P D E – Day 23

I like the number 23 for some reason but today I got a good reason again to like it.  I didn’t lose very much weight from my eating yesterday but that is because I haven’t been taking in as much water as I previously did and I must admit to a small sprinkling of salt, about a pinch if that much.  However, I seem to have grown accustomed to drinking my coffee black; still a little bit yuck but I don’t think I will be putting much in my coffee when I’m not required to drink it black.

Well I stepped up on the scale this morning it showed I only had a 0.3 pound loss.  Yes I know it isn’t much of a loss but at least it was a loss and that is what I’m working for….losing weight and I really don’t want to find what I lost…LOL!  I think the moral is that I need to be more selective when I take a break from the diet but this time as I did my break I thought a little bit better of what I was eating on my first cheat day but the second day I was tired, exhausted and not feeling happy especially after my experience at the con.  So I ordered out and brought it home and ate all the wrong things but then as I told you took something to flush my system.

Perhaps I’m a little bit slower in losing on my first day back is because after the flushing I gave my system, it needed time to get the proper bacteria back into my gut so then I can get back on track to losing more weight.

Oh I discovered something today and I’m sorry I didn’t figure this out before.  So it is possible that my microwave is about to go out and it is okay because it is a touch over 20 years old; so the thing I noticed is that not all of the food is heated up equally.  So I took a russet potato, cut it in half, turned the cut half to the bottom of the wax-coated paper plate, then cooked it for almost 2 minutes, then turned it over and cooked it for shy of 2 minutes.  Well I noticed that it seemed sort of dry which meant that I probably nuked too much of the moisture out of it.  I hate dry potatoes so I took some of my water and poured over the potato half and then sort of mashed it down with my fork and did this a couple of times until it resembled mashed potatoes but left it in the shell of the potato skin.  I ate it (yes the skin too) and it reminded me of twice baked potatoes.  It changed up the texture a bit and that really was a nice change.

Now there aren’t really too many different ways to prepare potatoes plain except to boil, bake or broil and broiling doesn’t really turn out that well, most of the time the potatoes stick.  I use the microwave, boil them or use my airfryer but even that gets tiring…oh yeah I also blend them in mixer so they come out mashed.  So pretending that these are twice baked potatoes is the newest way for me to eat the potatoes and for now my brain is fooled and my taste buds only partially fooled.

So I was talking with someone about this and they were sad because they weren’t losing weight as rapidly as me.  I had to remind her that she only had 15 pounds to lose where I had 90 pounds to lose so yeah in the beginning the weight quickly disappeared.  But it has been a struggle for me, not so much this week as I started back on plain potato eating.

I’m sitting here thinking that if I hadn’t had that very first cheat day I probably would have lost more by this time but that is water under the bridge and I’ve lost those pounds.  Then I reached the 20 pound goal and made it but then allowed myself to have not 1 cheat meal but one whole day and one cheat meal which I split and ate at different times.  So if my final goal is to lose 90 pounds, with the 20 pound loss I would have only had 70 pounds to go but my 3.4 pounds put a damper on things but still I ate within reason yesterday.  As of today I have 72.8 pounds to lose and it may not seem like much but the more I look at it the more I realize that the last time I was down this much in weight was in 2000 when I went to Spain/Portugal/Rock of Gibraltar and I ended up losing 22 pounds in 17 days.  I was 16 years younger back then and despite eating whatever I wanted, I had kept it off for several months after my trip.

I know my goal is obtainable although it isn’t the weight I would like to weigh but I figured one step at a time.  I’m thinking about doing some light HITT cycling so let me explain in case I didn’t do it before.  I read that in order to decrease the size of one’s thighs, they should do HITT exercises and they said if doing it on the bike to keep the pedals spinning fast and not to be climbing hills.

Of course I nervous that this might make my muscles kick in and then I wouldn’t be allowing the potatoes to do their magic on my body but I really dread just sitting around and looking at how large my thighs have gotten.  So since I’m not so sure if I’m going to mess things up, maybe I’ll put off the spinning of pedals for a bit.

It may seem silly to you especially since I have such a long way to go but I think that I only have a little over 70 pounds to go and 70 is so much lower than 90 and although it isn’t much I feel as if this time I can make my goal.  I don’t imagine myself to be able to lose 100 pounds in 84 days like Penn Jillette, but I would love to be at my final goal weight by Christmas but I’m sure I’ll need a bit more time to hit my goal; however, it won’t stop me from hoping.

