P D E – Potato Restart

So when I last wrote, it was day 41 and I had lost a total of 25 pounds.  That was a wonderful day although there were so many things going crazy.  I had to prepare a few things for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner as well as try to figure out when and where to cook everything as well as get the meat for the meals.

Normally it is just me and my mother of Thanksgiving day and then I rush off to work but not this year.  This year because one of my brothers was going to South Africa to visit his daughters during the Christmas holidays, the girls are currently working and living in that part of the world.  Anyways, that brother decided that he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with us because they wouldn’t be here for Christmas so then the other brother who lives in another part of the state decided that he would join us for Thanksgiving dinner which is really a lunch.

The brother who is going to be out of country is a vegetarian and the only one of us who is that way so we have to fix several things just for him which of course my mother volunteered to cook.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make any cake balls until one of the nieces or nephews asked what flavors I was going to make.  Yikes!!!   This means I had to make some for the family and whatever is left over will go to the station for the crew to eat.

I officially fell off the potato wagon on Saturday the 19th which was day 42 of my Potato Diet Experiment.  So I started baking my cakes, chocolate cake and orange cake to make my cake balls.  The first was chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter frosting filling coated in chocolate coating shell and the last was orange cake with vanilla frosting center coated in vanilla coating shell.  The cake balls are basically easy to make but they are very time consuming to make.  Unfortunately not all of this can be done by touch and feel, I have to taste the mixture to make sure everything is at the right consistency.  Let’s just say that a few cake balls made it into my mouth and this was bad.

So I at least ate some potatoes during the weekend and week of Thanksgiving but not enough and we quickly ran out of room in the fridge to keep them so the potatoes were not prominent in my diet.  I did try to control some of the foods that I ate but obviously not enough of what I should have eaten.

Let’s just say that I ate what I wanted but tried to slightly control myself … that is until Thanksgiving.  I had pies, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, cranberry jelly, ham, turkey and probably some other but I’ve forgotten.  On Thanksgiving day when I ate with the family I tried to be good by not eating much but was starving at work especially since one of the country club chefs cooked seafood paella which I had to sample.  But I took some of everything else I had for lunch for dinner that night.

I had more of the same stuff on Friday and Friday night along with pizza, then Saturday I had the same stuff again for both lunch and dinner, as well as having the combo of food once more for lunch and dinner on Sunday.

There is one thing I can say about eating foods other than potatoes…I need to buy stock in Tums and Alka-Seltzer because I was swallowing those like they were going out of style.  I would be paying myself for using those products but I had no one to blame but myself.  It is hard for me to think because my thinking process went into a slump and I actually had a hard time focusing on things probably also because I was having problems sleeping.

Wrapping up my Thanksgiving experience is kind of easy, I ate wrong and ate too much of the wrong things and couldn’t get any decent sleep.

So here I am on Day 51 from my original start date getting back on the wagon of weight loss.  I stepped up on the scale and my weight was 201.3 pounds.  This means that I gained 6.3 pounds for the 9 days that I was off of the diet.  Yeah that is a lot of weight to gain but the reality is that normally I wouldn’t be eating half of what was being served.  Now I’m going to have to use my Food Saver and see about putting a lot of the left overs in those sealed bags so it will be handing for my brother and maybe for us to have again come out Christmas dinner time.  Which we are having early this year because that is when one brother can come into town.

There are so many times that I really, really miss living out of state from my family.  One of the reason is the fact that it is too hard for me to get off because the last few jobs I’ve had are jobs where I’m considered essential personnel and I must be at work no matter the weather or the holiday.  Hey, it’s not bad because I get paid like OT pay for working the holidays and I get to save the holiday for another time.

Maybe I can talk my mother into going to one of my brother’s place for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.  I miss not being able to skip it because of work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family and really enjoy our time together but everyone gathering at my place which is a very small house and you try putting 22 people in there and see how comfortable you are….not very.  Even my mother is tired of everyone coming by so she wants to volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner at one of the big free turkey dinner places next year.  That certainly will get us out of cooking and keep down the left overs.

