Primal For 21 Days – Day 11 – HUMP DAY !

Yes indeed it is hump day on the 21 days of being Primal.  So what does that mean, does it mean that it is all downhill from here?  Does it mean that after 21 days I can eat like a pig?  Does it mean that all of my desired weight will be lost?

NO !!!

All it really means is that I’m half way through the 21 days in which I needed in order to realign my eating habits and yes it is getting easier to know exactly how much I should eat.  So unless suddenly I can drop 80 pounds in 10 days, then I will not be at goal weight.  Unless I want to reverse everything that I’ve done so far, I can not eat like a pig.  Does it mean that it’s all downhill from here…not really.  It just means that I need to start thinking about what I will be doing after the 21 days and how I need to still be eating primal but slowly and I mean very slowly I may be able to introduce only a few carbs from grain products.  But a wise person would not do it.  There might be a day after the 21 days in which I may stray and that is on the 12th of October which is when my employer is giving me a gift of a paid admission/guest/parking/meal all for free.  What do you know, it falls on my day off too.  So I will try to take that into account but seeing that I’m positive that I will be doing a lot of walking all around the park I might be able to work off a bit of any overages I may do on that day.  So there better be a hell of a lot of walking done by me.

Oh and speaking of exercise, I think that the lawn gods are having a big ol’ laugh at my expense.  This is the first day that I’m feeling good enough to go outside which I do and start trimming the grass around the house and in a drainage ditch for any possible flood overflow.  So that gets done and I pull out the lawnmower after putting gas in it and guess what, yep, it doesn’t start.  After about 15 pulls my frustration starts to mount so I lift up the front end a couple of inches and then let it drop back onto the sidewalk and then start to pull again.  Well what do you know, the lawn mower started right up and only lasted for 5 seconds.  So I thought gas wasn’t getting through and so I pump it a few times and try to start it again to no avail.  After trying to drop it again without any success and after 15 more minutes of trying to start it, yes I checked to make sure the spark plug wire was on properly, I gave up and rolled the lawnmower to the backyard.

I then got out old reliable which I bought in about 1994 and has seldom failed to start up.  Yep you guessed, it, it failed this time and for several more minutes it continued to fail.  So I called my younger brother to borrow his lawnmower but no luck because he isn’t home and wasn’t answering his cell phone.

Finally as a last resort I bring out the reel mower which means….you guessed it, it is powered by me pushing it.  I know I’m still feeling a touch sick but the lawn has got to be mowed.  So I managed to get a small section on the side of the house mowed and start on the small strip by the sidewalk near the street and get once section done when I notice that the rain clouds are looking as if they are getting close.  So I struggle and push on, literally, and work on getting the second front section of grass cut and Just as I give it the last push on that section a loud clap of thunder happens and I see lighting out of the corner of my eye.

Game over the rain wins and I rush to put up the two mowers I gave up on and to put up my push mower and get inside just as the rain starts to come down.  Seeing that the A/C is on inside and it was already affecting me, I opted to sit out front on a lawn chair and cool down out of the rain under the porch.  That lasted for a whole 20 seconds, the rain then started coming down very hard and at an angle so it hit me while sitting on the porch.  I can take a hint when given, so I move inside into an area not affected too much by the A/C.  When I look out the window the rain has come so quickly and hard that the street is now covered by the rain.

An hour or so later I look out at the now drying street and I could swear that the area that I had just cut is already showing signs of growing.  Ha, ha, very funny lawn goods, so I have to finish cutting the lawn tomorrow once I borrow the lawnmower from my brother.  At least I will not wear myself out using the push mower.

Despite not walking this morning, after using the push mower for an hour I think I got some exercise and even better than walking I used my arms which are quite sore at the moment.  So I did exercise today just not how I had planned.  Oh well.  Enough of this, let’s see what I ate.



Egg, Large 2 0.76
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2



Chicken Spread-Boiled/No Skin 1/4 cup 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushrooms/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5



Pot Roast – Package By Local Chain 280 gm 2
Mashed Potatoes – Prepackaged 1/2 cup (4 oz) 17
Green Beans-French Cut 1 cup 5



Sprarkling Water – Mandrin Orange 1 liter 0
Powerade Zero – 32 oz 2.5



I’m back on track to eating healthier although I might have over eaten at dinner, only time will tell.  So until tomorrow….