It is easy and sometimes I’m worried that it might be too easy for me so when I take a cheat day or meal everything will come back on my body.  For the first time in a long time I’m able to actually feel as if my work pants are too big but I’m wearing my new work pants because my old one split in the butt area.  Maybe that was another reason for me needing to go on a diet.

So I decided to start saving to buy a new recumbent trike besides still saving for my car.  I don’t plan on doing a loan for either one so that means I’m going to have to really save if I want the car of my choice rather than the car of my meager means.  Then I want to buy my recumbent trike that folds and has front and rear end suspension so when I finally am able to complete my ride I can do it a little bit more comfortably.  At least the trike will cost less but by then hopefully all of the bugs will be worked out and I will be significantly lighter and will be ready to use the trike to complete my trike journey.

Well back to reality, I did buy an aero press to make coffee and I like it because it will allow me to make coffee and/or espresso.  I don’t know if I want to try espresso right now because the truth is I don’t do a good job with espresso on other machines and I can’t seem to handle it nor can I seem to get it to come out with crema.  Any who I don’t really drink espresso straight, it is much too strong and I need add the frothed milk so I can handle the drink so it will be a while.  But then again I’m now drinking coffee black….maybe…not.

Okay time to go for now, so I’m very slowly losing weight, but still losing after my binge.  Time to pay for my taste buds’ pleasure.


Day 2 Surprise

This morning I received an unexpected surprise and it was such a surprise that I felt I needed to share it.  First off sleep was not my friend last night because it was avoiding me.  I had just fallen asleep when about 30 minutes later something woke me up and despite trying several tricks, I was up until 0545 hrs this morning.  I managed to to sleep until about 0910 hrs this morning which really didn’t leave me ready for the day.

Remember me mentioning that I ate so much for dinner last night, well apparently all of the water that I was drinking helped keep things, if you know what I mean.  Well when I got on the scale this morning imagine my surprise when it showed that I had a 2.8 pound loss.  I know…. 2.8 pounds loss!!!!!!

So this was a great way to start of my day.  I made a latte and read a bit of the paper and then got ready to run a few errands, like getting some more coffee for my Keruig and other items and by the time I got back home it was time to get ready for work.

I managed to grab a sandwich, yes I know bad on having 2 slices of bread but I was in a rush.  So I put my dinner together and managed to make it out the door in time to get to work just on time.  Right now I’m going to take a quick time out and eat my dinner before it gets too late and then maybe I will have enough time to take a walk in the parking lot.  Depends on how busy we are at work.


I had dinner and it was okay, I waited about 40 minutes and I was able to walk in the parking lot so I walked a mile. I didn’t push myself on the walk I just took it easy and I noticed I was more out of breath because I was singing as I walked. Unfortunately I found out that once I got home I was hungry once again I don’t know what happened maybe because I didn’t overfill my lunch but I was hungry and so I grabbed some cheese to snack on.

I haven’t had as much water to drink as I did yesterday and because I had a late night snack I’m really anticipating maybe a pound or so to gain on the wait hopefully not but only time will tell I may not write in tomorrow since I have a lot of days to go so I may not be writing in every single day. Because there are so many days to this goal I mean that record everything happening everyday but I will at least keep up to date and we’ll see how things are going at least day two got off to a good start.

I will still have to remain focus if I’m to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

Day 1 of Challenge

So just like the title states, this is day one of the challenge and so I decided to do a few things, first off was to step on the scale. I had stepped on the scale last night after a day of just eating whatever I wanted and was a little sad because I knew I would be heavy but seeing the scale jump up to 218.9 was a big shock, no I take that back it wasn’t a big shock, I thought I would weight even more.  I think my only saving grace was the fact that I was sick previously and that might have kept down my weight just a tad.


Well I got  6 hours of sleep and yes I know that I should have gotten more but finally the sun came out and wouldn’t you know it was shinning right in my window despite the curtain covering the window, the sun found the one spot that wasn’t fully covered on my window so I guess it was the day’s way of telling me to get my fanny out of bed.  Now it was at 0830 hours and I’m sure quite a few of you are already at work and up doing something having been up for at least an hour but seeing that I work until 2300 hours, that is 11 pm for all you other people who don’t know what time 2300 hrs is.