But enough of that nonsense.  Today is Day 51 of the big PDE or Restart Day 1.

One thing that I’ve been very happy with is that up until this last week or so, I’ve been under 200 pounds.  It was a bit of relief in my mind.  I actually thought that maybe by this spring I might go to a nearby city and do a zip line ride and I could even do it sooner because most of the time they have a 200 pound limit in order to get on the ride.  I’m only 1.3 pounds away from that so even though I won’t be doing that any time soon, my goal is to get to 200 pounds.  Then I would love to be at 190 pounds by the end of the year.  I think that is a realistic goal but something I will need to focus on.

I also thought that I would consider doing some light walking around the neighborhood or maybe even get out my trike and ride in an area where there aren’t a lot of hills.  Now that part about finding a place to ride without a lot of hills will be a bit of a challenge because there are hills everywhere in my city which is normally not to much of a problem but I don’t want to start exerting too much energy because then that will throw off my losing weight.  So light walking or riding will be my goal.

So I’m back to eating potatoes only this time I’m adding salt and I noticed that when I started adding picante sauce to my meals, I started getting a lot of gas which I think is because of the picante sauce which has tomatoes, uncooked onions and peppers in them.  All three of those items all give me gas, so maybe I’ll just keep to my potatoes and a touch of salt.  I’ve got until the 17th of next month to lose as much as possible because when the family comes in I know I will have another set back so I want to be prepared.

I hope this is the great start to another successful weight loss time.


P D E – 25 Pounds Slimmer

Okay just as the title suggests, I finally hit a magic number in my books which is the loss of 25 pounds.  The last time I was able to lose this much weight was back in 1984 when I lost 30 pounds in 3 months which was about 90 days.  However, after only 41 days of dieting and having cheat meals or eating things I shouldn’t really eat while trying to lose weight, guess what, I lost 25 pounds.

The only way I lost the weight back in 1984 was by extreme exercising.  This was when I first started jogging and was doing HIIT jogging for 2 miles.  But that took me 3 months to lose that 30 pounds and I wasn’t eating very much because I was jogging at least 5-6 days a week.  However, there is one thing to also remember, I only needed to lose 30 pounds.  Yes I know this means that I only have 65 more pounds to lose and yes this is only a little of 1/4 of the way to go but I don’t care.

Sure I wanted to be able to brag that I had lost a whole lot of weight before Thanksgiving and actually I have lost a lot of weight, but I guess with so much more to go this is just a stepping stone for me to continue my dieting ways….after Thanksgiving.

Now to catch up with things.  When last I posted, it was day 38 but now it is time to pick up where I left off.  I saw a loss of 0.6 pounds and was happy about this because it mean that I only had 1.4 pounds to lose before Thanksgiving which was my set date to allow myself to cheat.

Wait…don’t believe that line.  I’ve been lightly cheating most of the time.  By cheating I don’t mean going out and eating a four course meal, I mean including a few things in my normal eating pattern.  There are two reasons why I’ve been doing this with the first being that I’ve been craving protein…a lot of protein and decided to include it in my diet.  Also by allowing myself to cheat a bit here and there, such as having a sausage link or a couple of slices of bacon or even a scrambled egg sandwich, it is introducing some more protein into my system.

It would be horrible for me to suddenly allow myself to pig out during Thanksgiving only to lose it from one end or the other.  I have actually been learning a few lessons as I’ve been allowing myself to cheat and one of the most important lessons that I’ve come away with is not to over eat.  My body pretty much limits me to what I can eat and lets me know in oh so unpleasant way that it will not allow this to happen.

But I digress.  So back to day 39 and my activity.  I did add a piece of bacon in while pouring picante sauce on my potatoes, like I said I found that I need a little bit more than just potatoes now and again.  I’m trying to keep the cheating times to my first meal which just happens to be close to noon time when most people eat lunch.  I seldom eat breakfast because I’m usually not very hungry so it works out okay for me.

