P D E – 25 Pounds Slimmer

Okay just as the title suggests, I finally hit a magic number in my books which is the loss of 25 pounds.  The last time I was able to lose this much weight was back in 1984 when I lost 30 pounds in 3 months which was about 90 days.  However, after only 41 days of dieting and having cheat meals or eating things I shouldn’t really eat while trying to lose weight, guess what, I lost 25 pounds.

The only way I lost the weight back in 1984 was by extreme exercising.  This was when I first started jogging and was doing HIIT jogging for 2 miles.  But that took me 3 months to lose that 30 pounds and I wasn’t eating very much because I was jogging at least 5-6 days a week.  However, there is one thing to also remember, I only needed to lose 30 pounds.  Yes I know this means that I only have 65 more pounds to lose and yes this is only a little of 1/4 of the way to go but I don’t care.

Sure I wanted to be able to brag that I had lost a whole lot of weight before Thanksgiving and actually I have lost a lot of weight, but I guess with so much more to go this is just a stepping stone for me to continue my dieting ways….after Thanksgiving.

Now to catch up with things.  When last I posted, it was day 38 but now it is time to pick up where I left off.  I saw a loss of 0.6 pounds and was happy about this because it mean that I only had 1.4 pounds to lose before Thanksgiving which was my set date to allow myself to cheat.

Wait…don’t believe that line.  I’ve been lightly cheating most of the time.  By cheating I don’t mean going out and eating a four course meal, I mean including a few things in my normal eating pattern.  There are two reasons why I’ve been doing this with the first being that I’ve been craving protein…a lot of protein and decided to include it in my diet.  Also by allowing myself to cheat a bit here and there, such as having a sausage link or a couple of slices of bacon or even a scrambled egg sandwich, it is introducing some more protein into my system.

It would be horrible for me to suddenly allow myself to pig out during Thanksgiving only to lose it from one end or the other.  I have actually been learning a few lessons as I’ve been allowing myself to cheat and one of the most important lessons that I’ve come away with is not to over eat.  My body pretty much limits me to what I can eat and lets me know in oh so unpleasant way that it will not allow this to happen.

But I digress.  So back to day 39 and my activity.  I did add a piece of bacon in while pouring picante sauce on my potatoes, like I said I found that I need a little bit more than just potatoes now and again.  I’m trying to keep the cheating times to my first meal which just happens to be close to noon time when most people eat lunch.  I seldom eat breakfast because I’m usually not very hungry so it works out okay for me.

Now onto day 40.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention that when I got home after work on day 39, I was really hungry but I hadn’t prepared any potatoes, figuring I would do that in the morning and I really didn’t want to nuke a whole potato and eat it, so I broke down and scrambled me a couple of eggs and made a sandwich.  Oh my god, it tasted so good and I was really craving the protein.  Now back to day 40.

So on day 40 imagine my shock when I notice that I had lost 0.6 pounds, even after I had that late night sandwich.  I was over the moon, this mean that between now and next Thursday I only had 0.8 pounds to lose to reach another of my personal minor goals.  I know I’m just pushing my luck but my body has been craving a bit more.  I’m still struggling to try and make myself drink more water because I know that water can break you out of a plateau and I’m just so afraid that this is what is going to happen to me.

Despite the night time temperatures warming up a bit, I’ve been able to sleep pretty well which is also one of the biggest benefits that I’ve felt since starting this diet.

Wow, sorry I had gotten off on a tangent but spared you from having to read my rantings.  So I’m sleeping so much better and maybe it is because my body is burning off some of the stored fat I’ve been carrying around for so long.  I’m going to have to see about buying some of my essential oils and try using a solution they suggest to tighten sagging skin but it is going to come at a cost.  Not all of the oils are cheap, most of them are a little expensive so I’m going to at least try them because as I continue to lose weight I don’t want a lot of baggy, saggy skin.  Hey, I’m on a good run with this diet of potatoes so I’m going to keep with it.

Well now here we are at day 41 and I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds.  It really is a big deal especially seeing how long it took me to lose these last 5 pounds.  I mean I went from losing 20 pounds in 19 days to it taking me 41 days to lose 25.

Maybe if I had stayed true and not added salt, picante sauce or allowed myself to have cheat days or cheat meals then I could have lost more weight in less time.  The thing is that although I’ve gained a few pounds between day 20 and 41 and lost some of it, most of the time I’ve been below 200 pounds.  This is really a milestone and a very happy thing for me.  I’m not worried about as much about my cheat days as I was when I took my first cheat day of eating because thankfully I’ve not gained 5 pounds in one day back from cheating.  I know that sounds weird, but just trust me when I say I’m still happy with my loss, no matter how long it took me to obtain the loss.

