154 Starting

Okay so you’re thinking what the hell does 154 mean, or maybe just wishful thinking on my part.  So eventually I will reveal exactly what 154 is all about.  First let me dispel a few ideas you may have about what 154 means.

154 does not mean the amount of weight that I need to lose because thankfully I’m not quite that fluffy.

154 is not my desired weight goal.

So what is 154?  Okay I’ll give a hint, the number will decrease on a steady basis.  Well that probably gave it all away and that is about all that I’ll say for now.

This blog actually will tie into that number because yes I’m also trying to lose weight.

If you’ve been following me on this site and although there aren’t many, I do appreciate the few of you who happen to drop by for a laugh or for a read.  I’m still trying to lose weight and I can actually say that I feel as if I’ve given up my potato hack dieting for good.  I had several attempts to get back onto it but within a day or two of restarting I would fall by the side.

So what is the difference this time?  My will power is still as weak as ever so instead I’m going to take an old age-old stab at continuing to try and lose weight.  I stepped on the scale this afternoon after having lunch and about went into shock, I was at 218.1 pounds and based on my 5’3″ frame, that is way too much weight.  The only good thing is the fact that the clothes that I wear hide some of my obesity or at least that is what I used to think.

The other day I took a good look in the mirror, a really good look and let out a big sigh.  I couldn’t believe just how fat I looked in my underwear and it saddened me.  No, didn’t depress me because I try not to let too many things depress me.

So something pretty cool happened last night and thus I came up with 154.

I’m sure so many of us large or fluffy people have been constantly checking out the internet about our weight problem and how to lose weight.  I’ll admit that I surf the net too much and I’m always looking for the easy way to lose weight.  Yes I did rapidly put on 60 pounds because of the eating habits, lack of exercise, how unhappy I was and because I was always getting sick with allergies.  Those were my dark days and I’m going to put them behind me.

One thing that I’ve always done when I’ve been successful in losing weight, increasing my water, doing more walking, more exercising and slowly decreasing the bad things that I eat or ate too much of in the past.  So my goal is each day to do some form of exercise, it doesn’t have to be a lot but just some form of exercise each and every day until 154 comes to fruition.

The weird thing is that usually I’m all excited about the cold of winter coming on but for some reason this year I’m just thankful that it is cool in the evening because it is allowing me to sleep.  During the summer I only managed to get broken sleep and usually the max amount added up was 4 1/2 or 5 hours of sleep which I can tell you is not good.  As we all know the body needs the rest of sleep in order to help us lose weight.  If that was all we needed to do to lose weight I would become Rip Van Winkle but maybe not.  I would just like to sleep a solid eight hours and it would be nice but I still go to bed early in the morning and most of my sleep is still interrupted with my neighbor’s young dog.

Okay, time out while I stand up on my soap box and gripe about my neighbor and his dog.  He made a big point of showing off his dog and trying to walk his dog.  Only he did about everything wrong in walking his dog so much that Cesar Millan was probably cringing.  The dog was in control and my neighbor was just walking his dog as if to show off what he now had and giving a long 3 syllable name when it is best to have it at no more than 2 syllables.  He doesn’t play with his dog, he no longer walks his dogs, he ignores his dog’s late night barking which wakes me up but worse of all is they always yell “NO” at the dog because he is trying to heard the children.  The dog is a German Shepherd, a herding and guard dog but he hasn’t bother to teach his grandchildren about his dog so when the kids run away from their grandmother, the dog tries to heard them back to the grandmother by grabbing their wrists.  So of course the kids don’t understand what is going on and they all start screaming at the dog and chasing the dog away.  It is no wonder the dog is practically scared of his own shadow.  A couple of months ago the dog started barking at me as I mowed the lawn so as I was emptying the bag I went to pet the dog but he ran off.  Eventually with my softly speak the dog’s name and sweet sounding voice the dog came over to me and I let him sniff me.  He ran off but quickly returned and of course I rewarded him by petting him and giving him a good back scratching.  Now whenever I go outside the dog has a happy bark when he sees me.        LAST PART….  I hate it when people get animals as a status symbol and don’t do anything to be involved in the animal’s life.  …..STEPPING OFF MY SOAP BOX NOW THAT I’VE PUT IN MY 2 CENTS WORTH.

