25 To Go

Okay so it has taken a long time and probably the big 5 pound loss is probably due to the exercising that I did on Saturday but hey, I’ll take the pound loss any way I can get it.

The problem seems to be that my body needs some shaking up and no I don’t mean on those old machines that you used to put around your waist hoping that it would shake off those pounds…by the way for those of you who are too young to know about it, just trust me when I say it was a big waste of money but someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to shake it off.  Maybe the inventor got the idea from a hula-hoop, you know those things you used to move your hips around to keep the hoop moving.  Never mind!

Okay so let me tell you that things had not been going so great, I hadn’t fixed any food for myself which mean trying to throw things together for a meal and it just wasn’t working out last week but I did try to contain my bad eating habits.  Unfortunately bread was a part of my downfall.

Let’s move on to why I probably lost the weight since I wasn’t eating correctly.  Well that reason is rather simple.  I exercised and not just light exercised, I did it for about 11 hours straight.  I know what you’re thinking, am I insane for exercising for that long and who in the hell can work out that long.  Me, but there is a way to do it and have fun.

You want to know my secret?  Are you sure that you are ready for this big secret to be revealed?  Sure?  Okay here’s what I did.

I rode my ass off on my recumbent tricycle on Saturday.  I rode 88.64 miles in one day.  Unfortunately I kind of got a late start on things, I know I keep on making that mistake, and I was feeling so good that I decided why not keep on going.  Boy was that a dumb mistake.  I realized I had left my headlight safety gear at home but I was prepared for the ride in every other way, or so I thought.

I was making good time on the first leg of the ride, averaging 10.4 – 11.5 mph but that all quickly ended when I took an exterior loop to avoid a city.  I should have rode through the city, it was more downhill where the loop was mostly uphill…why…because it was the rise going around the city.  So then I had planned on riding a bit further out to a lake and stopping there before turning around and heading back.  Heck, I made great time.  I rode 42 miles in 4 hours and 2 minutes.  Not too shabby.

So after about 30 minutes of rest I got back on my trike and rode through the city I had bypassed to pick up a front headlight because it would be getting dark soon.  I had great help from a kid at Wallyworld but the kid liked to talk and was so concerned about getting my headlight and my new tail light that I just bought attached to the bike.  The headlight went on easily but not the tail light so I just hooked it to the back of my pannier bag, thanked the clerk for his help and rode off into the darkening sky.  I spent an unexpected hour in the store when I could have been out and on my way in 20 minutes, but I didn’t want to be mean to him.

Once it started getting dark I noticed that my speed began to slow down, mainly because I couldn’t see as well in the dark as I could in the light and the shadows kept throwing me off while riding.  Funny but I made better time on the way to the lake even with having to stop 5 times because I dropped my phone and ran over it with my trike, disconnect the bag from the front boom of my trike, adjust my music and twice stop to remove the wires from the debris on the roadway that had gotten tangled up with my gears and the second time in my wheels.  The trick was that it is so much easier to ride in the light of day than in the night.

So by the time I got back to where I had started, I had stopped several times because everyone kept on calling me or texting me trying to find out what was going on and where I was.  That is one of the disadvantages of not having a road crew with you, it is hard to stop and tell people to leave you alone because you’re struggling up a hill which is exactly where I was when they kept on calling.  So of course the calls just increased and finally I gave up and pulled over and told them I was find and that I just needed to finish making it up the hill.

Then I realized that the only big downhill I was to encounter was just before I made my turn to where I had parked my truck.  The majority of the trip back was a climb with only very slight downhills if they could even be called that.

So the secret to losing what I believed was 5 pounds in one day, exercise the hell out of yourself and then weigh yourself the next day.

Well I tried to eat after I finally finished my ride because I had already burned through the two Powerbar gel packs that I had at the half way point but I had a problem.  I stopped at Whataburger (www.whataburger.com) and got a meal because I knew that I would need the fries for the potassium and I wanted the diet soda.  Well don’t worry about that, because I had borrowed my brother’s truck which didn’t have cup holders so I pulled down the middle part of the front seat and opened it and put the drinks there.  I got a large diet drink and a shake.  I pulled out of the lot and onto the street when the top of the middle part started to close only to crash into my soda cup with the straw in it.  Turns out it forced the straw through the styrofoam and all of the drink emptied out of the cup into the middle seat compartment where my fries were as well as lots of papers belonging to my brother.  So I managed to eat my burger and had the shake drink only after I used the large amount of napkins to sop up the soda and wring it out the side window of the truck.  That took another twenty minutes thus delaying my arrival home which of course worried the local family members.