Oh, wait….I forgot to tell you something kind of important.  Last weekend, when I was taking a cheat day, I tried my Aero Press to make espresso and tried to use my hand mixer for whipping the cream but in case you didn’t remember, that didn’t work out so well.  On day 40 I got my milk frother in from Amazon.  See I lost the top to my last frother and so I haven’t been able to make my version of steamed milk.  So I got on Amazon and ordered a milk frother and got it on day 40.  Guess what, Yes you guessed it, I made some coffee and frothed the milk.  It was good but I used the regular amount of coffee in a small cup and so I didn’t use very much milk, I mean very much heavy whipping cream.  I thought that because the cream was old and a little past the due date, it might have caused my body to act like I had taken a laxative and that was probably why I didn’t gain so much weight from eating a Schlotzsky’s sandwich.

So on day 40 I made a second cup of coffee and had frothed cream in the second cup and things were okay, which means no laxative feeling.

Then on day 41 I decided to use my espresso Kona coffee beans and made a coffee, using the regular amount of water and beans only I put it in a latte cup.  Oh yeah and I warmed and frothed the heavy cream like I did yesterday.  Oh then I was very bad and decided that I wanted a sandwich so I made a sliced turkey sandwich, you know like the luncheon meat you buy in a package and put mayo on whole wheat bread, which I enjoyed with my special coffee.

MISTAKE!!  I don’t know if it was the large amount of espresso or the amount of frothed cream, personally I think it was a combo of the two that worked on a laxative on me.  Last time it wasn’t an issue but today it actually is an issue because I’m at work and today my work partner is filling in at another station.  I basically said too bad because when mother nature rings that bell you had better respond.  So I responded and am still doing it but at least I think most everything is already out of my system.

Oh and just in case you missed the hint, I had a light case of diarrhea which is not the easiest thing to deal with at work.

But onto something brighter, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m looking forward to having my baked potato tonight for dinner and drinking a lot of water.  I still want to lose some weight before Thanksgiving and so this is a quick effort to try and lose even more so I won’t freak out so much after Thanksgiving.

Things are looking better and brighter for my Thanksgiving holidays although we still have a lot of cooking/baking to do, but I’ll be doing them carrying less weight around.  Hope you weekend is good and I thank you for hanging tough with me through this mess.


P D E – Days 26-29

Yeah I know I’ve fallen down on the job of keeping you posted on my progress but I’m back on it again.

So where to begin…. I guess I should do them one day at a time.


DAY 26

Okay so I got on the scale and got nice surprise, I was down to 198.9 which is a 1.1 pound loss.  This is great because it is a loss and not a gain but I’ll talk about that later.

I must admit that I’m getting a bit tired of having potatoes plain and every once in a while I sprinkle some salt on the potatoes to try and help the taste along.  However, for lunch I decided to experiment on some things.  I nuked a few potatoes wrapped in plastic in the microwave and then scooped out the middle so I could make mashed potatoes, then turned on my airfryer and cooked the empty potato shells for a total of 6-8 minutes.

WOW…I had crunchy potato skins and I added a touch of salt and they tasted almost as good as you get at some of the restaurants.  Only they didn’t have cheese or any of the other yummy stuff.  It was a great texture and I left enough potato in them so they had some potato taste but it wasn’t overbearing.

Sad note though, I ended up adding too much water to the mashed potatoes that I was making with the inside of the potato and had to toss it because there was no going back and I had to clean up before I ran off to work.  Believe me, you have to address the cleaning of your cooking items right away because potatoes really stick onto things and it isn’t always east to remove it.  So I had yummy and crunchy potato skins and this will be something that I repeat later because if I do it too often then I will get tired of them and that would be a very bad thing.

I had been doing good and had gotten off early I did something really bad.  They thought that I was going to take this weekend off so they made some rice and rinsed a can of black beans.

I broke down and had some beans and rice.  It tasted so good that I ended up having 3 helpings of beans and rice and unfortunately I would end up paying for it days later.  But I’ll talk about that a little bit later.

It tasted good and I’ll admit that I had a guilty conscience about wandering so far from my plain potatoes.


DAY 27

Feeling nervous, I got up on the scale and was shocked that I actually lost 0.2 pounds.  It isn’t much but considering my rapid weight loss has dramatically slowed down to a trickle but it is still a loss and I’m kind of happy about it.

I’m in a rush to go shopping for some shoes that are supposed to help with my newly developing bunion so I give myself a 1/2 cup of rice which I gobble down and am out the door.  Well a couple of hours later it turns out the shoes didn’t work out and I couldn’t find the correct type of toe spacers to help with my bunion problem.

I noticed my standard car was acting up as I was driving around and I thought it might have been because I hadn’t driven it for a week so I will drive it again tomorrow and see how things go from there.

Remember me mentioning that I was being bad, well I was bad again for another meal.  After I finished shopping, I was really hungry but not for potatoes but I know that I needed some so I made hash browns and cooked them in oil like a bad girl.  Then I had scrambled eggs and bacon to go with my cooked hash browns.  Hey I tried to have hash browns without using oil but all it did was get stuck to the pan and not end up cooking right and that is in a ceramic pan.  So I know it wasn’t what I should have had but too bad because I wanted it and it tasted wonderful.  I’m sure I’m going to pay for it the next day.

To quickly wrap up day 27, from that time forward I only ate potatoes which mean I only had dinner left and I still wasn’t very hungry when I ate.