Now onto day 40.  Oh wait, I forgot to mention that when I got home after work on day 39, I was really hungry but I hadn’t prepared any potatoes, figuring I would do that in the morning and I really didn’t want to nuke a whole potato and eat it, so I broke down and scrambled me a couple of eggs and made a sandwich.  Oh my god, it tasted so good and I was really craving the protein.  Now back to day 40.

So on day 40 imagine my shock when I notice that I had lost 0.6 pounds, even after I had that late night sandwich.  I was over the moon, this mean that between now and next Thursday I only had 0.8 pounds to lose to reach another of my personal minor goals.  I know I’m just pushing my luck but my body has been craving a bit more.  I’m still struggling to try and make myself drink more water because I know that water can break you out of a plateau and I’m just so afraid that this is what is going to happen to me.

Despite the night time temperatures warming up a bit, I’ve been able to sleep pretty well which is also one of the biggest benefits that I’ve felt since starting this diet.

Wow, sorry I had gotten off on a tangent but spared you from having to read my rantings.  So I’m sleeping so much better and maybe it is because my body is burning off some of the stored fat I’ve been carrying around for so long.  I’m going to have to see about buying some of my essential oils and try using a solution they suggest to tighten sagging skin but it is going to come at a cost.  Not all of the oils are cheap, most of them are a little expensive so I’m going to at least try them because as I continue to lose weight I don’t want a lot of baggy, saggy skin.  Hey, I’m on a good run with this diet of potatoes so I’m going to keep with it.

Well now here we are at day 41 and I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds.  It really is a big deal especially seeing how long it took me to lose these last 5 pounds.  I mean I went from losing 20 pounds in 19 days to it taking me 41 days to lose 25.

Maybe if I had stayed true and not added salt, picante sauce or allowed myself to have cheat days or cheat meals then I could have lost more weight in less time.  The thing is that although I’ve gained a few pounds between day 20 and 41 and lost some of it, most of the time I’ve been below 200 pounds.  This is really a milestone and a very happy thing for me.  I’m not worried about as much about my cheat days as I was when I took my first cheat day of eating because thankfully I’ve not gained 5 pounds in one day back from cheating.  I know that sounds weird, but just trust me when I say I’m still happy with my loss, no matter how long it took me to obtain the loss.

Oh, wait….I forgot to tell you something kind of important.  Last weekend, when I was taking a cheat day, I tried my Aero Press to make espresso and tried to use my hand mixer for whipping the cream but in case you didn’t remember, that didn’t work out so well.  On day 40 I got my milk frother in from Amazon.  See I lost the top to my last frother and so I haven’t been able to make my version of steamed milk.  So I got on Amazon and ordered a milk frother and got it on day 40.  Guess what, Yes you guessed it, I made some coffee and frothed the milk.  It was good but I used the regular amount of coffee in a small cup and so I didn’t use very much milk, I mean very much heavy whipping cream.  I thought that because the cream was old and a little past the due date, it might have caused my body to act like I had taken a laxative and that was probably why I didn’t gain so much weight from eating a Schlotzsky’s sandwich.

So on day 40 I made a second cup of coffee and had frothed cream in the second cup and things were okay, which means no laxative feeling.

Then on day 41 I decided to use my espresso Kona coffee beans and made a coffee, using the regular amount of water and beans only I put it in a latte cup.  Oh yeah and I warmed and frothed the heavy cream like I did yesterday.  Oh then I was very bad and decided that I wanted a sandwich so I made a sliced turkey sandwich, you know like the luncheon meat you buy in a package and put mayo on whole wheat bread, which I enjoyed with my special coffee.

MISTAKE!!  I don’t know if it was the large amount of espresso or the amount of frothed cream, personally I think it was a combo of the two that worked on a laxative on me.  Last time it wasn’t an issue but today it actually is an issue because I’m at work and today my work partner is filling in at another station.  I basically said too bad because when mother nature rings that bell you had better respond.  So I responded and am still doing it but at least I think most everything is already out of my system.

