Plan 66 after a week

Okay so I just finished a week with Plan 66 and it is good and then not so good.  It was a good start with losing 1 pound on the first day but then only 0.5 pound then a 0.3 pound loss followed by a 0.5 gain, then a 0.5 pound loss.

This is a good start because in total for the first week of being Primal on Plan 66, I’ve lost 3.7 pounds.  Yes that is good but of course like everyone else, I want rapid weight loss and want to have my old body back.  BUZZZZ  Wrong thoughts like this are harmful.  This is going to be a big challenge for me because despite my best efforts there have been times when I’ve gone over 50 carbs per day but I haven’t exactly been strictly counting so I’m sure I’ve come close to 100 carbs.  I only exercised one time which was when I had the 1.7 pound loss.

I haven’t bothered to take my measurements although when I put on my work pants on Monday which was day 5, I found my pants were fitting kind of loose and it really surprised me.  It makes me wonder what the heck is happening with my body.  I know I’m slowly losing weight and I know this is what everyone wants but they also want fast results.  I should be happy with the 3.7 pounds loss so far but I’m not.

I’m thinking about trying to do a week of potatoes or maybe just a few days to shake up my body and see how it reacts.  The only possible draw back to this is I really like exercising in the gym on the recumbent bike because it is helping build up my endurance for my recumbent trike riding in the streets.  Unfortunately because I don’t know how far I can ride, I’m hesitant to try and go out to any of my long distance riding routes.

<Left Field Time> I don’t mind getting passed up by faster bicycles (I sort of do but I’m not out for speed, yet) and considering it would take several of their light weight bicycles to equal to the weight of my trike, plus there is my added weight so I have given up worrying about people passing me.  I just don’t know if I have the stamina to go for the 30 mile ride that I’m used to doing.  Lately I’ve gotten used to just taking my time and now worrying about my time out but I’ve got to pick up my pace faster than 7-9 mph because if I’m ever going to finish my trek across the country then I need to strengthen my legs, my arms and especially my lungs. <Returning to main idea>

So why bring all of this up right now?  As I said before I’m seriously thinking about doing potatoes for a few days to help drop some rapid weight but then I should not exercise when on this diet.  Maybe I could get away with 1-2 times a week riding the recumbent?

I need to start doing planks and did them a few weeks ago and I felt the pull in my bas.  No I do not nor have I ever had firm abs and that is not what happened.  I could feel the muscles deep down trying to hold my abs taunt but now that I haven’t used those muscles my flabby tummy is sticking out and sagging really badly.

Perhaps I should continue with the plank exercise and maybe just doing my usual 30 minutes on the bike in the gym.  But maybe the following weekends will be nice enough for me to go riding and somewhere else other than the city streets or even the overcrowded city park trails where no one obeys the rules and it always leads me to having a horrible ride.  So maybe not the trails but some other paths.  Too bad I don’t wake up early enough to ride the trails before everyone else gets on the trails.  It is hard when you don’t get to bed until 3 in the morning.  Oh well I’ll keep you updated and let you know if I do the potato thing for a few days and then return to Primal.  I’ll keep you posted.


P D E – End of Slacking


Yes it has been quite some time since I’ve been here and there is a good reason but I’ll get back to you when I figure out what that good reason is but so far all I can think of is because I’ve been avoiding reporting my slacker type of attitude towards dieting late.

My last day dedicated to my PDE was on Day 40 so when I stepped on the scale on Day 41, what was when my weight showed that I had lost 25 pounds which is the most that I’ve lost since my 20’s.  Okay in case you haven’t guessed it was a long time ago.  But back then I was a lot younger than I am today and I managed to lose 30 pounds in 3 months which was the most I had ever lost.  One thing I need to mention is the fact that I was exercising, doing HIIT jogging for 5 miles, 6 days a week no matter the weather.  So here I’ve lost 25 pounds in 40 days of dieting and no exercising, so my PDE (potato dieting experiment) has given me a faster initial weight loss.  I wish I could have focused on dieting and maybe I would have loss even more weight but maybe also lost my sanity.