DAY 28

Well I got up on the scale and was happy that I had some weight loss, which amounted to 0.2 pounds.  Again not much but it is still a loss but I noticed something, I’m having a lot of gas in my system.  Guess the beans are finally catching up with me but I realized something else about eating rice.

Now when I was a kid, when we got diarrhea, my mother would cook rice and add extra water in it and we would drink the yucky rice water and then eat the rice and it would stop us up.  Guess what… plain rice has stopped me up like when I was a kid.  Yes I know that beans have fiber and should be making things flow but that wasn’t the case and probably because I had more rice than beans.

This doesn’t make much sense since things are flowing and I feel stopped up and filled with gas but so far so good and I’m losing.  So I’m looking for different ways to fix potatoes and there really aren’t too many ways so I broke down and went to BBB (Bed, Bath and Beyond) and got a Veggi Pro Spiralizer.

I know, you’re wondering why did I do this?  Well I had made some french fries using fresh potatoes and my mandoline and it was okay but BORING!!!  So I bought the spiralizer and thought maybe, just maybe I could cut my potatoes and make them fancy and it might change up how I eat them.  Since the spiralizer comes with 3 blades, I used three potatoes and did the thin/thick/ribbon cut on the potatoes.  Then I stuck them in the airfryer and cooked them.  Three minutes on one side and then three minutes on the other side.  So in six minutes I had very crunch thin potato fries.  Wasn’t too bad and it was mainly the crunch factor that I was after so this worked for me.

But because I only had rice in the morning, spiralized potatoes for lunch (which goes well with picante sauce) I had a late night baked potato smothered in picante sauce.  Hey I need a little bit of flavor, I only hope I don’t become dependent on them or end up paying a big price for it.


DAY 29

I knew it was too good to last, I ended up gaining 0.2 pounds.  For straying as far away from the diet experiment.  I’m surprised it took me so long for the weight gain to happen from my being bad.  However, once I ended up having my lunch (potato with mild picante sauce) things finally started moving for me, if you catch my drift.  Because I had already weighed myself and by the time things got flowing I had a lot of water besides lunch so my weight was off so I’ll just stick with the 0.2 pound gain.

Previously when I ate rice as an adult I had butter and salt with it and I guess that kept things lubricated but since I had rice plain it acted on me like it did when I was a kid.  I’m definitely going to think twice when it comes to eating rice again.  Oh and if you’re thinking why didn’t I drink more water, well I had slowed down on my water consumption prior to my rice experience but during those days I increased my water but it didn’t do what I wanted.

So today I’m going to try and refocus my efforts on what I’m eating and just how much water I’m drinking.  I’ve slowed down in losing weight more than I would like and I’m afraid that since my weight loss has slowed down so dramatically, I might do something really bad and sabotage all of my hard work (not really hard) in trying to lose weight.

I should be getting off work early today which will be great because maybe I’ll go home and maybe I’ll prepare some potatoes in one of my other ways and try and treat it as a gourmet meal.  But for now I’m outta here and figure it is time to get back to work.

One last note, I’m so glad I went for my massage today.  I spoke with my guy and told him about my bunion problem and he showed me several massages and what muscles can actually affect and help correct my bunions.  I love my massage therapy guy.  THANKS BEN!!!

25 To Go

Okay so it has taken a long time and probably the big 5 pound loss is probably due to the exercising that I did on Saturday but hey, I’ll take the pound loss any way I can get it.

The problem seems to be that my body needs some shaking up and no I don’t mean on those old machines that you used to put around your waist hoping that it would shake off those pounds…by the way for those of you who are too young to know about it, just trust me when I say it was a big waste of money but someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to shake it off.  Maybe the inventor got the idea from a hula-hoop, you know those things you used to move your hips around to keep the hoop moving.  Never mind!

Okay so let me tell you that things had not been going so great, I hadn’t fixed any food for myself which mean trying to throw things together for a meal and it just wasn’t working out last week but I did try to contain my bad eating habits.  Unfortunately bread was a part of my downfall.

Let’s move on to why I probably lost the weight since I wasn’t eating correctly.  Well that reason is rather simple.  I exercised and not just light exercised, I did it for about 11 hours straight.  I know what you’re thinking, am I insane for exercising for that long and who in the hell can work out that long.  Me, but there is a way to do it and have fun.

You want to know my secret?  Are you sure that you are ready for this big secret to be revealed?  Sure?  Okay here’s what I did.

I rode my ass off on my recumbent tricycle on Saturday.  I rode 88.64 miles in one day.  Unfortunately I kind of got a late start on things, I know I keep on making that mistake, and I was feeling so good that I decided why not keep on going.  Boy was that a dumb mistake.  I realized I had left my headlight safety gear at home but I was prepared for the ride in every other way, or so I thought.

I was making good time on the first leg of the ride, averaging 10.4 – 11.5 mph but that all quickly ended when I took an exterior loop to avoid a city.  I should have rode through the city, it was more downhill where the loop was mostly uphill…why…because it was the rise going around the city.  So then I had planned on riding a bit further out to a lake and stopping there before turning around and heading back.  Heck, I made great time.  I rode 42 miles in 4 hours and 2 minutes.  Not too shabby.

