P D E – Days 33-35

Wow, I took a good look and realized that I had fallen dramatically behind in my entries and there really is a good reason for this, I didn’t want to bore you to death with entries that really aren’t that interesting.

So I might as well get started by saying I stepped on the scale on day 33 and was sort of happy with the results, I lost 0.6 pounds.  Yes I know it isn’t a lot but at least it was a loss.

Honestly I wish that I could tell you exactly what I ate because the days all sort of run together.  There is one thing that is possibly slowing down my weight loss and that is the fact that I’ve added a touch of picante sauce to my potatoes to give them more flavor and I’ve been adding salt.  Yes I know, it isn’t the proper way but I’m doing my best to stay with my potatoes but having the salt is like a bonus for me.  I just need to drink more water.

I will say that I haven’t been drinking water like I had during the early part of this diet and perhaps that is the reason for the slow down in the weight loss.  I just don’t feel as thirsty but I need to remember to drink more but I’ll give you a hint, it is a work in progress and something I’m still striving to do correctly.

Now onto Day 34 which is a downer for me, I gained 0.2 pounds bringing my weight to 196.5.  Not a big gain but a gain still.

Now I’ve reached day 35 which is a Saturday and let me tell you this, I took the day off from dieting.  One of the reasons is that I got on the scale and I lost 0.2 pounds which means I was back down to 196.3 pounds which makes me happier.

So what did I eat on my cheat day, well I know that I had some potatoes but not a lot, but then I decided to splurge a bit and try out my new Aero Press coffee maker.  Well it may be a coffee maker but they also say that it can be used for making espresso which is what I tried only the problem is the heavy whipping cream was past the sell date.  I poured it into a glass and it looked and smelled okay but then I realized that I didn’t have my frother working any more, turns out I lost the top part that has the go button and encloses the batteries.  I used my hand wand mixer but I noticed that it started to smell like it was burning.  I’ll have to check that out later.

Any who so I nuked the water and found the correct grind setting on my coffee grinder and then put in my espresso coffee beans.  I think I ground up too much but I wasn’t really sure how much because the instructions were for coffee and not espresso.  More research will be needed on how to make a better espresso.  So I whipped up the whipping cream as much as possible and it sort of turned out okay but not really.  I made the latte and added some Stevia to it because that sucker was quite strong but I could have sworn that something about it didn’t taste right but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

I then had a craving for a Schlotzsky’s sandwich so off I went and got a sandwich and some chips but I decided to have a soda to drink with it.  I figured it would be a lot and I would need some help burping thus why the soda.

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.  Yes I ate a medium size sandwich which only had the meat, lettuce and may in it.  I still have problems with tomatoes and I’m not keen on olives or onions.  It tasted so good going down and I had very little problem with eating it.

Okay so let me tell you that trouble hit just an hour or so later.  I was running to the bathroom and everything I had eaten was not staying with me.  Now I’m not sure if it was because I had too much in my stomach, if it was the whipped whipping cream that wasn’t quite right or if the coffee was too strong.  All I know is that I spent the next few hours sitting on my throne.  I was hungry later and was very bad and had some ice cream but that too passed all too quickly through my system.

This takes us up to Day 35 and what a way to celebrate, going off my diet and eating good food but losing it later.  I wonder what the scales will say to me in the morning.


P D E – Starting 2nd Month (Day 32)

Okay so as the title states, this is beginning of the second month of my Potato Diet Experiment and I must say that I’m off to a pretty good start.  I stepped up on the scale this morning and found that I had loss 1.1 pounds.  Hey that is pretty good considering in the past few days it has only been tenths of a pound, so yes I’m happy for this loss because now I can say that I’ve lost 23 pounds in 31 days.

But enough about last month, this is a new month and I can already see that it is going to be a problem.  So why do I believe it will be a problem, well Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away and that means that I will have to help fix all of the dinner so all we have to do on that day is heat up things.

I’m hoping that my family gets there early enough so we can all sit down together and have a meal rather than me run out the door wishing them a good Thanksgiving on my way to work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy working the holidays and I get to use them at another time throughout the year or get paid for them at the end of the year.  Like today, I had about 33 hours of unused personal and holiday pay coming to me so that is a nice bonus but I need to build up my vacation hours because I keep on having a feeling that something is coming down the road and I will need to use almost all of my time.

