On The Go With 9 Days To Go

Well I’ve been on the go most of the day.  I woke up relatively early hoping to get a good breakfast in me before I got started for the day.  I decided that I would take the turnips that I had purchased a week or so earlier and use them as a substitute for hash browns because it was lower in carbs.  Well I almost burned them because I was trying to do something else but thankfully they were saved just barely in time.  Unfortunately I didn’t try and throw any spices or seasoning into the turnips so they weren’t such a great substitute for hash browns.

Well they will be fixed another time but not today.  They saw the bottom of the trashcan and I will work on them on another date, for this morning I decided that I wanted the real McCoy, I cooked some hash browns and they were yummy.  Well I had a good breakfast and then went out hiking.  I really had a good hike this time, yeah it got my heart racing and I had to pause going up a steep climb but at least I could stop for a moment.  Then I realized how hard my heart was beating so I slowed down my assent and guess what, my heart rate quickly decreased but still stayed up high enough for a good calorie burn.

So my mantra during the walk was “walk smarter not harder” and would mentally channel it when I had a few difficult climbs or descents and it really did help.  A younger female passed me on my last 1/2 mile and was soon beyond my sight.  I don’t know if it was because I walk so slow (which is probably the case) or if she is used to the trails.  I know that many people walk faster than me but that is okay, this isn’t a race and I”m doing the hiking for exercise.  I did a lot better on time probably because I didn’t take so much time to stop and take photos.  Heck I haven’t even downloaded the photos from the last two hikes.  One of these days I will remember to do that and hope they come out good.

It really was a wonderful hike, I would come across a few people but mostly I was out on the trails by myself doing my mantra in my head and just enjoying the walk.  That was exactly what I did and was in a great mood until I started driving home.

A week and a half ago one of the ladies at work asked if I had a shirt she could borrow so she could exercise.  Reluctantly I allowed her to borrow a shirt that I keep handy at work and then the next day I asked her for my t-shirt and she said that she didn’t have it and she hasn’t washed clothes yet.  Well on Monday she got snookered by some online loan scam so I loaned her money more money than I should have and I’m at least smart enough to realize that more than likely she will not ever pay me back.  Then the next day I ask her about my shirt and she said that she would bring it the next day.  Then yesterday I asked for my shirt back because I want to wear that particular shirt tomorrow during the walk.  She said that she would bring it to work and since I knew that I would be close to work for my hikes so I said okay.  Then today on the way back from my hike I called work and asked for my shirt but she said thought about it when she was showering this morning but left it at home.

Well I told her that I had asked her for it because I wanted to wear it tomorrow and then hung up the phone.  I can’t believe it, I’ve been asking for it and even said I needed it for Saturday then in a huff she left work to go get the shirt.  Of course next the EDQ made a big production of how the lady had to go all the way home and she would bring it back later.  Well the sad thing is that it meant that I would have to drive back to work to get the shirt.  But what really ticked me off was EDQ texting saying that I would have to wash it because it was dirty.

I went home and fumed a bit and then went out back and sprayed the yard for fleas, don’t know if it worked or not and even set off a flea bomb in the back room.  Showered then I went to pick up my shirt.  Well the lady who borrowed it was no longer at work and neither was my partner which was fine with me.  The shirt looked clean until I looked closer and spotted cat hair all over the neckline of the shirt.  The problem with that is that I’m highly allergic to cats to the point of having breathing difficulty and where the hair/dandruff touches me the places swell up and that is when I start having breathing difficulty.  So I get a clean shirt with cat hair back and she is quite aware of my allergies.

Moral to this story….No good deed goes unpunished.  I will never loan anything to this woman who likes to try and call me by a nickname that she has made up.  No one, not even my family calls me anything except how my first name is listed on my birth certificate.  I hate it when she calls me the name and she thinks it is cute, so I will have to remember about no good deed going unpunished.  If I could, I would switch locations of work but if I do then I will lose my great days off and I waited too long to get them.

Okay so my venting is done now and I’m busy looking forward to tomorrow’s walk especially since it will be 3.1 miles and today I hiked 3.4 miles in 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Of course it is not a land speed record but that means that once I do the race tomorrow the chances are that I will be able to get out of there in time so I can get home quickly after the race and shower before going for my neuromuscular massage.  I just hope it isn’t very expensive, I never discussed price when I made the appointment.  Oh well either way I’m looking forward to possibly getting more feeling and sensation back into my middle finger then I can flip off people and things and know it because I will feel it.  Okay so I’m a touch silly talking like that but at least it will mean that I won’t be making as many typing mistakes as I’m currently making.

Well let me go on and talk about what I ate for the day.

BREAKFAST:  2 eggs w/cheese, hash browns, 2 cups of coffee – 22 gm

LUNCH:  skipped, too busy hiking.

DINNER:  bacon cheeseburger, small salad – 21 gm

SNACK:  1/4 cup of Red Velvet Ice Cream – 24 gm

As you can see I’m doing pretty good as far as the carb count is going and I just have to drink a lot more water and then get to bed early and get some rest.  As a matter of fact when it hit 2000 hours I almost fell asleep but then I remembered that I would need to finish this entry because I may not be feeling good or may be a bit tender after tomorrow’s appointment.  I’m hoping for good results but don’t expect miracles right away but a bit of relief would be nice.

So I’m about ready to crash since I have to get up at least by 0600 hours in the morning which I really don’t want to do but if I want to make the race I need to wake up that early.  So thanks for being there and letting me vent and because of you being gracious I think I can sleep more peaceful and be prepared for an exciting day tomorrow.