Primal For 21 Days – Day 3

I want to first mention that despite how much I felt the urge to snack last night when I got off, I resisted.  I had read somewhere that sometimes when we think we are hungry it is often our body actually telling us that we are thirsty so I drank water and that seemed to quell the rumbling in my tummy.  So yippy for me I managed to avoid snacking.

Well with that being said let me tell you that it was hard for me not to step on the scale today and for anyone who has read any of my previous blogs then you will know that it is hard for me to stay off the scale.  I tend to want to have daily satisfaction so this is very hard for me to do but I am avoiding the temptation.

The best thing so far today is that I woke up and wasn’t feeling horrible, finally I think that I’m coming out from under the cloud of sickness.  I managed to sleep in which was really a good thing for me because now that I think about it I never was able to get enough rest earlier when I was first diagnosed with Bronchitis.  So at least now as my body is struggling to get better, I think the sleep helps and believe it or not I believe that my changing of my diet is also helping.  Hey it never hurts to be eating better and since I’m not eating pizza or grabbing a quick burger and fries it seems to actually be making a difference.  As for energy well I think that my body is absorbing the nutrients in order to let my body continue to heal.  So why didn’t I think of that before…no idea why.

So I woke up late and instead of trying to get up early and go walking, right now walking may not be the wisest thing at the current time.  The heat has been up and going in and out of heat and into cool doesn’t help my health either.  So woke up late but I did have a sort of breakfast, but not really.  Then I rushed out to take my mother to the market because it is raining where I’m at and since I really didn’t think she should wait in the rain to go to the grocery store, I took my mother to the store.  From there it was a relaxing day.  It was raining when we left and stopped by the time we got to the store and we got home before the rain started again.  Since then I’ve just been taking it easy and resisting the urge to sleep or else I will not get to sleep at a decent hour tonight.  So let’s get this thing started.

Day 3 Food Consumed:


Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


2 Egg Omlet w/mushrooms/spinach/cheese/bacon 1 3.03
Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0


Sirloin Hamburger w/1oz Fontina Cheese/10 Cranberries 1 12
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5

All Day:

Sparkling Water – Mandarin Orange 1 liter 0



Yogurt Greek-Danon Light&Lean-Blueberry 5.3 oz 9



As I stated earlier I slept in and thanks to that I’m feeling better now at the end of the night.  Yes I know that this is late being posted and sorry it wasn’t posted earlier but after making dinner things had to be cleaned up.

So let me talk about my main course for dinner.  I took 1 pound of ground sirloin meat and divided it into three patties and saved some to top the burger.  Then I chopped up maybe 1 oz of Fontina cheese per burger but that is really being generous but it is easier to count this way.  Then I added 1/3 cup of cranberries into the mix and divided it evenly between the three burgers.  Well when I made this before I was actually paying attention and the burger was wonderful but unfortunately I was watching something in the other room and I kind of over cooked the burger so they were not juicy.  Yes I was bad and did not watch things.  I also love green beans cooked in butter but I usually saute mushrooms and throw in some garlic and some dehydrated onions in the butter and once that is done I put the bag of frozen french cut green beans in the pan and cover and just let things work together.

Ya know I really hadn’t thought about it but I’ve really been pretty low except for day one on my carbohydrate count.  My stomach has been a bit upset though so I’m debating whether or not to have some yogurt.  Now this really takes some reading at the grocery store but I found that Danon Light&Lean Greek Yogurt/Blueberries only has 9 carbohydrates in one of the single serve containers.

I’ve been pretty good so far on the diet although I’ve seen a couple of things on TV that I was interested in cooking but odds are I will not make it because why…..not on the diet.  At least it won’t be made until the 8th of next month.  Yes I have been very tempted by food especially since not everyone in the house is on my diet and it is sometimes hard to turn away from the fast food places but I want my pants to fit better and if I’m ever going to do cosplay at my convention then I have to really stay focused.  So for 21 days I need to be good and hopefully will have built up good habits.

Okay I broke down and had a yogurt so let me list it and that will now change my totals but still looking good on my totals.  So now I’m outta here and need to drink a little bit more regular filtered water to help keep me hydrated


Days 19 and 20 of 28

Yeah I know I’ve been forgetting to post and have been so wrapped up in doing a project outside of work that it has taken a lot of my time.  Unfortunately I haven’t been playing very close attention to what I’ve been eating or more correctly what I haven’t been eating.  I still am struggling to eat more fruit and even more veggies and believe it or not these past couple of days I’ve been having eating enough protein.  I tend to get wrapped up on projects and tend to forget things including when to eat and then it hit me, I’m not losing anything but the few tenths of a pound that I might have gained the day before.