So now back to sleep, I’m still hoping for good sleep but the important thing I’m trying is to eat smaller quantities of food and increase my water intake.  I used to be good but have fallen off the water wagon.  So I bought a new water pitcher, one for work and one for home so I will always have clean cold filtered water and can stop buying bottles of water.

I’m also hoping to lower my blood pressure because I really don’t feel like breaking in a new doctor because the PN I used to go to was a pain and never listened to a thing I ever said.  So I know by regularly exercising I can decrease my blood pressure and I’m also taking some supplements to are said to help decrease the build up of plaque in arteries.  So we’ll see just how 154 works out for me.


Start of Personal Bet

Okay so here I go, this morning I got on the scale and knew I would be heavier than the 213.1 I was weighing on 3/24/15 but imagine my shock when 12 days later I see that I’ve gained 5 pounds, putting my weight at 218.1 pounds.  Wow, I was really, really shocked but in reality I knew I was gaining weight because my pants were not fitting as loose as they had been on the 24th.  But I had company return from out of country and they wanted to eat and for some reason my resolve went zip out the window.  So I ate and then last week we had people bringing sweets into the office and I didn’t resist and then I celebrated my mother’s birthday and we had chocolate bunnies (it was Easter Sunday), chocolate birthday cake and chocolate ice cream….oh yeah and peanut butter chocolate eggs.  What can I say, chocolate is the hardest thing for me to resist.

So if I continue to follow my goal, which to some of you may seem minor but considering my track record it will not be an easy thing for me to continue for 164 days or in this case now, 163 days.  Yes I know it is a lot of time between now and then but I have to maintain the weight loss which has always been a hard thing for me to do.  Sure I can lose the weight but I usually quickly slip up and start eating regular stuff which are usually carb heavy meals and yep, on comes the weight.  So the big test will be keeping it off, so if I lose my desired 30 pounds I have to maintain it.  I really, really want that espresso maker.  Besides if I get the machine it is not as if I’ll be going off of being Primal, I use good things for my espresso/lattes.

Okay so let’s recap…I ate like a pig and gained weight lots of weight, 5 pounds in 12 days which is way too much.

So here I am on Day 1 of my PB (personal bet) and having weigh-in, but I’ve yet to take my measurements which is something I will end up doing tonight and will just log that in my personal journal so I can see if I’m even coming close to making a difference.

Let’s see, I started out the morning with 4 strips of bacon (yum) and a cup of tea.  Lunch was brisket and mashed potatoes.  Dinner was a lot more brisket (served myself too much but still I ate it all), masked potatoes and green beans.  Oh yeah and my snack was a peanut butter Easter egg.  I know I’m pretty darn close to hitting 100 grams of carbs so I’ll just be more careful tomorrow and buckle down a little bit more on what I’m eating.

Don’t know if this counts any but I got up and walked a mile which is four times around the outer edge of our parking lot at the station which I did shortly after eating.  As I said earlier, I ate too much and was suffering so that was why I went walking.  Not happy with my eating habits on the first day but I just want to get most of the food left over for Easter out of the way, meaning the mashed potatoes.

I still need to go home and take a selfie showing my rolls of fat and hope that by the end of August I will be a little bit happier with how I look.  So this is it for the night, I’ve actually got to get back to work but at least I get to go home early tonight.  Maybe if I play my cards right, I can end up getting up early enough to take a quick spin around the area on my trike.  That will be something I can look forward to doing tomorrow.

Instead of posting a picture of what I used to look like, maybe I will post a picture of the espresso machine I want so I will have a constant reminder of why I need to remain focused on my way of living.    With that being said, I’m outta here and hope that you have a good night/morning/afternoon or whatever time of day it is when you read this.

163 days to go.

2015 New Year – New Start

Yes I’m still here, only thing is that I’ve managed to avoid taking my allergy meds and I’ve been paying the price lately.  I was doing really good throughout most of the year although I had a sinus infection earlier that I never quite got rid of, so two days before Christmas I went and got a massage because of my CTS.  Well my masseur reminded me of the high pollen count that hit that morning and to prepare myself.  Unfortunately I was lost in my own little mind and didn’t increase my water, didn’t increase my water intake and worse of all I didn’t double up on my allergy meds.