Oh and just in case you missed the hint, I had a light case of diarrhea which is not the easiest thing to deal with at work.

But onto something brighter, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m looking forward to having my baked potato tonight for dinner and drinking a lot of water.  I still want to lose some weight before Thanksgiving and so this is a quick effort to try and lose even more so I won’t freak out so much after Thanksgiving.

Things are looking better and brighter for my Thanksgiving holidays although we still have a lot of cooking/baking to do, but I’ll be doing them carrying less weight around.  Hope you weekend is good and I thank you for hanging tough with me through this mess.

Primal For 21 Days – Day 15 – Weigh-In Day

Ah yes the day that I’ve been dreading…weigh in day.  Now I only got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep which is about the norm for me when I’m not taking all sorts of meds to knock me out.

I was nervous as hell and unfortunately my drinking water hadn’t help things move along last night so this weigh-in was done before normal wake up habits.


So let’s quickly review.

9/18/13 my weight was 209.7

9/25/13 my weight was 203.1

10/2/13 my weight is  200.9




i’m surprised that I even had any weight loss considering how heavy I ate the night before and how I’ve had a few slips putting my close to the 100gram of carbohydrate count last Thursday.  Yeah I know that it is not much of a loss and I realize that my big weight loss the first week was probably all water loss, but that is okay.  I’m getting closer to being under 200 pounds and that is my short term goal and one I hope I can accomplish in the next 7 days.  So I will be doing one more weigh-in which will be the day after I finish 21 days of Primal.  Now I know the idea of only losing 0.9 pounds in one week may seem easy to some of you but let’s face facts, I don’t have such a good track record of getting below 200 pounds or at least stay that way for more than one day.

I’ve got a big task ahead of me and for the next few days.  I’ve got to mow the lawn which will not be fun since I still haven’t gotten the lawn mower from my brother so it will be the push mower and me early in the morning.  I need to do it tomorrow because on Friday I’ve got to go pay my parking ticket and then I’m taking my mother to some German Octoberfest downtown where one of my other brothers is suppose to be doing his German thing.  And the Octoberfest is 2 weekends in a row and since I will be busy all day long on th 12th celebrating at the local amusement park I guess this coming weekend is the only time to go see my brother doing his German thing.  I say do his German thing because we are not German, or at least I don’t think we have any German in us because no telling where our forefathers slept. <wink, wink>


So I got up early enough to eat breakfast but decided to hold off and shower so I could take my mother grocery shopping which we managed to do and thankfully I had already cooked my meat dishes so all  had to do was cook the vegetable stuff for dinner tonight and things were ready for me to go to work.


The saddest thing is that tonight I once again had steak and greenbeans but seeing that I don’t get a lunch and have to eat as I’m working, sometimes things tend to get cold.  So my steak and greenbeans went cold and I had to warm them back up but at least they still tasted good.

Speaking of taste, I guess I should go ahead and list what I’ve eaten for the day.






Franks – Ballpark All White Turkey bun size 2 10
Chili – Nalley’s Hot Dog Chili 4 Tbsp 8
Hash Browns 2/3 cup 16



Beef – Sirloin grass fed 4 oz 0
Green Beans-French Cut w/mushrooms 1 cup 6
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Mushrooms/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 7.5


Day 15 Total:    47.5 GRAMS OF CARBOHYDRATES


Well as you tell it has been a heavier eating day for me than most of the time and I really don’t care right now, I’m still below 50 grams so I’m pretty happy with that.

At night my body has been craving more so I noticed that I’ve started to eat more so now I’m going to have to do something else to change my habits so I don’t get hungry at night when I get off of work.  This will be the next thing I need to focus on doing because eating late at night is not so great and I noticed that it tends to make me sleep longer into the morning so that I don’t have breakfast or when I do wake up early enough I’m not even interested in having breakfast, like today.