Exactly what I might have to use those many hours for I’m not quite sure and since I haven’t been in trouble at work and losing any vacation time, I need to make sure the time is there just in case.  I wish I could figure out what or why I keep on having that feeling but I think I will be needing it in the next year.  I hope not because I want to be a vacation hour hoarder….LOL.  Sorry I think that just sounds funny.  Oh wait, losing my way again.

I think one of the reasons that I was able to lose that amount of weight was because of the amount of water that I took in yesterday.  I had close to 90 oz of water, but not quite there but it was a dramatic increase from what I had been drinking for the last week or so.  I’ve noticed that since I’ve been on this diet I don’t seem to be quite as thirsty but then again it could all be in my head, more than likely it is and that is why the slow down in weight loss.

Back on track, I’m trying to stay focused on the amount of water I’m drinking and I think that is going to make a difference.  I’ve read information on increasing your water intake when you get stuck at a particular weight and it can help you over the hump and put you back on track to losing.  So now I’m going to be doing this so I can get past this small hump and get my body back into the losing mode.

One think I didn’t realize was that I had been forgetting to take my BP medication, one because the pill that I should take the NP (Nurse Practitioner) will not renew the Rx unless I come in and see her and I really don’t think we have much to talk about.  I don’t trust her since I told her I was not going to have a certain test done and what does she doe, she signs me up for the test, so I paid $50 to see this specialist only to have me tell her that I’m not doing the test.

So I’m going to take the too powerful pill and hope that taking it every other day will bring my BP back under control.  It had been working for the first couple of weeks doing it that way but I tend to forget things and taking my meds is just one of the things I forget.  Please I know how important it is to take it but I just forget, so I’m going to try and remember to take it again on Saturday since I took the strong pill because I remember that being a little bit calmer during the first week and things didn’t bother me as much and maybe it was because of the medicine.

But then again things have gotten a lot more stressful at work especially with the holidays.  So besides my regular tasks I have to help people sign up for a Christmas assistance program and I would say my phone calls have doubled and I keep explaining things over and over again and then they come into my station and don’t have what they need and try begging and using stories but last time I allowed it, I got a lecture about sticking to the rules.  Sometimes I really hate my job around the winter holidays, because the Christmas assistance program.

Wow, I got stressed just talking about it so I had to push back from the desk and take a couple of deep breaths.  Come on BP meds, work good and work fast.

Getting back on topic of PDE, I realize that I ate my meals within a 6-7 hours and so I’m going to try and keep it the same today.  Now I will admit that I had a little bit of tummy rumble but instead of eating I drank more water and that worked kind of well.  I say kind of well because I woke up twice last night needed to use the facilities.  But hey if it works then I’m all for it.  But I made sure I really ate quite well when I did eat.  So now it is time for me to eat so I’ll wrap this up.  So Yay!! I lost 32 pounds in 31 days.

P D E – Day 31

Yippy, and Finally….it only took 30 days for me to finally lose a full 22 pounds.  Yeah I know it was only 0.5 pounds from yesterday but considering lately I’ve only been losing 0.2 or 0.3 pounds, I’ll take the 1/2 pound loss.

I’m hoping this won’t come back to slow me down but I added 1/2 tablespoon of picante sauce to my baked potato which I had for lunch.  Usually I need a little something extra but today I guess it was the 1/2 pound loss that made me decide that was enough for me.  Now I must admit that last night as I ate my dinner, I added some salt onto my mashed potatoes that were inside semi-crunch potato skins.  The skins were only semi-crunchy because they were not freshly cooked but left over from lunch but warming them up sure helped a lot.  I filled up also with boiled potatoes with some salt and drank water but not nearly enough water.

Today I went to the grocery store and actually bought baking potatoes and had one of those for lunch which helped filled me up since I was starving.  I’m hoping that I can dramatically increase my water intake and that will help me continue to lose weight.

I’m having a hard time trying to read more about the Bulletproof Diet because I learned that it really isn’t much different from Primal Blueprint.  I think I would rather stay with Primal once I finish my PDE, but that is a long way off….68 more pounds to be specific so I guess for now I’ll not worry about it.

I’m looking at the calendar and seeing that Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks so I need to concentrate on losing as much weight as possible because the truth is I’m going to be eating the normal Thanksgiving feast.  However, two years ago while I was dropping off my mother in his city so my sister-in-law and my mother could go to South Africa, my brother made a comment my possibly being diabetic because I was so fat and he asked me if I’ve ever tried to lose any weight because I was too fat.

