Electronic Frustration on Day 9

Right now I’m going crazy because electronics are not my friend.  I plugged in my pedometer and it downloaded right away but then my laptop got stuck on something and being impatient I decided to turn it off and then turn it back on so that took a bit of time.

Wait, let me back it up a little and let you know why I’m so frustrated.  Okay so I didn’t get to bed until after 0200 hours this morning…yeah, yeah I know I should have but I didn’t because after I got off last night I had to do some shopping so I would have food for breakfast this morning making my arrival home even later.

Just went to bed when I heard some clicking noise from something electronic and automatically suspect my DVR.  Long story short, I lost all of my recordings and it was at 80% full and some of those movies I recorded from TV had my friends in them.  Oh well will have to wait until next year to possibly see them or until Netflix puts them on.

So I went back to bed because that started happening at 0300 hours in the morning but then 30 minutes later it started clicking again and then 30 minutes after that, so I unplugged it or so I thought but I unplugged my printer instead because at 0445 hours the clicking started again.  This time I made sure to unplug the DVR and finally got some sleep.

Got up and the DVR worked because I got the cable shows but it would not record.  So I called the cable company she said she was shocked the unit still worked because clicking was the hard drive going out.  So I exchanged units went home and plugged it in only to have the screen say I wasn’t authorized.  Yeah now I’m trying hard not to be mad after waiting in a long line to exchange the devices so I call tech support and they tell me to unplug and plug and end up doing it twice as well as disconnect cable.  Then the tech said I wasn’t getting a signal, funny but I had one earlier today, so now I have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to have the cable man come out and check the signal.  So no cable tonight but since I work late I guess that isn’t too bad.  Maybe I’ll go to bed early…..Nah, I’ve got DVD movies so knowing me I’ll be up late.

But then again maybe not.  I just remembered that today after getting the new DVR I stopped at the liquor store and found a mandarin orange and a double chocolate flavored vodka.  Hey no carbs in those so maybe I’ll try both flavors.  Meanwhile let’s see what I have eaten today.

BREAKFAST:  coffee – 2 gm

LUNCH: guacamole cheese burger, 16 Fritos – 31 gm

DINNER:  salad, shrimp alfredo, burger patty, mashed potatoes – 25  gm

So that is what I’m scheduled to eat for the day, and I’ll let you know if I change anything up.  Finally I think that my stomach is shrinking a bit or maybe I’ve just gotten used to having more protein and keeping my carb count low.

Now I’m not expecting a large loss like my scale showed on Sunday morning and believe me no one was more surprised than me to see the weight loss but I guess I’m just a little bit worried that I might gain although I’m being more careful than usual about what I consume and when I consume.  I still haven’t quite gotten to the ideal time consumption of carbs, with good carb consumption in the morning, better 2 hours before exercising and best to consume carbs after a workout.  So until I can get things figured out about my schedule to exercise because lately instead of everything going as usual, things are kind of weird.

Oh and now getting back to the frustration from electronics, apparently the trouble followed me to work.  My laptop would not connect with the internet connection at work and had to do a reboot, yeah I know I probably have to buy a new laptop since I bought it in 2008, so finally after 2 more tries it connected.  But my desktop at work was working fine and then I wiped down the screen with a static free cloth and all of a sudden the colors on the screen faded and soon everything was becoming transparent…really weird I know.  So I had to shut down the desktop computer and of course things got busy at work and I needed my machine.

Now two reboots later everything even my laptop seem to be moving okay obviously with me entering this and so far it seems as if my electronic frustration is coming to an end as the day gets closer to the end of the day.

On a good note, I contacted a person for neuromuscular massage and I have an appointment during my days off so maybe I will get some relief from CTS and possibly get feeling back to the tip of my bird finger.  So I’ve avoided flipping off people since my bird finger (middle) has been numb.  Okay so I’m stretching things a bit…my other hand works perfectly fine and I’ve had to test it a couple of times on crazy drivers.

Okay I’m done being bad and just waiting for the day to end.  IS IT OVER YET?!!