I just finished my salad which was the last of my dinner and since I’m all out of sparkling water, I will need to pick some up tonight, oh wow, I just remembered my other brother from the upper state just came in so I will have to go get him some sparkling water because he doesn’t like our local brand of sparkling water.  Maybe I can hold off until tomorrow.

Getting kind of anxious because the last time I did the lawn with the push mower it took 4 hours.  But that was in the heat and I’m planning on waking up early so do the lawn.  I will not be a statistic… I will fight the lawn but the lawn will not win.

Okay it is a play on words and for those of you too young to know there is a song by Bobby Fuller, ‘I Fought The Law’, one of the verses is I fought the law and the law won…..but I just…..

Ah never mind too hard to explain myself.


Anywho….who?!   Okay well I’ve got to get going because one shift is about to come on while the other gets off and usually they need something that will tie me up and I will forget about finishing this.  So I’m outta here.


I LOST 2.2 POUNDS !!!!!!


It is not a lot but at least it is a loss.



Primal For 21 Days – Day 9

Well first off I woke up feeling better than I have in about 22 days which is about how long I’ve been fussing with my allergies and bronchitis.  Forgot to get my Rx filled so will see how I feel tomorrow and if my glands are still swollen and sore then I will fill it, if not then things may be okay.

I slept in which really helped me feel better which is what I needed especially because at night things get worse allergy wise.  Well let me go ahead and post and let’s see where I stand.



2 Eggs scrambled with 1/8 cup raw spinach 1 0.14
Applewood Bacon – Thick 2 slices 0
Coffee with Stevia/Creamer 1 cup 2



Skipped was out doing things



Hamburger Patty – Juicy w/provolone cheese 1 0
Potato – Baked w/butter/cheese/bacon/dressing 1 medium 40
Salad:Lettuce/Tomato/Bacon/Dressing 1 1/2 cup 6



Chocolate Cake w/Frosting                                                                    1 slice                                      40



Hydrating Liquid Powerade Zero                                                      32 oz                                          2.5


Carbohydrates for day 9:             90.64  GRAMS TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES


Well I was doing okay until dinner and then I went and had a slice of birthday cake.  My friend wanted me to go out and celebrate her birthday with her but that meant she was going drinking and I really do not think that I would have been able to pass on the liquor so instead I bought her a cake and had a slice.  It tasted wonderful and I was so tempted to have another piece but that was done and once I had eaten it I was feeling guilty about having eaten but I know that I will definitely need to drink some more water, a lot more water and need to go walking tomorrow.

Now you should know that I was already planning on going walking and plan on taking things easy, I don’t really want to push myself too hard as I’m just beginning to feel better.  I was shocked to see that I was still below the 100 grams which is my goal so in a way I was sticking to my goal although it was more than I’ve had in quite a while.  So if I feel better then it is time to start kicking my allergies out of my nose and get control of my nose and allergies so I can continue to feel better and slowly build up my exercise routine.

So I survived a rough day and still managed to stay on track.  Wow, that was hard and glad that I have that out of my system.  I stopped at only that one piece of cake thinking that I want to be able to wear jeans that aren’t stretch jeans and that I can look decent in them.  That is my first goal to be able to fit back into regular jeans and not stretch jeans.  So time to start exercising and doing things such as walking and that will also hopefully lower my blood pressure so I won’t have to take any medications.

I know it sounds silly but I feel like I’ve renewed my determination to make it for at least twelve more days, I may not be able to fit into regular jeans by then but at least I hope to feel better about myself and will use that to keep on being primal.