But Saturday night, no let me say Sunday morning, I really didn’t care what I ate as in worrying about protein or carbs.  I just wanted food and thankfully almost all Whataburgers are open 24 hours a day.

So ride hard and don’t eat, that was the secret to my weight loss.

It just reminded me that I like to ride my trike and maybe I should be doing a bit more of that to help me shed some of the weight.

Oh and by the way I took a short epsom soak for about twenty minutes and put on some Pan Away and the next morning I was feeling great.  Almost ready to ride another 50 or so miles.

Seeing that it helped me to lose weight and I really like it, I need to start riding more frequently although I really hate riding inside the city.  Oh well got to find some place else to ride.  Preferably before the heat of summer hits.

So 5 down and only 25 more to go.  Still trying to figure out how to make the body burn more efficiently for me without me having to think about it.  Why….because thinking hurts my brain!

So Happy Trails to me until I ride again…..


Anxious To Start

I know, you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, well allow me to elaborate.  I got on the scale the other day and in 2 months of not giving a flip what I ate, I ended up putting on about 10 pounds or so.  I stepped on the scale the other morning and was shock, yes really shocked at how much I weighed.  I have not been this heavy since 2001 when I went to Spain.  You were wondering what I weighed, well when I started the trip I as a whopping 222 pounds.  Seriously weight there but only 17 days later I was down to 202, so I had a weight loss of 20 pounds in 17 days and I actually had fun when I did it and guess what, I ate whatever I could eat.  Okay yes I was 12 years younger than I am now but in case you forgot some of my earlier posts, I did a heck of a lot of walking.

Some of my earlier posts also mentioned that I did a lot of walking and that was great and I was lugging around at least 10-14 pounds of camera and gear.  It wasn’t that the camera was as heavy as ‘Big Mo’, my professional grade camera, but it was till a pain to my shoulder.  Now I don’t have 17 days to just do nothing but walk so the idea of doing this now to lose weight is out because of my having to work and already I’ve accounted for my vacation days and holidays.  Most of those days will be spent in Atlanta and others going to other cons, so what’s a person to do?

Well, one of my bosses told me about how he lost 15 pounds since the beginning of the year, don’t know if I said this already but bear with me if I have, I’m almost done.  Well he will start off his morning with a premier protein shake and then an hour later he goes for a walk around the block.  Because the blood is pumping in his stomach area he says he doesn’t really feel hungry.  So he eats a light lunch and then he has a reasonable dinner.  He is now at the point that he walks 3 miles each and every day and he eats whatever he wants at dinner and he is still losing weight.  He is obviously in the zone of losing weight.  He says that he focuses on eating protein and tries to reduce the carbs.  One of the guys working here has lost 45 pounds in a couple of months but he works out quite a bit too.

So I tried doing that but things didn’t work out as well because I did not increase my water intake.  Now that was mistake #1.  My next mistake was switching the dairy digestive product, I tried something new and let’s just say it was not my friend.  Earlier this week I went to see my stylist for my hair and she was experiencing the same problem and she suggested that we text each other every day, well we said that 3 days ago and we have yet to do the texting thing.  So my experiment into the protein shake didn’t turn out as I had planned.  Then I bought a recumbent tricycle and was planning on doing exercising, well the weather has not been my friend when it came to riding.  Okay also I’m a bit hesitant in riding in the street, because I’m down so low and in my city most car drivers believe it is okay to honk, jeer, throw trash at the rider and get as close as possible to the bicyclist.  I must admit that some of my fellow riders are the cause behind some of the hostility towards all bicyclist but it is my wish that you are not oe of those people.  So last month I only managed to make it for 2 rides, a 18 mile ride and a 33 mile ride.

As I stated the weather has no been my friend lately.  My problem is that I don’t get up early which puts me behind on what I need to do before I go to work in the afternoon.  Then by the time I get off it is way too late to go out and exercise.  I don’t need to unwind as much as I used to because I switched work stations and am paired up with someone much quieter and in general there is less stress.  My problem is that I only slightly wired after having to drive home, it is a twisting road and there are more drunks in the area cause there are more bars in the area.

