Weekend of Destruction

I had an interesting weekend, mainly one based on destruction….I got to play with my chain saw.  This weekend some of my brothers came into town and on Saturday we all got together and went over to another brother’s house where we helped fell his tree.  It is rather funny because out of the 5 kids, 4 of us have chain saws and my mother has 2 chain saws, both electric…yeah, go figure.  So now I think for Christmas my oldest brother is going to be asking for a chain saw because this spring we may have another weekend of destruction.

Why did we take down a tree, well it was dying and as it turned out his wife had just bought a new car and pulled into the driveway and parked the vehicle and we had a touch of wind that night.  When she came outside the next morning she found that a large tree limb had collapsed her roof and ruining her new car.  So when she mentioned that they needed to take down the tree and had been talking about it for a while, we all asked my brother why he didn’t call on us sooner.  Now this was on Mother’s Day when they came in and learned about what happened.  So a couple of months later we showed up and we had chain saws/ropes/energy all waiting to be used.

Thankfully I got on a line to help pull (guide) the tree in the direction we wanted it to fall which was not on his fence or on his storage shed nor on his house.  Don’t worry we had already moved the cars out of the way.  So two brothers took turns cutting through the trunk of the tree while 3 of us guided the tree with the ropes.  It only took about 45 minutes to take down the tree, the long part was trying to cut it up and haul it off to an area where the brother could do a control burn on the tree.  The transporting the and cutting up the fallen tree is where I messed up my knee a bit.  Not much but the fact that I was standing and putting pressure on my knees by pulling and pushing the tree parts as well as lifting the tree parts into the small trailer on the back of the riding lawnmower that really did a number on my knees.

I’m sure you remember me just talking about messing up my knees doing the burpees in boot camp class, well the lifting, because I lifted correctly and used my legs and the rolling (pushing) of large slices of tree trunks also cause my knees to be abused again.  At least they weren’t totally destroyed like from the burpees but they are still plenty sore from my weekend.

It is a good thing that we only get together to do things like this weekend every couple of years because until I get into shape my body just won’t take it any more.  So I’m back to R.I.C.E. for my knees (Rest, Icing, Compression and Elevation).  Hopefully I can get back to better eating, still having left overs from my weekend of destruction, but at least the majority of the food is healthy.  So soon I will be eating normal.

Maybe I’ll take advantage of using the BBQ grill and cook bacon on the grill (yes when the coals are white) and it will keep the smell of bacon out of the house and hopefully will be less mess.  So the heat of the coals will cook the bacon and keep the house cooler.  Now that sounds like a good idea, wish I had thought of it sooner.

So one tree down and the swelling in my knees are up.  So is that a fair trade…nah, I don’t think so.  But at least it was fun to get out there and cut away at the tree with my own chain saw.  I love the feel of power tools in my hands in the morning!


Days 20 And 21 Are Do Overs

Well what can I say, first I’m plagued by extreme allergic reaction to having been in contact with a cat and then my brothers came into town.  Yes one of them lives in town and another works in town, but two of them live out of town and in other parts of the state so when they come into town it is always a time for family fun and a family gathering.  When we are together we have fun and we tend to eat all of the things not so healthy for us but seeing that we only get together once or twice a year, it is worth it for the short time to just enjoy life and what we do without feeling guilty.

So I was really wiped out by my cat allergies on day 18 and 19 and days 20 and 21 I gave up even trying because I was going to relax and enjoy my time with my family.

In light of just losing a dear friend to cancer, it has reminded us that we need to cherish all of our time together because we are not getting any younger and we all are family and one part of the family’s loss is a loss for the entire family.  So when my sister-in-law lost her mother our whole family mourned for her so seeing her this weekend lifted her spirits as well as our own and so anything we did was worth it.

So as I stated I’m going to start Monday as do over days.  That will include the days I was wiped out by the cat allergic attacks and my family being in.  I’m hoping to achieve the goal of being under 200 pounds and to help myself reach that goal, I’m planning on doing more exercising and maybe I can do some of that tonight once things calm down at work.  So I’m determined to get back to doing what is good for my body despite the little detour this past week and I know that I will succeed so I guess I will start Monday and count that as day 18.  I just hope that I haven’t eaten too poorly the last few days to pack on the pounds.  Either way I am determined to lose the weight because I’ve already lost my mind which is evident by my letting myself get so obese.  So although I may be still crazy time for me to do the sane thing and get back on a routine to lose weight.

Sometimes it is when we stray that will make or break us in the world of dieting.  I’m not afraid to say that this is a hiccup and just excuse myself and get back to doing what I need to do to lose weight.  So don’t give up on me or on yourself if you’re trying to lose weight too.

So I’ll catch you tomorrow because right now work is getting busy and I need to focus on what pays my bills.  Be good to yourself and have a wonderful evening.  I know I will because I’m well enough to be back at work and working is definitely better than being out of a job.  Having been out of a job for 2 years really brings that back into focus.  So …. “I owe, I owe…it’s off to work I go…” (to be sung to Hi ho, hi ho Seven Dwarfs’ song).  However, technically since I’m debt free I don’t really owe but I want to go on vacation this year so I need money for fun times.  Find something good about the things you have to do and then they may not seem so bad.  I work to earn money for vacation.