so my frustration began to grow and rather than act like a horse’s back side I decided to go walking.  So I went and walked 2 miles on the treadmill and guess what?  My frustration I was feeling went away.  I started to feel it again so I decided to start writing here.

Guess I had better start listing my food and get it over and one with.

BREAKFAST:  coffee, 2 strips of bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pie – 38 gm

DINNER:  Chicken Cordon Bleu – 18 gm

I’m really pushing it at 18 grams with dinner because I really don’t think that I used that much in bread crumbs when coating the chicken.  I guess I just cooked it to prove that I could but I think next time I will be a bit choosier about the chicken breasts and be a touch more tender when I pound the chicken breasts.  But the taste is good and that is all that really counts.

I will try to work out after work but not sure if I will be able to do it.  I may just do a very light work out with body weight so maybe I should do a little more searching and find the exercises I want to do so I will be prepared for later.  So later days and I guess I’ll catch you tomorrow and I promise not to be as frustrated or upset with myself or anything else.

Oh yeah and I will stop my princess and the pea routine.  I had hurt my back the other day and had gotten the air mattress out and put it on top of my regular mattress.  It is a queen air mattress with a double layer and put it on top of my regular mattress which meant that I had to use a kitchen step stool to get up onto my bed.  Earlier today I deflated it because my back is feeling much better and it is time for me to start cleaning up things before my brothers come in this weekend.

So now I’ll sign off and do some body weight exercise searching so I will be ready when 2300 hours hits.

Still Disappointed With 6 Days To Go

Okay so this is a late entry because I forgot to write yesterday and a part of it was the fact that I was ticked off in the morning and I’m still ticked off the next day which is day 17 of 21 days.  But I digress…  Okay so I was bad and once again got on the scale hoping to see a little bit of difference, well I did and it wasn’t positive.  I know that I had to struggle to just get my weight down to 203.1 but what happened on Monday morning was enough to shock me.  I had gained weight.  I know, I know don’t keep stepping on the scale but I need some reassurance like I had at the beginning of my 21 day journey.  Oh sorry I forgot, I ended up weighing 204.6.  Yeah I know…wow, what a heavy weight.

Well that was enough to inspire me to get out and walk despite the extremely windy day outside.  So I grabbed breakfast, put on my walking clothes and took off walking and ended up walking 1.86 miles and was chilled the whole time.  I seems that a touch of cold was in the extremely strong breeze and it turns out that the winds were at 40-50 mph while I was walking and throughout the day.  So it was quite blustery of a day and the tree limbs started to fall.  While I was walking I saw a limb coming towards me and then suddenly it suddenly moved off to the side and hit 5 feet away from me instead of hitting me.  So maybe it was good that the wind was strong but then again the wind is what knocked the branch down.

So I finished my walk and I needed to calm down so I went outside and fixed the rubber to my bumper.  Okay a couple of months ago I was backing up in the parking lot of a pizza place and wham.  I hit the telephone post that was in the middle of the parking lot, yeah I know in the middle of the lot?  It turns out that they are now doing street construction in the area but a year ago the put a telephone post up in the middle of the parking lot which will soon be the edge of the street which also means that the pizza place will be gone.  Good thing is that it will move over and the city is giving up a small strip of land on the opposite side of the pizza place equal to the size of space they are taking away from the street side.

Okay so where was I…oh yeah fixing my bumper.  So I backed up into the pole and really whacked it good, messing up my bumper and denting it in to the point that the back corner of the bumper was very bent.  A few whacks of a small sledge hammer and the bumper kind of looks in place and I can now open the tailgate of my truck but the rubber protector has been hanging off.  So I pick a windy day to put the rubber back in place because I’m fearful it will fall off and it has been starting to do that more and more.  Tah-Day!  A few strips of black duck tape and the black rubber protector is back in place and it doesn’t look too bad although I know it is bad.  I would fix it but it is about to turn 20 years old, yep that’s right I have an old truck and got it with only 17 miles on it.  But believe it or not I have not gone over 200,000 miles yet. I’m getting there but unless I suddenly make quite a few trips between now and April 17, I will not turn over.