So now I’m anxious to get started on my new dieting/exercise program.  I’m hoping to be able to have one of the protein shakes as one of my meals but still continue to eat along the Primal Blueprint way or as some people call it, the wimpy Paleo diet.  Wimpy because we allow dairy in our foods we consume.  Realistically I know that I will have carbs but I hope to limit the intake of carbs from bad sources such as pasta, breads, pizza, etc.  I have my juicer so since I’m not a fan of cucumbers, celery, kale, etc, I will end up juicing them and then I know I will get my vegetables.  Now I don’t know about other people’s green juice but mine reminds me of V-8 cocktail drink.  One thing I will be doing is adding more water to my body because it will make things go smoother, if you know what I mean, and it will keep me hydrated.

Now I did mention exercise and that is exactly what I plan on doing, exercising by riding my trike.  When we did the 33 mile ride I felt like someone beat me up and left me almost lacking energy at the end of the ride.  So what did that mean, oh yeah… I’m definitely out of shape.  I was gasping for breath and started to hear a wheezing as I was breathing out.  Think I need to go to the doctor and get that checked out.  Could be some of the stuff left over from when I had bronchitis late last year is still hanging around in my lungs so that is what I need to get checked out.

Anyway, back to riding.  So I’m riding a recumbent tadpole trike (2 wheels in front and 1 wheel in the back).  o we have been getting some rain but actually it is foggy and cold.  A couple of weeks ago only 2 people showed up for a bike ride in 39 degree temperatures.  This week it is threatening to rain all weekend long but there might be a small window of opportunity for me to get out and ride.  It is my hope that soon the weather will be good enough for me to ride every day so until then I will need to learn to something else for exercise.

So yes I’m anxious to start my newest weight loss plan which will include the shake, protein bars and of course lots of time on my trike.  So here’s hoping that tomorrow’s weather will allow us to ride.  Besides, I need to get better since the group want me to join them on a 100K ride at the end of March but I will not be in shape if the weather doesn’t start cooperating.

Here’s hoping to better weather and good eating habits.

Oh and if you were wondering….I will be riding “Serenity” (name of my trike because I feel at peace and quite serene while riding) and yes I also am calling it the same name Mal gave to his Firefly class ship.  So maybe next time I’m here I will have my act better together and will be reporting on good news as far as my dieting is going.

Lost My Way

Well I didn’t really try very hard during the holidays to control things and it really shows.  I now have problems even fitting into my work pants much less fastening them without having to suck my gut in.  So you could say that I succeeded in gaining weight but that wasn’t really what I wanted to do.

Then I thought that I would start in January but kept coming up with excuse after excuse and before I knew it I had hit a record high on my weight….. 219.9, I said it.  I got up to 220 lbs and I had not been that heavy since early 2000.  Now of course in the spring of 2000 I lost 17 pounds in 15 days.  The thing is that I didn’t realize that I was losing that much weight and it came off so easily.  Probably the reason I lost it so quick and easily was because I was on vacation.  Bet that is the first time you’ve heard of people losing that much weight while on vacation. I went to Spain then Portugal back to Spain, to the UK (Rock of Gibraltar) and finished up in Spain.

I know you’re thinking trick diet, no it was just being on the go all of the time.  We ate at least 3 meals a day but we walked everywhere and I was carrying around a camera bag.  So I was lifting weights (my camera bag) and walking 5-10 miles a day.  The funny thing was that I was eating all sorts of unhealthy things…well not really unhealthy but let’s just say that a breakfast sandwich of egg/bacon/on a roll for breakfast/lunch/dinner wasn’t the wisest choice but it sure was tasty.  So now that I think about it, the person I was traveling with didn’t like the local cuisine too much so we ate a lot of American fast foods.  When we did eat locally it was pork or seafood and yes there was a lot of starch items such as rice, lots of rice in the dishes that we ate.  The thing was that we did a lot of exercise and despite them having siesta, we were still pretty much on the move.

I wish I could have stayed longer and maybe I would have lost more weight but that didn’t happen but it took 2 years of bad eating for the weight to start coming back.  So the lesson I should have kept in mind was exercise, exercise, exercise.  Because I was so active I managed to burn what I ate.

I know I’ve probably recognized that before but right now it is really hitting home because of my pants being so tight as well as my sports bras.  That part really sucks.  Just a few months ago I had loose fitting clothes and now they are fitting very tightly.