Oh gee, did he think that I didn’t look in a mirror and see my weight?  I have yet to return to my brother’s house, it is my way of not wanting to listen to him giving unwanted or unsolicited advice.  I now try to limit my contact with my brother because I really don’t need to be lectured AGAIN about my weight because I wake up each morning wishing I could figure out the best means to lose the weight.  So here we go, he is coming over for Thanksgiving because they are going to South Africa for Christmas to be with their daughters, so once again the Thanksgiving responsibility has fallen into our lap, my mothers and mine.  Oh yippy, skippy, can you see how overjoyed I am.

There is one lucky thing though, I get to leave shortly after we eat our Thanksgiving lunch and yes we make it lunch time because I have to go to work.  Well I could call in and there are enough people working to work for me but they are all making plans to do things at their station with the people they work with, so I won’t ruin their time.  Besides, it will take me away from even more temptation.

However, like a fool I asked for the next day off but my other brothers will be there too so I will be limited my interactions.  Oh so since my other brothers will be in town, this means that we’re probably going to go out and have dinner somewhere else because we probably won’t be eating turkey two days in a row…or maybe we will.  Either way, I want to be able to wear some of my older clothes that can show that I have lost some weight.

Although 22 pounds is a good amount, I would love for it to be 25 or more which would be good but in order for that to happen I’m going to have to drink a lot more water and maybe try to limit the time in which I eat.  Now don’t get me wrong, I would like to yes show off my weight gain, but I really just want to feel better about myself and not cringe every time I look in a full length mirror.  Besides I would love the idea of being able to cosplay, not that I think I will be able to make the costume I desire in time but it would be nice to be able to do something like that.

Now where was I…oh yeah, losing weight.

So maybe I’m getting back on track but I guess I won’t really know until I weigh in tomorrow.  I know I shouldn’t stress because it also puts on the pounds but my friend is losing weight fast and pretty soon she will leave me behind in the dust in the weight loss area and I was the one who encouraged her to try this.

Oh but wait, you remember how I said in one of my earlier posts about one of my friends texting me at 0400 hrs, well my massage therapist had asked what I was doing to lose weight and I told him about it but didn’t have enough facts so I suggested he read a book called Potato Hack so at 0700hrs he texted me, waking me up to tell me he read the book in one day.  I hate waking up before I have too and especially this morning because the rain kept on dripping on my window A/C unit and it was okay if it was a constant drip pattern but it would be erratic once in a while and would wake me up because they must have been big heavy drops.  So didn’t get much sleep and right now I think I could probably sleep at least 8 hours.

I’m going to have to learn not to leave my message alert on when I go to bed, maybe then I won’t risk being woken up too early.  So maybe now that I loss 1/2 pound in one day maybe I can lose another 1/2 or more.  Personally, I keep on trying and hoping for a bigger weight loss but I won’t know anything until tomorrow.  So it’s potato skins with mashed potatoes and boiled potatoes on the menu for tonight’s dinner.  Now doesn’t that sound yummy!!  It sounds yummy since that is all I had time to prepare and have to eat.  I’ll probably have some coffee when I get home.  I found that if I drink my black coffee, I can go to sleep shortly after where it used to weigh too heavily on my tummy when I used to add the ‘stuff’ in it, but plain black seems to be okay for now.  Shit, I’m getting used to black coffee….bummer.

P D E – Day 30

Well I wish that I could say that things are going great but in fact they really aren’t going so great but that is to be expected considering what I’ve been doing…cheating on my PDE (Potato Diet Experiment).

So you understand I got on the scale today and saw that my weight was 198.5 pounds.  I lost 0.2 pounds from yesterday.  I know that I should be happy because this is once again I’m at a weight that is the lowest I’ve been in over a decade.  So you would think that would make me happy but unfortunately it does not.  I’m doing my best not to be disheartened because the weight loss has dramatically slowed down to a very slow trickle, I know it is still a loss but I got kind of spoiled losing at least a pound a day.

Trying right now to be positive which is yea, I’ve had a weight loss of 0.2 pounds.  So why am I having so many problems…let me think…ouch, it hurts to think.

In looking at what I’ve been eating, I noticed that I started adding things to my potatoes, salt and picante sauce and a couple of times I added Stevia in the Raw into my coffee and it took off the edge but I find I didn’t need it.  Oh crap…I think this has broken my desire to have all of the additives in my coffee that I loved so much.