Okay so enough of the whining and crying about what I had done in the past.  For the past 16 days I haven’t been following my PDE ways.  Don’t get me wrong, I would start off eating my potatoes but then I would fudge and have a latte that I would make, or have something other than potatoes.  Now I will say that when I finished with Thanksgiving meals and weekend, I had gained 7 pounds but I stepped up on the scale this morning (Day 57) from when I first started I saw that I had gained 6.2 pounds from day 40.  The only thing that has helped a little bit is the water that I’ve been drinking.

Uh oh, I just took a look at the numbers and I see that I’ve been almost dieting for 60 days and I’m back to 19.8 pound loss which means it is time to really get serious about PDE.  Yeah I know you’ve heard it before and so have I but it suddenly hit me that if I had been doing this right then there is a chance that I could be closer to 190 pounds which is what my goal is for starting the new year.  Yeah I would love to weigh even less but I think trying to lose 11.2 pounds is a realistic goal for me.  Oh wow, this means that as of tomorrow when I start my PDE again, I will have 27 days to lose a total of 11.2 pounds.  Hopefully I won’t be any heavier tomorrow when I do my weigh-in but I guess only time will tell.  Crap, I’ve got to get serious about my weight loss to achieve my goal.

I just remember that my zoo membership has passed and I need to renew it so I can hopefully try to do a little bit of walking at the zoo and maybe that casual walking around the zoo can help me in getting to my end of the year goal.  So maybe it is a sign that this is going to work this time because when I first started my PDE I had just returned from my massage appointment and stepped up on the scale and found that I was at one of my heaviest weight, 220.  It was after that time of stepping up on the scale that scared me into getting on my PDE.

So now I’m going back on PDE and  feel good about starting this again.

Tomorrow will actually be a good starting time, because I’ll just come back from my massage appointment and all of the tempting food that has been screaming “EAT ME” every time I’ve been opening the fridge.  Now since those screaming food items have been put in the freezer and in sealed bags I will not be as tempted to eat anything but my lovely potatoes.  Oh and one other good things, I went to the grocery store and bought more potatoes s I can have a variety again when I eat my potatoes.

One more thing is that I’ve been getting an upset stomach almost every night as well as having problems sleeping so it will be good to get back to doing my PDE.

Next time I write I will be back on track to health, or least trying to be healthier.

P D E – Potato Restart

So when I last wrote, it was day 41 and I had lost a total of 25 pounds.  That was a wonderful day although there were so many things going crazy.  I had to prepare a few things for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner as well as try to figure out when and where to cook everything as well as get the meat for the meals.

Normally it is just me and my mother of Thanksgiving day and then I rush off to work but not this year.  This year because one of my brothers was going to South Africa to visit his daughters during the Christmas holidays, the girls are currently working and living in that part of the world.  Anyways, that brother decided that he wanted to spend Thanksgiving with us because they wouldn’t be here for Christmas so then the other brother who lives in another part of the state decided that he would join us for Thanksgiving dinner which is really a lunch.

The brother who is going to be out of country is a vegetarian and the only one of us who is that way so we have to fix several things just for him which of course my mother volunteered to cook.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to make any cake balls until one of the nieces or nephews asked what flavors I was going to make.  Yikes!!!   This means I had to make some for the family and whatever is left over will go to the station for the crew to eat.

I officially fell off the potato wagon on Saturday the 19th which was day 42 of my Potato Diet Experiment.  So I started baking my cakes, chocolate cake and orange cake to make my cake balls.  The first was chocolate fudge cake with peanut butter frosting filling coated in chocolate coating shell and the last was orange cake with vanilla frosting center coated in vanilla coating shell.  The cake balls are basically easy to make but they are very time consuming to make.  Unfortunately not all of this can be done by touch and feel, I have to taste the mixture to make sure everything is at the right consistency.  Let’s just say that a few cake balls made it into my mouth and this was bad.

So I at least ate some potatoes during the weekend and week of Thanksgiving but not enough and we quickly ran out of room in the fridge to keep them so the potatoes were not prominent in my diet.  I did try to control some of the foods that I ate but obviously not enough of what I should have eaten.

Let’s just say that I ate what I wanted but tried to slightly control myself … that is until Thanksgiving.  I had pies, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, crescent rolls, cranberry jelly, ham, turkey and probably some other but I’ve forgotten.  On Thanksgiving day when I ate with the family I tried to be good by not eating much but was starving at work especially since one of the country club chefs cooked seafood paella which I had to sample.  But I took some of everything else I had for lunch for dinner that night.