So I get off at 2300 hrs which means that I must then drive home and around 2300 hrs is when a lot of people change to go to other bars or some people are heading out from private parties and more often they are going out to the outer area of the city which is the direction I’m heading.  But enough of that whining, I stay up after that and do not go to bed right away.  Honestly it is hard to just jump into bed  after getting off work, I know almost none of you go to bed right away after you get off work because you need to wind down, which is why I’m lucky if I’m in bed at 0200 hrs.


Okay enough of my whining, let me tell you a little bit of good news.  I got up and although my sinus problem is still with me, it is not so bad.  I got up and stepped on the scale expecting to weigh pretty close to my weight of 218.9 pounds but I got a huge surprise, I stepped up on the scale and was surprised to find that my weight was 214.7 pounds.  I know I couldn’t believe that somehow I had managed to lose over 4 pounds overnight.  It didn’t make any sense and I moved the scale all around to try and get a heavier weighing but guess what, it didn’t vary.  This was definitely a great way to start my 21 day challenge.


Yet I didn’t stop there, I realized that I needed to get up off my butt and do something so I went out for a nice walk.  Following along Mark Sisson’s way which is move slowly.  I wasn’t out to break some type of walking/running record, besides my days of being able to run/jog are over thanks to foot injuries.  So feeling good after my cup of coffee and following it up with a cup of water, I went out for a walk around the neighborhood and didn’t worry about time or how fast I was walking.  I then finished my walk and learned that I had walked 0.7 miles, which was quite enjoyable because I could breathe  without gasping for air.  I know that the allergies are going wild because the wind has picked up but I’m going to follow the advice of some of my co-workers which is to take a teaspoon of local honey.


Oh speaking of local honey, I went to the farmers market and grabbed something that is pretty local but because I live in a large city there is not any bee farms within the city but at least I’ve found some that is just about an hour or less away.  I’m looking forward to starting this regime so that the next blast of pollen will not stir up my allergies quite as much.  We’ve had problem with Mountain Cedar and although I’m not allergic to it, it has reached levels over 16,000 count so whether or not you’re allergic to that pollen, it still affects everyone.


So I’m working on doing things the right way.  I took my blood pressure and unfortunately it is rather high, so I took my medication and I think it will work later on in the day but I still need to go see the last doctor who gave me that Rx so that I have one less thing to worry about for the moment.


I pulled out my new gas grill and started it up and put some thin steaks on the grill and am using my grill mate which means that I’m cooking the steaks with indirect heat which I hope will leave them a little bit juicy but I also have to under cook them since I’m planning to take them with me to work and will need to nuke them, but I’ve got dinner all planned since I’ve just finished cooking some spaghetti squash and will include some broccoli for dinner tonight.


Right now I’ve got to sign off so I can finally get something to eat since I’m finally hungry and then I have to start getting ready for work.  I’ll be back soon to let you know how things are going.


So I got out my grill and cooked some thin cut steaks for dinner and for tomorrow’s lunch, as well as cooked some spaghetti squash and prepped some broccoli.  This is what I have planned for dinner tonight and I hope to make the other people at work a touch envious of my dinner.  The best thing about going primal on my eating habits is that I must admit my work lunch (actually it is dinner) always seems so much better than some of the stuff I would have to buy.


Sometimes time gets the better of me and I would have to resort to fast-food when I eat but being primal makes me actually plan ahead and figure out what I can eat and the best thing of all is that when I eat primal I do not get an upset stomach.  I have noticed that now since I have cut out night shade produce my digestion problems have dramatically reduced.  Come to think of it, I remember that I went through half a bottle of Tums in about a week just about the time my family was due to arrive for our Christmas celebration.  It was not because I didn’t want to see them, no I love seeing my family but we were rushing around trying to get everything ready in the house for their visit.  So between not eating right and the stress I guess that also lowered my ability to fight off the sinus infection.


Hopefully I will be able to try some meditation tonight and if not I will at least end the day with some relaxing deep breathing or at least breathing as deeply as possible to calm and even out the day.



So I got woken up by the sunlight streaming through the one crack in my bedroom window.  Not a bad way to wake up especially since I haven’t seen the sunshine in a couple of days.