So what did I add into my coffee before I started drinking it black, well I would add Stevia in the Raw (3 packets), sugar-free White Chocolate coffee syrup and heavy whipping cream.  I’m sure your screaming at all of the stuff I added to my coffee but to me at the time it tasted okay.  Yes I could still taste the coffee flavor and could tell the difference in the different types of coffee but I think having to drink my coffee black has sharpened my taste buds as far as the flavor of different coffee beans and how they are roasted.

I used to love my coffee with all of the above stuff but I remember on Day 6, I took the day off and put all of those additives in my coffee and almost gagged.  I found that I couldn’t handle them any longer and that is only after 4 days of drinking coffee black.  Perhaps one of these days I will be able to add cream back into my coffee.

Speaking of adding cream, the other day I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond and getting new paper filters for my EZ cup when I spotted Peppermint Bark coffee, which had natural and artificial flavorings in it.  So I took a chance and brewed some in my coffee machine and because they must have used peppermint oil to flavor the beans, the oil left a slight film in my mouth.  So when it gets closer to Christmas I hope that I will be in good enough shape to risk having a touch of cream in my coffee because I think the cream will make the Peppermint Bark coffee taste much better.  So I’ll just have to wait until then to try the coffee again.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Jimmy Sue and Bobby Blue said…”Gee, what are we going to do now?”   Oops, sorry, my brain and fingers pulled a fast one on me.

So I got out and voted today and thankfully there were only a couple of people in the line ahead of me so there really wasn’t any waiting.  But I went out and vote and always vote especially on local elections and issues because that is where my vote counts the most.  Took the time to vote and then ran off to run errands.

I had been skimming through the library catalog to see if they had the Potato Hack book but they did not but then I came across the Bulletproof Diet but it wasn’t at the library where I voted so I had to drive down a ways down the road, wait 30 minutes for the library to open so I could get the book and see what it says.

Why did I want to get the book?  Well I am beginning to feel as if I’m stagnating at this weight loss and I want to get past the 21 pound mark and would love to reach 25 pound loss.  However, as you have seen in my posts, things have slowed to a snail’s pace as far as losing is going and so the Bulletproof Diet was stating that a person can lose up to 1 pound a day on the diet.  So of course this got my attention which was why I drove to the other library to read about the diet and checked out the cook book.

I started reading the diet book and stopped right at the forward.  The first thing this guy talks about is him starting out trying yak butter in his tea.  So then he said how he did his special process and came up with his special coffee which you mix with grass-fed butter, MCT oil and a few other items and then you have the bulletproof coffee and it burns fat and keeps you from being hungry for most of the morning.  But the most important part was that you had to make it with the bulletproof upgraded coffee.

Let’s just say that I put the question to the computer to ask what the difference is in the coffee beans and learned that he uses a Portland Roasting Company and you can buy the same size bag for $10 from them rather than his marked up price of $19 for a bag of his coffee.  Oh but then I priced the MCT oil he talks about and basically that is one very expensive cup of coffee.  He talks about his process doing something special to the coffee beans but it isn’t anything else that other coffee roasters or distributors don’t do too.

Then I took a quick look through his cook book, yes I know I haven’t even gotten past the forward on his book, just so I could see some of the dishes that he suggests eating while on this diet and guess what???  It is almost exactly like Primal Blueprint, which is eat more fat but they do reduce the amount of protein you intake.

The basic run down is it is a more expensive diet than my PDE and right now I’m saving for a new car and a new recumbent trike so the idea of spending a lot on a new diet isn’t exactly appealing to me at this time.

After thinking not so hard about what is going wrong, I realize that I’ve probably been using too much salt on my potatoes and too much picante sauce.  So I need to go back to just eating plain potatoes, but I was in a hurry this afternoon since I had spent too long reading parts of the book and prepping my lunch that I had to gobble something down for lunch.

I took russet potatoes and baked them but since I was doing a lot of potatoes and my microwave is going to probably die on me soon, it was uneven heating and I had to keep on nuking them which of course took more time than I had planned.

Scooping out the insides, I made mashed potatoes but added a touch too much water and tonight I’ll probably nuke a couple of small potatoes and lightly mash them up and mix them with the other mashed potatoes I’ve already made.  So since I scooped out the inside of the potatoes I put the skins in my airfryer and had potato skins that are really lovely and crunchy.  Because I was in a rush, I grabbed a couple of the torn up crunchy skins, scooped some of the mushy mashed potatoes in them and added some salt and ate them on the run while I got ready for work.