So the other day during one of the few very cold days in our city, I came across an older gentleman (only saying that because of his white hair and beard) who didn’t act old.  He had just stopped in a convenience store right across from my station and I had a chance to talk with him.  I was riding a red trike and it was all decked out, I’ll explain later.  So after speaking to him a bit I learned that he started his trike journey in Seattle, WA, turns out he has traveled well over 2100 miles all on his trike.

So his trike was all decked with a computer, mirrors, flags, lights, rack w/saddlebags, water bottle holder and windjammer.  The windjammer covered the front giving him some protection from the elements of the road which pulled down over the top of his trike.

I was really amazed at what he had been doing but I knew that he was in a hurry to get in as the weather was getting colder and soon it would be dark and he also needed to get checked into his hotel.  But I asked him how comfortable it was to ride and he said it was the best ride.  I mentioned that I was interested in one and he asked me why and I said because I have CTS.  He smiled and said he too had CTS, back problems and some minor knee problems.  I asked how he was able to make such a long ride and he said he was because of the trike.  He pointed out a few things to me and then suggested that I should do some research on the internet but to be careful if I decide to buy one and to buy one that would last me for years because if I really like bicycling and be prepared to drop some money on it.

Boy was he right!  I took a look at some of the trikes and right away I found some but they were almost $1,000 and that was a bit high.  So I did some more research and landed on a couple of manufacturers and then I truly had sticker shock at seeing their price tags for their trikes.  Then there were Delta trikes and Tadpole trikes and so I did some more research into those type of trikes.

Long story short, I determined that I would be more comfortable with a tadpole style trike because the handlebars/steering was down by my side where on the delta trikes I would still need to raise my arms which had become a problem with my CTS.  After less than a week of looking for the type of trike as well as the make of the trikes then I had to find a shop that had these bikes because in my city the only type of dealer of tadpole trikes was a bicycle touring company and they only had two different makes of trikes.  So I had to drive over 90 miles to a nearby city (nearby is all relative) where I came across a recumbent bike shop.

They allowed me to try out several trikes but after one quick spin, my wallet and my heart was set on a particular trike.  So a few hours later I come home hurting in my wallet but happiness was on my face.  I bought my trike.

Just in case you are wondering what I bought, my wallet allowed me to buy a Catrike Pocket tadpole trike.  It was fitted for me since probably no one else will be riding it and then off I went with my trike in the bed of my truck.

So I had lost my way for about 2 1/2 months.  I’m truly hoping the purchase of my new trike will be lots of fun and maybe then I will get back into being active.  You might want to check one of my other bogs, “Recumbent Trike Riding” for some more details about my trike ordeal.

I will be checking in and letting you know if that is helping me be more active.  I will say that I have had  blast riding it and I look forward to the weather giving me a break so I can ride it some more.  So maybe that will help me see the light at the end of the long weight loss tunnel.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 17 – Late Entry

Well as you can tell this is a late entry, it should have been done on Friday but obviously it was not so now at least I can review everything that I did.  Allow me to say that everything went kind of wonky and my schedule was severely thrown off.  First off my brother came in from out of town on Wednesday evening and in case you didn’t tune into Thursday’s plight well it was busy, busy, busy.  Mowed the lawn for exercise, you remember I using a human powered mower to mow the lawn.

Burned a lot of energy Thursday but there was still lawn to do the next day which was what I did on Friday, day 17 of 21.  Although I didn’t have much to do, it took almost as long because I was busy pulling up weeds that have spread from my neighbors’ yards since they really don’t give a flip about what is growing in their yards.  So stopping to pull up weeds really stretched out my legs which was probably good because the day before I didn’t do any type of stretching and almost twisted my knee which would have been very bad.

Okay so had to let the sun come up more so that the grass would be standing up making it easier for me to mow, did I say easier to mow.  Wow, that’s a fib.  I still had to go back and forth over the grass and unfortunately I got two reminders from my neighbors showing that they are bad dog owners.  They let their dogs out and wander around when the dogs need to take a dump and then the dogs wander back into their yards.  So guess what happened…..yep you guessed it.  I found two very unpleasant surprises buried in the grass and didn’t realize it until I rolled over it with the lawn mower and it was all over the wheels but at least I didn’t step in it.  Lucky for me I guess.