Yep, you guessed it right, I came down with a sinus infection in less than 24 hours.  So unfortunately I still had to work but all of the clinics were jam packed and so I put off going to the med clinic to get some help (I still haven’t found a another doctor that I’m comfortable with).  Well by the time New Year’s Eve came along I was sicker than a dog but there was a 3 hour wait so I decided to go the next day and what was supposed to be a 1 1/2 hour wait actually turned into a 4 hour wait.  But hey, I can’t complain because it is my fault that I didn’t find a regular doctor that I like yet and because I could have prevented this by taking my meds.  I know, bad me and I’m still paying the price and here it is the 7th day into the new year.


So what is all of this about a new start all about.  Well I downloaded the Vimify challenge app and am going to do the Primal Blueprint 21 day challenge.  I basically know what to do but I wonder if I might do better this time out by actually being a part of the group.  I don’t know but at least already there are lots of nice people on there with nice things to say.


Once again I will be going Primal because number 1 I like what I get to eat on this plan.  I’m more of a steak and potato ladies but I think I’ve had too many potatoes and way too many deserts.  It doesn’t help that I rather enjoy baking deserts either, so that is one strike against me but I can always bring the sweet stuff up to where I work and the people there will enjoy my efforts in baking.  So back to Primal and why primal.  Well that is easy because I’ve been sort of primal off and on, mostly off; but I like the way that I feel when I’m on this diet.  Before my sinus infection hit, I think I was hitting the Tums at least twice a day and I knew better but still I did nothing to stop the madness.  After the sinus infection hit I haven’t been able to do much except cough up the yucky stuff if you know what I mean, but I’ve been coughing so hard that I sometimes would lose what I just ate.


But I went to the clinic and got on some meds and I think that I see the light at the end of the tunnel or else it is a train that is going to hit me as I continue to walk the tracks through the tunnel.  Either way something is going to happen.


This Primal challenge starts on Monday and I’m hoping that I’ll be okay come Monday but right now I’m beginning to doubt if I will be well by then.  I’m still hacking up my gunk and my voice is still strained and worse of all is how exhausted I’m feeling doing just simple things.  I was tired after taking my mother grocery shopping and that shouldn’t be happening.  Oh well maybe this is an even better reason to go Primal.


I know that I need to focus on moving frequently and moving slow, allowing the stress of things to try and roll off of me but easier said than done sometimes.  Right how the plan is to take short walks around the block and on weekends to go riding on my trike.  I will have to build up my endurance on my trike, I don’t think I can do much more than about 5-10 miles right now, so I guess my determination to repeat the 50 mile Tour De Cure is out of the question at this time.


It is my hope that I can finally complete my goal of losing weight, getting fit and staying below the 200 pound mark.  I know that may not seem like much but for now I will just take it one small step at a time.  Thankfully I do not have many things in my cupboard that will need to tossed and I am realistic to know that there may be times when I will eat more carbs than I really should for the day but I will not let it discourage me.  I’m not expecting a miracle but just getting and staying below 200 pounds will be like a miracle for me.  I have yet to weigh myself so I do not know what my current weight is at this time so I guess Monday I will find out.


On the new hope of a new start this year is the fact that I’m pretty much off of the diet sodas, off the flavored waters and coffee/tea/water are what I’ve been drinking for the last couple of weeks since I’ve been sick.  Now I’m not talking about all of those fancy coffee house coffees, it is just coffee with Stevia and heavy whipping cream.  I’m lactose intolerant and you would think that the heavier milk product would bother me, but nope, I’m doing fine with that in my coffee.


I will try to be organic as much as possible but the reality fact is that I’m a poor broke woman who doesn’t bring home a lot of money so most of my produce will not be organic but I’m going to stay along the wild caught for seafood, grass-fed with no hormones beef and when I do break down and want something terrible like pasta, I’m going to make it so that will take some of the desire out of having pasta because it is a pain to have to make it rather than just boil some water.  I do know basically what I have to do and how to try and stay on the path but I’m going to try and not beat myself up mentally for times when I slip and in this 21 day challenge I’m hoping to once again set up better eating habits.


I’ll be honest, my blood pressure is all over the place with this sinus infection, coughing, hacking and lack of moving around.  I know what can naturally lower my blood pressure and so I’m hoping to use that knowledge to control my BP until I can feel assured that I don’t need the meds any longer and then go get checked out by a doctor.