For my dinner I brought some of the boiled potatoes from the large batch of potatoes that I had made yesterday.  So I was saved but then I realized with me going to a different station, I wouldn’t have my Reduce insulated cup so I brought mine from home and had left my water jug at my home station.  Thankfully we have old large containers that we had bought tea in from the grocery stores, filled the empty containers with my filtered water and off I went to work.

I’m about to take my break and get something to eat because my tummy is rumbling.  I’m hoping that my poor taste buds haven’t gotten too adjusted to having salt.  I’m already missing having picante sauce on my potatoes but I’ve got to do something to kick my weight loss back into gear.

So once again at my lowest weight in a long time, but losing it really, really very slowly and trying not to let it disappoint me.  I want lots of weight loss fast.  Especially when my friend whom I turned onto the potato diet is rapidly losing weight but she is a bit heavier than me and she is in the first phase which was what I was in when I lost those 13 pounds right away.  But now that the water weight is loss things have dramatically slowed down.  I’ll end on a positive note, I’m below 200 pounds though not by much but I’m under 200 and that is a milestone but I sure would like for it to be more than 1.5 pounds less than 200 really soon.


P D E – Days 26-29

Yeah I know I’ve fallen down on the job of keeping you posted on my progress but I’m back on it again.

So where to begin…. I guess I should do them one day at a time.


DAY 26

Okay so I got on the scale and got nice surprise, I was down to 198.9 which is a 1.1 pound loss.  This is great because it is a loss and not a gain but I’ll talk about that later.

I must admit that I’m getting a bit tired of having potatoes plain and every once in a while I sprinkle some salt on the potatoes to try and help the taste along.  However, for lunch I decided to experiment on some things.  I nuked a few potatoes wrapped in plastic in the microwave and then scooped out the middle so I could make mashed potatoes, then turned on my airfryer and cooked the empty potato shells for a total of 6-8 minutes.

WOW…I had crunchy potato skins and I added a touch of salt and they tasted almost as good as you get at some of the restaurants.  Only they didn’t have cheese or any of the other yummy stuff.  It was a great texture and I left enough potato in them so they had some potato taste but it wasn’t overbearing.

Sad note though, I ended up adding too much water to the mashed potatoes that I was making with the inside of the potato and had to toss it because there was no going back and I had to clean up before I ran off to work.  Believe me, you have to address the cleaning of your cooking items right away because potatoes really stick onto things and it isn’t always east to remove it.  So I had yummy and crunchy potato skins and this will be something that I repeat later because if I do it too often then I will get tired of them and that would be a very bad thing.

I had been doing good and had gotten off early I did something really bad.  They thought that I was going to take this weekend off so they made some rice and rinsed a can of black beans.

I broke down and had some beans and rice.  It tasted so good that I ended up having 3 helpings of beans and rice and unfortunately I would end up paying for it days later.  But I’ll talk about that a little bit later.

It tasted good and I’ll admit that I had a guilty conscience about wandering so far from my plain potatoes.


DAY 27

Feeling nervous, I got up on the scale and was shocked that I actually lost 0.2 pounds.  It isn’t much but considering my rapid weight loss has dramatically slowed down to a trickle but it is still a loss and I’m kind of happy about it.

I’m in a rush to go shopping for some shoes that are supposed to help with my newly developing bunion so I give myself a 1/2 cup of rice which I gobble down and am out the door.  Well a couple of hours later it turns out the shoes didn’t work out and I couldn’t find the correct type of toe spacers to help with my bunion problem.

I noticed my standard car was acting up as I was driving around and I thought it might have been because I hadn’t driven it for a week so I will drive it again tomorrow and see how things go from there.

Remember me mentioning that I was being bad, well I was bad again for another meal.  After I finished shopping, I was really hungry but not for potatoes but I know that I needed some so I made hash browns and cooked them in oil like a bad girl.  Then I had scrambled eggs and bacon to go with my cooked hash browns.  Hey I tried to have hash browns without using oil but all it did was get stuck to the pan and not end up cooking right and that is in a ceramic pan.  So I know it wasn’t what I should have had but too bad because I wanted it and it tasted wonderful.  I’m sure I’m going to pay for it the next day.

To quickly wrap up day 27, from that time forward I only ate potatoes which mean I only had dinner left and I still wasn’t very hungry when I ate.


DAY 28

Well I got up on the scale and was happy that I had some weight loss, which amounted to 0.2 pounds.  Again not much but it is still a loss but I noticed something, I’m having a lot of gas in my system.  Guess the beans are finally catching up with me but I realized something else about eating rice.