So I mowed the grass, washed away the dog poop, pulled weeds and then the sun got a bit too high in the sky and my time ran out so I had to quit and come in and shower very quickly so I could race downtown to pay my parking ticket.  I thought they closed at 3 but they closed at 4 but either way it got paid.  So yeah now my truck is no longer in danger of having a warrant issued on it.  Yippy my truck is still a law abiding truck, that was the first ticket it and I had been issued and for what….a parking violation.  Oh well the first in 20 years, guess that isn’t too bad.

So ticket paid and I come home and finally managed to get something to eat then went and dried/straightened my hair then we rushed out to catch brother #3’s step-daughter’s football team game.  She is on the dance team and although we were the visiting team and they were playing to the home team side, what we could see of the routine was rather nice.

I was quite proud of myself, I was starving, really starving but when I went down to the concession stand the only thing that I could have was water and diet soda.  So I opted for the soda since I don’t like the bottled water selection and I sit up in the stands and cheer her team on but not even my cheers helped the team as they lost by 11 points.  So we got home and finally I could eat and then I spent the rest of the night bringing brother #2 up to speed on downloading apps on his phone.

Hey cut him some slack, this is the first smart phone that he has gotten and now he is getting good on it and when he returns back home Monday he will be able to show his wife how to use more things on her smart phone.  I know what took him so long to get a smart phone, well he was more concerned with getting his daughters and a young man he helped sponsor and who looks upon my brother as his father, but anyway he has him on the pay plan.  So he changed providers and his bill went from $270 to $125 and so he could afford to get a smart phone for he and his wife.  Any way, so we were up late last night downloading different apps and since I never had a chance to rest after mowing the lawn earlier, well I just went to sleep.  Thus why I’m late in posting this.  I will be late posting the stuff for Day 18, we are going to Octoberfest in our city where my brother will be singing and we are hoping to get something to eat.  Brother #2 is a vegetarian, Brother #3 is singing and brother #4 will hopefully be joining us.

Going to quickly post things because we’re going to go visit my uncle who has lung cancer and then we will probably head out to the Octoberfest.  So maybe I’ll post day 18 later tonight.



Egg, Large 2 0.74
Coffee w/Sweetener/Cream/FV creamer SF/WC SF 1 mug 2



Pork-Natural Seasoned Pulled Pork 2/3 cup 4



Cheese – Provolone 1 slice 0
Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0


Day 17 totals:   13.48 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES

I managed to get dinner eaten after the football game which was okay if it wasn’t so late at the night then I would have felt better.  So that was what happened yesterday and it was a very busy but fun day.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 16

Well I started good and pretty sure that I did okay today.  Didn’t go out walking but I did mow most of the front yard with a push mower and I mean the one powered by human power, no motor available.  Because I started out early in the morning I had to go over several parts of grass because as the sun rose up in the sky the grass of course followed the sun thus why I had to go over the grass from several different angles.

So that is what I did for exercise and believe me it was quite a work out.  Despite I didn’t go walking I got some exercise today.  Yea for me.



Egg, Large 2 0.76
Applewood Bacon – Thick 2 slices 0
Coffee with Stevia/SF FV Creamer/Cream/SF WC 1 cup 2



Chili Cheese Turkey Franks 2 16
Iced Coffee (like my hot coffee only on ice) 1 2



Hamburger Patty w/Provolone Cheese & Bacon 1 0
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6


Day 16 Total:  20.76 GRAMS CARBOHYDRATES


i know that I’m late in posting this and my apologies but I just kind of forgot.  Believe it or not it is kind of difficult for me to remain focused because I haven’t varied my diet.  So on my days off I’m going to be thinking of something different to eat that will still keep me eating better.

Also I’ve got to get up and go pay my parking ticket and also finish mowing the other part of the lawn.  The really hard part is I’ll be going to a niece’s football game to watch her dance team.  It will be a busy day

Primal For 21 Days – Day 11 – HUMP DAY !

Yes indeed it is hump day on the 21 days of being Primal.  So what does that mean, does it mean that it is all downhill from here?  Does it mean that after 21 days I can eat like a pig?  Does it mean that all of my desired weight will be lost?

NO !!!