So yes I believe that this new year will be the year that I will make a dent in my way of life and believe that things will be changing for the better for me health wise and maybe that will improve my outlook on things and just maybe I may start doing other special things for myself to make me feel better.


Short term goal for the 21 day challenge….provided I’m not over 225 lbs, I hope to be close to the 200 pound mark at the end of 21 days.  Everything will depend on how I’m feeling and right now my sinuses are kicking my tush so this weekend is the chance to get better before I start my challenge.  New year and new outlook, that is what I need to remember and to believe in myself.


So I’ll be back soon and until then enjoy yourself and thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense.

Wipe Out

No I did not go surfing.  Instead things have gotten kind of bad.  Just in case I somehow forgot to tell you, I have CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) and have had it since 1990.  Thankfully most of the time since when I was first diagnosed it has only bothered me some with minimal problems.  The last time I had this much pain from CTS was when I moved and I did severe harm to my hands and barely had any use of my hands for 2 months.  Well as of the end of March and about the last time I posted things have dramatically gone down hill.

I have been struggling with problems of numbness in my wrist and occasional numbness in my fingertips.  However in the last 40 days I have had numbness in 3-4 fingers on my right hand which means that I really have to focus on what I’m doing whether it be driving, riding or typing as I’m doing now.  I had been getting neuromuscular massages to help relieve some of the pressure of CTS but due to deaths in family I was unable to keep my appointment and since then I have not been able to get my appointment with him.  Finally there was a break and an opening for me but it is not until June.  Yeah I know that is a heck of a long time to wait but I’m hoping he can bring me some relief.

Meanwhile, I was trying to eat right and was doing good for a week and then things rapidly went downhill with my hands which threw me out of whack.  I was and still experiencing constant numbness in 3-4 fingers on my right hand which is a bummer since I’m right-handed.  My job, well let’s just leave it at that because I’m still distressed about that.

So stress from that compiled with the stress of the situation and things are looking kind of gloomy despite my best efforts.  So lifting weights at the time is out of order so why not ride my trike (Serenity) because it does leave me with a feeling of peace and serenity?  Well I started doing that but the numbness in my fingers/wrist increased as I had to use my hands to guide me on my trike and keep me from running into curbs/cars and onto bad road areas.  Turns out my favorite bike riding path has vegetation that causes breathing difficulties for hours after the ride.  Yeah I would get short of breath after a lot of exertion but I would catch my breath within a few minutes at the most.  That wasn’t the case for my favorite path, so that path is out.

I am excited because in two weeks I will finally get my massage appointment and I will hopefully get some feeling back into my wrist/fingertips.  So basically I’ve wiped out and kind of kicked the bucket of pain and caused myself more pain.

So where does that leave me?  Well I am giving myself 90 days to try and do something so I’m not in pain when I make my journey to Atlanta for DragonCon.  I’m still determined to at least fit into some BDU’s so I can march in the parade without looking like the stay puft marshmallow man or the Michelin tire man.

All I need to do is work out a plan that will allow me to exercise and eat right, that is, right.  Snap, that is easy.  NOT!!!!!!

I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow so I will start trying to eat right by buying things I will need to make.  I have someone willing to help me out by doing some of the cooking so I don’t strain myself even more holding/stirring, you know all of those cooking things.  I have some smaller hand weights that I’m going to try and use to try and wake up some of my deep hiding muscles in my arms.

I have already found that by sleeping upright, sitting up in bed, the pain has greatly diminished in my wrist and some of the feeling is coming back to my numb fingers and now instead of 4 number fingers, I only have 3 numb fingers.

I was sort of feeling like a storm cloud was hanging over my head…oh wait that is just the weather outside right now.  I’m finally seeing how badly I want something which is to be able to walk in the parade without embarrassing the rest of the group I will be marching with by being too large for BDU’s.  Well that and the fact that when I clap my hands I don’t want to feel the flab on my upper arms waving back and forth after I stopped clapping.

So I’ve been wiped out and allowed all sorts of things to bother me but now that has to change.  I’m ready to do a few things to change in hopes that the small changes will spur me on.  I’m not sure if I’m going to keep a daily journal or not because right now typing is getting to be a bit hard for me.  Maybe I’ll just break it down to a weekly journal and maybe put a thing or two about what happened each day.

