Soon A Change

So as the title suggests, soon again I will be attempting to eat better which it is my belief that it will allow me to lose weight.

I’m sitting here late night in my hotel room at DragonCon after having had dinner with friends and went out to have a drink or two with another friend that I’ve come to realize that I’ve had one continuing problem while being here in Atlanta and that is how I’ve felt after almost every meal.  I’ve either over eaten or else what I ate did not agree with me. I’ve also learned that it is now time for tequila and me to part ways which means that I’ve learned that as I’ve gotten older I can no longer handle tequila which was evident as I had a type of margarita during one of my dinners.  Yeah there is a chance that the meal didn’t help but in the morning I was still belching tequila and I continued to feel nauseous for several hours during the day.

Another disappointing note as DragonCon 2015 draws to an end, I was unable to give blood which I had been able to do in the years past.  Which meant that I couldn’t get their wonderful T-shirt but the main reason was that I was very low on my iron reading.  So why was I low, well I’ll tell you why.  I had a nervous outbreak of pimples…yeah, I know at my age but still they came up and made their appearance just over 2 weeks before I left for DragonCon.  I could smell the copper and iron in my blood and I remembered that one of my friends had actually been hospitalized when he had too much iron in his  blood so I did my best o make adjustments in my eating habits before I came to DragonCon….bad mistake.  I changed my diet too much and I did not have a high enough amount of iron in my blood after taking iron tablets and eating more iron rich products but after 3 days of trying, I finally had to come to terms that I could not give blood.

So what did this mean for me, it meant that all of the extra money I paid to get on meds for my high blood pressure was almost for naught.  I did the expense of getting on the meds so that I could donate but now I’m not going to worry about it but I will be keeping a closer eye on how I can regulate it through diet and exercise.

However, I won’t be fussing about things too much until I get back home on Wednesday.  I’ll go grocery shopping when I get back and I have one day to plan things since I turn around and go to another convention on Friday in my city and hopefully I won’t get out of control when I’m there.

So this is closing out the bet that I lost to myself and I did learn one thing, if I eat primal, my cholesterol levels go down, my blood pressure goes down and I feel more energized, so I guess I will need to change my lifestyle a little bit.  So for now I’m signing off so that I can get some sleep before I see my friends off for their journey home.

Okay my lack of sleep is catching up with me so I need to crash very soon, so I’m outta here,


Sicker than a dog

Okay I know it has been quite some time since I’ve been here and let me tell you that the title basically tells it all.  During August I started developing sinus problems and I haphazardly started to treat it but really didn’t pay much attention.

I did go to a clinic to try and get a shot and some meds to cure it but the usual clinic I got to had just closed doors for the day, Saturday, and so I went to another clinic.  They should not have called themselves a clinic because they really couldn’t do much than give shots for school and give out a few bandages.  My blood pressure was up but not through the roof and they said they could not see me because of my high blood pressure (my diastolic was higher than normal) was too high and they didn’t have any meds to treat me for that at the clinic so I would have to go to an emergency room and have a doctor there look at me.  Okay I had been out of my BP meds for a couple of months and now that I was sick my pressure was up higher than usual.  The doctor said that I had a headache because my blood pressure was up so high, it was not really very high, just higher than normal.  I explained that no I had a headache because I have a sinus infection and it is a sinus pressure headache.  I told him that I often get sinus pressure headaches when my sinuses act up and it is not do due my blood pressure being up.  He told me that he is a doctor and he knew better.  Funny but I would get sinus headaches that made my head a throbbing mass of pain even when my blood pressure was normal.  I couldn’t convince him that my head hurt because of my sinuses and he said that they could not see me.  So I paid $25 to have someone tell me something about me that I knew wasn’t right and he would not treat me.  That was why I went on my vacation with a sinus infection.

Oh and by the way I found some BP meds took them and my pressure came down but guess what…..I still had a sinus pressure headache.  Wow, I really did know what I was talking about, guess the people at RediClinic are prepared for anyone who is really sick.  I won’t darken their door again.

So I thought I had my sinuses in check because my throat was feeling better and some of the sinus pressure headaches had eased.  Little did I know that it was still with me and because of pushing myself so much it would come back and attack me while at DragonCon.  That is probably the last time I will ever ignore those symptoms.  I went to DragonCon with a slight sinus infection and came back with bronchitis.  Yea for me, wasn’t that great……NOT!

Okay in case you don’t know what DragonCon is, it’s a geek … I mean science fiction/science/gaming/anime/etc convention.  It is always held on Labor Day weekend and it starts on Friday and goes through Monday.  At least that is when it officially starts.  We get started standing in line on Thursday morning waiting to get your badge which you must show in order to enter any of the panels and to even be able to walk through the hotels especially at night because the host hotels turn into private party celebrations and a badge is required.  I was very lucky this year and got into one of the main host hotels where most of the partying goes on.  That was good and it was bad.

What was bad was that it meant that where my room was allowed quite a bit of noise to come up to my floor and since my room was 20 floors up from an open space on the main floor, things got pretty loud.  But usually shortly after 3 in the morning things would quiet down.  Usually I was so exhausted that I was in my room by midnight or 1 in the morning.  Usually I was sweating like a pig because of the mass number of people wandering around on the three open levels, all were looking for friends, drinking and posing in their costumes…those that were in costume.  It was great but as I stated I was usually sweating and would cool down in my room and then shower before going to bed.