I had more of the same stuff on Friday and Friday night along with pizza, then Saturday I had the same stuff again for both lunch and dinner, as well as having the combo of food once more for lunch and dinner on Sunday.

There is one thing I can say about eating foods other than potatoes…I need to buy stock in Tums and Alka-Seltzer because I was swallowing those like they were going out of style.  I would be paying myself for using those products but I had no one to blame but myself.  It is hard for me to think because my thinking process went into a slump and I actually had a hard time focusing on things probably also because I was having problems sleeping.

Wrapping up my Thanksgiving experience is kind of easy, I ate wrong and ate too much of the wrong things and couldn’t get any decent sleep.

So here I am on Day 51 from my original start date getting back on the wagon of weight loss.  I stepped up on the scale and my weight was 201.3 pounds.  This means that I gained 6.3 pounds for the 9 days that I was off of the diet.  Yeah that is a lot of weight to gain but the reality is that normally I wouldn’t be eating half of what was being served.  Now I’m going to have to use my Food Saver and see about putting a lot of the left overs in those sealed bags so it will be handing for my brother and maybe for us to have again come out Christmas dinner time.  Which we are having early this year because that is when one brother can come into town.

There are so many times that I really, really miss living out of state from my family.  One of the reason is the fact that it is too hard for me to get off because the last few jobs I’ve had are jobs where I’m considered essential personnel and I must be at work no matter the weather or the holiday.  Hey, it’s not bad because I get paid like OT pay for working the holidays and I get to save the holiday for another time.

Maybe I can talk my mother into going to one of my brother’s place for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.  I miss not being able to skip it because of work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family and really enjoy our time together but everyone gathering at my place which is a very small house and you try putting 22 people in there and see how comfortable you are….not very.  Even my mother is tired of everyone coming by so she wants to volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner at one of the big free turkey dinner places next year.  That certainly will get us out of cooking and keep down the left overs.

But enough of that nonsense.  Today is Day 51 of the big PDE or Restart Day 1.

One thing that I’ve been very happy with is that up until this last week or so, I’ve been under 200 pounds.  It was a bit of relief in my mind.  I actually thought that maybe by this spring I might go to a nearby city and do a zip line ride and I could even do it sooner because most of the time they have a 200 pound limit in order to get on the ride.  I’m only 1.3 pounds away from that so even though I won’t be doing that any time soon, my goal is to get to 200 pounds.  Then I would love to be at 190 pounds by the end of the year.  I think that is a realistic goal but something I will need to focus on.

I also thought that I would consider doing some light walking around the neighborhood or maybe even get out my trike and ride in an area where there aren’t a lot of hills.  Now that part about finding a place to ride without a lot of hills will be a bit of a challenge because there are hills everywhere in my city which is normally not to much of a problem but I don’t want to start exerting too much energy because then that will throw off my losing weight.  So light walking or riding will be my goal.

So I’m back to eating potatoes only this time I’m adding salt and I noticed that when I started adding picante sauce to my meals, I started getting a lot of gas which I think is because of the picante sauce which has tomatoes, uncooked onions and peppers in them.  All three of those items all give me gas, so maybe I’ll just keep to my potatoes and a touch of salt.  I’ve got until the 17th of next month to lose as much as possible because when the family comes in I know I will have another set back so I want to be prepared.

I hope this is the great start to another successful weight loss time.

P D E – Day 22

This again is going to be a combination entry because I kind of fell behind due to the convention I attended.  It was a 3 day convention and I was disappointed all three days and yesterday I was working on composing a review of the con where I wouldn’t be rude but informative.

Okay so on day 21 I got on the scale and it showed I had gone back up in weight to 201.1.  Although it wasn’t bad I still had to think about my choices I ate the day before (day 20).  I had the scrambled egg sandwich and got home and made hash browns cooked lightly in oil, scrambled eggs and bacon and water.

The weight gain wasn’t too bad but it makes me wonder if anyone else has such an increase when they get off the potatoes and eat other foods or if my body is just weird.  I personally vote for weird.