Went for a short walk in the sun, taking things at a casual pace so I didn’t overtax myself and wear myself out so I can go to work tonight.

Grilled some steaks for tonight’s dinner and tonight I get to leave work a little early so I will try to do some meditation and/or deep breathing exercises to further relax after work.

Meals:  Breakfast – coffee w/cream; Lunch – Homemade chicken soup w/sandwich (yes I know not exactly following primal on the sandwich but it was only 20 carbs and I had to grab something quick); Dinner – thin steaks about 4-5 oz, spaghetti squash w/butter and broccoli.

Based on what I will be eating and have consumed, I should be well under the 50 grams of carbs.

So far things are looking pretty good and I’m a little tired because I’m not completely over my sinus infection.  But in the past eating primal and trying to be more active has always helped in the past.


So far Day 1 of the 2015 Challenge is looking pretty good.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 8 – Weigh-In Day

Okay then the day that I have been dreading arrived.  I will admit this, I was still feeling a bit sick last night so I took a Benadryl and it allowed me to sleep which was good but I’ll tell you this much, at the end of the day I felt worse than I did in the morning.

I was scared, really scared that I wouldn’t lose any weight because let’s face it although I’ve been low on the carbohydrate count exercising is a part of the magic formula, so that along with the fact that I’ve been sick this whole time really has my nerves on edge and so I made sure the scale was on level ground and stepped up on the scale.


9/18/2013 – Day 1 :    209.7

9/25/2013 – Day 8 :    203.1

I LOST 6.6 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I LOST  6.6 POUNDS !!!!!


Sorry but I was just so darn excited that I had even lost a pound but to have lost 6.6 pounds really put me over the top of happy and made me realize that although I didn’t exercise I still had lost some weight and if I had exercised, even simple waking I might have had a bigger loss.

Not that I’m not excited about the weight loss, I really am but wish I could have done more.


So I went to work and my throat started hurting, well let me take that back it was painful so I had some coffee to try and open it up but that didn’t work out well because I had to heat it up twice and the open throat wore off very quickly.  So then I later went and gargled with warm salt water which felt good but less than an hour later my throat felt even worse.  Then I had my dinner and I will say this much, I was hungry, darn hungry which I guess is a good sign that I’m getting better but you couldn’t tell by the way my throat was aching.  So tonight I went out and bought a very low carb hydrating drink which was less than 1 for every 12 ounces.  But every time earlier when I tried to drink water I swear it felt as if I was send sand down my throat.  I know I shouldn’t but I could not help it, I drank the whole 32 oz of that drink and so I will give it 1 carb count for the count so since there were 2.5 servings then I will add it to my list.  Now I’m sitting here drinking some hot peppermint tea and that is also doing wonders for opening up my throat and letting me breathe easier.

Looks like I will have to go fill that backup Rx for antibiotics because my glads in my throat are swollen and tender to the touch, glad the doctor was thinking ahead.

Enough of this stuff, let me go ahead and do a listing of what I had to eat.  It should not be done but once again I slept through breakfast and didn’t get up until almost lunch time.  Then I sat around for a few minutes trying to get my courage up for my weigh-in but that was mentioned up above this, so let’s get this show on the road.






Hamburger Patty – Juicy w/Provolone Cheese&Bacon 1 0
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Dressing 1 1/2  cup 7.5



Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0
Coffee – w/Sweetener/Whip Cream/FV SF cream/WC SF syrup 1 mug 2



Chicken Breast – Precooked Savory Seasoned 5 oz 5
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6


Late Night Snack:

Applewood Bacon – Thick 1 slices 0
Hydrating Drink – Powerade Zero 32 oz 2.5
Tea – Peppermint 1 mug 0


So let me tally up everything here:   TOTAL:   23 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


I lost weight.  I can’t get over how happy that is making me feel despite it being morning news.  I need something to make me feel better as I sip my cup of tea.  Gotta love the soothing feeling of tea.

I’m hoping to feel better once I start taking the antibiotics and maybe then I can at least start walking.  So until tomorrow I’m outta here for now a whole 6.6 pounds less.   Yahoooooooooo!!!!!!!

Primal For 21 Days – Day 4

Alrighty then I woke up feeling pretty good which means I’m almost over this sickness and believe me I’m grateful to see it leave, it gave me almost 15 days of feeling like hell.  But Just in case it is playing possum I will keep on taking things a little bit easy, there is lots of room for improvement.