Extremely Frustrated With 5 Days To Go

Well if you’ve been keeping up with me and read my entry for yesterday you will know that I was horrible and got on the scale.  So seeing that I didn’t have that much to eat yesterday, not because I’m trying to starve myself but simply because I was quite busy at work and eating didn’t really cross my mind. Hmmm, maybe after seeing my weight this morning I shouldn’t have eaten at all.  Yes I got on the scale and it showed me to weigh 204.1 pounds.  So I only lost 5/10 of a pound.  How disgusting is that?  I’ll tell you…It is very disgusting.  Stupid me had to go and get so darn large and now I’m struggling to get it off.  I see other people around me and they easily drop weight with slightly adjusting what they eat.  I will not count calories, I hate living by counting things and counting carbs is bad enough but at least I like what I eat now.

So I lost half a pound and I’m really pissed.  I’m hoping to get on the treadmill today and do some walking while at work and then after work I’m going to have to stay and do a light workout probably using body weight exercises and maybe that will kick my body back into the losing stage.  I really am extremely frustrated and just want to scream bloody murder…”BLOODY MURDER!”   Damn I don’t feel any better.

I decided that in looking back on what I was eating, I was really eating good by having fried chicken and mashed potatoes and vegetables so I will have to focus on eating much better like week one and for the next few days I’m going to have to exercise a whole lot, like walking every day and start doing body weight exercises.  I continue to ask myself why I’m doing that and the only answer I can come up for me….I’m not talking about anyone else but for me….being fat sucks!  I hate the way the clothes fit on me, I hate feeling as if I can barely fit in a chair, I hate having to think whether or not my kayak can hold my weight (yes it can hold my weight but it does have a limit of 250 pounds).  I know I haven’t been kayaking this year so far but the water is still too cold and although we’ve had some warm days, not enough to warm up the water.  I have a cheap kayak and where I sit down are where two scupper holes are located, so needless to say my bottom always stays wet, not a great feeling so that is why I wear my swimsuit under my clothes.  I think this year since I’m going to Canada with a group and then to DragonCon that I can’t afford to buy the kayak that I want which will be about $800 or the one that I really want which would be $1,500.  But until I win a huge jackpot lottery I will have to struggle and save a whole hell of a lot.

Right now I’m toasting bread so that I can make chicken cordon bleu and other than the bread crumbs on the outside of the chicken, it is good and not going to knock me out of the ballpark on the carb count.  Yes I’m extremely disappointed with my weight and the stagnation puddle that I’ve hit but I’m determined to be under 200 ponds upon weigh in on Sunday which means I’ve really got to push it these last 5 days.

I started my push at work, I was getting frustrated because I keep on asking my group going to Vancouver where they want to stay but still I haven’t gotten a reply so my frustration began to grow and rather than act like a horse’s back side I decided to go walking.  So I went and walked 2 miles on the treadmill and guess what?  My frustration I was feeling went away.  I started to feel it again so I decided to start writing here.

Guess I had better start listing my food and get it over and one with.

BREAKFAST:  coffee, 2 strips of bacon – 2 gm

LUNCH:  Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pie – 38 gm

DINNER:  Chicken Cordon Bleu – 18 gm

I’m really pushing it at 18 grams with dinner because I really don’t think that I used that much in bread crumbs when coating the chicken.  I guess I just cooked it to prove that I could but I think next time I will be a bit choosier about the chicken breasts and be a touch more tender when I pound the chicken breasts.  But the taste is good and that is all that really counts.

I will try to work out after work but not sure if I will be able to do it.  I may just do a very light work out with body weight so maybe I should do a little more searching and find the exercises I want to do so I will be prepared for later.  So later days and I guess I’ll catch you tomorrow and I promise not to be as frustrated or upset with myself or anything else.

Oh yeah and I will stop my princess and the pea routine.  I had hurt my back the other day and had gotten the air mattress out and put it on top of my regular mattress.  It is a queen air mattress with a double layer and put it on top of my regular mattress which meant that I had to use a kitchen step stool to get up onto my bed.  Earlier today I deflated it because my back is feeling much better and it is time for me to start cleaning up things before my brothers come in this weekend.

So now I’ll sign off and do some body weight exercise searching so I will be ready when 2300 hours hits.