So now it is Sunday and last day of the con and I start out eating potatoes and rush off to the con with my two bottles of water because I wasn’t planning on staying too long.  I just had a couple of panels I wanted to attend.  Oh well day ruined, late start but I will say this much about the guest, who was John Barrowman, he was the only bright moment in my day.  John was happy and full of energy as he came out and when they told him it was time to wrap it up, he objected.  He said was going to give his fans his full-time and he sent down one of his people to talk with the con people and guess who won?  John did, of course.  Everyone was cheering at the end of his panel and things were looking up.

Got in other line and was sad to learn the person I wanted to see wasn’t there.  Don’t know why, so I went to another panel that was starting at the same time so I go in the back door and guess what….No Guest!  I thought that I must have missed him only to have them say he was on his way.  His handler had forgotten to get him for the panel.  Sorry, I’m going to stop on that subject before I get upset again.  Anyway, got to see Mr. Peter Weller for a whole 15 minutes before they ended his panel while he was still speaking.  I’m stopping now again because ….  It was a waste of my money and the only good thing other than seeing Peter and John were the items that I bought from some of the vendors.

So now let me move on day 22 which is today, Monday.  I stepped up on the scale and no surprise, I had gained weight, my weight had gone up to 203.1 pounds.  I know exactly why he climbed so high.  I was upset and I didn’t feel like having potatoes again so I went out and got a Schlotzsky’s sandwich, chips and water.  Then I was really bad and had 2 scoops of ice cream with fudge sauce.

Did I regret what I ate…sort of.  I really liked the tastes while they were in my mouth and the sandwich was nice and warm in my belly but it was too much but still I had the ice cream which was good for the moment but then the moment was over and I felt ill.  Unfortunately I had to take a laxative to help flush everything out before I threw it up.  So this was the reason for my total weight gain for 2 days being off the diet to climb 3.4 pounds.

So I’m about to make coffee when they call me and tell me my truck is ready and they said they called Thursday but I never got the phone call, which was kind of odd but oh well.  So I walked my 1.25 miles to the bus stop and to the repair garage and got my truck.  It was nice to turn on the A/C in the truck and relax as I was driving and not worry about shifting.

Shifting is very important right now because my foot is killing me, don’t know if it is from having to press the clutch all the time as I was stuck in traffic on Saturday and on Sunday after the con.  I’m back in my work boots and I’m going to see how my foot feels tomorrow and if I’m still in pain I’m going to call my foot doctor and try to make an appointment.

Now here I am on Day 22 back to eating potatoes, okay put about or less than 1/16th of a teaspoon of salt on my lunch potato and mashed potato dinner.  I’m hoping it won’t be as hard to lose.

I’m still doing more searching on the Internet to find out how some of these people changed things from eating potatoes to regular eating when they had a cheat day or when they reached their goal.  I’m still very excited about my weight loss although I’ve gained a few pounds, I know it can come off and all I need to do is refocus my attention on potatoes.

Instead of regretting my cheat days and feeling like I’m in misery and having to get back on my potato diet, I’m going back to it knowing that it works for me and soon I will be under 200 pounds again.  I know I can do it because I did it just a few days ago.  I know that this diet, which is boring, works for me and that I can lose this weight and soon I’m going to help it along.

I know they say no exercise but I’m hoping to be able to do some very light cycling or walking.  I need to move my legs because once I get closer to my weight goal I will need to focus on decreasing my legs which means I will have to do HITT for my large thighs.  Okay now my thighs have always been a bit big because they are well-developed muscles but I learned by doing HITT for walking or for me via cycling, I think I can decrease my thighs in time for my next con in March.

March is only 5 months away and I’ve got to stay focused in order to lose the weight I want to lose.  I would love to be like Penn Jillette and lose 100 pounds in 84 days but he has been at it steadier than me and the goal might be a little bit harder for me but if he can lose that weight and he is a couple of years older than me, than maybe there is some hope for me.

I have a short term goal, lose the 3.4 pounds I gained and get back under 200 pounds.  My next true weight loss goal will be to get down to 190 pounds.  I’m confident I can do it because this is the easiest diet I’ve ever been on as well as the cheapest.  I’ve yet to feel tired or exhausted, sick or have sinus problem.  By increasing my water intake I find that my sinuses are quite so much of a problem and I can see a difference in my skin.

So I’m going to go for now and drink some more water while at work and then go home and think positive about today which has been crazy busy at work but guess that is what is making the time pass so quickly.