So after about 30 minutes of rest I got back on my trike and rode through the city I had bypassed to pick up a front headlight because it would be getting dark soon.  I had great help from a kid at Wallyworld but the kid liked to talk and was so concerned about getting my headlight and my new tail light that I just bought attached to the bike.  The headlight went on easily but not the tail light so I just hooked it to the back of my pannier bag, thanked the clerk for his help and rode off into the darkening sky.  I spent an unexpected hour in the store when I could have been out and on my way in 20 minutes, but I didn’t want to be mean to him.

Once it started getting dark I noticed that my speed began to slow down, mainly because I couldn’t see as well in the dark as I could in the light and the shadows kept throwing me off while riding.  Funny but I made better time on the way to the lake even with having to stop 5 times because I dropped my phone and ran over it with my trike, disconnect the bag from the front boom of my trike, adjust my music and twice stop to remove the wires from the debris on the roadway that had gotten tangled up with my gears and the second time in my wheels.  The trick was that it is so much easier to ride in the light of day than in the night.

So by the time I got back to where I had started, I had stopped several times because everyone kept on calling me or texting me trying to find out what was going on and where I was.  That is one of the disadvantages of not having a road crew with you, it is hard to stop and tell people to leave you alone because you’re struggling up a hill which is exactly where I was when they kept on calling.  So of course the calls just increased and finally I gave up and pulled over and told them I was find and that I just needed to finish making it up the hill.

Then I realized that the only big downhill I was to encounter was just before I made my turn to where I had parked my truck.  The majority of the trip back was a climb with only very slight downhills if they could even be called that.

So the secret to losing what I believed was 5 pounds in one day, exercise the hell out of yourself and then weigh yourself the next day.

Well I tried to eat after I finally finished my ride because I had already burned through the two Powerbar gel packs that I had at the half way point but I had a problem.  I stopped at Whataburger (www.whataburger.com) and got a meal because I knew that I would need the fries for the potassium and I wanted the diet soda.  Well don’t worry about that, because I had borrowed my brother’s truck which didn’t have cup holders so I pulled down the middle part of the front seat and opened it and put the drinks there.  I got a large diet drink and a shake.  I pulled out of the lot and onto the street when the top of the middle part started to close only to crash into my soda cup with the straw in it.  Turns out it forced the straw through the styrofoam and all of the drink emptied out of the cup into the middle seat compartment where my fries were as well as lots of papers belonging to my brother.  So I managed to eat my burger and had the shake drink only after I used the large amount of napkins to sop up the soda and wring it out the side window of the truck.  That took another twenty minutes thus delaying my arrival home which of course worried the local family members.

But Saturday night, no let me say Sunday morning, I really didn’t care what I ate as in worrying about protein or carbs.  I just wanted food and thankfully almost all Whataburgers are open 24 hours a day.

So ride hard and don’t eat, that was the secret to my weight loss.

It just reminded me that I like to ride my trike and maybe I should be doing a bit more of that to help me shed some of the weight.

Oh and by the way I took a short epsom soak for about twenty minutes and put on some Pan Away and the next morning I was feeling great.  Almost ready to ride another 50 or so miles.

Seeing that it helped me to lose weight and I really like it, I need to start riding more frequently although I really hate riding inside the city.  Oh well got to find some place else to ride.  Preferably before the heat of summer hits.

So 5 down and only 25 more to go.  Still trying to figure out how to make the body burn more efficiently for me without me having to think about it.  Why….because thinking hurts my brain!

So Happy Trails to me until I ride again…..

Personal Bet

Okay I know that I’ve been away from blogging and my apologies for those who were wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth or what.  Nope, the laws of gravity are still working and I’m still here.

While I was on my own for two weeks, I was going primal and only had one day of where I kind of just relaxed.  So what did I get for it, a .5 pound weight gain and an upset stomach.  Then things changed and I ended up falling off the primal train.  At least I can tell that there is a change in things from my being on the diet and not just the weight loss which was almost 7 pounds.  No I’m talking about a change in my attitude and how I felt.  I hadn’t noticed it times before probably because I was allowing other things to occupy the small space in my mind and it just grew out of proportion.  So I think I have that locked up into a smaller space and am tackling it a small bit at a time instead of letting it overwhelm me.

So as convention season rapidly approaches, I find that I’m still extremely fluffy, which is what my hair dresser says because she too is fluffy.  I like her saying that and no we are not fooling ourselves into thinking that we are in shape, we are fluffy and recognize we need a better shape.  Realizing what time of year it is, I’m beginning to wonder if I can even lose enough weight to make a difference for anyone to see.

Why is it important for others to see any weight that I lose, well it is because I like to see that I’m not the only one who notices.  So maybe soon I will stop wearing the baggy long hanging tee shirts so people will see my progress.

Oh, didn’t I say this before….oops, sorry.  I’m going to be going primal again, yes once again I’m going to be focusing on what I eat and hopefully this time I will be more successful in sticking to better eating habits.