All it really means is that I’m half way through the 21 days in which I needed in order to realign my eating habits and yes it is getting easier to know exactly how much I should eat.  So unless suddenly I can drop 80 pounds in 10 days, then I will not be at goal weight.  Unless I want to reverse everything that I’ve done so far, I can not eat like a pig.  Does it mean that it’s all downhill from here…not really.  It just means that I need to start thinking about what I will be doing after the 21 days and how I need to still be eating primal but slowly and I mean very slowly I may be able to introduce only a few carbs from grain products.  But a wise person would not do it.  There might be a day after the 21 days in which I may stray and that is on the 12th of October which is when my employer is giving me a gift of a paid admission/guest/parking/meal all for free.  What do you know, it falls on my day off too.  So I will try to take that into account but seeing that I’m positive that I will be doing a lot of walking all around the park I might be able to work off a bit of any overages I may do on that day.  So there better be a hell of a lot of walking done by me.

Oh and speaking of exercise, I think that the lawn gods are having a big ol’ laugh at my expense.  This is the first day that I’m feeling good enough to go outside which I do and start trimming the grass around the house and in a drainage ditch for any possible flood overflow.  So that gets done and I pull out the lawnmower after putting gas in it and guess what, yep, it doesn’t start.  After about 15 pulls my frustration starts to mount so I lift up the front end a couple of inches and then let it drop back onto the sidewalk and then start to pull again.  Well what do you know, the lawn mower started right up and only lasted for 5 seconds.  So I thought gas wasn’t getting through and so I pump it a few times and try to start it again to no avail.  After trying to drop it again without any success and after 15 more minutes of trying to start it, yes I checked to make sure the spark plug wire was on properly, I gave up and rolled the lawnmower to the backyard.

I then got out old reliable which I bought in about 1994 and has seldom failed to start up.  Yep you guessed, it, it failed this time and for several more minutes it continued to fail.  So I called my younger brother to borrow his lawnmower but no luck because he isn’t home and wasn’t answering his cell phone.

Finally as a last resort I bring out the reel mower which means….you guessed it, it is powered by me pushing it.  I know I’m still feeling a touch sick but the lawn has got to be mowed.  So I managed to get a small section on the side of the house mowed and start on the small strip by the sidewalk near the street and get once section done when I notice that the rain clouds are looking as if they are getting close.  So I struggle and push on, literally, and work on getting the second front section of grass cut and Just as I give it the last push on that section a loud clap of thunder happens and I see lighting out of the corner of my eye.

Game over the rain wins and I rush to put up the two mowers I gave up on and to put up my push mower and get inside just as the rain starts to come down.  Seeing that the A/C is on inside and it was already affecting me, I opted to sit out front on a lawn chair and cool down out of the rain under the porch.  That lasted for a whole 20 seconds, the rain then started coming down very hard and at an angle so it hit me while sitting on the porch.  I can take a hint when given, so I move inside into an area not affected too much by the A/C.  When I look out the window the rain has come so quickly and hard that the street is now covered by the rain.

An hour or so later I look out at the now drying street and I could swear that the area that I had just cut is already showing signs of growing.  Ha, ha, very funny lawn goods, so I have to finish cutting the lawn tomorrow once I borrow the lawnmower from my brother.  At least I will not wear myself out using the push mower.

Despite not walking this morning, after using the push mower for an hour I think I got some exercise and even better than walking I used my arms which are quite sore at the moment.  So I did exercise today just not how I had planned.  Oh well.  Enough of this, let’s see what I ate.



Egg, Large 2 0.76
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2



Chicken Spread-Boiled/No Skin 1/4 cup 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushrooms/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5



Pot Roast – Package By Local Chain 280 gm 2
Mashed Potatoes – Prepackaged 1/2 cup (4 oz) 17
Green Beans-French Cut 1 cup 5



Sprarkling Water – Mandrin Orange 1 liter 0
Powerade Zero – 32 oz 2.5



I’m back on track to eating healthier although I might have over eaten at dinner, only time will tell.  So until tomorrow….





Boot Camp Hell

Yep you read it right, I’ve started taking Boot Camp classes and it is hell on me.  Never mind that I’ve only attended one class, I’m in pain and to make things worse, I mowed the lawn today in the hot, hot sun and that didn’t help me at all.  Now my plan is to get my fat backside up and into class at 6 am which means I have to wake up early instead of sleeping.  Well I can bet you a dollar that once I come home tomorrow morning I will be crashing.