Now when I was a kid, when we got diarrhea, my mother would cook rice and add extra water in it and we would drink the yucky rice water and then eat the rice and it would stop us up.  Guess what… plain rice has stopped me up like when I was a kid.  Yes I know that beans have fiber and should be making things flow but that wasn’t the case and probably because I had more rice than beans.

This doesn’t make much sense since things are flowing and I feel stopped up and filled with gas but so far so good and I’m losing.  So I’m looking for different ways to fix potatoes and there really aren’t too many ways so I broke down and went to BBB (Bed, Bath and Beyond) and got a Veggi Pro Spiralizer.

I know, you’re wondering why did I do this?  Well I had made some french fries using fresh potatoes and my mandoline and it was okay but BORING!!!  So I bought the spiralizer and thought maybe, just maybe I could cut my potatoes and make them fancy and it might change up how I eat them.  Since the spiralizer comes with 3 blades, I used three potatoes and did the thin/thick/ribbon cut on the potatoes.  Then I stuck them in the airfryer and cooked them.  Three minutes on one side and then three minutes on the other side.  So in six minutes I had very crunch thin potato fries.  Wasn’t too bad and it was mainly the crunch factor that I was after so this worked for me.

But because I only had rice in the morning, spiralized potatoes for lunch (which goes well with picante sauce) I had a late night baked potato smothered in picante sauce.  Hey I need a little bit of flavor, I only hope I don’t become dependent on them or end up paying a big price for it.


DAY 29

I knew it was too good to last, I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds.  For straying as far away from the diet experiment.  I’m surprised it took me so long for the weight gain to happen from my being bad.  However, once I ended up having my lunch (potato with mild picante sauce) things finally started moving for me, if you catch my drift.  Because I had already weighed myself and by the time things got flowing I had a lot of water besides lunch so my weight was off so I’ll just stick with the 0.2 pound gain.

Previously when I ate rice as an adult I had butter and salt with it and I guess that kept things lubricated but since I had rice plain it acted on me like it did when I was a kid.  I’m definitely going to think twice when it comes to eating rice again.  Oh and if you’re thinking why didn’t I drink more water, well I had slowed down on my water consumption prior to my rice experience but during those days I increased my water but it didn’t do what I wanted.

So today I’m going to try and refocus my efforts on what I’m eating and just how much water I’m drinking.  I’ve slowed down in losing weight more than I would like and I’m afraid that since my weight loss has slowed down so dramatically, I might do something really bad and sabotage all of my hard work (not really hard) in trying to lose weight.

I should be getting off work early today which will be great because maybe I’ll go home and maybe I’ll prepare some potatoes in one of my other ways and try and treat it as a gourmet meal.  But for now I’m outta here and figure it is time to get back to work.

One last note, I’m so glad I went for my massage today.  I spoke with my guy and told him about my bunion problem and he showed me several massages and what muscles can actually affect and help correct my bunions.  I love my massage therapy guy.  THANKS BEN!!!

P D E – Days 24 & 25

Yes, yes, yes, I know it is combo time and the only excuse for it is because …. wait, I’m thinking about a good excuse.  Okay the truth is I just forgot.  So now that I’m here, guess I had better get busy and start typing and letting you know what is happening with me.

So I woke up a little late but managed to step up on the scale, cringing because I know that I probably didn’t lose anything.  Letting go of a sigh, I stepped up on the scale.  I lost 2.4 pounds, so I’m at 200.4 pounds.  I hadn’t had a bit of weight loss like this since the first week I was on this diet.  But I didn’t have time to relax, I had to take my mother grocery shopping and get a few things for me.  I needed paper plates, allergy pills and some more napkins.  Kind of boring when the other items in the cart is a large bag of russet potatoes and Yukon gold potatoes.  But it is working so I’m okay with my cart.

My mother was so impressed with what has been happening to me that she decided that she was going to on it too.  Her weight loss has not been as dramatic but she only has 15 pounds to lose while I have 70.4 pounds to lose before I hit my final goal weight.  I think it is realistic especially considering how well things have been going lately for me.

On Thursday I went to my hair stylist who tried to get me on one of these shakes where you put all sorts of healthy shit in it to include some very expensive oil, either flax or Omega something or some other one that goes bad after about a month.  She lost 25 pounds in 3 months of being on the shake and she was very happy because it also decreased her inflammation.  I told her about this little gem of a diet plan that I’ve been doing and she kept telling me that potatoes only would cause more inflammation but I assured her that is not the case.