Everyone says that you need a goal, something to shoot for so I’ve set one for myself which I will reveal in just a few moments.  Ohhh, teaser!

One of the thing that has been bother me has been my finances, oh sure I have money to pay my bills but wouldn’t you know it, just as I find I have some money to spare an unexpected expense comes up.  One of those expenses is my truck which is 22 years old this month which means it has been a work horse.  Everyone keeps on telling me to get a new car but what they fail to see is that I’m not putting out a monthly car payment which is great and has allowed me to get a few things, maybe a few too many things but at least I’m just barely above living from paycheck to paycheck.  But I digress….   As I was saying, I had an unexpected expense concerning my truck and this was just after I spent money to buy new tires and was about to replace my shocks when blam… major problems with my truck.  My brakes suddenly failed and I heard a horrible noise that I couldn’t pinpoint.  A big repair bill later, my truck is okay but I still feel that it is not running correctly, maybe I will finally get my mechanic nephew to look at it for me.

So I still need some work done on my truck and I need to put my 21-year-old car into the shop just to get it to start.  It has been sitting for 3 years and so I have to have all of the fluids replaced, especially the manual transmission fluid.  They had replaced the slave valve on my manual transmission only didnt bleed it right and the air bubble in the line froze up my gears.  When that happened I didn’t have enough money to put it back in the shop, so it sat and just as I was going to put it into the shop for them to fix it so it can run, blam more problems with my truck.

This is what threw me off earlier while I was being primal and although it was stressful while I was by myself, still stressed because of time, I stayed true to being primal.  Now everything caught up with me and I hopped off being primal but have decided on a new start date and a new goal.

Another thing I was stressing about was that I wanted to buy a new espresso maker because I have a very cheap espresso maker, but at the time I wasn’t sure if this was something that I wanted to do.  So then I watched a lot of videos and did my best with what I had to work with, Mr. Coffee burr grinder and DeLonghi EC15 espresso maker.  Well I knew that my grinder wasn’t very good, especially since it only cost $25, so I moved up to a more expensive grinder, a Rocky grinder.  So I bought this and just after I bought the grinder was when my truck broke down. I watched more videos to try and see how I could improve on my espresso skills and it seems that I just can’t seem to get it right, no matter how I make adjustments.

Seeing that convention season is almost upon me, I need to start saving up my money for the conventions that I’m planning on attending.  So once again I will be putting off getting my Silvia espresso machine but there is a reason.  You know how everyone says that you should reward yourself when you reach your weight goals and it should not be a food reward…well I’m skimming the surface here.  If I reach my weight goal then I will reward myself after my usual convention season by buying my Silvia espresso machine with PID.  Oh and if you don’t know what that is, it a not cheap espresso machine so I can make my lattes and the PID is a device attached to the machine so that it will give me more consistency as I pull my shots of espresso.  I figure I could use all of the help I could get thus why the PID.

So what is my goal?  My goal will be to lose 30 pounds by Monday, August 31st.  Why then, well that is when I leave for my favorite mad time adventure…..DRAGONCON!!!!!

I did a count of the days and since I will be starting on Monday April 6th since the 5th is my mother’s birthday and Easter with candy, I know I will not make it and my will power will down the drain.  So I will begin being primal on Monday, which means that I will have 148 days to lose 30 pounds.

Wow, that’s a lot of days and you might think why don’t I try to lose more?  Well the truth of the matter is that I’ve never lost more than 15 pounds and that was during a 21 days of being primal a couple of years ago.  The hard part will be maintaining the weight loss but my big hope will be to lose even more.  So why only 30 pounds, well that will put me under 200 pounds.  No I’m not up to 230 but I want to be a bit below 200 pounds and I want to be able to see the loss on my body.  Would I like to lose more, heck yeah and I’m hoping that I can continue to lose even more weight.  I know what weight I would like to be but the odds are not so great for me being back to my weight when I first started working in my line of work, which was 125 pounds.

Although based on most weight charts that would make me still overweight and close to being considered obese…but there was very little fat on my body.  That was when I was jo-walking 5 miles a day and really there was virtually no fat, you could not even pinch an inch on my waistline it was that .  No six-pack abs but they were taut.

So my personal bet is if I lose 30 pounds by August 31st, then I will reward myself by buying my Rancilio Silvia w/PID after I get back from DragonCon.

Like I said, it is a lot of days to lose only 30 pounds but the trick will be keeping it off.  One of these days I’m going to don a costume for DragonCon and may even wear a couple.  But I’ve got a lot of work to do until that time and if I get close to the weight then I will have to make a costume.  That is an exciting thing to look forward to and in a way it is another goal I can have.

Will this be the year that makes a difference?  I certainly hope so because I’m tired of taking my BP meds and I’m tired of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes and with myself.  Time to make the body fit my hair.

March Madness

No I’m not talking about basketball or brackets, sorry to get your hopes up but I just don’t understand that very well, I mean the brackets and not really interested in them…sorry for those who are into that stuff.  Instead I’m talking about my own March madness.