Yes I am seriously looking into one of those dictation programs so I won’t have to type but I know that I will miss typing.  Still thinking about whether or not to buy the program.  I just ordered a pannier rack /bracket/bag that I can put on my trike so when I do take the trips I can hear music on my MP3 player through my external speaker and not have to try and balance it on my lap.  Now although it will be several weeks before it gets here but at least I can build back up my wind by walking.  I have new inserts for my shoes and am using them to help lift up my fallen arches so I will no longer be flat footed.

Besides when I go to Atlanta, we are going to be celebrating two of my friends retirement.  They have retired from their jobs one who was under extreme stress to the point of her having to basically be there 24/7/365.  They forgot that she was human and needed some bits of a life outside of work.  So what does that have to do with my new focus on losing weight.  Well we plan to eat at a few very nice places while at DragonCon and if I eat I don’t want to be walking around with my waistband popped open because I’m too fat to fasten up my pants.

So I may have wiped out and I’m still sitting on the ground chuckling at my dumb mistakes and dusting myself off.  But I’ll be starting again to give myself the most important thing, better health and to feel better about myself.  I would love to be as fit as I was in my mid 20’s but that ship has sailed a long time ago.  So now time for me to start paddling my way back to not being terrified to look in the mirror at my body.

You would not believe how long it has taken for me to type this up so if there are mistakes, typos, etc… too bad.  Sorry for the lack of better grammar and poor attitude but being in pain really doesn’t leave much room for being happy…but I’m trying to find my happy place.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 2

Well for me just starting this out of the blue things are going pretty good.  Guess all of my past attempts at eating primal is paying off and for that I’m grateful.

So now where to do I began, let me see….well I guess the best thing to happen for the day is that I slept in.  Yep, I slept through breakfast and didn’t get up until 1100 hours.  Now you may think what the hell is she doing, is she crazy, she is going to get fired.  Although getting fired is always an option no matter what the job, but I have some job security.  Going back to sleeping in let me tell you that I went to bed at 0200 hours and was struggling to get to sleep and then after about 20 minutes I had a coughing fit.

So I woke up coughing and didn’t stop for about 30 minutes, causing pain in my lower back, stomach and chest from all of the coughing and I’m lucky that I didn’t wake up the whole neighborhood with my coughing.  Also with all of the water that I was drinking I had to make frequent trips you know where.  I finally managed to calm down a bit after taking the Rx cough medicine and went to sleep but that didn’t last very long.  At about 0520 hours this morning I woke up coughing and I was having a very hard time stopping and yes I was sore again.  Let me tell you I was really beginning to wonder if I would ever feel better because on previous nights I’ve not had coughing fits as intense.  After getting up and wandering around and downing some water to try and get myself to relax I remembered that I had the generic brand of children’s liquid Zyrtec which is just for allergies.  My Rx cough syrup wasn’t working so I figured why not give it a try.

What a difference, my throat relaxed and my coughing eased up dramatically so I thought hey why not try to go back to sleep.  Bad choice because I lay down and then started coughing but when I sat up things eased in my coughing.  So I pulled my sitting pillow that has arms and back support and added one of my pillows for back support and the other for my head allowing me to sleep upright.  After 20 minutes I had fallen asleep but woke up when I started to turn over which doesn’t work very well.  Seeing that I had relaxed enough, I decided to take a chance on sleeping laying down.

It worked and I was able to get back to sleep but had set my alarm for 0830 hours hoping to do a morning walk but when I got up I still felt a little tired so I decided to go back to sleep.  The best thing is that when I woke up at 0830 hours I was feeling pretty good and there was only a little bit of soreness in my throat.  I grabbed a sip of water and went back to bed and slept heavily and slept until 1100 hours.  It is amazing how much better I feel after sleep.  I actually think that I’m on the mend because there is less irritation in my throat and my allergies seem to be coming back under control.  The sad thing is that I never had such intense allergies until I was an adult.

So as I stated, I slept through breakfast but before I fixed my salad I needed some caffeine so I had a cup of coffee for a late coffee break but that was after I showered.  So I sat there relaxing with my cup of coffee which actually made my throat feel better so I might bring a coffee pod to work just in case I have tightness in my throat.  Without further adieu let me list my meals.