So woke up early enough so that I could make breakfast.  Even after my yogurt late night snack I was hungry when I got up and so I made breakfast, something that I haven’t been doing for the last few days since I was sleeping in.  I’m taking a look at my finances and wow, could my funds use some boosting.  Looks like I may have to start looking to work overtime…maybe not, I’m old and set in my ways and really don’t want to work any more than I have to at my job.  What I really need to do is start saving so I will have to limit my spending and do my best not to take off of work unless necessary.  I have over 120 hours of vacation and yes I will be adding more to it come October 1st which is the start of the year at my job, only I will get my vacation hours every quarter which means I will need to also save my holidays so I will stop draining my vacation hours.

Why the push to save and why the push to save time at work?   Well me and my big mouth is why.  While I was at DragonCon (stop and glide through this if I’ve already talked about our other trip in 2014) I was listening to some of my friends talk about their trip to Hawaii and I said that I had mentioned that to my mother one day and that she told me that I could not go to Hawaii without her.  I said that maybe in a couple of years we could go to Hawaii and then someone asked me when my mother’s birthday was and I foolishly said in April instead of asking why.  The next thing I know everyone in the group said that they would be struggling hour wise at their place of work but they were up for doing HawaiiCon 2014.  Okay this is not to be confused with the actual HawaiiCon which is taking place in September 2014 but our own kind of convention.  Now that things have been batted around it sounds as if they are determined to go in April and not use a convention for a chance to go because it is too close to DragonCon 2014 and most of them couldn’t take off time from work.

I looked at the guest at HawaiiCon 2014 and I would really like to go but then again why would I want to spend so much time in a convention when I could be at least walking along the beach or maybe snorkeling, or something else.  But I would love to go but only time will tell.  More than likely it will say….No Way!

Okay well thanks for letting me think about things on the blog and now to what this is all about.

So it is day 4 and things seem to be going okay and they usually do for the first 5-7 days and it is only after that time, time will tell if I have the willpower to endure.  So far I’m not really tempted so I’m hoping that this attempt will be one of my most successful times of going primal.  At least I sort of stay close to it when I’m not focusing on eating primal but try to keep my carbohydrate count in mind…some times my mind is on pizza so that is a bad place to be for any long period of time.  Speaking of pizza, I was watching Good Eats and wouldn’t you know it was about making pizza dough.  It had a good recipe and one I will try at a much later time but at least I now where to look for the recipe which can be found on the Food Network Channel and look up Alton Brown.  Meanwhile, let’s see what is going on and what I’m putting down my tummy for the day.


2 Eggs scrambled with 1/8 cup raw spinach 1 0.14
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2
Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


California Chicken Salad-Senoma Diet 1 cup 10
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1  cup 6.5



Sirloin Hamburger w/1oz Fontina Cheese/1/6 cup Cranberries 1 12
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6



Yogurt Greek-Danon Light&Lean-Blueberry 5.3 oz 9


Food Total for Day 4:      51.64 CARBOHYDRATES


Okay so this is over 50 but barely over 50 carbohydrates for the day.  But I counted high on the California chicken salad because normally it has walnuts in it but I do not add walnuts in the salad.  So although it is over 50 I’m still feeling good.  I could have ignored the yogurt but I’m using it to help settle my stomach.  Why settle my stomach, well remember that I said that yesterday I over cooked my sirloin burger patty, well I wanted to hurry up and get it eaten so that upset my stomach.  Yea for yogurt.

This is basically a good day and maybe tomorrow I will feel good enough to do a morning walk.  Until tomorrow, have a great evening.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 3

I want to first mention that despite how much I felt the urge to snack last night when I got off, I resisted.  I had read somewhere that sometimes when we think we are hungry it is often our body actually telling us that we are thirsty so I drank water and that seemed to quell the rumbling in my tummy.  So yippy for me I managed to avoid snacking.

Well with that being said let me tell you that it was hard for me not to step on the scale today and for anyone who has read any of my previous blogs then you will know that it is hard for me to stay off the scale.  I tend to want to have daily satisfaction so this is very hard for me to do but I am avoiding the temptation.