I have just erased what came out to 2 1/2 pages of wild ranting, mostly about my brothers and their lack of confidence in me.  Wow, I guess that just sums it all up, they don’t have confidence in me.  One of them was trying to lecture me about dieting and tell me some of the pitfalls of being overweight and then he dared to ask me the question, “Well have you ever tried dieting?”

Wow, it is hard when I diet because I let my mother know so that she will know when I’m there that I can’t eat certain foods and so she won’t grocery shop for me when I take her grocery shopping.  Any way, she always tells my brothers all of my business so she is a gossip mouse.  So that is why I got upset about my brother asking me if I’ve ever tried dieting.

Well since having dropped my mother off at my brother’s house so she and my sister-in-law could travel out of country, that was when my brother asked me about dieting, which just happened to have been the first weekend in March.  Thus starting out my March madness which is actually just frustration at my brother for his comment.

So now that I haven’t had to worry about taking care of my mother I’ve been able to actually regulate what and how I’ve been eating.  I’ve learned a few things about myself which is that I’m hooked on cappuccinos which I know is not the best thing to be hooked on but I only drink 2 a day at the maximum.

The week was going fine when suddenly while driving home from the bad side of town my truck breaks down, only it was very dangerous where it broke down so I managed to coax it along to stop about a mile away in a little bit safer area.  So now a week later I get a call from the garage saying my truck is ready and I almost passed out at the +$600 repair bill, but I guess it is better than a new car payment every week for the next 4-5 years.

So another brother lets me borrow his truck and mentions I might want to remove the messed up window tinting.  Well that is what I’ve been doing for the last few days and my fingers are slightly number from holding the razor blade at the correct angle to remove the glue still stuck on the windows once the tint was removed.  I only have the back window to go.  But, I managed to control my actions and besides removing the window tinting for the last few days, I’ve been careful about what I eat.


So now here is some good news.  I was relatively primal eating last week and I lost 4 .6 pounds.  Now unfortunately it is not still that way, I lost a touch more the next day but gained a couple of pounds in the last couple of days.  Some of the stress is coming back to bite me.  Plus I’ve been hungry and ate late at night although in general I’ve been eating primal.

Despite the stress with the truck, replaying my brother’s insulting questioning about my weight and dieting and trying to get other things done around the house; I’m now actually feeling pretty good about myself.  Yeah I have a big repair bill to pay tomorrow but I will have my truck back.  Yes I haven’t been eating completely primal, but I’m losing some weight, not as much as I would like but I know why it has not been melting off of me.  Oh yeah and I’m feeling good because I broke down and spent $$$ bucks on a coffee grinder to try and improve my espresso pulls on my cheap machine, then I find out something else I can do to improve it even better so I can enjoy the taste of my new coffee beans.  (Hey I have to look for the little rainbows for now.)

So as I finish up work tonight, I will go home and clean up my mess I left before rushing off to work and rig up my espresso machine for a good pull in the morning before I go pick up my truck.  I’ll catch the bus so then I will get just over 3/4 of a mile walk in early and hopefully it won’t rain on me as I walk to the garage to pick up my baby truck.

One last note is that I did something this last weekend that I think made a world of difference in my losing weight.  I went on a trike ride, but not an ordinary usual trike ride.  I’m making myself go to different places and to ride and push myself a little bit harder to get out and be in the world.  Okay so why is this last weekend’s ride so great, well I rode 65 miles on my trike.  If you remember I have a tricycle, pedal power and not horse power.  I took on some monster hills and climbed them on my trike and didn’t let them defeat me.

Yeah it took me longer to ride the 65 miles than I expected, it took me about 8 hours but the majority of those miles were uphill, yeah I got to ride down the hills but going up those hills were hard.  Yet despite it being a hard ride and by the time I finished the sun was down and my trike lights were fading as they ran out of power but as I rode up the last hill to where I had left my truck parked, I felt hungry and excited that I had managed to ride so far.  I also felt chilled because I didn’t bring my jacket, see I hadn’t planned on riding that far so it was great because I didn’t have to worry about anyone or anything (with the exception of traffic) while on my ride and so far that is the best trike ride I’ve ever had.

So I’ve slipped a little this week already but now I think I’ve released my frustration (erased pages of ranting) and I’m looking forward to the coming weekend and maybe I can get a trike ride in and if not there is always the next weekend.  I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow to replenish my primal pantry and continue eating primal.

Thanks for being patient with me and I’m back to eating good and maybe this time I will have a bit more success than earlier this year.  Hope you day is going okay.

Day 12 of Challenge

Well I know I was late in posting day 12 and right now my computer at work will not allow me to get on the Vimify system so I will have to wait and do that at home.


When we last left our heroine (me), she had a couple of inches of rain in her back room and her garage had flooded as well as her having 3-4 inches of water in her backyard.  This morning it was still flooded in the backyard and tomorrow I will have to get out my subpump and hose and pump that dirty water out of the area but on the good side only the outer area of the back room had about 1/2 to 1 inch of water in it so that is an improvement.