I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t have followed the rules Penn talked about, Rule #1, You don’t talk about Potato Diet; Rule #2 you don’t talk about Potato Diet.

Well at the end of the appointment she seemed hesitant but said she would consider it.  I wasn’t asking her to commit, I was just telling her about my small amount of success.  So Saturday I had text her about my 20 pound weight loss and she was still talking about how I shouldn’t give myself a day off and to stay steady.

However, I do like Tim Steele’s idea of only doing it for a few days at a time.  I went almost 13 days without breaking it, only making the potato tortillas and when I saw that the potato starch wasn’t a good thing in my body.

She texted me on Day 24, telling me that she had gone on the diet on Monday and now by Wednesday she had lost 6 pounds already.  She is a believer in this and she noticed she didn’t have as much inflammation.

I still can’t believe how simple this diet has been and although it really hasn’t been real easy because let’s face it, eating potatoes all of the time is BORING!!  I’m half tempted to change like Penn did but he had a choice between beans, potatoes or corn on the cob.  Well at least when I eat potatoes I get some nutritional value from them and there is some nutritional value from beans but you get nothing from corn.  I mean when you next eat corn, take a look and see that it has not changed from when you chewed it and swallowed it.  If I change to anything, then I’m going to change to beans but I highly doubt it because I really don’t want to be farting all the time at work.  So I guess I’ll stick with potatoes.


Day 25

So I got up and stepped up on the scale and was extremely disappointed.  It showed me to be 200.6, meaning that I had gained 0.2 pounds.  It was a little early for me to be weighing-in so I started doing things about the house.  A little later I stepped up and got a very pleasant surprise, I lost 0.6 pounds, taking me down to 199.8 pounds.  I made it below 200 again which is what I’ve been hoping would happen and at least it didn’t take forever to lose it like it did last time I had a cheat day.

Yesterday when I was shopping with my mother she said she was going to take that night as a cheat night and told her that was okay especially if she felt like she wanted to do it but later she called me at work and said she was sticking to the diet and that she might take a meal off this weekend when I take a day off.  I didn’t really say anything on that day.  Today she asked me what day this weekend I was taking off and she would wait until them to take her cheat day too.

Seeing that I just got below 200, I told her I wasn’t sure if I was going to be taking a day off this weekend or not because I really don’t want to be hovering at 200 pound mark for very long especially with Thanksgiving coming.  I do not plan to be on this diet during that time, I plan to have turkey and dressing and all of the good stuff that I usually only eat once a year.  Only I will have them in very small amounts.

Thankfully I’m below 200, not by much but I’m below it and that is what counts.  The phone calls at work is giving me a headache so I think I’m going to make some coffee and drink a lot of water so it will help flush things.  So my happiness has been spoiled a bit by the wackos who call into my work phone and do their best to make my life a living hell today.  Right now I want to rip the phone out of the wall so it won’t ring any more…or at least until the phone people come by but since I’m an adult I’ll just be frustrated and count the minutes until I’m away from work.

P D E – Day 23

I like the number 23 for some reason but today I got a good reason again to like it.  I didn’t lose very much weight from my eating yesterday but that is because I haven’t been taking in as much water as I previously did and I must admit to a small sprinkling of salt, about a pinch if that much.  However, I seem to have grown accustomed to drinking my coffee black; still a little bit yuck but I don’t think I will be putting much in my coffee when I’m not required to drink it black.

Well I stepped up on the scale this morning it showed I only had a 0.3 pound loss.  Yes I know it isn’t much of a loss but at least it was a loss and that is what I’m working for….losing weight and I really don’t want to find what I lost…LOL!  I think the moral is that I need to be more selective when I take a break from the diet but this time as I did my break I thought a little bit better of what I was eating on my first cheat day but the second day I was tired, exhausted and not feeling happy especially after my experience at the con.  So I ordered out and brought it home and ate all the wrong things but then as I told you took something to flush my system.

Perhaps I’m a little bit slower in losing on my first day back is because after the flushing I gave my system, it needed time to get the proper bacteria back into my gut so then I can get back on track to losing more weight.

