Days Off

Well just in case you were wondering what happened, I decided to take Thursday off from counting and eating right and decided to just go ahead and eat and relax.  So that was what I did and just after I finished my dinner was when I learned that my friend had died of cancer.  I’m thankful that she is no longer in pain which was her main complaint these last few weeks and her daughter was right there when she passed.

I’m very thankful that the family got to see her that day and sad for the daughter as she was there when her mother passed but thankful that the nurse suggested that she stay a few more minutes with her mother.  The last vision my friend had was of her beautiful daughter, my wonderful sister-in-law.  I will deeply miss Fern but she lives on in her daughter and her granddaughters.

Work has become a royal pain in the mikta and I will just have to face the facts that despite my best wishes, the EDQ will never change for the better but will only get worse with time.  Now that I have that in mind I think it is time to back away and keep my distance from her and remain much more professional and do my best to let things just slide off of me.  I had been kind and worked several days at other stations when she was assigned and she promised to work the next 3 times I had to go somewhere, no matter where.  Then she changed and said anywhere but the West station and now that I’ve got to fill in for someone she said she didn’t want to work that station for me.  Well first she said she did then she changed her mind so I’ve made up my mind.  I’m going to work the other station and have some peace of mind.

So I took off Thursday in a way to prepare for a focused 21 days of remaining under 100 grams per day and exercising even if it is just walking 1 miles every day.  So that is my goal.

Yet on Friday my good intentions just went out the window.  I was good for the first bit of the morning, hell I was even good through the afternoon, it was the evening when things went awry.  I had lunch which was just a sandwich with the let over humus from the night before and then I changed clothes to go on a hike.

I went to some trails and now I know what they mean by level 4 trails…OMG!  When I lived in Colorado I used to go hiking and I thought the trails were interesting, but then again I never did Pike’s Peak which was just a few miles from where I lived.  I know stupid me but my BP was so outrageously high that I was afraid that it would be too much for me.

Well little did I know that the level 4 trails around where I now live nearly did me in yesterday.  I had on my heart monitor and as I was walking things got really interesting.  I went from paved trail to compost bark trail to structured steps to mountain goat climbing or at least that was how it felt.  It was a good thing that I had just bought a good pair of hiking boots because they came in handy and helped me keep good balance.  Okay never mind that I stepped wrong one time on a rock and I felt severe pain in that foot right where I had stepped on the rock which still hurts the morning after, but all in all my Merrell boots were a good choice.  Also glad that I had a walking stick because it helped keep me balanced and not only helped me climb up like a mountain goat but also helped me walk my fat body down some very intense rocks and not fall down.

I guess the best part of all was being able to make the hike.  Yes my heart raced up to 182 but that was when I was doing the intense mountain goat imitation and I could feel it really beating hard but there was no place to stop on the climb so I continued until I got to the top.  I then stopped and very quickly my heart rate dropped to 160 in less than a minute and back down to 150 about a minute later.  It stayed 140-160 the rest of the time depending on if I was doing a lesser mountain goat hike or if the incline was less intense.

One important factor that I learned was watch where I’m walking so I don’t injure my foot again, continue to take my Camelbak of water with other stuff for emergency use and my walking stick.  I love my walking stick even if it isn’t the one I found discarded by Nutrias or maybe left behind as I walked into the area.  Either way that worked for some time as I hiked in that area but when I moved to Colorado I didn’t realize my walking stick had been discarded by my brother and thought to be trash.  Oh well…but I digress.  I didn’t have the walking stick in Colorado and managed to make it up the hills and trails with no so many problems.  I don’t even remember my heart beating so hard as it did yesterday but then again I don’t think I ever paid it that much attention or maybe I just forgot.  Must have been a senior moment….oh wait I wasn’t a senior then.  Sorry my bad.

Any way my point through all of this is the fact that I hiked 3.2 miles and played mountain goat through a part of the trails and loved it.  The only thing that ruined it was a family with 5 kids that were screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs.  Unfortunately they scared off wildlife I was trying to photograph and I couldn’t shake them until the last 200 yards of the hike.

So except for the noise at the end, the hike was wonderful and peaceful and I would go again today but I now it will be crowded because it is Saturday and also because we are expecting rain.  Not cool to go hiking in the rain.

I’ve got a busy day ahead because I learned we have fleas in the house which I have to take care of before it gets totally out of control.  So I will be taking care of that and do a whole lot of cleaning instead of hiking or anything usually taking me outside.  So a day inside working, sounds like so much fun.  Not really planning on watching too much of what I eat because I’m going to be trying to prepare my meals in advance so I can easily stay under 100 grams of carbs probably starting on Sunday when I go back to work.