The best thing so far today is that I woke up and wasn’t feeling horrible, finally I think that I’m coming out from under the cloud of sickness.  I managed to sleep in which was really a good thing for me because now that I think about it I never was able to get enough rest earlier when I was first diagnosed with Bronchitis.  So at least now as my body is struggling to get better, I think the sleep helps and believe it or not I believe that my changing of my diet is also helping.  Hey it never hurts to be eating better and since I’m not eating pizza or grabbing a quick burger and fries it seems to actually be making a difference.  As for energy well I think that my body is absorbing the nutrients in order to let my body continue to heal.  So why didn’t I think of that before…no idea why.

So I woke up late and instead of trying to get up early and go walking, right now walking may not be the wisest thing at the current time.  The heat has been up and going in and out of heat and into cool doesn’t help my health either.  So woke up late but I did have a sort of breakfast, but not really.  Then I rushed out to take my mother to the market because it is raining where I’m at and since I really didn’t think she should wait in the rain to go to the grocery store, I took my mother to the store.  From there it was a relaxing day.  It was raining when we left and stopped by the time we got to the store and we got home before the rain started again.  Since then I’ve just been taking it easy and resisting the urge to sleep or else I will not get to sleep at a decent hour tonight.  So let’s get this thing started.

Day 3 Food Consumed:


Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


2 Egg Omlet w/mushrooms/spinach/cheese/bacon 1 3.03
Chicken Spread 1/4 cup 0


Sirloin Hamburger w/1oz Fontina Cheese/10 Cranberries 1 12
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5

All Day:

Sparkling Water – Mandarin Orange 1 liter 0



Yogurt Greek-Danon Light&Lean-Blueberry 5.3 oz 9



As I stated earlier I slept in and thanks to that I’m feeling better now at the end of the night.  Yes I know that this is late being posted and sorry it wasn’t posted earlier but after making dinner things had to be cleaned up.

So let me talk about my main course for dinner.  I took 1 pound of ground sirloin meat and divided it into three patties and saved some to top the burger.  Then I chopped up maybe 1 oz of Fontina cheese per burger but that is really being generous but it is easier to count this way.  Then I added 1/3 cup of cranberries into the mix and divided it evenly between the three burgers.  Well when I made this before I was actually paying attention and the burger was wonderful but unfortunately I was watching something in the other room and I kind of over cooked the burger so they were not juicy.  Yes I was bad and did not watch things.  I also love green beans cooked in butter but I usually saute mushrooms and throw in some garlic and some dehydrated onions in the butter and once that is done I put the bag of frozen french cut green beans in the pan and cover and just let things work together.

Ya know I really hadn’t thought about it but I’ve really been pretty low except for day one on my carbohydrate count.  My stomach has been a bit upset though so I’m debating whether or not to have some yogurt.  Now this really takes some reading at the grocery store but I found that Danon Light&Lean Greek Yogurt/Blueberries only has 9 carbohydrates in one of the single serve containers.

I’ve been pretty good so far on the diet although I’ve seen a couple of things on TV that I was interested in cooking but odds are I will not make it because why…..not on the diet.  At least it won’t be made until the 8th of next month.  Yes I have been very tempted by food especially since not everyone in the house is on my diet and it is sometimes hard to turn away from the fast food places but I want my pants to fit better and if I’m ever going to do cosplay at my convention then I have to really stay focused.  So for 21 days I need to be good and hopefully will have built up good habits.

Okay I broke down and had a yogurt so let me list it and that will now change my totals but still looking good on my totals.  So now I’m outta here and need to drink a little bit more regular filtered water to help keep me hydrated

Primal For 21 Days – Day 2

Well for me just starting this out of the blue things are going pretty good.  Guess all of my past attempts at eating primal is paying off and for that I’m grateful.

So now where to do I began, let me see….well I guess the best thing to happen for the day is that I slept in.  Yep, I slept through breakfast and didn’t get up until 1100 hours.  Now you may think what the hell is she doing, is she crazy, she is going to get fired.  Although getting fired is always an option no matter what the job, but I have some job security.  Going back to sleeping in let me tell you that I went to bed at 0200 hours and was struggling to get to sleep and then after about 20 minutes I had a coughing fit.