It was the hot to cold to hot to cold action of going in and out of hotels and lining up in the heat that did me in, not only exhausting me but the constant temperature change sure did a number on me.  I kept on trying to treat my sinus infection but only did it sporadically and when the convention was finally over and the last of my group left, except for me, I spent the day washing clothes because I really was tired and didn’t feel like getting out to do too much.  Well in the area where I waited for the clothes there were fresh-cut Gardena flowers…big mistake on my part staying in the area.  That set off my sinuses and by the time I got back to my hotel my nose was running the 440 while I stood still and my throat felt like it was a scratching post.

By the next day as I was flying back I now know what little kids and babies experience pain wise in their ears when we change altitudes.  I could not pop my ears and was pretty much in pain for the 2 1/2 hour flight.  Oh did I mention that I also managed to spill most of my soda on me and my tray, but mostly on me.  It at least startled me enough and my ears finally did pop and adjust slightly to the altitude.  But that was the last good thing.  I was hording tissues or hand towels from the dispensers in the bathroom just so I could make it to the next stop.

Finally home and I was so miserable and blowing green and yellow out my nose so I went to a clinic the next morning telling them about how I knew I had a sinus infection.  I of course was wrong.  It had been a sinus infection but now it was bronchitis and so I got a shot which helped with the draining but didn’t stop it completely.  Seven days later and at least my head was a bit clear but I’m still stuck with a runny nose.  So I went to take some herbal stuff and thought it was helping but it really didn’t.  So last night I took a couple of Benadryl and guess what my nose is mostly dried up but I still have a sore throat so it is now vitamin C in massive amounts to keep this from getting worse.  Okay so what if large amounts of vitamin C can give me diarrhea right now I just want to feel good and stop having to carry around a box of tissues.

So since I was on vacation I knew better than to try and diet because there were just so many things to do and eating would be questionable because of the busy schedule while at the con.  So now that I’m off of my antibiotics although my nose and throat are still giving me a bit of grief, I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel to wellness.  So yippy skippy.

I will say this much, we tried out a few restaurants and found some good choices and some mistakes but at least we tried different places and we may not have had good breakfasts all of the days at the con but at least we all had good dinners.  In general I had a good time considering I was not feeling so good but I know not to go feeling slightly sick.  So I plan to start taking better care and watching my sinuses better.  Yes I wash my nose every day, not with a neti pot but with one of the squeeze bottles, I prefer that style of washing.

Once I’m feeling good which I hope will be by the beginning of the week, then I will start going primal again.  I have quite a few good reasons why.  But first let me say that maybe I need to learn to keep quiet when I’m with my group because of what happened.

What happened?  Oh yeah you weren’t there so let me explain.  We were at one of our dinners and one of the ladies mentioned that she had taken her nieces to Hawaii for a graduation gift and another of our friends who was born and raised in Hawaii said they might show up at the same hotel and they had a great time in Hawaii.  Now I had heard that bit of information and mentioned that maybe in a couple of years we might try doing something like that and everyone thought it was okay.

I said the same thing only mentioned that when I said this to my mother she said that I wasn’t going without her.  She didn’t plan to join our group on all of our outings but she wanted to go to Hawaii.  I haphazardly mentioned this to my group and now all of them are saying HawaiiCon 2014.  Okay let me say this does not mean that we are doing a convention in Hawaii although there is a geek convention called HawaiiCon which is the next month after DragonCon but most of them are saying that they will not be able to go to that con.  Personally I would rather go then than in April because that will put me on a very tight shoestring budget.  Now I see the list of stars in growing and I would love to go but most of my group don’t want to go then but I would love to do it then.

So my big mouth got us into going to Hawaii in 2014 when I really wanted 2015 but okay I just live on a tight budget.  Then I hear about a real Con that is happening in Hawaii and now I would rather go there and spend more time afterwards in Hawaii.  So what to do, what to do!

Oh I know, get well quickly so that I can be ready for Hawaii no matter when we go to Hawaii and get into shape because this coming year I intend to be dressed in at least one costume for DragonCon 2014 where we will celebrate 20 years since Stargate first came out.  This year we celebrated 35 years since Battlestar Galactica came out.   Who would have thought that the fan base and shows would still be so popular.  Go figure.

So now I’m going to go take some more Vitamin C and try to take a walk in the neighborhood so I can get use to walking only I will need to make them early morning walks to avoid getting overheated and drenched in sweat in the coming weeks.  I’m even planning my meals so that this time I will succeed because I sure as heck don’t want to go to Hawaii in my current physical shape.  Besides I was reading about a mountain that many people hike up in order to catch the sun rising and it sounds like a lovely and breath-taking site and I won’t be able to do it in my current condition so it is time to lose weight and gain muscle and muscle tone.

Come on Vitamin C do your stuff!!

Sorry I’ve been away so long and I will start posting more regularly when I get rid of the remnants of bronchitis and actually start going primal.

Oh there is a moral to this story.  Make sure you are in good health before going on vacation.