Wish me luck and patience in ridding the house of fleas.  That is the only down side to having a dog yet I will have a dog once again, but not for some time because I’m still saddened by the loss of my two dogs Slider who I put to sleep 1 1/2 years ago and her sister, Catcher who was put to sleep last month.  I miss them still so no dogs for a while for me.  Well the stores will be open soon and I need to get ready to go shopping for flea killing supplies.


Day 10 and on the road

Okay just as the title suggests, I’m on the road and I really haven’t been on the road, literally on the road driving long distance in several years.  I think the last time was 2010 and let me tell you I really, really hate driving especially the route that I was driving today.  However things were a little bit different, it turns out that all of the construction that I had to go through the last time I traveled on the same route has finally changed and it turns out that most of the highway has been fixed and is nice and relatively new, relative because I’m not sure when the work was completed.

So woke up and hit the snooze alarm once and then ended up turning off the alarm.  I got up thinking a quick shower and then I would be on my way because I did most of my packing the night before…..  WRONG!   Just as I was getting ready I realized that I had to wash my hair which is no easy task because I have a whole lot of hair and it is about mid breast level and believe me when I say that it is no easy feat to wash my hair.  Once that was done I then had to go about putting all of the stuff in it before I wrapped it up wet in a clip and started gathering stuff for my trip.

I had been dreading the whole drive for the last few days but my mechanic told me that I should put more miles on my truck which is nearly 20 years old so I double checked with him and although he said he could not predict what could go wrong he said as far as he could see everything should be good to go.  So go I did and I added a quick 275 miles on my truck bringing it closer and closer to 200,000 miles but still got a way to go.

So I’m ready to head out and it is about noon so I stop by a local fast food restaurant and grab a burger/fries and a drink.  I ate the burger right away because I was really hungry but only had about 7 of the fries and of course had all of the diet drink.  I don’t like to drink water too much while driving because for some reason it really makes me go more frequently.

The drive was enjoyable except for the last 50 miles when I hit traffic and rain, I hate driving in the rain.  So stressed out from that part and got in to my brother’s house which meant that I had to go to the back door and use my key to get in meaning I had to try to avoid walking through a small patch of mud.  I only worry about the mud because my brother has a light colored carpet and I didn’t want muddy footprints all over.  Unloaded my truck and then headed off to the Senior Assisted living facility where my friend is.

After a few minutes I went in to see her, don’t know what I expected to see but I was kind of shocked to see her so weak.  I have always seen her so spry and active and although I know that the bronchitis took its toll on her I still was a tad bit shocked.  What really made me smile was that she was still sharp and quick witted which made me smile and feel good.  How is it that I came to see her and hope to make her laugh when she turned it around and made me feel good.  I really love that woman.

Then we went out and had tacos and a few chips for dinner.

So I don’t know what the carb count was but I would pretty much guess that no matter what it was, it put me over the 100 gram count.  That is one of the problems with being on the road, you really can’t plan for doing something or at least I can’t plan.  Oh sure I try to do something good but most of the time I don’t follow through on eating good while on the road so it will be an ahh forget about it type of day.

GOOD:  visited with sick friend, enjoyed my family’s company.  Having a good day even though I was driving long distance.

BAD:  What I ate and not eating very well.  Short broken sleeping.  Driving long distance.

Well I’m sort of mixed up in the head right now because I’m tired due to a lack uninterrupted sleep, one of these days I will sleep 8 hours but usually I only get that when I’m sick.  Oh yeah, well got caught in the rain when my made my pit stop…you know bladder run.  So was wet then and then the cold of the rain sunk in, got rained on going into the senior living facility and going in and out of a store all still staying a bit wet and with of course no jacket.  But I’m not going to buy a jacket because I have about 10-12 jackets that are all hanging up in my closet back home.  See how smart I am by remembering to grab one.

I used to enjoy driving and being on the road but when I started making really long distance trips that were 968 miles and it took about 18 hours or sometimes longer to make and I used to do it usually once or twice a year, I got burned out.  So I’m not keen on driving because of those really long road trips.  Most of all what really bugged me was the fact that my dogs used to always say that they would take their turn driving but would they do that…..NO!  Those lazy dogs, Catcher and Slider would always promise to help driving but in the long run they would just lay down on the back seat and go to sleep.

Wow, now that I think about it, this is the first trip that I’ve made by myself in 17 years.  Kinda missing my co-pilots but I guess they are with me in spirit too bad their spirit couldn’t share the driving.  I miss my girls and I’ll miss my friends, shedding hair, dog slobber and their love they gave me.