Oh I discovered something today and I’m sorry I didn’t figure this out before.  So it is possible that my microwave is about to go out and it is okay because it is a touch over 20 years old; so the thing I noticed is that not all of the food is heated up equally.  So I took a russet potato, cut it in half, turned the cut half to the bottom of the wax-coated paper plate, then cooked it for almost 2 minutes, then turned it over and cooked it for shy of 2 minutes.  Well I noticed that it seemed sort of dry which meant that I probably nuked too much of the moisture out of it.  I hate dry potatoes so I took some of my water and poured over the potato half and then sort of mashed it down with my fork and did this a couple of times until it resembled mashed potatoes but left it in the shell of the potato skin.  I ate it (yes the skin too) and it reminded me of twice baked potatoes.  It changed up the texture a bit and that really was a nice change.

Now there aren’t really too many different ways to prepare potatoes plain except to boil, bake or broil and broiling doesn’t really turn out that well, most of the time the potatoes stick.  I use the microwave, boil them or use my airfryer but even that gets tiring…oh yeah I also blend them in mixer so they come out mashed.  So pretending that these are twice baked potatoes is the newest way for me to eat the potatoes and for now my brain is fooled and my taste buds only partially fooled.

So I was talking with someone about this and they were sad because they weren’t losing weight as rapidly as me.  I had to remind her that she only had 15 pounds to lose where I had 90 pounds to lose so yeah in the beginning the weight quickly disappeared.  But it has been a struggle for me, not so much this week as I started back on plain potato eating.

I’m sitting here thinking that if I hadn’t had that very first cheat day I probably would have lost more by this time but that is water under the bridge and I’ve lost those pounds.  Then I reached the 20 pound goal and made it but then allowed myself to have not 1 cheat meal but one whole day and one cheat meal which I split and ate at different times.  So if my final goal is to lose 90 pounds, with the 20 pound loss I would have only had 70 pounds to go but my 3.4 pounds put a damper on things but still I ate within reason yesterday.  As of today I have 72.8 pounds to lose and it may not seem like much but the more I look at it the more I realize that the last time I was down this much in weight was in 2000 when I went to Spain/Portugal/Rock of Gibraltar and I ended up losing 22 pounds in 17 days.  I was 16 years younger back then and despite eating whatever I wanted, I had kept it off for several months after my trip.

I know my goal is obtainable although it isn’t the weight I would like to weigh but I figured one step at a time.  I’m thinking about doing some light HITT cycling so let me explain in case I didn’t do it before.  I read that in order to decrease the size of one’s thighs, they should do HITT exercises and they said if doing it on the bike to keep the pedals spinning fast and not to be climbing hills.

Of course I nervous that this might make my muscles kick in and then I wouldn’t be allowing the potatoes to do their magic on my body but I really dread just sitting around and looking at how large my thighs have gotten.  So since I’m not so sure if I’m going to mess things up, maybe I’ll put off the spinning of pedals for a bit.

It may seem silly to you especially since I have such a long way to go but I think that I only have a little over 70 pounds to go and 70 is so much lower than 90 and although it isn’t much I feel as if this time I can make my goal.  I don’t imagine myself to be able to lose 100 pounds in 84 days like Penn Jillette, but I would love to be at my final goal weight by Christmas but I’m sure I’ll need a bit more time to hit my goal; however, it won’t stop me from hoping.

It is easy and sometimes I’m worried that it might be too easy for me so when I take a cheat day or meal everything will come back on my body.  For the first time in a long time I’m able to actually feel as if my work pants are too big but I’m wearing my new work pants because my old one split in the butt area.  Maybe that was another reason for me needing to go on a diet.

So I decided to start saving to buy a new recumbent trike besides still saving for my car.  I don’t plan on doing a loan for either one so that means I’m going to have to really save if I want the car of my choice rather than the car of my meager means.  Then I want to buy my recumbent trike that folds and has front and rear end suspension so when I finally am able to complete my ride I can do it a little bit more comfortably.  At least the trike will cost less but by then hopefully all of the bugs will be worked out and I will be significantly lighter and will be ready to use the trike to complete my trike journey.

Well back to reality, I did buy an aero press to make coffee and I like it because it will allow me to make coffee and/or espresso.  I don’t know if I want to try espresso right now because the truth is I don’t do a good job with espresso on other machines and I can’t seem to handle it nor can I seem to get it to come out with crema.  Any who I don’t really drink espresso straight, it is much too strong and I need add the frothed milk so I can handle the drink so it will be a while.  But then again I’m now drinking coffee black….maybe…not.

Okay time to go for now, so I’m very slowly losing weight, but still losing after my binge.  Time to pay for my taste buds’ pleasure.