The best thing that I can say is that I’m still below 200 pounds but not by much but that is because I’ve been falling behind on eating correctly and have forgotten about doing the Rev Up Exercises which is really bad.  It is only 20 minutes but now that I’m getting 7 hours of sleep instead of 5 hours of sleep and that little bit of loss of time combined with my getting so caught up in the project makes it difficult for me to find time to exercise.  You see I’m terrible with time management but that doesn’t mean that I can’t improve.  So today I’m 199.3 which yes I know is quite heavy and I’ve been bouncing between 199.3 and 198.9 which isn’t great but it isn’t bad.

Let me to a quick run down of what I’ve eaten while I think I can still remember it.

Day 19

Breakfast – 2 eggs scrambled, coffee

Lunch – chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread, cutie

Dinner – sirloin tip w/wine mushrooms, green beans

Snack – protein shake with milk

Snack – 2 celery stalks w/peanut butter

Day 20

Breakfast – 2 egg omelet w/cheese, diet soda

Lunch – chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread, diet soda

Dinner – filet mignon, broccoli, hash browns

Snack – strawberries protein smoothie

Snack – 2 celery stalks w/peanut butter

Well as you can see I was staying pretty close to what I was supposed to eat but on day 19 I only had 10 oz of protein but on day 20 I was at 12 oz of protein thanks to the filet mignon.  No I didn’t strike it rich, my local grocery store has very small filet mignon and it lets me have a good meal at a cheap price.

Because I haven’t been exercising things don’t go as smoothly through me because I’m not doing any form of exercising.  A part of my excuse is the weather, thankfully we’ve been having some rain which we desperately need because we are in a drought situation.  So my walking I had done has been nipped but maybe I can get on the tread mill at work and walk for a bit though I hate walking on that thing.  I like being outside but I see that I’ve got to get things moving in more than one way if you know what I mean.

The good thing is that I’ve decided to use my head to record all events when I come into work so if the mean lady I relieve gets upset I will have it recorded.  I hope I don’t have to use it but at least it will be in my armory should I need it but lately the lady has been nice.  Because I’m so caught up mentally in my project that I don’t even have time to focus on what the lady may do or say to me and I’ve decided to do my best to let her comments roll off me.  I have too much to occupy me to worry about her so I will just let her rudeness pass me by.

Well I’ve got to wrap up for now because I’ve got to start on day 21.  Now I had set a goal of 190 and of course I know that it would be unrealistic to lose 15 pounds in 28 days and it probably isn’t going to happen because I’ve been very lax about this diet.  But the other day I was talking to another friend of mine who is exercising 5 or 6 days a week and has been doing that for the last 2 almost 3 months and has been on a very strict diet, not allowing her any alcohol, no condiments and no form of dairy products and in 2 1/2 months she has lost 14 pounds.  I think that is great.  However, I know that she weighs more than I do and she has been killing herself at her exercise class and restricting what she can eat so much that she said she would kill for a drink or something really sweet.  Then I look at this diet where I’m encouraged to have dairy even though it is non-fat products and I’ve even had a glass or two of wine and yes that is allowed in the diet but not to excess or too frequently and seeing that I had lost as of week 2 I had only lost 6 pounds in only 14 days with only doing exercising 4 times a week for about 25 minutes or taking a long hike, I think I’m much happier doing this.

Day 16 of 28

Well I made it through the day of shakes, excuse me….the day of smoothies and things went pretty well and I stepped on the scale this morning and found that I had lost 3 pounds from day 15.  So what does that mean, well it means that last week on day 8 I really didn’t follow the type of smoothies very well and by focusing yesterday on exactly what type of smoothie I was making, it obviously made a difference.

So that was a great way to start the day but things went downhill from there.  Oh I managed to get almost 8 hours of sleep which was great for me only it set me back further on my time factor.  So by waking up so late that meant that I wasn’t able to really have a breakfast so I had to do the next best thing, substitute things.  After my breakfast I seasoned two of my ceramic pans and used one a little later to cook my dinner.  Then I treated another pan, the ceramic flip jack pan and one side came out good and the other side of the pan was kind of messed up.  So going to re-season the flip jack pan tomorrow.