After work last night I went shopping last night after work to try and find my tea but it never fails, just when I find a tea that I like, they stop making it.  So that just stinks on ice.  So I found some older tea which is supposed to be orange rooibos but it doesn’t have a very orange taste, so I bought some orange zest and will be sprinkling that into my loose leaf rooibos tea and maybe that will work.  If that is the ticket then I will go to a local tea store and try to find more rooibos and maybe then I can fix my favorite tea.  But I digress, so no tea but I was in the mood for chili and I had just looked up a primal chili recipe and it looked easy but since I’m making it from scratch basically, I can adjust how much chili powder to put in as well as the other spices.


So as I was really enjoying my sleep I get at call at 6:30 in the morning and it is from sib #1 and I really can’t hear him very well but I could swear that I heard him say help.  I keep on talking but it is as if he could not hear me so I waited a few minutes then disconnected and tried to call him but again it was difficult to hear things and I heard ‘help’ said twice.  Now I’m beginning to panic because this is about the time my brother drives into work and he tends to drive very fast and he has hydroplaned before on the freeway.  Logic tries to take over as I wonder why in the heck would he call me and not his wife who is a hell of a lot closer than the 200 miles I live away from him but then logic says that my name is probably the first name on his contact list so maybe he hit my name and maybe he was hurt and then I have to stop and take slow breaths to calm down.  I managed to get through to my brother this time and he said that he must have butt dialed and apologized because he knows that I was asleep and he said he hoped I could go back to sleep.


I had to focus on doing some breathing exercises because I couldn’t stop my mind from racing which was driving me crazy. Finally almost 30 minutes later I fell asleep and was up 2 hours later.  I got up and started chopping up the onion and after 1 onion I figured that was enough, a second onion as the recipe calls for would have been too much.  I then chopped up the meat to the bite size that I like which is 1/2″ cubes, yeah a lot smaller than most recipes suggest but I don’t like huge chunks.  Two hours later I checked the chili and it looked okay but it was still a little bit soupy even though I reduced the water by 1/2 cup, next time I will reduce by 1 whole cup.  I took a tablespoon of arrowroot flour and mixed a little flour to make it a liquid and poured it into the chili which helped thicken it and since that was only 7 carbs for the entire pot of chili I believe that I’m well within my carb limit on the pot of chili.

So I cook some more chicken/spinach/feta cheese sausage links only this time I took off the skins which makes the links taste so much better.  I made some primal mayo and added maybe a slight more Dijon mustard than expected but still the mayo was tasty.  After cooking my links I ate 1 1/2 links with my mayo on the side for dip.


By this time my chili was done and so after letting it slightly cool off I put some in a thermos and in small container so I could have it at work and topped it off with some cheese.  Now rice or even a biscuit might have been nice to have with it but this chili was some of the best because I controlled the chili and didn’t put too much and just the right amount of the spices that I wanted.  Hey I can’t handle spicy hot food any longer, my days of eating jalepanos are over.


My head was definitely not on straight because as I went out to my truck to go to work I realized I left my keys inside, then once back out at the truck I remembered I left my cell phone inside and I need that because it has all of my work passwords, then I remembered that I was working at a different station and I needed to take my ergo keyboard.  The good thing was that although we were busy there were several people here to help me out which made the night a breeze.


Best part of the night was heating up my chili and it tasted so good.  The meat was very tender and the spices were just right and the juices had tightened up only a little which was good.  I got to see a few people I hadn’t seen in quite a while so it was a pretty good day for me, especially since it is Friday and I’m lucky enough to have weekends off and it is supposed to be pretty good weather this weekend, mainly no rain.


Besides having to run the subpump tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to get out and ride my trike and maybe, just maybe the sun will come out.


MEALS:  Breakfast – 2 flat white coffees, 3 strips of bacon; Lunch – 1 1/2 chicken/spinach/feta cheese links w/primal mayo; Dinner – 1 1/2 cups of primal chili with cheese.  YUMMY!!!!!!


RECAP – Backyard and back room still flooded, oh and trash cans are sideways in the water with the lids open (wonderful…not), rude/scary wake up call, cooked chili and it is the first time doing it from scratch and it is wonderful.



Days 6 & 7 of Challenge

So sorry but I forgot to give you the run down on me on day 6 so today will be a combo of both days.


Unfortunately for me on Day 6 I only got about 7 hours of sleep but I got quite restless and knew that I couldn’t stay asleep.  I wish that I would have written down things because I tend to forget some of the things that I did.  I went out and caught only about 10 minutes of sunshine before it hid behind the clouds so it made my outdoor adventure not as nice especially since it was a touch windy which meant more pollen was being blown around.


I know that I was good in following what I was supposed to eat, just not so much as when I ate.  I ate breakfast at 11:00 am, lunch at 4:00 pm and dinner at about 8:45 pm.  But I followed what I should eat and things were okay.  I had taken some meds to try and dry up my nose since being out in the windy day made it a touch runny but instead of making me tired like it usually does, I was up until 3 am.