P D E – Days 13, 14 & 15

Yeah, I kind of forgot what I was doing this weekend and forgot to enter what happened and so I’m kind of making up for it now.


Day 13

So let me go ahead and get started about Saturday which was the 13th day of PDE.  So I got on the scale and was a little bit happier to see that my weight had gone down by 1.2 pounds, putting me at 205.2 pounds.  It may not seem like much but I figure I got one in the negative column again for the day.

I then took my blood pressure a couple of times and was sad to see that it was a little high but on the plus side, my pulse was nice and low, 68.  I was able to take one of my yellow blood pressure pills when I noticed that I had very few left and then I read that I would need to go in and see the doctor in order to get it renewed.  Doesn’t seem like much…right.

Actually I’m opposed to going and seeing the lady because I had told her that I didn’t want to do a particular procedure because Colonoscopies are not for me and there has not been any of that type of trouble in my family medical history.  So after she sent me in to do a second blood test, testing my iron level again and to see if I’m Greek (believe me when I say I’m not Greek nor do I look anything close to resembling Greeks).  Then she said she wanted to do an upper GI check as to why I had blood loss and because I told her for months I had consistent upset stomach and was eating TUMS like they were candy.  So I got to the specialist she sent me to and guess what….she had me going for a colonoscopy, so I had to make a co-payment to see someone whom I told that I was not going to have it done because that was not what the doctor wanted.  She showed me the order so I thanked her for her time and got off the examination table and seriously resisted telling her what she could do with my co-pay I had to make just to tell her that it wasn’t going to happen.

Okay but I really digressed there…sorry.  Any who, I’m going to take the strong dosage of my old BP medication and only take it every other day until my BP goes down or until I can get in to see a new doctor who will at least listen to me.

So now it is Saturday and I ended up taking my mother shopping and it ended up taking us longer than I expected so my other plans of prepping for the arrival of my Kona coffee went by the way side.  Oh in case I forgot to mention it, I had told you that I was running out of Kona coffee Keurig cups and not the blend stuff, so last week I ordered Kona coffee from Hawaii from a legitimate Kona coffee brewer but it was not due to arrive until Monday the 24th.  So now I realize I need to get the grind down right for the beans, yes I ordered beans for freshness, and then it was time to experiment with the amount to go in the paper filter/cup for the Keurig, but it was too late to be drinking coffee.

I wanted something different so I tried my hand again at the potato tortillas and I was evil by having a little bit of mild picante sauce with it for dinner.  It was a different change in pace and I was thankful for the change.  So I called it a night.


Day 14

So getting right to it, I stepped up on the scale and guess what…..  The Other Shoe hit the floor.  I had gained 0.2 pounds.  Now this might not have seemed like much but considering how hard it has been for me to lose any weight this week, I was very disappointed in myself.

Then another thing occurred.  You remember me talking about a weird slimy type of feeling in my mouth, well I had it again and then I realized it was from the potato tortillas because I had used potato starch to make the tortillas.  So no more of those things for the sake of my mouth and because it is my gateway for me eating things other than potatoes.

On a much bright note…well sort of brighter.  My BP was down quite a bit, 117.85 and my pulse was still low, 72.  That is about the best thing I could say about the day.

I started working on getting the grind right on my coffee bean and I thought I had it but no, I didn’t.  I had to grind it down a little bit finer than I expected which allows for the coffee to flow easier through the coffee.  I tried it and not only was the taste terrible but it was weak.  So I had to redo the grind and the amount packed into the K-Cup container.

But did I mention that on this morning I had the last of my Kona coffee K-Cup and I wanted to savor it but it tasted good and I drank it way too fast.  I wanted another cup of coffee and almost felt like crying because I know that UPS doesn’t deliver to my house until late in the evening so I know that on Monday morning I will have to drink the stuff I’ve been practicing on.  Yuck!  However, there is a big need for caffeine and tea just doesn’t do it for me.

Thankfully the slimy feeling ended quickly and my mouth felt normal.  So I definitely know what I should or rather what I shouldn’t have which are potato tortillas.

My mother always claims that she gets a good cleaning (if you know what I mean) when she eats sweet potatoes so she suggested I have one so I made a couple, having one for late lunch and the other for dinner along with a regular potato.  Unfortunately or maybe in this case, good thing, the sweet potato was too much so I only ate half of it and put the other half away.