It was taking a bit longer than I had expected to season the pan which of course set me back further on time.  I then took a quick shower and started fixing my dinner.  I had defrosted a few chicken breasts and cut them up so I could use them in a Asian vegetables, oh yeah and they were cooked in the ceramic pan I had just seasoned earlier.  Well things didn’t stick initially and I mean initially because once I tossed the frozen vegetables in the pan it was hard to get things stirred around so after a few stirrings I added a little bit of water and voila!  Things really cooked fast so I then served up some of the chicken/veggie dinner into a dish and I started getting ready for work.

Luckily I managed to grab something quick to eat for lunch and once again found that I was violating things by rushing through my meals.  One of these days I will manage to get up early enough for me to really be more like regular people when it comes to my eating schedule.

This morning I tried all natural peanut butter and knew that it would slightly separate with some oil on the top but boy was I surprised at how much oil was there and I really had to work at mixing and not spilling it all over.  I will admit that it will take just a little bit of getting used to because I’m so used to eating regular peanut butter… you know the type with hydrogenated oils which allows it to stay smoother without separation but full of things rather unhealthy.  So I’m just going to have to get used to thinks like peanut butter.

So thankful that I stuck with the diet only I still need to focus on following it better.  I know that I ate more vegetables today which is good but I didn’t do the Rev Up Exercise and ended up doing some walking.  I’m hoping to do some exercising and possibly walking tomorrow but only time will tell and how well I can get up off my backside.  Okay so let’s see what I had today to eat.


Breakfast – 1 slice of whole wheat bread with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, coffee w/cream

Lunch – tuna fish sandwich with cheese

Dinner – Asian vegetables w/chicken and 8 whole wheat penne pasta noodles and pineapple chunks.


I was doing my best to avoid adding soy sauce to the Asian veggie chicken mix so I added some grated parmesan cheese to the mixture and it was a nice change and made things rather tasty.  Guess I got lucky because it was good.

I took a walk in the parking lot at work about an hour later and hopefully worked a little bit of dinner off but I need to do better tomorrow.

That is this day wrapped up.   Oh yeah and because I stuck with things, I lost 3 pounds from smoothie day so guess what…. That means that I have lost 9 pounds so far.  Now the object will be to eat well and exercise so I can avoid skipping meals and substituting protein drinks.

Day 15 of 28

Well I had some encouraging words given to me and guess what….I stuck with the Overnight Diet.

I had some time to really start thinking about things and realized that I’ve lost 6 pounds in two weeks.  Okay so many others have lost more weight at the end of the week according to the book but I’m not them and I’ve been watching what I eat prior to even starting the diet.  It seems that I’ve been on a diet off and on for so long that it is hard to remember that I started eating a bit better but because of my slips I’ve never gotten a handle on things.

So yes today is a shake (smoothie) day.

Woke up and was still debating what to do, I mean I knew I pretty much blew things last night because I was feeling bad so I slipped big times and had some Limoncello, okay 3 cordial glasses full which is a lot considering the sugar content in the liquor.  So that meant…guess what?  Okay I gained weight.  I went from 199.1 to 200.9 which is way too much but no one to blame but myself for that slip.

Well I slept in a tiny bit and got 7 hours of sleep which I figure is better than the 5 1/2 to 6 hours of sleep that I’ve been getting previously.  So this week I’m going to try and be a bit better.  So I’m going to wrap this up very quickly so I can get some sleep and not end up sleeping too late into the morning and losing time.

Getting right to it…I drank smoothies

Snack – coffee

Breakfast – protein drink made with non-fat milk

Lunch – Enchanted Blueberry smoothie

Dinner – Enchanted Blueberry smoothie

Snack – Enchanted Blueberry smoothie


Now before you say there I go messing up again I needed some coffee and the blueberry smoothies were only made for lunch and dinner.  However, because I started running behind on time, I just made it twice and poured it into an old empty juice container and ran off to work.  I sipped the smoothie most of the day when I would get hungry and follow it with some water.  I drank approximately 80 oz of water and no I wasn’t forcing myself.  I have a 20 oz container that I put my filtered water in and just drink and before I knew it, I had one with coffee and breakfast, then one before making my smoothies for lunch and dinner, then one at work while drinking my lunch/dinner and then another one after dinner/snack.

I have to admit that I really do love the Enchanted blueberry smoothie because it has spinach in it so I feel as if I’m getting some good stuff besides the tasty blueberries.  So yes I should have chosen smoothies from certain columns but the fact is I won’t mix my coffee into a smoothie and I don’t like too many of the smoothies from columns 1 or 2, so I will just have to make due.  Yes I know that it is supposed to give me more nutrients with the peppers and other stuff but I get extreme gas with them and nothing is worse than farting all day at work because having it upset my co-workers.  So much for being strict on the diet.