So yesterday was a take it easy type of day because I really didn’t know how things would go today on the bike ride that I had planned.


Day 6 Meals:   Breakfast – coffee w/cream, 2 eggs; Lunch – fried rice (cauliflower paleo fried rice), Dinner – 2 hot dogs with chili and cheese.


As you can see from my meals above I haven’t been getting enough veggies in my system and boy could I tell a difference.  So really nothing much happened on Day 6 and maybe that was why I forgot about my entry.


DAY 7 


Well I ended up getting 6 hours of sleep and could not sleep any more because the sun was shinning in my window again through the one small crack between curtains and it went in my eyes so it was wake up time.  However, despite my lack of sleep two nights in a row I really did enjoy waking up to the sun this morning.  Yesterday it was hit and miss with the sun but today it was out and it really warmed up the day, making it a great day for my ride.


So I grabbed some lunch and started prepping things for my ride.  I guess because when I ride, I ride by myself and since no one is ever close to where I ride so if I get a flat tire or have problems, I have to fix things myself.  My brother would have to drive over to my house and pick up my truck and then find me on the road if I broke down and needed to be picked up because I ride a recumbent tricycle and it is too big to fit in the back of his compact car thus why he would have to go pick up my truck.


It is for that reason that I go over all of the safety equipment on my trike and make sure it is in good working condition and make sure that I have enough water on my ride.  So let me tell you about my ride, it started out easy which is good because the first few minutes were my warm-up and about 10 minutes into the ride I hit the hills and I could feel it right away in my legs.  So I kept on adjusting the gears so that I could keep the cadence close to 60.  Most of the people were cool but there was one lady who though she would show how intelligent she wasn’t by honking and screaming at me to get off the road.  In the majority of the cities around the USA bicyclists have the same rights to the road and also must obey the same traffic laws which I do.  Yes I remember to use my hand signals and I stop at stop signs and do my best to stay to the side of the road so faster moving vehicles can go around me when it is safe.


So I do a slow hill climb and thankfully just as I start to get tired the street levels out.  Then I turned onto a busier street and when the traffic stopped for the stop light I stopped too right behind a vehicle to show that I was obeying the rules of the road.  So then I hit a hill and I could not remember where the street came in for me to turn onto which wouldn’t you know it was right by the top of the hill and it was on the left side of the road.  Thankfully I could move over and make the turn, yes signaling, and managed to get by before a vehicle hit me that was going 15 over the speed limit but hadn’t seen me since it just came over a hill.


Then I got on another street where the speed limit is 25 mph and I was coming pretty close to that speed going downhill but that quickly ended and up a hill I climbed and I ended up slowing down to about 5 mph.  Talk about a workout, boy did my legs feel it but the best thing of all was that I wasn’t gasping for air as I exerted myself which is a very good sign considering earlier this week I was struggling to catch my breath on a few walks.  Then there was the next downhill which was at least for 1 mile.  I managed to barely make a light which was great so I could swing out further in the road to avoid the jogger.  I actually got up to 30 mph and was lucky that there wasn’t a cop there to ticket me because in that small little community within my city, the cops are known for writing speeding tickets.  So today I escaped the ticket threat and had to make a left turn again to catch my entrance to a park.  Nice drivers gave me plenty of room which was really nice.


Riding through the park, I was lucky that most of the trails were open because the roadway in the park are in need of some serious repaving.  I started to go on a trail that would keep me out of traffic and dump me out at a light when I noticed that the trail was closed as they were redoing the trail.  So back out into the street I went and got passed by a 2 wheel biker who was an idiot because he had earphones in his ears while riding (illegal in most places because it can block out sounds and cause a safety issue) but that was okay.  He caught the light but not me.  When it came my turn the other drivers were so nice because I had to turn left and they all stopped and waved for me to make my left turn and I made sure to wave thank you to all of the drivers and smiled.


You know that is one thing that I have come to realize, as I’m riding on my recumbent trike, I find that I’m smiling more.  I’m not really sure if it because I’m comfortable even when going uphill or if it because I have music coming from a speaker on my trike or if it is just the enchantment of riding Serenity (name of my trike).


I finished my ride and felt so energized that I did some pull-ups and tonight my muscles are screaming at me so I took some magnesium to help with cramps later.  Once those were done I pulled out my gas grill and chopped up some cauliflower and roasted it, then cooked some hamburger patties for the next couple of days and finally cooked the steak that I had for dinner.



Day 6 – windy day and little sunshine, but followed eating rules

Day 7 was great, had a bike ride, prepped some meals for the next few days and had a relaxing evening.


Meals – Day 7:    Breakfast – scrambled eggs, coffee; Lunch – 4 oz NY strip steak, roasted butternut squash and roasted cauliflower; Dinner – scrambled eggs w/mushrooms and cheese, ice cream for a treat, only 1/3 cup.


I hope that your weekend was good to you.  So I’m still hanging in there sticking with the meals but I need to incorporate more veggies.  Until tomorrow, may you night be filled with pleasant dreams if you are sleeping and if you are working during the night, may you have an easy work night.


Good Night Folks.