How did this come to be, well silly me was talking with a co-worker who pointed out a special on one of the coupon sites and it was a boot camp unlimited classes for two months for 1/2 off the price of 1 month unlimited classes.  So getting 2 months of classes for the price of 1/2 month.  Thought it was too good of a deal to pass up.  I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have passed it up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I went to it on Saturday and did my best which was pretty miserable.  I only had the second best rowing time and other than that I was severely lower on my counts than anyone else.  Okay so there were 3 new people in our class of 10 who were new but they were in their late 20’s and early 30’s and worked out about twice a week.  So here I am, an old fart who is going to hit the double nickel (55) on Tuesday doing my best to get through the class.  I was out of breath at the end of the hour and my friend who talked me into the class suggested we go out and eat.

Mistake, I ate too much but left most of the starchy food (fries) on the plate and ate the turkey/bacon sandwich.  I had water and not soda but when I got home that night I had a piece of cake and ate a burger with fries and ate all of the fries that time.  Yeah a lot of good that did me.  But I’m sure that I will pay the price very soon….oh wait paying now.

I took a picture of me the morning of class, as disgusting as it was and let my fat hang out, then took my measurements and can only estimate my weight because I forgot to weigh myself that morning.  Yeah I know, dumb move.  So I’m going on the assumption that I was pretty close to 203 pounds and hope I wasn’t heavier than that because I’d been eating primal and had been bad the day before going to boot camp.

So I went there and didn’t die but was sure as heck out of breath.  I will say that the instructor and assistant were encouraging and when they saw I was struggling encouraged me and reminded me to catch my breath.  So yeah I didn’t collapse and pass out.  So that was Saturday and today on Sunday I had to mow the lawn.  I don’t want to have to do it when I return from boot camp tomorrow so I got up and started it at about 11:00 am, it was still relatively hot but not too hot.  I finished with time to relax then scarf down a PBJ sandwich, yeah I know not exactly healthy but if I was going to carb out that was the time so I did it.  I cooled off partially then hopped into the shower and started getting ready for work which included washing my hair.  Now guys may not think too much of it but my hair is very thick  and almost to the middle of my back which means it is long and with so much hair it is not an easy task, just ask my stylist.  So finally got finished and had about 20 minutes to relax so I lay down on my bed and wanted to seriously slap the shit out of my alarm when it went off which was my phone.

So here I am at work and now I’m feeling the pain.  My tushy hurts probably from all of the step ups on 20″ boxes.  Now that my not seem like much to most of you but I’m a little old lady who is only 63″ tall so that is about 1/3 of my total height.  Holly cow that is a big step up. I was told to start with a 15 pound kettlebell but the only one was grabbed by the younger obviously more fit female newby and mine was almost 17 pounds which is really a lot on the second go round of step-ups and kettle ball swings.  Oh well we did our stuff and I newby girl did not do all of the reps that she was supposed to do but I kept my mouth shut and just struggled on with mine.  I figure it will only hurt her in the long run and oh hell my doing them is hurting me in the here and now.  Ouch!!!

That is all I can do because what I experienced in pain is all due to my poor eating habits and lack of exercise.  So what is the solution to this problem.  No the solution is not go out and eat a whole chocolate cake!  The only solution I can think about is to eat much better and kep on taking the classes.  Now this week will be really messed up because I have errands to run on some days and then my sibs are coming into town this weekend for a lumberjack party.  No that doesn’t mean we all wear flannel shirts and carry around an axe.  I have one brother who lives in a small burb outside of our big city who needs a tree felled.

A few years back my younger brother and I worked on taking down some limbs on a tree in my front yard and then my sibs came over and we felled the tree and then took a couple of days chopping it up with our chainsaws.  How sad is this when each of my sibs, including myself and my mother all have our own chain saws!  Are we sick….nah we just all have trees we have to take down.  So we’re heading to brother #3’s house this weekend to take down the tree dropped a huge limb on the roof of his wife’s new car.  Stupid tree, it should have known there would be consequences.  We have ropes to make it go where we want it to go, so long tree.

So what should have been a day of rest was spent mowing the lawn.  Then going to work a little bit tired.  Maybe that is good so I will go to sleep early and get up in time to go to boot camp.  The classes are at 0600 and 1730 hours so since I work at 1730 hours that only leaves the 0600 hour class.  But I hate being out o shape and fat more than I think I hate boot camp.  Kind of a fair trade-off if you ask me.  So wish me luck as I try to struggle through my workout tomorrow morning.


okay lots of errors probably through here but I’m done and time to shut down.