Early Brunch:

Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2
Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


Tunafish Salad:Tuna/Mayo/Mustard/Chopped Egg 1/2 cup 0.2
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5


Hamburger Patty – Juicy Lean Premade Patty 1 0
Applewood Bacon – Thick 2 slices 0
Cheese – Provolone 1 slice 0
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6
Sprakling Water – Strawberry 12 oz 0
Avocado – Medium 2-Jan 0.7


Coffee w/Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2


Now this is what I’m taking with me to work for dinner.  There may be some add-ons such as coffee or maybe some almonds in case I get hungry but only time will tell.   I’m also going to drink more water especially when I think that I’m hungry.  I’ve read that often we eat because of what we feel but when actually our body is telling us that we are dehydrated.  So I’m going to try drinking more water.  Since I don’t like the taste of the water even out of the water fountain I will be bringing my Britta filter water bottle so I can at least filter out some of the yucky taste.  So we will see what the rest of the night holds in store for me.

Okay for those of you who may have viewed this day earlier you will see that there was a slight change.  I was able to get half an avocado which was yummy.  Then I’m topping it all off with a cup of coffee, it is a wonderful way for me to relax.  Yes I can relax with a cup of coffee even without any alcohol being put in it.

I hope that I don’t have to talk too much at work because I know that will strain my throat but I’m going to the store to pick up some more children’s liquid allergy med before going to work.  I will be prepared and I will conquer my illness.  Yeah I know I say that now since I’m almost done with it but I figure over 10 days is enough time being sick.

So maybe I’ll be back to update today or maybe not.  Either way thanks for tuning in and hopefully by next Wednesday I will have even happier news.  At least 1-2 pounds and hopefully I will have a good start on getting control of my weight.  See you soon and thanks for tuning in.

Oh real quick, we ended up celebrating one of co-worker’s birthday early, it is tomorrow but that is her day off and then she is moving to another department so we won’t be able to visit with her like we usually do.  They had pizza, cheesecake, cupcakes and candy and you would be proud of the fact that I passed on all of the treats and enjoyed my dinner.  It tasted it great and I think I feel better having kept to my primal way of eating.  i FEEL GREAT !!!!!


Primal For 21 Days – Day 1

Yep that’s right I’m giving Primal a try again and yes I’m still sick.  I’ve still got a little bit left of my sinus infection which as you know was how I ended up with bronchitis and I guess my sinus problem is last step of the game.  So maybe you’re thinking to yourself as I was doing this morning, ‘Hey, I thought I was going to wait until I was well to start dieting.’

Well you are right, I was going to start maybe by this weekend but then this morning I stepped up on the scale….Wholly Cow!!  I got on the scale and I tipped the scales at 209.7 pounds.  Now I had gone to Atlanta with a weight of 202-203 pounds and came home with only about 1-2 pounds more but because I was sick I ate heavily because I was taking very strong antibiotics and by eating heavily I can avoid having diarrhea and have been eating almost anything and everything I wanted falling back on a poor mantra: ‘I need to eat heavily to avoid diarrhea’ but that came back and bit me and bit me big.

So basically I’ve gained at least 6 pounds in 11 days which is a ridiculous amount of weight to gain.  No wonder my uniform pants were fitting a bit tight and why my waistline was itching, it was rubbing up against my waistband and being squashed and of course I scratched and scarred up my waist.  Hey before you say don’t do that, I didn’t realize that I was scratching myself in my sleep until I got up this morning, I was sore from where I had been scratching so if I don’t stop it will be the ‘Chicken Pox Remedy’ for me.  What is the chicken pox remedy…well when I was young and caught the chicken pox from one of my brothers, I would scratch myself so much that I would make the marks bleed so in order to get me to stop, my mother put socks on my hands and taped them in place so I wouldn’t remove them during the night.  It worked and I did not have any scars from the pox marks.

Enough of going down memory lane.  It is time for me to focus on this.  I had opened my e-mail and saw that Mark of Mark’s Daily Apple had issued the 21 Days of Primal contest.  Unfortunately for me I did not realize that it was suppose to go from September 16 – October 6.  Now I didn’t realize that it had started on the 16th but he said that it was not too late to get started so since I’m not one for competition so I’m not registered for the Challenge.  But as Mark said, it isn’t too late to get started…it is never too late to get started.