I know that I walked/hiked as a substitute for exercise on one of the days because it was vigorous workout and really got my heart rate going but I’m going to have to focus on doing the 4 weekly exercises and maybe including walks so things can really do their thing and start burning fat as I develop or should I better say reawaken my muscles.  I used to jog 5 miles a day 6 days a week and had very little body fat and lots of muscles so I guess they have just been hibernating.

Time for me to get to sleep so Thanks for the kind words of encouragement and hopefully I will be in a better mood tomorrow when I get to eat not drink food.

Day 14 of 28

Okay so I’m at the last of two weeks of the overnight diet.  I’m kind of at a loss as to whether or not this is a good diet for me or not.  Yeah it was great after day 1 where I got on the scale and lost 3.7 pounds, heck that was more than the woman used in the example in the book but that was the end of the rapid weight loss for me.  In the book the author describes that a mother went on the diet with her adult daughter and the mother lost 2 pounds after day 1 and by the end of the week she had lost 9 pounds.  So I thought that was great and what an inspiration it was and so I started this diet hoping that I would get almost as good results because I thought I could do it.

Unfortunately I’ve found too many instances where I didn’t really follow the book or her instructions.  I have a hard time eating some of the foods recommended, I love the dark green vegetables but can’t stand other veggies and that is a problem.  I only like certain fruits but being bad, I only liked them when I could add sweetener to them but I’m learning how to eat them without.  I love the different colored peppers but unfortunately they all give me extreme gas as do cucumbers and well I’m not a fan of a lot of veggies.  Good thing I’m not a vegetarian because I would probably starve, but like Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) I’m not a vegetarian…I’m a desertarian meaning I love deserts…heck who doesn’t!  Don’t answer that because I really don’t want to know about those people….crazy!

Okay well let me go on and tell you how this day started at 199.1; see only 2/10 of a pound.  Frustration is starting to mount.

Well I did my best not to get upset but it is getting harder and harder to do if you know what I mean.  So I skipped breakfast because I had things to do…Yeah I know don’t skip breakfast but I wasn’t hungry and it is hard for me to eat when I’m not hungry.  So I got up and relaxed a little bit and then started doing my Rev Up Exercise for the day because I know that I will want to rush home tonight and see a show.  Okay I’ll admit that I’m an NCIS fan and we are getting at the end of the season and things are getting really good.  So knowing that I also need to get to bed relatively early so I can get up early to take my mother grocery shopping and then I have to leave early for work so that I can stop by the feed store on the way to work and pick up some food for our station rooster.  Yes we have a rooster who apparently got lost from his home about 5 years ago and he just adopted us.  At first there were 3 roosters and 1 hen and then 1 rooster and the hen disappeared.  Then we had two roosters and the one who is our mascot ended up pecking out the other rooster’s eye and taking off his cock’s comb which grew back but obviously not the eye.  Then eventually that rooster died about  3 years ago and now we only have our 1 station rooster.

So where was I….well no matter where, let me to ahead and list what I had for food today.

Breakfast – skipped

Lunch – ham steak sandwich w/grilled pineapple, ice cream

Snack – carrot sticks w/FF dip

Dinner – steak, broccoli, whole wheat pasta w/Alfredo sauce


Well except for the last bit of my lunch, I ate what I was supposed to eat with the exception of the ice cream.  But I wanted it and so I only hope that my eating so early in the day will not kill me.  Right now it is hard for me to believe that I’m going to do the protein smoothie thing again for another day.  It would be great if I knew that I could lose a couple of pounds but I really don’t see that happening.

So let me look back at how things have been for me for these last two weeks.  When I started this my weight was 205.1 which isn’t really so great.  My current weight is 199.1 meaning that in two weeks I lost 6 pounds.  Now that really isn’t bad but the only way that I found to actually lose the weight was for me to substitute a protein drink/smoothie in lieu of one of the meals which is not the way things are supposed to go.  I should have been losing weight.

Then I tried to isolate myself from this and started really thinking about what I was or more correctly what I wasn’t doing right.  I was doing my best to keep the protein level at 12 which is what it should be for my ideal weight.  So I actually was having to focus on not having too much or too little which was really getting to be a pain in the backside.