Remember that branch that missed me while walking, well it’s cousin, a smaller branch, caught me while working on the truck and bonked me right on the head.  Well it smarted for a short time but I looked up at the tree and wanted to shake my fist at it.  But that wouldn’t work either and since we’ve been experiencing a drought for too many years and my neighbors don’t water their trees and it was their tree that dropped the branch so chances are the tree will end up dropping a branch on my truck, so I might have to start parking out in the street on windy days.  My own tree in the front dropped a huge branch on my truck about 3 years ago and broke out a window and put 6 dents in the roof and guess what… no more front tree.  No not because of it hitting my truck, although that was the last straw.  It had to be taken down because it was almost dead and I couldn’t risk it hitting the roof of the house and destroying it.  So me and my 4 brothers took down the tree that was well over 4 ft circumference.  That was definitely a family affair and we all took our turn at playing lumberjack.

Okay so back to yesterday and get out of the past.  So I was feeling good because I walked and went in and showered trying to let the warm water ease the pain in my left arm and I’m still not sure what I did to hurt the arm but by the time I got out of the shower it was time for me to get ready to go.  I barely had enough time to throw some things together for dinner and run out the door to work.

Work was busy but peaceful because the EDQ was not there and I really love those days because I can think clearly and I don’t find myself tensing up like I do when she is there.  So why don’t I change locations?  Well I would loose my days off and I love having Friday/Saturday off.  It almost lets me feel like a normal person…hey, watch those comments about me being normal.  But the point is that I can do a few more things with friends and family.

So let me get right to my meals and then onto day 17 (5 days to go) which will be Tuesday’s diary entry.


BREAKFAST:  2 eggs w/cheese, 2 slices of bacon, 1 piece of toast, coffee – 13gm

LUNCH:  2 strips of bacon

DINNER:  hamburger patty with cheese and bacon, green beans, and for desert ice cream almost a cup – 52 gm

So that is Monday’s tale of woe…now to the next day.

7 Days Left And Disappointed At Weight

Well as the title suggests, I’m quite disappointed with my weigh in this morning.  As I said I had cheated and had a weigh in after the 5K race and I was 203.6.  So after all of that work out I decided to have a snack of Spanish Coffee which had a carb count of 6 gm and then had a piece of cheese.  Imagine my shock when 9 hours later I stepped on the scale and saw a weight of  203.8 pounds, then about 30 minutes later I stepped back on my scale and my weight then showed to be 203.3  pounds.  I went out and sprayed the yard for fleas and when I came back in I stepped on the scale and felt only a little bit better.  My weight is now 203.1 pounds.  So that means I need to take a look at what I’ve been eating or in some cases what I haven’t been eating.

After looking back at what I ate or more correctly what I didn’t eat and I can plainly see that I didn’t eat as many vegetables as I had during week one.  So I guess I need to work on eating more vegetables and increase the amount of exercise.  I know exercise is important but I’m still limited in when I can exercise mainly because I don’t get very much rest.  Guess I need to change things up because I sure as hell don’t want to be 200 pounds or more at the end of these last 7 days.  It will be very hard because my family is coming into town which means having problems making good food choices.

Well might as well start listing what I eat for the day.

BREAKFAST:  skipped

LUNCH:  avocado/bacon cheeseburger – 23gm

DINNER:  tuna salad, salad, green beans, piece of magherita pizza – 40 gm

LUNCH:  bacon/avocado cheeseburger – 22 gm

So I need to increase my exercise as well as increase the number of vegetables that I eat.  I DO NOT plan to weigh 200 or more at the end of the 7th day.  I will not allow let myself weigh that much.  Now I’m really going to have to get busy and exercise as well as cook better meals to end the 21 days.

I did get a bit of good news, I received an email telling me that something that I ordered earlier this month has been shipped.  I wasn’t originally expecting it until 3/11/13 but I do believe it will be there earlier.


Well dinner was a mistake, I was hungry still after my tuna salad, salad and green beans so I had the slice of pizza.  Big mistake, now I’m in misery.

Beginning to stress a bit more as I look at the expense of taking my Vancouver trip.  We are going to be staying about 9-10 days and that is a long time but in order to save more on plane fare I might have to stay a few extra nights, I guess I have to stop and think if it is worth staying the extra time or not.

I’m sorry to say that I will not be exercising tonight although I need to be doing that, but right now I’m just a little messed up in the head with the weigh in this morning.  Hope to have something better to write about tomorrow.