Day 7

Well I was lucky to sleep in a bit and so it was good because it allowed me to get a later start on the day and relax.  I had breakfast and started watching some videos to eliminate a few from the DVR which was really good because it was rather high.

So I had a good healthy breakfast and then took it easy and watch television and then went out walking today.  Unfortunately I came home with the urge to drink and since I wasn’t about to go out in public and didn’t have to worry about driving, I indulged.

Basically this was a day to chill out and relax.

BREAKFAST:  Eggs w/Cheese and coffee w/sugar free creamer and whole creamer   –  2.9 rounded up to 3 grams of carbs

DINNER:  Guacamole cheese burger, nachos, guacamole  – 80 grams

SNACK:  Champagne with Chamborad

So although I don’t know the count I will count myself in the maintenance level meaning that I went above 100 grams but probably below the 150 count.


GOOD:  Walked 1 1/2 miles, meals below 100 grams

BAD:  drinking champagne and chamborad.

Well no matter what it was a relaxing day that I will probably be paying for the next few days.  But it was what I wanted to do and be relaxed.  So as you can see there were good and bad things today

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