Next I was having a problem with not eating enough vegetables for my meals and as snacks.

Last but not least I was not eating very much fruit and I know that fruit is really helpful in not only curbing your appetite but it also has a sweetness that just can’t be beat.  Okay so it can be beat with artificial things and some natural things like….come on you know what I’m talking about……..CHOCOLATE!!!!!

This year I’ve been focused on trying to diet and not being able to make the snacks and treats for the crew at work as I have done in years past, of course they say it is good because they’re trying to diet but the moment someone brings up their kid’s chocolate candy the box will sell out in less than 8 hours which is quick considering our place is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  So no treats for the gang lately and feeling a little guilty about it plus I would maybe eat 1 or 2 an then I was done and had no desire to eat any of the treats.

Did I tell you that I exercised today?  Well I did just in case I forgot to mention it.  I guess I will have a lot of searching deep inside of me to do before tomorrow morning comes.  Six (6) pounds is a good amount to lose in 2 weeks and something that I should be proud of but it is hard to feel that way when so many people around me doing boot camp stuff and eating a lot more meals are lose weight at a more rapid pace.  I understand that for weight to stay off it should come off slowly but that is not the case with me.  Sometimes I can just have a slice of cake and will gain 3 pounds even after I go walking for 2 miles.  So I’m a bit of a loss for words on how to describe how discouraged I’m trying not to be.

So I’m going to wrap it up for the night and think about things, do I want to continue on the overnight diet and do the smoothie day tomorrow, do I want to eat regular tomorrow and maybe try to increase my exercising or do I want to try something different or even go back to more Paleo eating but including a whole lot more vegetables and some more fruit.

Trying to eat the correct and healthy way isn’t as easy as you might think and I have a few problems with ‘planks’ in the workout routines but I struggle through them and know that one day I will do them the allotted time period and will as good doing them as I one used to be.  Until then I will struggle through until things get better.

So a lot to think about as well as go home and play with my new camera that just arrived.

So good health and good thoughts to you.  May the scale show a weight loss to you the next time you step on it if your goal is to lose weight.

Day 11 of 28

Well I’m running out of time for me to get my act together and start focusing on my eating habits.  I guess the hardest part for me is to stop eating things that I had been so accustomed to eating when I was eating more along the Paleo/Primal Blueprint diet.  On that diet it was okay to eat cheese and to cook with butter and other fats that more easily break down in the body, but that isn’t the case here on this diet.  However, with them stressing to eat the right amount of protein each day reminds me of being on the two above mentioned diets but I get a little bit of carbs and still eating lots of vegetables.

There is the key, eating vegetables.  One big problem is that I’m kind of weird because if I was vegetarian I would probably get bored real quickly because I do not enjoy very many vegetables.  But I’m learning how to force myself to eat them for a snack and the same thing for fruit.  I’m not a big fruit eater but those fruits that I do like are really enjoyable for me.

So it should be easy for me to lose now that I’ve isolated what part of my problem is right…..Wrong!  I get bored very quickly with some foods and go through cycles as to what food I like.  A quick example is a couple of weeks before starting Overnight Dieting, I noticed that I ate tuna at least 4 times a week and really enjoyed it and did that for about 3 weeks in a row and then I was over it.  So my eating and taste goes in cycles and it isn’t always easy to predict what I may want next but I’m trying to condition myself to be better at eating.

Well enough of that, let me get on to what this is about…..Day 11.  So I woke up with only about 5 1/2 hours of sleep which is dramatically less than what they are suggesting.  Let me stress that it is not intentional that I stay up so late, I’m a bit of a night owl and seeing that I work so late at night and when I drive home it is among the drunks who are changing bar locations I really have to be awake and alert to avoid accidents or sleepy drivers.  Well that factor along with the fact that I have a horrible mattress and one of these days I’m going to spend the money and get a good bed instead of taking all of these trips to conventions….probably not but if my back keeps on hurting then I may not have a choice.

Let’s see now, woke up lacking sleep, off to a bad start.  I got on the scale and let’s just say my day of fluffing off really…I mean really did me in because I was at 201.2 meaning all of the hard work I had done was practically undone.  The night before I had stayed up and tried to season the new orgreenic flap jack pan that I bought and apparently I didn’t such a good job and was so tired that I didn’t really read the instructions.  I used olive oil to try and season it and then after wiping it out, the pan had not completely cooled and then I remember reading to wash the pan.  Well this morning after an egg disaster for breakfast I re-read the directions and it said to wash the pan before seasoning but it didn’t give more directions.  Now I season my paella pan but things tend to stick to it (yes that means that I still haven’t gotten the art of cooking paella down very well) so I wash it using a mild soap and guess what…it washes off the seasoning.  So I try to retreat it but maybe I should just order one of the enamel pans…nah…I’ll just have to get better at Spanish cooking.