I read the email after I had my breakfast which luckily was only a cup of coffee.  I know that I’m not prepared properly to do this but at least I have enough protein in the freezer, hey they were having a sale of sirloin tip steaks at a local market so I took advantage of it and stocked up and I found some great deals on Ahi Tuna so that will be great too.  The hard part was the greens.  I only like certain type of vegetables so that tends to limit me on what I can eat but I’m expecting to do much better this time.

So why just 21 days, well that is a good place to start because after 21 days I should build up a habit of eating better.  Oh so I guess I shouldn’t worry about waiting to start eating better because in this dieting plans I will eat better.  One thing I had noticed was that he encouraged us to eat at least one salad a day and I know that will help along with eating my vegetables, so I will need to start prepping some of my vegetables so that they can be fixed in a way that I enjoy meaning using better and coconut oil for cooking.


So here we go and let’s see how things are going by next Wednesday, I will have been on the diet for 7 days and I’m hoping to see at least 1-2 pounds of weight gone.  Now the only problem I will have is the fact that I need to exercise but I might not be able to do that for the next day or two because I have major sneezing fits every time I go outside, but hopefully with taking my allergy meds along with my Rx nasal spray and things should get better.

Here we go with Day 1 foods:


Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2
Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6



Tunafish Salad:Tuna/Mayo/Mustard/Chopped Egg 1/4 cup 0.1
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5
Sparkling Water – Strawberry Flavor 8 oz 0



Crab Rangoon 2 8
Sesame Chicken 2 cups 55
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6
Sparkling Water – Strawberry Flavor 8 oz 0


Day 1 Total Carbohydrate Count:      84.6 grams


Well as you can see by this I really went big for dinner.  I had some left over Sesame Chicken from my dinner last night and I realized that I had been keeping my carb count down, thankfully so I could so ahead and have the chicken and that way it will be gone and I won’t be tempted to have that and rice, which I did not have and disposed of it.  But I was able to have my two crab rangoon left over from dinner last night.  So now all of the temptation food is pretty much gone so tomorrow I will be able to focus much better on my carb count.


Although I was under 100 grams limit I still need to watch much more carefully what I eat.  I also ate way too much and am paying the price for it with an over stretched tummy.

Perhaps you are wondering why I’m taking the Emergen-C vitamins packet, well seeing how poorly I’m feeling I figure it couldn’t hurt me but only help me as I continue to struggle to feel better.  Since I stayed home from work, I was able to rest my throat and it is grateful for the rest and despite the sneezing fit I had earlier I was able to clear my nose and I’m feeling better…oh yeah the 2 hour nap I had earlier also helps.

I’m planning on going to bed in a short time so I can get as much sleep as possible.  I know that is also very vital and maybe I’ll wake up feeling good enough to go for a brief walk.  I’ve got to get some exercise and get adjusted to being outside if this primal plan is going to work.  I’ll worry about exercising more once I feel better, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s not to go crazy about exercising.

Oh yeah I guess I should tell you that my blood pressure is up and part of it is because of my sinus problem and also because I haven’t been taking my meds correctly but hard to do when it hurts to even swallow.  I was also reading of other ways in which to decrease your blood pressure by focusing on deep breathing and calming times as well as simple walks.  Besides I noticed that my blood pressure was better when I was eating healthier so maybe it will get under control with dieting and regularly exercising.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that this time I see a big difference.  Next month I get a free pass into a local amusement park and my youngest brother is going to join me so I have a riding partner for the rides.  I need to drop a little bit of weight so I don’t squash him when we sit down on the rides.  So I have a simple goal and things should hopefully be better.  No I don’t expect to lose a lot of weight but enough so my pants aren’t tight when we go to the park.

Got to run and get ready for bed.  Have a good night and a good day upon waking.

Boot Camp Hell

Yep you read it right, I’ve started taking Boot Camp classes and it is hell on me.  Never mind that I’ve only attended one class, I’m in pain and to make things worse, I mowed the lawn today in the hot, hot sun and that didn’t help me at all.  Now my plan is to get my fat backside up and into class at 6 am which means I have to wake up early instead of sleeping.  Well I can bet you a dollar that once I come home tomorrow morning I will be crashing.