When reading Penn’s book he said he ate sweet potatoes but Steele said not to eat the sweet potato when on the potato diet.  So I guess we’ll see tomorrow what happens.  Time to crash people.


Day 15

Why do my friends always think it is okay to text me in the early morning hours?  At least this time it was 7 in the morning instead of 4 in the morning.  I told her I would talk later but she kept on texting and finally after the fifth text message I wrote to her and asked her to please stop because I was asleep.  So she sends two more, the first apologizing for waking me and the second was to tell me to go back to sleep.

Luckily I managed to fall asleep for the last 1 1/2 hours before my massage appointment.  I did a bad thing, I got up and weighed myself, not waiting for the right time to weigh-in and was shocked when I saw that I had gained 0.8 pounds.  I was in shock but it is 2 1/2 hours before I was supposed to weigh and so guess what….I swore off of sweet potatoes.

So I finish my appointment and all of the moving of my muscles actually hurt a bit today and I’m hoping because I’m losing some of the fat that I had for extra cushioning.  He also worked on my knee which has been hurting and after the appointment is the best my knee has been feeling in a while.

Okay time to step up on the scale, knowing I will be very heavy, waiting for the shoe to drop.  Well it dropped but in a good way.  I lost 0.2 pounds which was how much I had gained eating the potato tortillas.  I’m still wanting to be at 200 pounds by Friday morning which is when I got to my convention but after how I struggled last week I’m beginning to wonder if that is every going to happen.  Oh please, oh please come on weight loss.

I’m going to do my best to keep losing the weight so I’m staying strict with plain black coffee, especially since my coffee just arrived today.  I’m going with plain potatoes: russet, Yukon, purple, red potatoes all without any thing on them…plain.

I’m sure I’ll never have such a rapid weight loss like I did on the first 5 days of the PDE and that is probably due to the fact that all of the weight lost was just water weight.  Although 13 pounds is a lot of water weight to lose, it appears to be the case.

So if I can at least lose 0.5 pounds a day that would be great but right now I’m 80 pounds over weight of my true desired weight.  But on a more practical side I’m only 75 pounds overweight of my secondary goal weight.  What the heck I’ll keep on shooting for the big loss.

I’m about to take an early exit from work and will have my dinner at home.  Guess what I’m having for dinner?????   POTATOES !!!!!

Guess since it early enough I’ll have some Kona coffee too.

P D E – Day 7

Well I can’t say that I’m distressed about what I saw on the scale this morning because I expected a gain of maybe 2-3 pounds but oh no, it was so much more.  I had a total of 5.5 pounds gain in weight.

So why so much weight gain when I only really finished, a baked potato, 1 chicken fried steak (eating only 1/2 at a time), fried mushrooms, mac and cheese and only a couple of forkfuls of mashed potatoes, two pieces of bacon (forgot to mention it yesterday) and a few sips of coffee with all of my previous additives.  There are a couple of reasons why I think this happened, now keep in mind despite what science and biology may say, my body sort of objects to anything and everything.

Remember my saying that I had extreme gas from the buttermilk gravy and how I forgot to take my lactose pills, well in case you didn’t remember, just take my word, I forgot to take them and being lactose intolerant and having that gravy…. well let’s just say it is NOT A BUENO SITUATION!  I can honestly say that I was in pain, I was having severe stomach cramps and that kept me up for most of the night.  Oh did I tell you what else I did to try and eliminate the stomach problem, brilliant me thought it would be okay to take a laxative so it would flush out all of the lactose in my digestive system.  So this is what…mistake #3?!!  You see each of my mistakes is building all on the first mistake of not taking my lactose pill…or was it having the buttermilk gravy?  Mistake #4 is not getting enough sleep because that is when my body goes into weight loss mode and as you know, if you don’t get enough sleep you really can have problems losing weight.

All of this also ruins the good bacteria that I had in my gut by taking the laxative and boy did I feel the end result all day long.  Yes I know I should not have continued to have cramping after taking the laxative but all day long I continued to have cramps and it didn’t settle down until late in the evening.

So what did all of this teach me?  Well it taught me that I need to choose better food selection when I chose to take a cheat day.  I know that I will need one down the road but it sure will make me thing twice about taking time off.