Okay so I seasoned the pan with the wrong type of oil and then didn’t wait for it to totally cool to wipe it down and then I washed off the seasoning.  Now what the heck was I thinking?!!  So when I tried to cook my eggs in the pan I could see that it was sticking already to the pan despite my attempt to season it.  So I washed out the pan and sprayed it with non-stick spray and cooked my omelet and the pan worked great but once it was cleaned, I’m going to have to season it only this time I’m going to only use vegetable oil and wait until the pan is cool then wipe the excess oil off and only use water to clean the pan because the seasoning will keep things from sticking.  So lesson learned…never do things when so tired.

Then went shopping to find a few things and was shocked to see the local park and ride areas packed and then I remembered that there are two celebrations going on around town and everyone was taking the bus to the events which is great because there is never any parking at the event areas.  After fighting off traffic I managed to get some shopping down and made it back home but by then after being out in the air my allergies were getting the best of me.  Yep I was struggling to fight off falling asleep.

Well just now it hit me and I’m tired so I’m going to wrap this up quickly so I can try and get some sleep.

Breakfast – 2 egg spinach/mozzarella cheese and coffee

Lunch – bacon/guacamole cheese burger and broccoli

Snack – pineapple

Dinner – Cherry/spinach/yogurt smoothie.  Hey what can I say, I’ve gotten to where I like spinach in my smoothie.

Water, water, water.  Thankfully I’ve been drinking lots of water today.  Oh yeah because of how horrible I ate yesterday I decided to forgo dinner and just have a healthy smoothie.  Yeah I was hungry almost starving but I drank water and water and finally the hunger swam away…get it swam…water..  Never mind!

Okay well time to shut down things and try to get some sleep before my neighbors decide to mow the lawn at 0800 hours in the morning.

Oh yeah…didn’t go walking due to severe allergy problems to include headache but I did do my Rev Up Workout and I actually felt great doing it.  Maybe I’m getting closer to changing some of the fat into muscle.  Only time will tell.  I’m outta here to grab some sleep.


Day 6 of 28

Well things are looking a little and let me stress a little bit better than the day before.  First let me give you my first excuse…I didn’t have an entry yesterday because I was too busy?!!  Right, I didn’t think you would buy that excuse either but I had to try.

So when I last left you I know that I had been deciding whether or not I would start all over because why….I wasn’t eating my vegetables or at least enough of them to make a difference.  I remember that Saturday on day 4 I had hiked 5.25 miles and when I stepped on the scale on day 5 I had lost only 3/10 of a pound which would put me  back to my original day 1 loss of 3.7 pounds.  So the morning of day 6 was a little bit of a nervous when I stepped up on the scale, it was restart or continue day for me.

Once I stepped on the scale I saw that I had lost 0.6 pounds.  Now that was a miracle for me because despite my best intentions, I did not exercise that night after work.  I had planned to exercise but the laziness in my bones took over and told me to go home and go to sleep.  So I didn’t work out.

I hate that I can’t remember everything that kept me busy and not able to function right but that is partially to blame on allergies, they have been messing with my head.


Breakfast – Orange protein drink – 3 oz protein, carbohydrate 1.5

Lunch – salmon pinwheel – 4 oz protein, carbs 7

Dinner – guacamole hamburger on whole wheat bread w/lettuce, salad w/mushrooms/lettuce/spinach/tomatoes/carrots, broccoli – 4 oz protein, carbs 24

snack – vanilla protein shake after workout – 3 oz protein


So as you can see I really went over on the protein count but I felt as if I was needing something else to put back some energy into me after my workout.

One thing I noticed was that the workout was much easier this time around because all I had to do was glance at the sheet of paper and see what I was suppose to do on the exercise because I was familiar with how to do the exercise.  So that helped and I also increased my speed on the speed walk intervals doing my best to get my heart beating.

I’m wrapping up day 6 rather quickly because I’m on day 7 and need to get on this so I won’t forget.

See you on Day 7.

Oh and just in case you haven’t figured it out or in case I didn’t say it earlier…. I’m staying the course and finishing the first week.  I may not get all of the results that I had hoped for but it is a start in the right direction.