How did this come to be, well silly me was talking with a co-worker who pointed out a special on one of the coupon sites and it was a boot camp unlimited classes for two months for 1/2 off the price of 1 month unlimited classes.  So getting 2 months of classes for the price of 1/2 month.  Thought it was too good of a deal to pass up.  I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have passed it up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I went to it on Saturday and did my best which was pretty miserable.  I only had the second best rowing time and other than that I was severely lower on my counts than anyone else.  Okay so there were 3 new people in our class of 10 who were new but they were in their late 20’s and early 30’s and worked out about twice a week.  So here I am, an old fart who is going to hit the double nickel (55) on Tuesday doing my best to get through the class.  I was out of breath at the end of the hour and my friend who talked me into the class suggested we go out and eat.

Mistake, I ate too much but left most of the starchy food (fries) on the plate and ate the turkey/bacon sandwich.  I had water and not soda but when I got home that night I had a piece of cake and ate a burger with fries and ate all of the fries that time.  Yeah a lot of good that did me.  But I’m sure that I will pay the price very soon….oh wait paying now.

I took a picture of me the morning of class, as disgusting as it was and let my fat hang out, then took my measurements and can only estimate my weight because I forgot to weigh myself that morning.  Yeah I know, dumb move.  So I’m going on the assumption that I was pretty close to 203 pounds and hope I wasn’t heavier than that because I’d been eating primal and had been bad the day before going to boot camp.

So I went there and didn’t die but was sure as heck out of breath.  I will say that the instructor and assistant were encouraging and when they saw I was struggling encouraged me and reminded me to catch my breath.  So yeah I didn’t collapse and pass out.  So that was Saturday and today on Sunday I had to mow the lawn.  I don’t want to have to do it when I return from boot camp tomorrow so I got up and started it at about 11:00 am, it was still relatively hot but not too hot.  I finished with time to relax then scarf down a PBJ sandwich, yeah I know not exactly healthy but if I was going to carb out that was the time so I did it.  I cooled off partially then hopped into the shower and started getting ready for work which included washing my hair.  Now guys may not think too much of it but my hair is very thick  and almost to the middle of my back which means it is long and with so much hair it is not an easy task, just ask my stylist.  So finally got finished and had about 20 minutes to relax so I lay down on my bed and wanted to seriously slap the shit out of my alarm when it went off which was my phone.

So here I am at work and now I’m feeling the pain.  My tushy hurts probably from all of the step ups on 20″ boxes.  Now that my not seem like much to most of you but I’m a little old lady who is only 63″ tall so that is about 1/3 of my total height.  Holly cow that is a big step up. I was told to start with a 15 pound kettlebell but the only one was grabbed by the younger obviously more fit female newby and mine was almost 17 pounds which is really a lot on the second go round of step-ups and kettle ball swings.  Oh well we did our stuff and I newby girl did not do all of the reps that she was supposed to do but I kept my mouth shut and just struggled on with mine.  I figure it will only hurt her in the long run and oh hell my doing them is hurting me in the here and now.  Ouch!!!

That is all I can do because what I experienced in pain is all due to my poor eating habits and lack of exercise.  So what is the solution to this problem.  No the solution is not go out and eat a whole chocolate cake!  The only solution I can think about is to eat much better and kep on taking the classes.  Now this week will be really messed up because I have errands to run on some days and then my sibs are coming into town this weekend for a lumberjack party.  No that doesn’t mean we all wear flannel shirts and carry around an axe.  I have one brother who lives in a small burb outside of our big city who needs a tree felled.

A few years back my younger brother and I worked on taking down some limbs on a tree in my front yard and then my sibs came over and we felled the tree and then took a couple of days chopping it up with our chainsaws.  How sad is this when each of my sibs, including myself and my mother all have our own chain saws!  Are we sick….nah we just all have trees we have to take down.  So we’re heading to brother #3’s house this weekend to take down the tree dropped a huge limb on the roof of his wife’s new car.  Stupid tree, it should have known there would be consequences.  We have ropes to make it go where we want it to go, so long tree.

So what should have been a day of rest was spent mowing the lawn.  Then going to work a little bit tired.  Maybe that is good so I will go to sleep early and get up in time to go to boot camp.  The classes are at 0600 and 1730 hours so since I work at 1730 hours that only leaves the 0600 hour class.  But I hate being out o shape and fat more than I think I hate boot camp.  Kind of a fair trade-off if you ask me.  So wish me luck as I try to struggle through my workout tomorrow morning.


okay lots of errors probably through here but I’m done and time to shut down.