Being back on the diet reminded me of how much I miss seasoning on my potatoes and I broke down today and very lightly sprinkled Kosher salt on my potatoes and I couldn’t believe how great it tasted but that was all I will allow myself for the moment.  Time to return to our regularly scheduled eating of plain potatoes.

The day was very long and I was so glad when it finally ended because only at the end of the day was I able to get some relief from the stomach cramps and I think the laxative finally worked its way through my system.  An even better thing for me is how sleepy I feel but I’m going to stay up and type a bit on the computer to tire me out even more for a good night’s rest.

I do know this, I’ve got to do some better investigation into what I can eat when I have a cheat day.  Hopefully I won’t have a cheat day until the weekend of the 28th of October when I got to Alamo City Comic Con.  Hey, I’m realistic about this, knowing that I won’t be able to sit down and have a baked potato at this convention and odds are in favor of me not having a good amount of healthy or proper food.  More than likely I will have pizza because all of the sandwiches are bought out right away.  Oh well, I’m exhausted so it is time for me to head to bed.

P D E – Day 1

Just in case you couldn’t guess, the PDE stands for Potato Diet Experiment.  I call it an experiment because I’m not really sure if I’m even going to do this but after spending most of the night in pain from stomach cramps, I decided that something had to change.  Oh but wait I got up in time to make my massage appointment, just barely because of another bathroom visit.

So I finish my appointment and everything is fine only I decided to go to the grocery store and look up trying to get some potatoes for me to eat and maybe I’ll start this silly diet.  So I grabbed a couple of bags of potatoes and one smaller bag of medley of potatoes and headed home still wondering if I was even going to do this.  I figured if I changed my mind then I guess we would be having mashed potatoes…a lot!

I was about to get started when I decided to go weight myself and I about went into shock.  My weight was 220 pounds.  I haven’t been that heavy in some time, I’ve been close but it said exactly 220.0 pounds.  I stepped off and redid my weight 2 more times as well as double checked to make sure the scale was on a level surface which it was unfortunately.

This was what did it for me, I walked right into the kitchen and nuked a potato and decided to give this potato thing a try.  So I had a baked potato plain, no salt, pepper, butter, bacon, cheese or anything at all on it.  Imagine my surprise when I didn’t want to gag.  I had been trying to drink my Kona coffee mix and was struggling with that because of the bitterness of the coffee but I was following the rules of having it black.  So I had coffee and lots of water with my baked potato and ate it skin and all.

OH…that is another topic for debate.  One person on the diet said to peel the potatoes but I know that this is where most of the nutritional value lies and since I’m used to eating the skin, it didn’t really bother me to eat the potato, skin and all.  I SURVIVED!  I did it and was still a tad hungry so I nuked another one while putting a pot of water on the stove to boil some the medley of potatoes along with some red potatoes.  I very lightly salted the water with 1/16th teaspoon of salt which means a very small amount of salt went into the water.

I packed an extra baking potato just in case and then put my boiled potatoes in two containers and off I went to work.  Now I was extremely nervous because too many times at work I will start a diet and they just smile knowing I was going to fail.  I only ate a little bit of the potatoes at work but was able to get off early so I went home.

The reasoning escapes me but for some reason I felt like I was starved so I ate more potatoes until I was full.  I had noticed one thing, I got full eating potatoes very quickly and sometimes the full feeling would fade in an hour and sometimes it took longer.  But according to Penn, he ate potatoes when he was hungry and it didn’t matter how many he ate so I didn’t feel guilty about eating when I got home.  I even had some potatoes before I went to bed.

I noticed that the amount of water I consumed during the day had dramatically increased which was good but then again it was either coffee or water and since water doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste I chose the water.


So let me put down these values:

WEIGHT:    220.0 pounds

Blood Pressure:     171/124

Yes I’m aware of my extremely high BP and note that I hadn’t taken my meds in a couple of weeks just because I forgot.  The main point is to see if eating this way will actually help my BP or if it might have to be doing surgery to unkink an artery which was last my cardiologist said.

Wow, that sure sucks, having a cardiologist and I was first sent to one before I turned 50.  BUMMER!


I think this about covers everything that I did that day.  If I have more or forgot something I’ll come back and make corrections.