So I woke up coughing and didn’t stop for about 30 minutes, causing pain in my lower back, stomach and chest from all of the coughing and I’m lucky that I didn’t wake up the whole neighborhood with my coughing.  Also with all of the water that I was drinking I had to make frequent trips you know where.  I finally managed to calm down a bit after taking the Rx cough medicine and went to sleep but that didn’t last very long.  At about 0520 hours this morning I woke up coughing and I was having a very hard time stopping and yes I was sore again.  Let me tell you I was really beginning to wonder if I would ever feel better because on previous nights I’ve not had coughing fits as intense.  After getting up and wandering around and downing some water to try and get myself to relax I remembered that I had the generic brand of children’s liquid Zyrtec which is just for allergies.  My Rx cough syrup wasn’t working so I figured why not give it a try.

What a difference, my throat relaxed and my coughing eased up dramatically so I thought hey why not try to go back to sleep.  Bad choice because I lay down and then started coughing but when I sat up things eased in my coughing.  So I pulled my sitting pillow that has arms and back support and added one of my pillows for back support and the other for my head allowing me to sleep upright.  After 20 minutes I had fallen asleep but woke up when I started to turn over which doesn’t work very well.  Seeing that I had relaxed enough, I decided to take a chance on sleeping laying down.

It worked and I was able to get back to sleep but had set my alarm for 0830 hours hoping to do a morning walk but when I got up I still felt a little tired so I decided to go back to sleep.  The best thing is that when I woke up at 0830 hours I was feeling pretty good and there was only a little bit of soreness in my throat.  I grabbed a sip of water and went back to bed and slept heavily and slept until 1100 hours.  It is amazing how much better I feel after sleep.  I actually think that I’m on the mend because there is less irritation in my throat and my allergies seem to be coming back under control.  The sad thing is that I never had such intense allergies until I was an adult.

So as I stated, I slept through breakfast but before I fixed my salad I needed some caffeine so I had a cup of coffee for a late coffee break but that was after I showered.  So I sat there relaxing with my cup of coffee which actually made my throat feel better so I might bring a coffee pod to work just in case I have tightness in my throat.  Without further adieu let me list my meals.

Early Brunch:

Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2
Vitamin C – Emergen-C 1 packet 6


Tunafish Salad:Tuna/Mayo/Mustard/Chopped Egg 1/2 cup 0.2
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Carrots/Bacon/Cheese/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5


Hamburger Patty – Juicy Lean Premade Patty 1 0
Applewood Bacon – Thick 2 slices 0
Cheese – Provolone 1 slice 0
Broccoli – Frozen 1 cup 6
Sprakling Water – Strawberry 12 oz 0
Avocado – Medium 2-Jan 0.7


Coffee w/Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2


Now this is what I’m taking with me to work for dinner.  There may be some add-ons such as coffee or maybe some almonds in case I get hungry but only time will tell.   I’m also going to drink more water especially when I think that I’m hungry.  I’ve read that often we eat because of what we feel but when actually our body is telling us that we are dehydrated.  So I’m going to try drinking more water.  Since I don’t like the taste of the water even out of the water fountain I will be bringing my Britta filter water bottle so I can at least filter out some of the yucky taste.  So we will see what the rest of the night holds in store for me.

Okay for those of you who may have viewed this day earlier you will see that there was a slight change.  I was able to get half an avocado which was yummy.  Then I’m topping it all off with a cup of coffee, it is a wonderful way for me to relax.  Yes I can relax with a cup of coffee even without any alcohol being put in it.

I hope that I don’t have to talk too much at work because I know that will strain my throat but I’m going to the store to pick up some more children’s liquid allergy med before going to work.  I will be prepared and I will conquer my illness.  Yeah I know I say that now since I’m almost done with it but I figure over 10 days is enough time being sick.

So maybe I’ll be back to update today or maybe not.  Either way thanks for tuning in and hopefully by next Wednesday I will have even happier news.  At least 1-2 pounds and hopefully I will have a good start on getting control of my weight.  See you soon and thanks for tuning in.

Oh real quick, we ended up celebrating one of co-worker’s birthday early, it is tomorrow but that is her day off and then she is moving to another department so we won’t be able to visit with her like we usually do.  They had pizza, cheesecake, cupcakes and candy and you would be proud of the fact that I passed on all of the treats and enjoyed my dinner.  It tasted it great and I think I feel better having kept to my primal way of eating.  i FEEL GREAT !!!!!